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Sunday, 21 May 2017


Daisy, before the ailment. (You may notice she was a lot slimmer before she took ill, that's because of the drugs being administered to her)

Yesterday I received a call from a family member of the patient. She was in tears and sounded very distressed. She appealed to me to share this on my blog in the hope that your hearts will be touched to assist with whatever you can. 

It is with a broken heart that I'm writing to make this passionate appeal to you all to come to the aid of my family. We need your assistance, no matter how small it may be. 

My daughter, Ms TOUNYE DAISY OKUDU (14 years old) has been down with ill health since January, 2017. She had a brain tumour (medulloblastoma) and has since undergone 2 major surgery in Nigeria before proceeding to India for more surgery she is still undergoing intensive treatment to help get her back to her normal self. 

We are in dire need of your assistance -(30,000 thousand dollars) to continue with her intensive treatment which may soon be stopped due to lack of funds which is the most scary part of it all.Please, help save my daughter Daisy's life as we have run out of cash to continue with her treatment here in India. 

It has not been easy, but with God on our side we have managed to push through to this moment. But honestly, it has gone beyond us. We need your assistance. Please, HELP save Daisy's life. 

Please, donations can be paid directly to: 

Name: Okudu Elohor lucia

Bank: First Bank 

Account No: 3028409800

Or via

Thanks and God bless you all. 

Please, HELP save Daisy's life.


Saturday, 20 May 2017

I'd Rather Have a Wedding...

Hey guys! This morning when the rain started my first instinct was panic. Yeah, if you're in south-western Nigeria the rains would always be welcome because our weather most times feels like punishment for a grievous offense and PHCN tends to act like a scorned lover. 

So once the clouds start to turn gray there's always this air of joy and relief... Well unless it's a week day morning and you take public transport to work...

This morning however I started to panic, like, Yekpa people are getting married today!. Never mind that I'm not one of "people" nor do I have any wedding ceremony to attend.

I just think it's one of those things I'm most afraid of; heavy rain on my wedding day. 

Trust Nigerians, we'd console ourselves by saying it's "showers of blessings" but errrr, nope!


Speaking of weddings, I'm sure you've seen the tweet above by now. 

I've thought long and hard about it, would I like this or would I resent this? I honestly don't know o! I mean, it kinda makes a lot more sense, but still....

What about you, which would you prefer, the wedding or just a marriage blessing during a general church service and then a much needed gift (car, vacation, apartment etc) with the wedding money?


Friday, 19 May 2017

True or False?

Heyyyyyyy. What position are you in your family? 

I'm the last born in mine but this doesn't apply to me so much, save for being uncomplicated. 

Ok, I like attention from those I'm close to, especially when I'm in a relationship, but I wouldn't exactly describe myself as an attention seeker. LOL. 



Thursday, 18 May 2017

5 Lies You Have Been Told About Entrepreneurship In Nigeria.

...Because we're at a point in life where entrepreneurship is becoming a trend and many of us find ourselves in it, either out of passion or pressure, or are contemplating venturing into it... 

