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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Let's Play a Game

The fact that I can see it as an excuse for the next few weeks of....

LOL. That's mine. It actually formed an almost perfect sentence. Hehe. Now your turn. 


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I Never Believed This Could Happen To Me.

I hope you had a great day everyone. I did. It was a pretty hectic day, but a very good one nonetheless. I started my day by sending an apology via text. Got into some silly fight with my ex yesterday. Yes it's ridiculous that our relationship is over, dead, done. Yet for some reason we fight. We can fight for Africa. Jesu! I think it's some warped attempt to convince ourselves that we're mature adults and can move on seamlessly into an amicable, amiable friendship. But unfortunately this is real life and let's be realistic, that's not very realistic. I mean we broke up less than two months ago, it was very abrupt and unexpected meaning things were kinda unfinished and emotions were not dead, at least mine weren't. So yesterday we got into this really senseless fight (as we do almost everytime we try to have a friendly conversation) and he got me so riled up that i said something to him which obviously hit a nerve. I apologized yesterday. He wasn't having it. I told myself well whatever, after all he caused it and besides we're not dating anymore so what's even the point? 

But I woke up this morning and it was the first thing on my mind so I immediately sent a text saying I'm sorry about yesterday I was angry etc etc etc. 

And honestly my day couldn't have been better. It taught me a lot. Someone might have said "but you know it wasn't your fault so why apologize" or "why can't he apologize?", but sometimes we do these things for ourselves. 

Negative energy (anger, resentment, unforgiveness etc) really has a way of weighing and slowing you down. Whether my apology was accepted or not, I felt so light and liberated knowing I wouldn't be carrying the weight of anger on my shoulders. 

So yes, that really set the tune for me day. It's been light and full of pleasant surprises and I can't stop smiling. This our father is amazing sha. Kai!

I'm home now and reading through my journal from several months back. Something I read from 2015 really got me thinking so I decided to ask you, what is something that has happened in your life that you never thought would or could happen to you?

I would really love to know. 

It could be good or bad. Could be significant or ordinary. It could be happy or sad. . 

We've all had a few things that we see or hear or imagine happen, but never thought it could ever happen to us. And then it did. The kind of thing that (we thought) only happens to somebody else... If you can relate to this please share your experiences with me. 


Giveaway Finale Winners.

Good morning. 

So it's finally here guys. Whoop whoop! 

I feel a tinny bit underwhelmed. Underwhelmed because not everybody can get something. I really wish everyone could but Alas...! 

For those who did, Congratulations to YOU!!!

1. For the 10k prize I picked a series of numbers including 70. And when it turned out that nobody picked the other numbers yet many picked 70, I decided to give this to everyone who picked number 70. Winners are :


2. For the kimono from Julian's place. Winning number is #8.


For the third kimono, I took the liberty to give it to a blog reader who has been very active on the blog and has done her own giveaways too. I felt that givers should also receive, so... 

3. The 3 pairs of Palm slippers for Gents. Winning numbers are. 18, 39 and 2. The winners are

4. The 2 pairs of shoes for ladies from Courtney's Closet. Winning numbers are 12 and 21. Winners are


5. The 1 human hair wig from Gabby's Wigs'n'Weaves, winning number is 5. Winner is:
Kachi. (You didn't include your email address. Please mail me so that I don't have to give this to someone else)

6. The 3 cakes from CakesandCream, winning numbers are 67, 15 and 100. Winners are (Tiwa)

7. A getaway at CitiHeight Hotel Ikeja for 3 people. Winning numbers are 76 and 91. Winners are. (J)


And that's it guys! A huge Thanks once again to Mr Wale for making this possible. And most especially to God, for bringing Wale and other value-adding people into my life through this blog. I'm greatly blessed.


