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After a One-Night Stand My Life Completely Changed For Good - Mrs K

My story may sound like a fairy tale fantasy but it is my story and I'm sharing it because I'm a living proof that conventional standards are a lie sometimes. Warning: I'm not writing so that girls can become lose and unvirtuous. Today I am a Christian who loves God, but I haven't always been one. I met my husband when I was unemployed and working in my aunty's beer parlour in Yaba. My Aunty was not paying me because I lived in her house so she felt I was the one who owed her a favour. He came in with about five friends, they just came into the country and stopped there to eat isi ewu nkwobi etc. I remember that I was wearing bathroom slippers, my hair was not made nor did I have any makeup. In fact I'm sure I was even smelling because in those days poverty was my second name and deodorant was a luxury. I overheard him telling his friend that one girl that was meant to meet him in the bar and follow him to the hotel just text him that she cannot make it. I deci…
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Bloggitup On The TTB Hotseat.

For those who are new to this, the TTB hotseat is a Thelma Thinks blog feature where a nominated blog reader is placed on the hotseat and made to answer a compilation of very fun random questions posed by the other readers on the blog. 
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-What's your Date of Birth?
Dec 19,1984

-What is your full name and what does it mean?
Bloggitup and it means queen of the blogosphere. (Come and beat me, I am in my palace)

-State of Origin?
Edo State

-Where do you live?

-Position in the family?

-What's your occupation?
HR Executive for a financial Institution

-6ft, 5ft, 4ft, 3ft, midget?
-Fat, Chubby, Curvy, slim?

-6 packs or 1 pack?

-What do you feel is the most attractive physical part of you?
Physical attraction? that's got to be my boobies. (Don't ask me for nud…


It all started in early 2014 when I lost my dad who was the breadwinner, he wasn't so wealthy but I had the basic stuff a girl should have plus I didn't lack anything so you can imagine how I had to adjust to the fact that its just me now to cater for myself as my mum wasn't working then. I and my siblings were his number one priority and I was about 20 then. I never thought of shouldering responsibilities at that age as I'm the first child out of 3. I was in a relationship, we started dating when I was 16 and he was my first boyfriend. I had no proper orientation about a relationship as I just wanted to join the bandwagon of having a bf then. I wasn't feeling it the way I should (he hit in my 1st year in school), also I was choked in the relationship (always in the room after lectures and no freedom). We were in school together and he was my level mate. I didn't leave then because I felt he was my ideal man excluding his anger issues (gullible me).
I should hav…

Do Me a Favour Please.

Hey people.
I've got several complaint via whatsapp, phone calls and instagram from my readers saying that they can not open the blog. This has gone on for a couple of weeks. It's making me very reluctant to put up posts because I'm not sure if anyone even gets to see it. 
So please, if you can open the blog and read this post, drop a comment please (just say yes or whatever). I need to have an idea of what I'm working with. The tech people are trying to fix this in the meantime, so until they're able to sort this out...
Oh, meanwhile thats a picture of me, Yoko and Comfort Sakoma at Latasha Ngwube's, before we left for THE SHOW STOPPER by Eventecture X Atlantis at the Lagos Jet Ski Club, where we took the other pictures. It was amazing, a glimpse into the future of luxury events in Nigeria. 

Ps; if you sent me blog posts, I haven't posted it yet because I want to first make sure that people are able to open the blog. 
Please don't forget to leave a comment.…


His footsteps were gentle. I didn't really hear them, I felt them. You wouldn't have heard them either. The sound of the beating of my heat would not let you. As he came closer I felt like I would implode at any second. I lay hidden underneath my bed. My forehead was cold and sweaty. My palms, wet and clammy. My mouth, dry and parched. The door handle turned slowly. I didn't see it, I felt it. In a second he was in my room. Underneath the bed my tiny body shook like a leaf in the wind. He wouldn't see me, he never did. He always felt me. It happened all too often yet it always felt like the first time. Always. His large fist wrapped itself round my tiny ankles, or was it my heart? He unceremoniously dragged me out from underneath the bed. His bloodshot eyes blazing fire, his nostrils flaring. As though to say, you already know the drill, why bother?