Nigeria, like any other country on the planet is unique in its own ways and as an entrepreneur, it’s almost forgivable to assume that picking up a book on entrepreneurship or taking an MBA can prepare you for this uniqueness; but as many over the years have come to learn, principles might be universal but experiences are local.
Nothing in that MBA will prepare you for the area-boys that will demand to be paid before your goods can pass a certain route or fraudulent generator repair guys, that deliberately sabotage your generator, so you can call them again (All factors you did not consider in your cost of production). While there is so much we can discuss on, as it concerns entrepreneurship in Nigeria, I will just stick to these 5 lies you’ve been told.
You can be flexible with your time
Speaking to would-be entrepreneurs, one of the most common reasons I hear from people eyeing entrepreneurship is “I really hate waking up at 4 or 5am to get to work”. While it is sometimes true that as an entrepreneur, you may stay in bed till say 8am but it will most likely be because you went to bed at 3am. 
Entrepreneurship comes with the kind of responsibilities, which in all honesty takes your sleep away. If you’re going to be successful at entrepreneurship, you probably will be on the grind 24/7; are you ready for that?
All you need is a mentor
I hear about this needing a mentor principle a lot and I believe it must work somehow but what I often see is mentees being taken advantage of. The traditional Nigerian Mentor will ask you to come work with him/her, to gain valuable “Hands on experience” for peanuts and still owe you. I must be honest that my rather awful experiences at the hands of “mentors” has left me biased here and I must also be clear that I did learn valuable lessons under them; but that said, I am still being owed by some of them, years after.
Banks don’t give loans to entrepreneurs
I was at a conference recently where the speaker literally convicted Nigerian banks for not lending to Nigerian businesses, even though the loan books of each bank speak a different story. What banks in Nigeria are not structured to lend to, are startups (i.e. businesses with very little track record) and while this may upset you, it’s just reality.
Startups, Micro and small businesses are better suited to take advantage of micro finance banks, grants, angel investors and venture capitalists. Their funds and structure are designed to better understand your phase, challenges and how to best align the loan with your cash flow.
Perfect your product and customers will come
‘Sayeth the person with the full store but no customers’. I don’t think there is anywhere in the world where the term “Image is everything” is more true than in Nigeria. Your product could literally download food off the internet, but if you don’t have a strategic sales, marketing and brand building plan to let people know your product exists and more importantly, convince them yours is better than the competition; then your product may just be for Family and Friends.
You are selling yourself short in a 9 – 5
I have seen way too many people fail at being entrepreneurs simply because they are just not cut out for it and have not taken the time to develop themselves. It has made many wealthy but has made even more bankrupt, it is a game of blood, guts, tears, more tears and then, maybe success.
If you’re going to delve into it, come into the ring ready with gloves. It’s not an easy feat but it’s equally just as rewarding. Just make certain that you know the facts before taking the plunge.
Source: Bella Naija
Tunji Andrews is the Lead economist at TTAC Africa, a European Union consultant, under the EU SUFEGOR project, a financial literacy advocate and a renowned media personality.
His work, which brings him in contact with thousands of people, continues to help bridge the knowledge gap within the Nigerian society, in the areas of Macro economics, personal finance and entrepreneurship.
He’s an award winning, business radio show host, with various radio shows across the country, Co-host on Ndani TV’s analyse this and celebrity blogger hosting the #DearEntrepreneur series on Pulse TV.


Giveaway! Size 39 Shoes...

Heyyyy! So we have a giveaway courtesy of Sunshine. 

: It's a size 39 suede shoe (pictures above) but only someone with slim feet would enjoy it.

The winner should be able to pick it up in VI during the week or yaba/akoka on a weekend.

If you're interested and are able to pick it up from either VI or Yaba/Akoka, please comment below with your email address and the lucky lady would be reached. 

May God bless the hands that give. 


Dear Empress Njamah, Don't Be That Female That Sets Women Back By 50 Years.

I just watched a clip of Empress Njamah saying that its not always a man's fault when there's domestic violence in a relationship. According to her sometimes women are headstrong and torture and torment their men mentally to the point where they push the man to hit them. So... women should help the men control their anger. 

If this is true then I have a few questions for Empress and all other ignorant proponents of this line of thought, especially the men. 

-If your wife is a body builder like this woman above, will you dare raise your hands on her? 

-When you cause your wife emotional torture, turmoil and neglect, does she slap and punch you? No, instead most Nigerian wives enter War Room mode and become prayer warriors. So why use your fist?

-If her mouth is too sharp, don't you too have a mouth? 

-If your mother or sister had "sharp mouth" (since sharp mouth is you people's justification), would you thrash them the way you do your wife? 

-Many of you have little girlfriends outside that openly disrespect you and sometimes talk to you like they're talking to their maids. Why don't you beat them? Why do you instead cower and beg them and shower them with gifts all in a bid to pacify them, but when it comes to your wife who you made vows to, "she must be taught a lesson"? 

