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Closed Chapter...

Hello everyone, yesterday a friend said to me, Thelma I love your blog, I've told so many people about your blog, I think you're a very good writer but I feel there's something you're not doing right"

This friend was the first person who won our beauty of the day contest back then in 2014. Then we had met just once through a mutual friend. I mentioned the blog to her and she became an instant reader. I wouldn't have exactly called her a friend then but yesterday as we sat down waiting for our Uber to come get us from Wal-Mart, she's definitely my friend and I knew she was coming from a good place when she said she had much higher expectations of my blog.

Me too.

But you see, in the last year or so, maybe even longer than that, I haven't felt much joy in blogging. It began to feel more and more of a laborious chore, one which I hardly reaped any fruits from.

I really love writing, I love sharing my life and my experiences with others and I've enjoy…
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I Think I'm Going To Join Tinder!

After watching @abimbolacraig 's vlog on dating in Lagos I've decided to join Tinder 🙈😭. No, her vlog didn't put me on, if anything it should have further discouraged me from getting on the app. However it certainly piqued my interest. That said, it seems online dating is the only way people meet people in the abroad these days. Hmmm in naija it's rare that I'd go out and not get toasted or chatted up at here, over here however nobody send you o! 😂😭. .
So anyways are you on Tinder? How has it been for you? Is it really just a hook-up app? Some people say Tinder is just for sex, others say they know someone who knows someone who met their husband/wife on Tinder. Have you tried online dating or you're like me who's kept it strictly traditional? Please let's talk and i promise to keep you posted on how things go if I go through with it 😉🍸.
I just shared the above on my instagram  (@thelmathinks) and I'm seriously considering it, if simply …

Dear Thelma: I Should Have The Right To Name a Child I Carried For 9 Months But My Husband Refuses

Thelma I'm near my due date and there's something that's bothering me, it has caused several fights between the hubs and i. I have tried to make him see reason but he refuses to do so. I'm Igbo while he's from Kogi. I understand and speak my language fluently but he doesn't understand his. My heritage is so important to me.

 The issue started when he insisted that his mother will be the one to name our baby and i will not have a say in any of the names. I was like huh 😳! It caused a big fight. How can I carry a child for 9 months and someone else will come and name him/Her? He then said that okay I can pick an English name for the child since i cannot give a Kogi name. I said thanks, but I can also give the baby an igbo name.  And he’s like but our baby is not Igbo and I’m like I’m Igbo and he’s like since I married him I gave up being Igbo. Huh 😳😳.

So he’s refusing for me to put an Igbo name on the birth certificate. But I’m thinking since I travelled abro…

Village People!

My friend who's been searching for a job for years finally almost got offered one recently. The lady asked him to come and see her before he resumes. The last person that held that position  (executive assistant) was being paid 400k monthly but was fired after it was found out that he had been robbing the lady blind.

Unfortunately on the day he was to meet with her she refused to see him, she refused to take his calls and when they finally spoke days later she sounded like she had never spoken with him before and ended the call abruptly. The person who gave him the connect said it was all very strange as the woman had already agreed to give him the job. Then she asked him if he told anyone about it. He said, no, only an immediate family member whom he's closest to.

The girl cried out. "Why? Why did you tell anyone? Why didn't you wait until you got the job before telling people?". She said she wasn't saying that his family member was directly responsible for…

I Guess Its Good To Be Good After All

There's a lake in my backyard 🙌💃
My bed feels like a cocoon, my comforter is so snug, its literally a comforter. I've just made breakfast, the fridge and the pantry are bursting at the seems with an abundance of food and goodies and my hosts keep saying you can have whatever you like *in T.I's voice*. They dote on me like I'm a baby long prayed for. The house is a 7 bedroom mini-mansion, it's got 3 living rooms, I've got a room, a living room and a luxurious bathroom to myself. Uncle says "public transport is rare in Houston but anywhere you want to go tell me, I'll take you and come and pick you up whenever you're done". His wife took me to the mall on Sunday when I said I needed clothes. I went armed with my wallet but she refused to let me pay for a thing. Last night after work she took me to Pizza Hut and then to have drinks afterwards. Days ago she took me to Wal-Mart and asked me to pick whatever I wanted that we didn't alread…

Hello Houston (Why I Never Said Anything)

Hey guys. I was so happy with the result of the head count. Thanks for being patient with me.

So I've been in Houston for a bit and in a matter of hours I've come to understand something.

If like me you read black American blogs... or you don't even need to read their blogs, once you're on social media you'd have gleaned by now how overly sensitive they are about race/racial matters. It can be extremely annoying, every little thing they'll cry racism, culture appropriation, racial profiling etc etc etc, even when it's obvious that what happened has nothing at all to do with race.

I never say anything, i tell myself that no matter what I think i know, Or how I feel, I'm not living their reality and therefore have no right to form a strong opinion on the matter. So often times I just roll my eyes and shake my head at them from a distance.

And now I know that I was right to shut up.

We could talk about the flight down here. My seat partner and i seemed to…

Head Count Time!!!

It's March people!

So my month is off to a good start; I've been able to get a phone and I'll be blogging with it for now. Not easy at all but I missed my blog biko.

February was a very challenging month but we're still here. How challenging? You ask.

Well it was legit as if someone up there was doing everything to make me loose it. Like, things, big and small were just upside down. Jeez!

Oh, I eventually met up with my crush of life. Refer to few posts before this (blogging with a phone makes it hard to post links). I will gist you guys all about it soon.

There's actually a lot to gist about but first we need to know who and who's still on here. I can't be talking to an empty room y'know.

If you're reading this please answer PRESENT 😁 and identify yourself ☺

Before I go, let me say thanks to everyone who called and sent messages. You people don't know what you did for me. Some of those calls/messages came at times that I desperately needed a …


Happy Valentine's Day in arrears.
I lost my phone, ipad and laptop thats why I've been MIA. Yet to replace them so give
me a bit more time. If youve tried to reach and you cant thats why.

I cant access my mails or my blog line so you can reach me on 08034927210 for

I'll try to get back soon