Monday, 24 July 2017

6 Tips To Help You Defeat Laziness.

Here's a little bit of Monday motivation for you. 😊

If you've been feeling a bit lazy lately and haven't really wanted to get up and do the things you know you should do, here are a few tips that might help you to get motivated and feel energized again.
1. Workout! Whenever you feel lazy or feel your energy levels dropping get your body moving! Motion creates emotion and you want to be proactive and beat laziness before it gets hold of you and throws you on the couch and holds you hostage makes you eat that bag of corn chips. So get moving, put your running shoes on and walk or hit the gym or do some star jumps!
2. I always find whenever I get lazy it's time to put on some tunes that get me pumped up and just start writing. Get into the habit of writing when you start feeling lazy, get your goals down, get your ideas down, watch a video and just take mindless notes. Writing is a great way to release stress and focus your mind on something bigger and more exciting and usually that snaps me out of being lazy in 20 minutes or so!
3. Go out and do something! It's so easy to be lazy at home, as you know! So go outside and see something, walk somewhere, meet a friend for a coffee or go to your favourite stores and just get inspired and focus your mind on what's possible. Put yourself in an environment that inspires you and limits your opportunities to feel lazy & uninspired.
4. One of the best things you can do when you are feeling lazy is to just clean up and tidy up around you. Nothing changes your state like a fresh and clean environment and nothing makes your subconscious brain come alive more than seeing a before and after snap shot of something you've personally just done!
5. This is one of my favourite things to do when I really get stuck and that's to go out and volunteer and help someone out. Shifting your focus onto someone else's challenges and being able to help someone always snaps you out of your funk!
6. Finally, grab your note pad and pen and hop online and start planning your next adventure or big purchase. You always have to have something to look forward to in life and that's an easy way to start feeling excited & motivated to get up off your butt!
That's it

Says @before5am

So if you're feeling lazy these days, don't beat yourself up. Just get up and go do something productive. Remember A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest. Then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit, scarcity will attack you like an armed robber. Pr 23:33-34 (NLT)

Lol @ pounce on you πŸ˜…πŸ˜­. But it's really that serious. 


Sunday, 23 July 2017

I'd Never Felt So Stupid.

Hey guys, so this post has attracted too much attention and too many phone calls that I really can do without. Long story short, be careful how you relate with strangers on the internet. 

I Need a Logo Please.... And TNHW Pays It Forward.

I have a favour to ask. Please can anyone create a logo for me for free? I need a new logo an e-flier for my Events company. I have one which I paid quite a lot for but the quality (and the cards) is really subpar and reflects poorly on my brand. So please if there's anyone who does graphic designs or simply does logos please be kind enough to help me create one. You can either comment below with your contacts, mail me or send me a text (08173600406). Please, please and Thank you πŸ™.

Meanwhile, don't you just love it when people pay it forward? (Pay it forward means to receive kindness from someone and in turn show someone else kindness). That Naughty House Wife, one of the 25k recipients decided to give 5 people 1000 naira airtime each. I could post it here but I don't want a situation whereby one person loads it all. So please just leave your email below and your network (Either Etisalat or MTN). I would send the pin to you. 

Thank you Yetunde. You're truly a beautiful woman both in and out. You didn't have to do this. I'm actually humbled. 

Giveaway Finale!

Happy Sunday y'all. 

This is the conclusive part of #WCG. 

All the N25,000 recipients have received their cash.

All the students have also received their N10,000. 

Once again guys please comment under any of the posts, or this one that you've received your money. Thanks. 

So moving forward, this final giveaway contains 

1. N10,000 for 5 people. 

2. 3 kimonos from Julian's dressmakers. 

3. 3 pairs of Palm slippers from WaleOnibata. (Gents) 

4. 2 pairs of shoes from Courtney's Closet. (Ladies. Size 9 and Size 11). 

5. 1 human hair wig from Gabby's Wigs'n'Weaves. You pick from one of the wigs below. 

6. 3 cakes from CakesandCream 

7. A getaway at CitiHeight Hotel Ikeja for 3 people. (Who can each bring one person along).  

As I said earlier, Kon has already won a stay at CitiHeight and Clare, a kimono. So those gifts are now available for 2 people each. 

There is no competition. We are only going to play a game. 

I have each gift item listed out in numbers. Number 1 to 100. This is going to be a guessing game. 

In your comment section just pick ONE number between 1 and 100 and include your email address. Please multiple comments with different numbers could disqualify you. Pick one number only.

If you're male please avoid picking the following numbers 67, 8, 5, 19, 21, 12 and 70. 

If you're female please avoid picking 7, 18, 83, 39, 40 and 2. 

On Tuesday (25/07/17) morning I will post each item listed out with its number. If you've picked a number with an item, the gift is yours. If several people have picked the same number (item) then the first person who chose the number in the comment section gets the gift. 

Please be sure that you or your representative can pick your gift up from either Surulere or the Island. The winners will be announced on Tuesday. 

This is opened to everyone; anonymous, silent and active blog readers. Except those who have already won something. 