- Yes, let's agree that some women are provocative. Are men so weak as to be unable to control their impulses? If yes, then why have we heard several stories of female bosses who emasculate, insult and undermine their male subordinates ever so often, but we never hear of a male staff who once raised his hand on his female boss? 

-If there was an immediate consequence for domestic violence every and any time it occurs, would you still abuse your wife/girlfriend physically? 

I simply cannot believe that while many people are dealing with the harsh realities of domestic violence, majority by no fault of their own, while we're trying to draw more attention to this cause and get the government to take it more seriously so that it can be curbed, while in the span of two weeks, we have received news of women being killed, as in KILLED, by abusive partners... one human would come and say "help men control their anger". I am fucking enraged and disappointed! 

There is no excuse or justification for domestic violence, either for men or women. Just like cheating, most violent partners are violent simply because they can be. Believe me if there were consequences these men (and women) would know to put their hands in their pockets and walk away. There are other ways to deal with an erring partner. 

That said, in most cases of domestic violence, the men are dealing with a serious case of narcissism, control issues, an extreme desire to oppress and subdue their women caused by insecurity issues and other mental health problems. Empress Njamah and others please educate yourselves. In cases such as these, no amount of submission, docility, subservience, humility, respect and meekness as a wife can save you from domestic violence. So kindly GTFOH with "women need to control their tongue", as if some men don't have sharp tongues too. 😏


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

One Liners.

Heyyyyyy. I'm in that mood this morning so yes, let's do this! 

It says drop a line from your favourite worship song. 

"And I'll praise you in this storm, and I will lift my hands. For You are who You are, no matter where I am" - Praise You In The Storm; Casting Crown

So your turn, and in any language too!


Monday, 15 May 2017

True OR False? Discuss.

To know if an Hausa man is rich, look at his kids. An Igbo man, look at his wife. A Yoruba man, look at HIM? 


What do you think?

Mothers. We All Have Them!

Apologies for the delay in posting comments and posts. My faithful ipad finally gave up after 5 years of loyal service and almost four years of service to the blog. It did most things for me so I never bothered with a laptop. Well, all weekend I waited for a jinnee to hand me a laptop, iPad or whatever and as its yet to happen, I'll post from my phone for now. It's the most inconvenient thing ever but...

So yesterday was Mother's Day and everyone couldn't stop talking about their mums in the most colourful ways. Have you noticed how everyone's mother is the strongest, kindest, bravest mother in the whole world? LOL. 

I certainly think my mum is all that but even at my age I can hardly think about my mum and not remember the first ass whooping she gave me. My mum strongly believed in using the rod! 

It was one night, I must have been no more than 7 or 8 and my immediate older brother maybe 11. He was in the living room, I was in my daddy's room and each room in the house had a phone. We had a call and both picked up different phones but the caller obviously hung up because we only heard each other's voice. "Drop the phone" my brother said. "No you drop the phone" I challenged him. "Fuck you" he said. "Fuck you back" I retorted. "Both of you should come to my room right now", my mother's cool and stern voice boomed from the phone. 

Oops, she had picked up the one in her room!

We both marched solemnly there knowing what was to come but I never knew that that stick could hurt like the devil. Jehovah! My mum gave me 6 brutal strokes, 3 on each palm. I was jumping, crying, pleading, begging, making promises. I legit thought I was going to die. 

LOL. Mothers are the best though. 

Happy Mothers Day (in arrears) to all mothers. And to all the beautiful mums on the blog; Mallama, Tiwa, cccc, Clare, Miss Pynk, TNHW, J, Enjay, Miwa and everyone else, especially those trusting God for their own bundles of joy. 

Tell me about yours, and do you remember the first time she whooped you? Or wait, was your Mum the "use your words" type instead? Lucky you! πŸ˜‚


Friday, 12 May 2017

Better Husband!

