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Happy Valentine's Day in arrears.
I lost my phone, ipad and laptop thats why I've been MIA. Yet to replace them so give
me a bit more time. If youve tried to reach and you cant thats why.

I cant access my mails or my blog line so you can reach me on 08034927210 for

I'll try to get back soon
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Shining Star: You can have my wife, I dash you!

I am a feminist, and i do not apologise to anyone about it. All my life i have labelled men who beat their wives as evil men and scum of the earth. I have put them all in one box. I have never wanted to hear the other side.Recent events have made me have a rethink, domestic violence is not always black or white, there are grey areas. My female cousin made me have a rethink.My cousin, Kika is very pretty; Men have always flocked around her like flies. Her beauty always got her everything she wanted. In her final year in University, she met this very nice, jovial dude and before we knew it, she was preggers, so there was a quickie wedding. In four years they had three children. I just used to tease her and her hubby, Obinna to take it easy.Early January 2017, she calls me crying that Obinna was always slapping her and she was sick of the marriage. I was shocked, because he did come across as a calm dude. She wanted to move out with the children back to her parent’s house in our hometown…

Current Situation. Failed Attempts At Drunkenness at Noon!

It's 12pm, I'm in bed drinking red wine, straight from the bottle. I'm half way through and I'm more sober than I was before I popped the bottle open. 
Sometimes doesn't it just feel like your village people are after you, like all the forces in the universe contrive against you, everything comes crashing down at the same time. It's Murphy's law and Sod's law and Finagle's law all at once; anything that can go wrong will go wrong (and toss you its middle finger with a dirty grin while at it!)
And when all these things go wrong I just sit here and ask God where did I go wrong? What did I do wrong? Did I not love you enough? 
...So after doing all that I could, I went to look for a friendly face, someone to share my woes with, and all I got was a hard stare. This pushed me further to the bottle. 
The fact that I'm typing this without a single typo is evident to the fact that a bottle of red wine has done absolutely nothing to numb or at the very least…

First Date From Hell!

I've had some hellish first dates but this particular one wins the prize for first dates from hell-Thelma's edition. 
I've had some dates that went sour after the guy simply presumed that his bed was the natural destination for the night. Or that one who was so intrigued and fascinated by his own life that he couldn't stop talking about himself, and with utmost fascination too! Or that other one when I really wanted to enjoy our date but his mouth smelt like onions and ogiri had a baby and left it there to die... No, let me tell you about this one. This guy who on our first date chose to tell me all the bad things that had ever happened in his life. And boy, were they A LOT! 
Let's call him *Tobi. I was with a couple of girls when I met Tobi and each of us had an instant crush on him. He was tall, fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine and a sharp dresser. I couldn't believe my luck, he chose me!!!
Well, they say if something is too good to be true it probably is. 
He took me out to a …

Was This Lady Raped Or Not? Please Read!

Peeshaun, one half of music group Skuki, shared a story on his Instagram of a man and his sexual encounter with a woman who is accusing him of rape.They had met during their National Youth Service Corps year, and, according to the guy, everyone in his office had a crush on her.He didn’t start hitting on her until after the end of the service year, he wrote, and although they had “lots of sexual talks,” she made it clear nothing was going to happen between them.They decided to go on a date in January 27, and because he stays alone in Ajah, they visited the mall in Sangotedo.They returned to his house after the date, after dark, and they proceeded to make out, then have sex.After the girl reached orgasm she withdrew consent.As soon as she finished coming she started hitting my chest that I should get off her. I told her to chill that I’m about to come too, she started hitting and saying no, she didn’t want anymore. It was as if she just realised we were actually having sex.He didn’t get…

What Gift Would You Want For Valentine's Day?

Hey lovers!
Valentine's Day is exactly a week away. 
I know you've thought about it, and I know that whether you have a boo or not, you know exactly what you'd like to receive on that day from someone you love. 
So spill, boo or not, what would be your perfect Valentine's Day gift? 😍😍😍

. It's okay, I'll go first. 
It's not so romantic but I NEED a phone so I'll be glad if my package comes with one. 
I would love for the said package to be well thought through, you know, not the usual cake and chocolate combo... A diamond ring perhaps 💎💍❤️...  But alas, I fall under the category of the boo-less! 😿

Dear Thelma (Why I Won't Stop Dating Married Men).

Thelma I know judgemental Nigerians will insult me but I don't care because I know I'm not alone in this. I date married men a lot mainly because they approach me more than single men. Also because these men know how to love a lady. Single men in nigeria behave like they're doing you a favour by dating you. They cannot spend money on you, some even want to use whatsap call to toast you. Single men want to take you on date but that date will be in his house. Imagine somebody inviting you to his house for first date and offering you coke and Indomie noodles. The problem is that most of them don't even try to make an effort. Then let's not even talk about the ones that meet you and tell you they see you in their future and start asking you for money. Dating married men is sweet I won't lie, you never lack anything, all it takes is one frown on your face and they will give you heaven and earth, they're willing to fly you around local and internationally, they w…

I'm Jealous of My Neighbour.

Isn't it the bravest thing ever, to be jealous, to know that I'm jealous, to know of whom I'm jealous, and then to actually admit that I'm jealous? There are quite a number of things I could be jealous of, could be that she's a few years younger and doesn't have to worry about biological clocks like I might, it could be that she's obviously got faster metobolism than I do and doesn't have to feel mortified after every piece of cake she eats because she's an effortless size 8, it could be that extremely devoted boyfriend she has, the one with the broad shoulders and the big black SUV who caters to her every whim and need, but it's none of that. 
And it's not because I'm jealous of her that her laughter often grates on my nerves. Her laughter is actually very annoying! What is she always laughing about anyways? She doesn't just laugh, she cackles! And it infuriates me. 
And that's probably why I'm jealous. I'm jealous of the …