If you haven't picked up your gift by Friday (28/07/17) it goes to someone else. 

I hope it's clear enough?


Saturday, 22 July 2017

Not With My Money!

LOL @ I give up. 

So I had this chat with my friend Deedee (not real name) this afternoon. Deedee complains often that I'm too low maintenance. This afternoon I put up one of the pictures above as my whatsapp display picture and she immediately sent me a message to say that I would look much better wearing long weaves. 

Do you know I actually agree with Deedee? I would look way prettier with long bouncy weaves. But no matter how much money I make, I can't seem to part ways with 100k to buy hair, not because it's too expensive or not worth it, but because I'd always find something better to do with the money. I have a few weaves that were given to me by my elder sister before she became a naturalista which I still use occasionally, and when I really really REALLY need to, I could buy a very affordable weave of about 50k at most but I've never spent over 60,000 on hair and I don't think I could. I have friends who spend as much as N400,000 on one weave and to them it's money well spent. Me, honestly I just can not! LOL. I'd much rather spend much less cash on my durable kinky braids and take my mind off my hair for months so that I can focus on other things. 

But I realize everyone has those things that they absolutely can't spend cash on. Some people can never buy perfumes. My sister, for example. She loves and has some of the most expensive perfumes but she believes that perfumes ought to be given as gifts and never bought with one's own money. Some people can't spend their money on books, if they cannot get an e-copy then that's that. Some absolutely refuse to spend money eating out and would much rather go to the market and cook what they want. Some refuse to take a taxi when they can take a bus. Some refuse to fly business class and insist on economy. Some would NEVER pay to attend a business (or motivational) conference and so on. 

It's not due to lack of cash, the cash could actually be in abundance but you just find there are certain things you that you cannot part with (good) cash for. 

Do you have one of those things you hate to spend your money on? Gist me. ☺️


When a Wife Decides To Show 'The Other Woman' Pepper. Literally.

An angry wife and her friends allegedly hold down her husband's mistress and stuff a bag of Chilli peppers into her vagina. 

What are your thoughts on this? Your thoughts in general on mistresses or side chics getting punished for encroaching on someone else's husband? Your thoughts on the same cheating husbands walking scottfree or even rewarded for cheating with more love and better sex from wifey. How do you think wives should could best handle the "the other woman" situation?

Who should get more blame for this "the other woman" epidemic;
A. The wife for not being able to keep her man 
B. The sidechic for dating a man whom she knows is married. 
C. The husband for not being able to keep it in his pants. 
D. God. 

Let's talk. 


Friday, 21 July 2017

N25,000 Giveaway & Gifts To 8 Loyal Blog Readers

Hey people! I said earlier that 4 loyal blog readers would receive N25,000 each. Truth be told, it was quite difficult because I've been blessed with quite a lot of consistent readers which actually astounds me. These are a few of the great people who stick with TTB, even when there's harmattan on the blog. So I decided to make it 6. Even at that... I still feel indebted to many others. Unfortunately if I don't do it this way then others may not be able to get anything. 

So I decided to pick these 6. 

Iyanuoluwa Balogun. 
Sasha bonΓ©. 
Kene Francis. 
TNHW (That Naughty House Wife). 

Please send your account details via text to my blog line; 08173600406
Also immediately you receive your alert, please come and comment on this post that you've received it. Please and thank you. 

Also two other blog readers will win their gifts right now and in a subsequent post I would tell the rest of the blog what we need to do to get something. Don't worry, no serious competition or anything like that. LOL. 

Clare gets a Bespoke kimono courtesy of Julian's Dressmakers as seen in the photo below. Two other blog readers get to win this too. 

Kon gets a night stay with the Mrs at CitiHeight Hotel Ikeja. Woohoo! Two other blog readers get to stay here too. CitiHeight is very accessible, and relaxing; great 24hour wifi connection, swimming pool and bar, gym and much more. 

I know that many others should be on the list too. I know! If I had ways to show each person who's been consistent on this blog how much I appreciate them, I would. 

I will tell you more about the other gifts and cash prizes we have and how you can get your hands on them. Stay tuned!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

N10,000 Giveaway For Students on TTB.

Hey guys. Like I said I would like to give ten TTB students N10,000 each. Please if you're a student and you've been regular on this blog drop a comment below with the name you comment with on TTB. If you comment anonymously then I'm sorry...