I think this is really beautiful, a reminder that despite all the ugliness we see in marriages on social media, all the evils that many Nigerian husbands have become to their wives and all the increase in domestic violence, there are still good marriages and loving husbands. 

May God bless Kalu Igwe, I hope more men do this, actually express this type of love to their wives. Let those weak men who think it's emasculating to show their wives love especially publicly, and those men who makes their wives regret ever getting married and those men who barely tolerate their wives... Let them know that there are men just like them out there who still value the women they married. 

I don't know why but this post really touches my heart. 

Also, big shout out to all the men now speaking out against domestic violence. Normally men would either keep mute or place blame on the women for making their husbands beat them, now however I'm noticing that more men are speaking out against it. Please, more men should do this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. 

And yes, cheers to husbands like the one above. 

#marriageisbeautiful 😍😍😍


Happy Birthday Iyanu! with love from Ibukun.

My naughty sweetheart. I did not find an ugly picture so I could use it. Where would I even find that anyway? Cos you are beautiful in and out. You are Intelligent, smart and witty. One who strives to know more and get better. Your dedication to the things of the word amazes me. Your dedication to grow is stunning. You came out of the cocoon you were and showed the world that you are capable to do anything you want to do. You excel amongst them all and you shine. I pray that you increase on all sides. You make more impact and you shine. I love you very much. Kisses to my best friend. 😘😘😘😘😘. My doctor sister. I know you would enjoy your day.



Awwww, we wish you a very happy birthday Iyanuoluwa Balogun. Hugs & Kisses. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Ladies, Can We Talk?

A while back a friend of mine called and among the things she said was that she slept with someone I was dating at the time. She apologized but I found that I wasn't mad at her, I was mad at the person who betrayed my trust. I mean, she betrayed my trust too, but I wasn't dating her...

But I wouldn't lie and say that there've not been times that I wanted to call a girl out for encroaching on what I considered my territory. I never have though...

Many of us females think it's very okay to do that. What do you think? I mean, in this case above its absolutely senseless. Your husband (Charles Okpocha aka amo shine aka haterz show me love or get off) posted a lady's picture on his own instagram and says he's crushing on her, and you attack her? πŸ˜•

Anyways... Are there times it okay to call the other chic out? Have you ever confronted a lady that your man was "talking to"? Have you ever been confronted by someone's man? (confess πŸ˜‚πŸ˜š). 


To Love Is Not To Die. Rest In Peace Karabo.

This is so heartbreaking. I opened instagram this morning and was flooded with images of the young, beautiful South African lady who endured physical and emotional abuse from her boyfriend while they were together. She eventually left him but he still murdered her, he burnt her beyond recognition, to death. 

She was kidnapped, murdered and and set ablaze by her (ex) boyfriend. This boyfriend in question even joined her family in the search for when after she went missing. What a demon!

Please ladies, I beg of you. We all see the signs, it's always there. You're too beautiful and too special to be treated this way. 

A few days ago, in my heart I nearly wished severe domestic violence on some women. I wanted to pray that they marry men who will ravage them and eventually kill them! Mercy Aigbe's husband was remanded in prison for all that battery and assault which included a fractured skull, and you'd think that this is something to celebrate as its a step forward. But no, many females were raining down curses on Mercy. Female, as in, her fellow women. 

How can you let them arrest the father of your child? 

Stupid woman. 

Are you the first woman that her husband will beat? 

You are a runs girl, always hopping from one bed to another. You pushed him to be beating you and now they have arrested him, wicked woman. 

When you're always travelling up and down why won't they beat you? 

God will punish you for letting them arrest your own husband. 

You're always forming pepper dem gang, slay queen. I'm sure you're always raising shoulders for him, you must have bruised his ego and pushed him to beat you. 

Your child would never forgive you for doing this to their father.

And I was reading this with my mouth wide open. What kind of people are these? Did they see those pictures at all? I don't care what Mercy did (if at all she did anything, because I know for a fact that most abusers do not need a trigger, they simply desire to suppress, oppress and subdue), he could have simply sent her packing or moved out. 