My screams were piercing even to my own ears as my father dragged me out from the room. My legs scratching against the woo…

SOUL MATES......A CRUEL JOKE by Anonymous.

Reading this post put my heart in knots and twists, because it used to be my greatest fear, and I'm so certain that many can relate. Please read below:

I used to have serious beef in my heart for couples that say, I married my soul mate. I never believed in soul mates, I just thought it was too much love worrying people, until i met the YING to my YANG and i missed him by a hairs breath and got married to another person.I have a wonderful marriage, we may not have hot passion, but we love each other like comfortable old PJ's and we protect each other. People think my marriage is perfect, but the truth is, i sometimes wonder what could have been.Stay with me people, this gist is loaded.I was called to Bar in November 2009, My mum took me out the Sunday after , for a celebratory lunch. I was already engaged. Marriage is in January 2010.This guy comes in and smiles at us, we smile back. He is nice looking and looks like a tall glass of coke. He sees us leaving, he rushes out, like…

To Shoot My Shot or Not? (Thelma Is In Love!)

So we met and finally got talking, well just this one day when we chatted and chatted for hours and it was the most delightful thing ever, I swear it's been long since I felt this way about anyone. Something like a crush but deeper, you know that feeling when you guys talk for the first time and you totally vibe 🙈😍💑. The conversation is fire 🔥, the gist just floooooooooooooows. Like, you throw punchlines at him and he throws it right back at you with a double knockout and you guys chat like you've known each other forever. So that night it got really late and we had to go to bed but next day came and I couldn't wait to hear from him. 
I've been here before but it's been so long; you know, that feeling of always looking down at your phone, checking if it's them calling, you get a message and you jump because you're hoping they're the one, and when you see it's not them your heart sinks to your belly.
You see, we'd promised we would chat yesterd…

But I Live On The Island

Last night a small group of friends had a birthday party at the bar. This guy kept coming to the counter where I was working, to ask redundant questions. The fourth time he came he finally decided to go for it. Our conversation went like this:
"Can I have your number so that I can call you later?"
"I'm sorry... Nope!"
"Because I don't want to" 
"But I live on the island" he said this with his shoulders raised so high, nearly touching his ears  
I stared at him to know if he was sh*tting me. He wasn't. 
"I live on the island" he said again, just in case I didn't hear it the first time
"Okay... Can't give you my number though"
"Why? I live on the island", his shoulders had drooped a little 
"So can I have your business card?" 
"If I can't give you my number why would I give you my business card?"
"But I live on the island" he was whining thi…

Mr Lazy

The Lazy man says "I can't go to work, there's a Lion on my path, he won't let me pass". He ignores the fact that there are many paths to his destination

Hello Mr. Lazy. I see you calculating millions in your head, but you have refused to work for a thousand. "That job is beneath me" you say. Yet you wallow in poverty, waiting for a big break, asking friends and family for money. See a beggar on the streets? The difference between you and him, is your fancy cloth

The lazy man laughs at the hard worker at the beginning, then envy him when he is successful. "Does he have two heads? We started this business at the same time" Complains the lazy man. No he doesn't. He is just doing things Differently than it has been done. But you sir, mimic the way of everyone else because you're too lazy to think of a better way

People who have genuinely worked hard for their money will not continue to dash it out to one who has refused to work or has a hist…

TTB HotSeat. Blogittup is Next!

Hey guys! The time is here again. That time when we pick the next TTB reader to grace our hotseat and ask them any and every question we want to ask them. 
You know how this goes. You leave your questions in the comment section. I (or some particularly helpful blog reader) compiles and forwards them all to our HotSeat champ who answers each and everyone of them. There's no limit to the kind of questions you can ask, and in turn they answer them all. 
On our next HotSeat, by popular demand, we're having Blogittup 😅 Finally, we have a chic on the hotseat. 

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Kon: Kon's hotseat
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So do drop your questions for Blogittup in the comment section. She is very good at asking people multiple JAMB questions, it's time we serve her a dose of her own poison. She has also been mandated to answer each question as…