So please just leave a comment stating that you're in Nigeria and you're an undergraduate. Include your email address. During our email correspondence please you'd have to prove to me that you're indeed a student. Thank you!

PS: If we don't have up to ten students then the money goes back to the rest of the cash for general  winners of the cash or gift prizes that anyone who (wins) is entitled to. 

PPS: #WCG = Wale's Celebratory Giveaway. 


#ThrowbackThursday; The Craziest Lie!

I had this friend who was a medical student. Scratch that, actually she'd failed out of medicine like three years prior to this lie and kept lying to her family that she was still a medical student. But that isn't even the lie! So this chic at the start of each semester (from what should have been her 4th year) would tell her dad that they each needed to buy their own cadaver for Anatomy class, and a cadaver cost N250,000!


Every semester daddy would cough out money for this lie. 

Oh, this one time she told him the price of cadavers had gone up and it was now N350k. Hmmm...

My friend may sound like a bad shide but please, many of us are guilty of giving our parents bills for things that don't exist, or inflating the price of those that do. My friend told his dad that law school fees were N1.1M and daddy paid up, in fact it was just about 300k at the time. 

People like me sha, I nor get liver. I don't think I even lied about the price of a single text book. But I remember this one time I told my parents we were going on a week long educative excursion. I went and spent the week at my friend's family house. She was a boarder, her parents were out of the country and she somehow got the keys to the house. We had a wild wild week! (It was still PG 13 o! LOL). 

Ok now you tell me. What's the craziest lie(s) you told to your parents when you were younger and they believed?



5 Common Social Media Marketing Errors For Business Owners

Where are my business owners, entrepreneurs, side hustlers et al? I promised I'd be sharing some content to help navigate the waters of small business/start-ups. This is very simple yet so helpful to anyone using social media as a marketing tool. 

Business seems to be the real deal these days. Almost every one you come in contact with owns a business – from clothes to food, to agriculture, to cosmetics. Everyone wants to get their hands into something. Social media, has in recent times, become a tool for sales; but, while some people use it to its fullest advantage, others haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.

As an entrepreneur/business owner, you have to realise that you aren’t the only marketer in town. There are a billion others out there, so how you make your brand different and drive clients your way should be considered. Asides sellers on social media, there are business owners who have shops, easily accessible ones that one can walk into and buy stuff, so the question is: why should I trust my money into the hands of a stranger? Especially when I do not know the quality of goods I’ll be getting, or if the individual is a fraud.
Today, I’ll be discussing some errors which really dents businesses. You wonder why you aren’t making as much sales as you like? Then maybe your answer might be here.
Error #1: Your Instagram page is PRIVATE!
A while ago, a friend of mine posted a picture and gave credit to an online store for making her dress. I liked the dress and was interested in making one too, so I clicked on the tagged name only for me to see that the page was private. This doesn’t in anyway show seriousness as a business owner. Your page should only be private when everything on your page is about your personal life and not business. But telling a potential client that they have to follow your page before they can do business with you just doesn’t cut it. Let them follow you if they find your services faultless. Dear business 
owner, leave your page accessible to potential customers.
Error #2: You have the “No DMS, No messages, just calls!” on your bio
This is another error business owners on social media make. If you really love sales, I think you would open up every avenue for your clients to reach you and your services. What makes your business so special that you can’t be “DMd?” Why can’t you receive WhatsApp messages regarding details of your business? Please always put your customers first.
Error #3: Replying messages/inquires late
Business requires time and commitment and if you aren’t ready to put that into yours, then maybe business isn’t for you. I remember when I started my business, I needed carrier bags which would have my logo on it to be used in delivering my goods. I searched the ‘gram and found a few 
Instagram pages which were into that. I called, messaged almost ten people, but I either did not get a feedback or I was told my call would be returned. One person actually returned my call two days later and called me so many times over the next week, I was forced to block the line. If you cannot reply messages or answer calls immediately, please do as soon as possible and apologise for any inconveniences first. This shows you are a person of integrity and your business can be trusted.
Error #4: Posting poorly taken photos
This one can be an instant turn off. Most people who buy things on social media do so because they fell in love with the images posted. As a business owner who wants more sale, pay particular attention to the quality of your pictures. I do not think that I will purchase anything from a store whose pictures are taken in poorly lit places and on dirty platforms. Excellent picture quality says a lot about you and your business. They help to catch the attention of potential buyers. It is now left to you to retain this interest and ensure they close the deal.
Error #5: Not replying comments under the post
Several times, I see comments like “how do I get this? How do I order? Where are you based?” under posts and the strange thing is that these comments get no replies. Yes, I’m the first to admit that some customers can be exasperating. They want the same thing said over and over again, but that’s why as a business owner, you cannot excel without great patience skills. Ensure you reply comments underneath your posts. This shows that you have your customers in mind and that you are passionate about your business.