What if Mercy had died?

Many innocent women have lost their lives to domestic violence. Please ladies, to love is not to die, it is not to suffer, it is not to live in agony for God's sake! Believe me I know it's not easy to get up and go. I'd once dated someone that started little by little until one day he dealt me one blinding slap that threw me to the ground, for no reason at all (okay, he said I was arguing with him... πŸ˜’), and me that used to say if a man should touch me I will leave him ASAP, the next morning after a few apologies, I was back in his arms loving up to him. 

So I'm not judging anyone, I know it's not easy to leave someone you love, especially when they apologize to you with all the remorse in their bones. However, when I saw that that slap was just the beginning, I had to carry my slippers on my head and run. It wasn't easy, it isn't easy leaving someone you love. But sometimes love gba kwa oku! To hell with love. 

It's even more difficult when this person starts by abusing you psychologically and toys with your mind so much so that you begin to believe that you're worthless and no other person can tolerate you, much less love you. That's why, especially in the dating stage, when they show you the signs, believe them and go. Somebody else will come!

Sleep easy darling Karabo. You had friends in Nigeria who speak highly of you and what an inspiring young woman you were. I hope at least that some ladies can learn from this and save themselves. I pray that your killer is met with Justice. I pray your soul  finds peace. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

@NaijaSingleGirl Goes To Zanzibar And Its The Best Thing Ever!

Related image

Ok, just in case you didn't know, Naija Single Girl is a Nigerian blogger who blogs at (@naijasinglegirl) and she's one of my favourites. She's anonymous and I don't know who she is although we chat occasionally. She's one of those people I've never met but I just like naturally, and root for. Especially because I think she's a very talented lady, has been blogging for some years and I felt it's about time great things started to happen for her. So you can imagine how I went into a frenzy when I saw the post below on Sunday πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ


"So I received an email from ‘a silent reader’ saying he’ll like to sponsor my first vacation outside the country now that I have a passport. I was in shock, but I never believed because people often mail to promise one or two things then go incommunicado. He asked that I pick a date & we agreed on a destination.

Two, three mails later, I sent my passport details & next thing that followed was a ticket confirmation for a 5-day stay in Zanzibar in my mailbox.

My head was spinning. My chest was heavy & I was literally gasping for breath. I called my friend, S, and screamed. I said this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me since I got my Bsc.

My brain which is used to processing information like “To save cost in a journey from Oshodi to IMAX in Lekki, should you take 2 danfos & one okada at Lekki Phase 1 Gate or 2 danfos and an uber at Lekki Phase 1 Gate “

was now struggling to process,

“Since your ticket says there’s a 12 hour stopover at Addis Ababa, does this mean you can brag about visiting Tanzania and Ethiopia when you return, after all you have never been to Ogun State but you tell people you have because your night vehicle to Lagos once had a 5 hour stopover at Sagamu”

The information was too much for my brain and I. πŸ˜­

One minute you are picking beans at home for Sunday breakfast and the next minute your digestive system is getting ready to process Zanzibar’s jollof rice. I went to wash my face with cold water.

 I was still unable to calm down. I called my sister and cried “YOUR SISTER IS TRAVELLING ABROAD OHHHH!”. Then she started asking, “How manage? Have you blown? Who got it for you? What did you do? What for?” She does not know I am behind naijasinglegirl so I promised to call back to explain when I have a better lie. Lol.

So ladies and gentlemen, #NSGTakesZanzibar on the 15th of June.


Me on the 16th of June in Zanzibar

To Mr Gbenga, I lack the words to say thank you. He wouldn’t even let me have his phone number to stammer thank you. Maybe he is Angel Gabriel. πŸ˜€

He said I can call when I return and I can’t wait to say thank you in my Zanzibar accent.

Y’all have not heard the last of this trip. I Will Not Keep Calm."

