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About Tonight. The Ex's Friend.

Hey people!
I hope your day is going great. 
So I have a question, somthing I'd like to hear your opinions on. 
Some time last week while taking my long walk I ran into one of the closest friends of an ex-boyfriend. He and I were actually really cool while I was dating said ex. They used to spend a lot of time together so inevitably he and I spent quite some time together, and would run a few errands together. He was one of his few friends I could actually be friends with. But that notwithstanding it was always very innocent and harmless. After the break up we chatted occasionally but about nothing serious, those chats were very few and far between.. 
So anyways I ran into him last week and we gisted on the spot for well over an hour as we hadn't seen since the break up. We've been talking and chatting quite a lot since then. Yesterday he suggested we see a movie later tonight and hang out afterwards, after all it's a Friday. I asked him if it's a date and he said yes.…
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Happy Birthday Sasha Boné

Awwww, it's finally here. Happy birthday mami! We wish you the very best 😘


You know that feeling when you have so much to say but you can't really say anything?
Like, nothing. I've typed about six times now but then I delete and type and delete. Because there's just so much that it becomes nearly impossible to articulate and coordinate. 
I'm such a huge optimist. I've never felt so alone in my entire life. Never, actually. But optimism keeps me going. Optimism or delusion, these days I tend to question which it is. 
Tomorrow the hustle continues. The grind. The pursuit. It's so freaking lonely running this race. There's so much on my plate, such a huge mandate and damn, I've never been so alone. It's tiring. 
It's like, can someone please love me enough, care about me enough to help me take some of the load off? 
I guess not. 
Everyone has got their own race to run. 
It's 8.30pm.
I'm going to bed. 
Tomorrow I continue. 
Someday I'll testify. 
But first, goodnight. 

Oh btw please no words of encouragement needed…

Dear Thelma (My Man Is Depriving Me Of Sex. Is It Okay If I Cheat?)

Hello Thelma please post but keep me anonymous. I am 28 years old, my partner is 43, divorced and a father of 3. I am also a single Mum with a 5 year old. We have been dating for 8 months now and I can say he is the best thing that has happened to my life. He is not so eager to get married again and neither am I ready for marriage either so this relationship suits me. I know that is sounds strange that almost 30 and I don't want to marry but it's because I don't feel ready to settle down yet, also I am not at all ready for marriage. My career goals come first for now, i have worked too hard to let anything slow me down right now, besides am very okay with my daughter. I am writing because I'm hoping I can get advice, 8 months of dating and no sex with my man. Truly I don't understand it. He says sex is a very big commitment and also a spiritual act. He says he loves me and he shows it in every way, but he has refused to have sex with me. It is not about me because …

I Had a Fight With My Parents!

"Where is your sense of humour? I was only trying to make you laugh".
Was the hurt response from Lenny, from of my ex's bestfriends. 
Lenny had just sent me a series of candid pictures taken one night a few months ago of my ex and I having a hearty conversation. We were laughing, touching, teasing etcetera etcetera. 
Lenny sat at the other side of the table and took pictures of us. The ex and I were a very expressive couple. Most times we were out together even with other people, we would have our own private gist of the most random nature, with PDA raised to volume 10.  
In any case when Lenny sent these pics I had a really good laugh. I had the same pictures as he sent them to our phones the night they were taken but I hadn't looked at them since then. But the other part of me was wondering why he was sending them to me at this point, especially considering how much effort I'd put into moving on. I asked him why, sounding a bit angry perhaps, and he got a bit offen…

Father-In-Law Cancelled The Engagement Because I Didn't Ask For HisPermission First.

I've always wondered how these things happen, especially considering that most brides seem extremely surprised when the man pops the question. So I reckon most men propose first. However traditionally we see men visit the father in company of an older relative to first let him in on his intentions. I also wondered about that, is this the standard? I really don't know, but this lady's father seems mighty mad that his daughter's boyfriend asked her to marry him without first telling him, and now he has resolutely called things off. Is he justified? What are your thoughts? 

I got engaged to my girlfriend of two years during our holiday in Europe. It wasn’t planned, I just woke up beside her one day and decided it was time. My fiancée immediately called her mum to tell her what had happened and then she spoke to her dad as well, we both did. They seemed genuinely happy for us and also prayed for us. We continued our two weeks holiday but things went sour two days before it …

The Nwando Conundrum

Hello, my name is Nwando, I'm an Events Manager. 
And sudden everyone thinks I'm Nwando's Signature. 
A few times this has worked to my advantage and I allow it. Like the time I went to that overcrowded bakery with long queues and I filled a form and the staff began to whisper among themselves while furtively glancing at me. Suddenly I was ushered to the front and given VIP treatment. I wasn't quite sure why but when I heard someone whisper "Nwando's Signature" realization dawned. At that point I allowed them cater to me, but before I left I told them I'm not Nwando's Signature. You could actually hold their shock and disappointment in your hands. 
Similarly a few weeks back I wanted to make a purchase via phone, the nonchalant sales rep perked up immediately I told him I'm in Surulere and my name is Nwando. "Nwando's Signature!" he squealed with glee. "No. I'm not". And he went back to his nonchalant self. 

Say Yours.

I don't know what this is but I like mine. 
Hello, my name is Being of shimmering waters. What's yours? ☺️😘

Toke Makinwa Says Do NOT WhatsApp Call. I Totally Agree.

Forgive me father for I have sinned. 
Yesterday I had a class from 8pm to 10.30pm and an assignment I was meant to turn in before midnight. It was already almost 11pm when I left the class meeting and I felt exhausted so I promised myself I would get to it once I wake in the morning, and I was certain I would. However I woke up and the first thing I did was to open instagram and then I saw was Instablognaija reporting on Toke Makinwa's Vlog, saying that guys should not Whatsapp-call a girl they're interested in. I knew that the minute I opened the comment section my assignment would be delayed but I couldn't help myself. And open it I did. And of course a hundred juvenile comments fell on me so I ran away and opened PowerPoint to start my work. Unfortunately as fate would have it, my friend chose that very moment to send me a message on WhatsApp and guess what,  it's the very same thing she's talking about!
Read our chat below. 
In her vlog Toke says "call and by…

That's Right; He Likes His Girls BBW!

I apologize in advance to those who'd get ticked off by this post. But Err, not really. So in the last few days I've confirmed something I've suspected for a while. Many slim/skinny girls hate to see a bigger girl winning. I use the word winning here loosely so let me try to put it in context; hate to see a bigger girl shown love, getting attention, especially from hot guys. 
I saw how that fat chic who recently came out and claimed that Usher exposed her to herpes was shamed. The mockery, the shade, the ridicule isn't for the thin skinned. Several others have come out to make the same assertion and everyone empathized with them and called Usher names. But the second the fat girl did same everyone went ballistic! Even clips showing Usher dancing sensually with her still wouldn't convince them that he hit that. They were all like "Why you lying, why you f-king lying?". LOL so because she's fat she's lying? Seen!
Ok let's leave Usher and his herp…