Written by Ayo Al for Bella Naija


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What Loneliness Nearly Made Me do!

He must have been surprised that his call didn't ring through and then cut off. In fact, I think he was just calling for sport and not because he actually expected me to pick. If he's called me 50 times in the last year I've only answered 5 times and each time I must have said "let me call you back". 

This time around I picked eagerly. 

He was surprised. 

"Where are you?" I asked.

"In Lagos. Four Points". 

"I'm on my way". My eyes running through my clothes, I was already on my feet. 

"Ok. Room 336". 

I wore something sexy but comfortable. Apparently I was going to get into bed in room 336, right?

I drove to Four Points blocking out every voice of reason. Prior to his call I'd spoken to my friend whose husband has been away from the country for over three years for whatever reason. She was just telling me about her new man. Purely for sex, she said. I cannot come and go and kill myself, she said. Before I go and run mad, she said. If a legally married woman cannot come and go and kill herself, who am I? I said. 

I felt justified for whatever it was I was about to do. 

I drove into the compound and called him. 

"Come upstairs". 

You see, I'd planned to go straight to room 336 anyways, but the way he ordered, like it was a given, like I was obviously coming to get screwed. That didn't go down well with me. 

"Come downstairs" I countered. 

It seemed only right. I hadn't seen him since that flight to PH over a year ago, and before that maybe five years ago...

He did and we went to the bar. 

If I get drunk enough maybe I'll go upstairs. 

I tried. Shot after shot after shot of vodka. It just wasn't werking. 

"You're spending the night, right?"


And I intended to. I would deal with the regret in the morning. And hey, what if I don't regret it? What if I something good comes out from this?

The alcohol wasn't working...

The conversation was less lively than watching eggs boil. 

" need to go home", I said. 

No one ever talks about being lonely. Why? I'm certain that tons of people reading this are very lonely right now. I clung tightly to my last relationship simply because I was afraid of being lonely again. I was going to allow a man I can barely stand, ravage me or do with me whatever he pleased. Simply because I felt, maybe, just maybe I'd feel something. Maybe even just a little. Maybe for a moment I'd feel a connection. With another human. 


Thankfully I knew better than to think that would help. Actually, it would have made my situation a lot worse. 

Let's talk about loneliness. Have you ever experienced it? Has it ever made you do something you wouldn't normally do? 

What do you think about my friend's situation? A husband leaves home for three years and does not speak to his wife, before he left there were no issues, he simply said he was travelling for work. His family doesn't provide much info either but they keep saying "be patient". She knows he's alive and well but after over two years of waiting and being alone, she has decided to start dating. She's young, still very pretty and has needs! Is she justified in taking a lover?

Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) Giveaway!!!


Yes I had just N418 in that account. LOL

Beautiful people of Thelma Thinks Blog, this is our biggest giveaway yet and it's all thanks to a great blog reader, Wale! Remember he commented a few days ago that he's in a celebratory mood? Well, he truly is. I received an alert of N500,000 in my account yesterday from Wale!

If we were in church right now I'd ask that we all stretch forth our hands to the altar and pray for this good man who has been nothing but wonderful since he got on this blog. Please pray that God blesses him, that the joy that put him in this celebratory mood remain permanent in his life and that he would always have peace. 

Lol we're not in church, but still... πŸ˜ƒ

So here's what we have decided to do. 4 very loyal blog readers will get N25,000 each. That's 4 readers who have shown consistency in reading and COMMENTING on the blog. (No anonymous please). I know that we've got well more than 4 but this is what we have decided in order to afford others, both silent readers and anonymous commenters, an opportunity to win something too.  

I'm giving N100,000 to ten students (10k each) who have been consistent on the blog. Of course, we would need evidence that you're indeed a university student in Nigeria and you've been active on Thelma Thinks. You would also have to tell me the name with which you comment on the blog. (No anonymous please). 

The rest of the monies will be competed for and prices include N20,000 cash prizes, Hotel getaway, designer perfumes, bespoke clothing, human hair wigs, boxes of a yummy cakes, lunch/dinner at 5 star restaurants and more!