LOL. Awesome stuff right? And don't you like how she writes, she's funny without even trying. I just wish... 😭

In any case, I'd like us to draw inspiration from this. Not just bloggers but anyone who feels demotivated and tired. You may be in your corner, doing your thing, working hard and putting in your best effort. You may be starting to feel like you're wasting your time, like no one even notices or cares. You may be wondering why people are getting big breaks and recognition and you continue to go unnoticed. You know what, remain focused, dedicated and just keep putting in your best. Continue to stay positive too. Good things are bound to happen!

And do check out her blog. She's really good. πŸ˜‰

#FranklySpeaking. Dear Conspiracy Theorists...

Dear Conspiracy Theorists,

A President has NO power to declare anyone Acting President neither does he have powers  to decree such position into existence. No sir . 

It is the constitution that has such powers as enshrined in section 145.

The section clearly states that whenever the President writes to the NASS assembly that he is unable to carry out his functions at the moment , the Vice President automatically discharges those functions as Acting President. 

So whether you add this title in a letter or you decide to call him Managing President, Supervising President or Coordinating President, the constitution says he is empowered to discharge the functions of the President as an Acting President. 

If we agree that the President needs to refer to him as Acting President before he becomes one means then that the President can as well decree Maman Daura or Aisha Buhari into existence as Acting President if he decides. 

Ok, let's go back to when we first had an Acting President in 2010. Did any President declare Dr. Goodluck Jonathan Acting President ? 

In 2010, there was not even a letter not to talk of one with coded 'cabalic' meaning . 

All the constitution needed to make Dr. Jonathan Acting President was to interpret Yardua's absence for 78 days as inability to discharge the functions of his office for the time being and automatically Dr. Jonathan was empowered to discharge those functions as  Acting President .  

Everything shouldn't be viewed from a Robert Ludlum prism na.


Fulani herdsmen just wiped out Benue communities and what is trending on social media is how the president should have written his grammar. Hmmm...


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Thelma Asks...

Very straightforward question; good food or good sex?

My answer; good sex.

Ok bye...

Wait, answer me first. 😝


That 1st Birthday Charade...

On Sunday Kon and his family threw a birthday party for his two boys who just turned 1 and 4 and happen to be birthday mates. Cool, right? 

Sunshine, Sasha bonΓ© and I were there to partayyyyy. 

Sunshine was so eager to see Kon's wife and we spent a lot of time trying to scope her out. LOL. Mrs Kon is so young and sweet and cute btw. And Kon, forget all this noise and badt guy levels he forms on the blog, Kon really seems to be the kind of husband with whom you'd have peace and joy. They both look so young and playful, with what seems to be a very fun, easy going relationship. Guys, they're so cute together! 

We had a really good time. I talked to Sunshine a lot and it's going to be the last time. I don't like all these people that will just be nodding and nodding and you'd be talking and talking, you won't even know when you tell them all your secrets 😳. Sunshine, I'm unfriending you


I also got to meet the lovely MFA of Lifetitude's blog, where I "discovered" Kon. Turns out Kon is her husband's younger brother. Waaawu! 

Anyways, We were debating on the wisdom of throwing 1st year birthday parties. Some people think it's a must-do, some think it's a waste of time and money because the child doesn't even know what's going on. My sister thought so too and didn't throw her second son a 1st birthday party. However few months down the line a lot of people started to query her about it, saying that it is terribly wrong. My mum even claimed that my elder brother was very quiet and anti-social until they did a 1st birthday party for him, and suddenly he blossomed; BOOM! *Yimu*. During the party (my nephew's) I was just looking around and thinking what a weist, this infant doesn't even know what's going on, see how lost and confused he looks. LOL. Yet, I can't deny that the 1st year of a child's life is truly worth celebrating. It really is.

Anyways where do you stand; 1st birthday party, a must have or a waste? And tell us why you think so, I'm planning ahead πŸ˜‰. 


