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5 Breeds of Dogs That Do Not Need Much Care

Every dog needs to be looked after and walked every day. However, some breeds are more suitable for busy people since they don’t need that much care. Such a dog will leave you much more time to communicate with it! Choose dogs and puppies from trusted sellers at the most realistic prices - visit! Why don’t you choose the best place for your online shopping if you are a fan of it? Jiji features the coolest assortment with offers from all over Nigeria, a friendly interface, a smart search system with filters, the possibility to choose the best price and contact the sellers directly on the site, prompt support and enhanced protection against fraud!
Hawaiian bichon Description: a small dog that loves children. It will be a perfect nanny and companion for your kids. It gets along well with other animals. Care: daily combing; haircut and trimming are not allowed. Wash it when necessary. Walking: frequent walks and exercises are not needed but do not allow it to stay…
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Dear Thelma... (He Talks About Our Sex With His Friends...)

I have overheard my boyfriend gisting his friends about our sex life on two occasions. I really don't mind as most of it was flattering, like, at least he was telling him how good I am, I'm very tight and how I squirt etc. He was telling them that I have skills that nobody has shown him before, even how he cums too fast sometimes because the p****y is too good, and many other details that I will keep to myself to avoid tmi. His friends were telling him that he is lucky etc. I don't mind because both times he had only good things to say about me (he also talked about me being very smart and always giving him good advice etc). I love this guy with all my heart that it sometimes consumes me. I'm 27 and will like to settle down as soon as possible. He is 31 and I know he will like to get married soon too. My question is if he sees me as his wife will he share intimate details of our sex life with his friends, even to the point of describing my vag in details? I have not co…

Breakfast With Keke Drivers!

I woke up at about 5am and reached for my iPad. I turned to page 57 where I was when I fell asleep last night. After reading a few pages I couldn't sit still, I tossed and turned and felt eager to do something, something meaningful. Unfortunately I had nothing to do but restlessness wouldn't let me be. I hurriedly had a bath and after getting dressed I wanted to request an Uber, but Uber isn't really in line with the sense of adventure I felt on the pages of Richard Branson's Screw It, Let's Do It.  So I took long strides to the bus stop and took a bus to VGC and walked to the church. 
I spent a couple of hours at the Blessed Sacrament after mass, refusing to go back home. On a whim I decided that I needed a new hairdo and I resisted the urge to call a cab. Instead I took a bus to Ajah market to buy the extensions. On Thursdays however there's Environmental Sanitation in Lagos state and markets aren't allowed to open till 10am. It was just 9 but I went anywa…

Happy Birthday Uyi!!!

It's better late than never! Uyi was a year older yesterday but it's still his birthday week and our wishes still matter. So please join me in wishing this sweetheart a very happy birthday. 
I cannot begin to tell you how much this guy means to me, and if you've met him you'll know why. He's a really tremendous person with an immensely likable personality. 
I love you Uyi and I wish you the very best. 
Oh, I'm not even going to keep this to myself because I want everyone to know how lovely you are. Last night Uyi sent me a DM and said he would like to giveaway a token on the blog and I can pick someone who needs the money. 
I'm sorry o! I picked myself 😝. 
I'm in my house but please don't come and beat me 🏃🏃.
And since it was a TTB giveaway then I'm going to thank him here, if you're not too mad at me please join me in thanking Uyi. I might have decided to take the cash but it's his thought that counts the most. I c…

Oh Wow! TTB Readers Come & See Why I'm Too Scared To flirt!!!

Ok, this isn't about me but it made me think about my post from two days ago, how guys meet you, act all lovey dovey, make you feel like the only woman on earth and then BOOM he expects you to bankroll his life! I know I could never be in this kind of situation, but apparently this is the reality of some young women today, as it seems that young men have decided to become "runs girls". But you know what, you know how men are a lot more rational and practical, it seems that these men are going for blood. I read this chat below and my mouth was hanging. I mean, the lady in question must suffer from sever low self-esteem and a dose of stupidity (I mean, doesn't she realize that sharing this will only bring her public shame and mockery, but bring the guy more clients and even praises?), but still, that guy is plain evil! Please read and share your thoughts. 

I Worry About Nigerian Celebrities.

I'd just like to know if Nigerian celebrities make as much money as they spend on clothes (and professional makeup) for the various events?

It's been a boring weekend on social media, the only thing offering some sort of entertainment being the "The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai" premiere photos splashed all over the Internet. 
The premiere had a theme; Arabian Nights, and you can trust our Nigerian celebrities and Nigerians in general to go over board. The outfits mostly looked hideous, like a cacophony of shapes and colours, if i was the one in charge of planning that event and I'd chosen that theme, I'd be filled with so much regret right now. Ok, so this is really not about how most of the celebs got a memo for Arabian Nights but read Indian Nights or how majority of them forgot to take a long look at the mirror before leaving home. 
No, it's actually a post on sympathy, if you will. 
Last weekend we had The Future Awards #TFAA2017, and the weekend b…

Too Scared To Flirt.

"What happened to Trey Songs?" A few of you have asked. 
Well, you know, at the start things were really promising. I totally adored everything about Trey, well I didn't know him that well so it only makes sense that I would adore his exterior; the height, the beard, the voice, the laugh, the shoulders... 
And things were so good, I was even almost willing to give up baby boy for Trey! Almost. 
Barely a week after we met, this one time we were talking and the strangest thing happened. You know, he was all "you're a Queen, you're so beautiful, I swear I want you" and while in the same gear went to "my life sucks, my job sucks, my salary sucks, I'm drowning in debt, I'm not even sure how I'll pay my rent, I wish I had more money" and I swear I was fucking confused. 
Was he confiding in me as a friend or was he telling me as a benefactor?
I chose to go with the former. I empathized with him and said some meaningless niceties like it is wel…

Who Killed Patricia?

It's time to exercise your mind and creativity. Put on you CSI hats and help unravel this mystery. WHO KILLED PATRICIA?

. . . . . . All culled from @diaryofanaijagirl (instagram)

Size 42 Shoe Giveaway!

Hey guys, Christmas is a season for giving and I'm truly grateful to a blog reader who, in the spirit of Christmas, has decided to giveaway 3 pairs of shoes. They are size 42 and have either never been worn or worn just once. 
Please call me (08173600406) or mail me ( if you're interested. 
You've just got to be sure you're able to pick up from Ikoyi, Lagos. 
Thank you darling O!

So if you're also in the spirit of the season and would like to share cash, gifts, clothes, shoes, airtime or anything nice, please send a message to me. Let's also be known to be givers on this blog, I get jealous when I see how people give on other blogs, like really JEALOUS 😂. Send me an email, text or dm with what you'd like to share. I'll be waiting 😉❤️

Last Night I Had Edibles, And Then Hallucinations, Then Panic Attacks, Then Other Carnalities...

Last night "the friend", let's call him X, stopped over to see me on his way back from work and I decided to go home with him to kick it and chill. This was at about 6 pm and I'd planned to either spend the night or leave . 
So we get to his place, I'm having a drink, he's having a drink, then he says we'd have to go out to get something to eat, as the only edible thing he had was edibles. Magic brownies to be precise. Now, I don't know why the people who make these brownies have to make them so chocolatey and yummy, and you see those juicy moist pieces of chocolate cake and you can't believe that they're anything but innocent. It's been about 8 years since I last had those, in the days of youthful exuberance and mild experimentation (I've never been much of an experimenter) but sweet toothe that I am, I wanted that brownie so bad. 
I took my first big bite and he said to me "Babe, slow down o! This is Shitta weed, it's not just…