I will inform everyone by next week what they need to know or do to have a chance at winning a prize, and of the terms and conditions. 

For now, I just needed to share the good news with everyone, because Wale has totally made my year!!!

I'll be back with more info. 



Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Everyone Who Knows Me Knows I Love ________________

Everyone who knows me knows that I love being alone.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love ATTENTION. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I love eating. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I love travel. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I love random acts of kindness. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I love my comfort (non-negotiable). 

Everyone who knows me knows that I love giving. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I love Instagram. 

LOL. This practically sums me up. Attention is in capital letters because if you ask anyone who really knows me that's the first thing they'd say. Not the kind of attention from the general public or random people. But from the people closest to me. One of the most important things in a personal relationship to me, whether emotional or other otherwise, is attention. 

Your turn. 


Memoirs of Me; That Time I Dated a Yahoo Boy...

This morning I remembered that time I dated a yahoo boy whom I knew was a yahoo boy. Hell, I even lent him my laptop once for his runs. 

I remember feigning ignorance and trying to convince myself that I believed he sold clothes for a living. But even I knew that that was BS considering that my friend who hooked us up had told me he was one of the most successful yahoo boys in Lead City University and he spoilt his ex girlfriend senseless. Somehow she believed that I could be the next girlfriend and also get spoilt, and give her her share of the cake. 

I was a graduate, a practicing lawyer, he was in University, he was younger than me. 

I didn't expect anything to come out of it so I assented to giving him my number, just to please her. But three hours into our chat and we fell in like. By the next night we were in intense like and for the rest of the week we were in a "where have you been all my life?" state of mind. 

We would chat from morning to night and talk all night and soon, we needed to see each other. That first date was extremely juvenile. We met at O'Jez in the Surulere stadium. He showed up about two hours late with 5 friends all dressed like mini-Wizkids. I wanted to die. 

I, on the other hand had my hair braided back, wore a cute little black dress and black pumps with minimal silver jewelry. Bobo wore baggy jeans that was belted beneath his butt while green boxers alone covered said butt, he wore a sleeveless vest baring skinny dangly arms covered in meaningless tattoos, he had big studs in both ears, his hair was relaxed and his long neck looked like it was about to snap into two pieces for it was burdened with many heavy-looking silver chains. Oh, he also had grills in his teeth too. 

His friends were similarly dressed. 

I looked like an Aunty that came to give errant school boys a lecture on the wages of sin and misconduct. 

People stared. 

He had an uncanny resemblance with Wiz Khalifa in physique, tattoos, drug use (skunk/weed) and dressing. Wiz Khalifa also happened to he his role model and his best song was "So what we get drunk? So what we smoke weed? We're just having fun, we don't care who sees. So what we go out? That's how it's supposed  to be. Living young and wild and free" and that was his personal motto.

Anyways... 5 minutes after they arrived I told him I needed to leave. He was upset but I was adamant. We both got up and as we walked to his car somehow our hands found each other and we locked fingers and walked quietly hand in hand. Despite everything, one thing was obvious, the feelings were real, they were intense and they were mutual. 

We talked all the way to my place and on getting to my house, sat in his car and talked some more. Eventually the kisses came and it was like we couldn't stop. We were out of breath but we couldn't stop. We seemed to have fallen in something that looked like love!

Aye. Early next morning he called my phone and all he said was "Nwando I love you, I don't care what anybody says, I love you". He repeated this again and again and again. The butterflies in my belly fluttered their wings so hard that I nearly threw up from excitement. 

Our affair had a fairytale like nature and just like my friend had promised, he begun to spoil me silly and just as I'd agreed; she got her own piece of the pie. It was big enough to go round. 

At a point his laptop went bad and he had to use mine for business. I disapproved of what he did but I when I wasn't pretending to ignore the facts, I told myself "a man's got to do what a man's got to do". 

Everything was great. Dating him was a trip! As a boyfriend he was ten over ten. πŸ”₯. He. Was. Everything! 

As a person however, I had to peel the scales off my eyes and be honest with myself. He was immature. Yes he was 2 years younger than me but he was an adult, yet he never could act like one! He dressed like a teenager. He not only joined bad gang, he was leader of the bad gang! He was high half the time. He swindled people for a living thereby causing some of them untold pain. And his only career plans for the future involved being the most famous yahoo boy from Lagos to Malaysia.