Monday, 8 May 2017

A Very Happy Birthday To Memphis & CCCC

You both are special, you're the first persons I'm wishing happy birthday this late in the day, you must be special πŸ˜‚

I know it's ALMOST late but it's still your day and I can't let this day end without wishing two very verrrrrrry special people a happy birthday. 

I love my blog readers, but some of you make this blog extra special, cccc & Memphis, y'all both in your own individual ways make me grateful I have a blog. 

You guys have shown me so much love and I simply cannot thank you enough. 

I wish you joy and unfathomable blessings. May you live long, fulfilled and happy lives. Amen. 


Uche Pedro, Joke Silva, Toju Foyeh, Pastor Siju Iluyomade & More. Attend The “Women in Leadership Series 2017”

I promised that if there's any event I'd be attending, or any I think you might benefit from, I'll inform you on the blog. I'm sharing this because I think these women are great and greatly inspiring, and this is an opportunity I think ladies should take advantage of, if you can attend. 

Are you a woman? Are you an entrepreneur trying to make it through these challenging times?

If Yes, to all of the above then this Conference is where you need to be!

The Handmaidens cordially invites you to its annual Women in Leadership Series 2017, with this year’s theme being; Leading Women in Challenging Times.

Join these seasoned professional women as they discuss the role of Christian women in the marketplace amidst other topics on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, 10 am prompt.

Meet the panelists

Conference author 

Keynote speaker 



Looking forward to this!

#FranklySpeaking. The Chibok Release: Restoring The Nigerian Brand On The International Scene.

Yesterday morning Shehu Garba confirmed my suspicion by accepting that some Boko Haram commanders were released in exchange for the Chibok girls. Some people might play politics with this, but on the other hand, it is a statement to the international community that our country attaches great value to the lives of her citizens.

In 1955, Israel released 5,577 Egyptian prisoners of war in exchange for the release of an Israeli pilot and three soldiers.

After the 1967 Six day war between Israel and Arab, the Israeli army took 4,338 Egyptian soldiers and 899 civilians, 553 Jordanian soldiers and 366 civilians, and 367 Syrian soldiers and 205 civilians captive. They were exchanged for two Israeli soldiers and the dead body of another.

April 4th 1975, Israel released 92 terrorist held in their custody, in exchange for the dead bodies of 39 Israeli soldiers .

November 23 1983, six Israeli Defense Force soldiers were exchanged for 4,700 Palestine terrorists .

May 25 1998, the dead body of Itamar Ilyah, an Israeli soldier was exchanged for 65 living Hezbollah terrorists .

Over 400 Palestinian and 30 Lebanese prisoners, including Hezbollah leaders ash-Sheikh Abdal-Karim Obeid were exchanged in 2004 for the bodies of three dead IDF soldiers captured in 2000.

On October 18, 2011, captured IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit was released by Hamas in exchange for 1027 Hamas terrorists . 

Just recently in 2014, Sergeant Bowei Bergdahl of the US army in Afghanistan, was released by the Taliban.

He was kidnapped and held hostage by the Taliban since the 30th of June 2009. 

In exchange for his release the US government released five notorious Taliban commanders, held at Guantamo bay.

Those who know nothing about contemporary peace studies are often the first to shout 'We can't negotiate with terrorists'. Desperate times suggests desperate measures. 

Few days ago news reported that the Nigerian stock market exchange lost 6.87 billion within the first few minutes of President Buhari's first appearance in 14 days . 

Why was this so? Simply because the international financial market responds to perception and emotions. In crude language; the market will rather want a President dead or alive, rather than alive and uncertain . 

The Chibok issue had become a symbol of failure of governance in Nigeria and this greatly contributed to the bad image painted on the previous government. 

By pulling this Chibok release through at this time of uncertainty, the Nigerian government has made a statement to the international community that governance is still strong and ongoing irrespective of the Presidents health status .

I celebrate with the families of these little girls who have been through the valley of the shadow of death. 

Kudos to all those who pulled this one through.

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