I couldn't deal. I mean, even as I was high off dopamine, I still couldn't. 

So I left. (Not as easy as it sounds though). 

But sometimes I look at the bigger picture and I've got to ask. If, for instance, we were married and/or we had a child together, would i still sit on my moral high horse and leave because he was a "yahoo boy"? 

If I left a boyfriend because I didn't like that he "pressed computer" to make a living and take care of those around him, realistically speaking, would I leave a husband in politics who like almost every Nigerian politician, steals from the country?

Honestly, I think not. 

In restrospect I'm not even sure if I walked because of the yahoo thingy or because my baby was a juvenile delinquent or because I kept having recurring nightmares of policemen storming our hotel room and being thrown into jail as an accomplice. LOL. The facts have become slightly blurred with time. 

In any case, my conscience wouldn't let me be great and just enjoy the money. I couldn't stop thinking about which widowed old woman on the other side of the world was crying because the man who had promised her love and marriage had disappeared with all her money, and her hope...

So that's as far as it goes with this memoir. Do you have any thoughts, comments, observations or similar experience of your own? Please share. 


Monday, 17 July 2017

Answer This

He Who finds a Wife...

Please what do men see in a woman to make them know they have found a wife?

My friend asked me this last night and we both pondered upon it. I couldn't come up with any answer. Like, I had few ideas but I'm not a man, and I'm not married so how could I possibly answer that. 

You often hear some men say "Immediately I saw her I knew I had found my wife". That could be instinct or some thing she may have done at the time. And then there are those who've been dating the lady for some time and they say "it was at that moment I knew I was going to marry her". 


I think many single women would like to know this. My friend desires to be married. She's in her early 30s and possesses all the qualities she believes a man would want in a wife, so why is she still single, right? I guess but I may be wrong, that it's this that led her to ask me this question; what does a man see in a woman that makes him know he has found his wife?

Men we are all ears. Ladies pitch in too, especially if you've got brothers, or you're married, or you just know. LOL.  

I hope our question is clear enough. You know, like what does woman A have that made him choose her over woman B? What was it about her that made him decide he had found his wife?

Answers please?

7 Ways To Invest In Yourself As An Entrepreneur

Good morning everyone. Many people in contemporary Nigeria have found themselves engaged in entrepreneurship, either out of genuine passion, necessity or peer pressure. Entrepreneurship has become something of a trend, many people suddenly diving into it because it's the new cool, until you realize it isn't. It's real life, it's tough, it's back-breaking mind-numbing work and it's not the glamorous thing social media portrays it to be. In any case, since many of us find ourselves in it right now, I will share useful content on entrepreneurship, to help those who need it. This list below was shared by @naijastartups on Instagram. 

7 ways to invest in yourself as an #entrepreneur by an Entrepreneur:

1. Go to #school: The learning environment itself can provide new connections and spark creativity. Our #founder @Aramideabe said she went to #businessschool really mainly for the #network it would provide after. She could have learnt all of the things she picked up there online.

2. #OnlinePrograms: While the online learning environment is still buyer beware, more and more credible institutions are offering online courses and programs. For example, @NaijaStartups are holding a #SocialMediaSelling online course this evening at 7pm, with replays and course material available for those who cannot join in early. #DM us for more details.

3.Teach: A school environment is just as powerful if you’re teaching. You become a thought-leader on the subject-matter and can begin to command sales from the course. @StephObi teaches online courses and has become #Nigeria's #thoughtleader on building online courses.

4. Physical Health: If your ability to work is the most essential thing to your business #success, it makes no sense to risk it. Staying #healthy is an investment in your business.

5. Co-working: Consider moving yourself and your business to a #coworking space or community. The collaborative, #entrepreneurial spirit of shared ambition and sacrifice can be intoxicating and empowering. @Workstationnigeria, due to its size and innovation provides such an atmosphere.

6. Network: Most people view networking as opportunities to advance their businesses. But they are just as important in building personal connections – assets you can take with you from project to project. @YapandE offer monthly networking sessions. We are also hosting a meet and greet this month with influencers @bizzleo1 and @socialprefect, there will be a live Q&A with them and a #FREE #socialmedia clinic with our digital marketing partners, @verhaalng

7. #Read unrelated things:
If you’re a reader, make sure your reading list includes topics that are unrelated to your business endeavors

To know more, or partake in the engagements mention in #6, please follow @naijastartups on Instagram. Have a productive week ahead. 


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