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Pieces of Her (3)

The rain fell heavily and each drop felt like small rocks slamming against the windshield of her car . Cursing heavily under her breathe she pressed hard on the throttle, not caring if she skidded off the wet road or if she was run over by an oncoming vehicle. She just didn't care. It was after 11pm and the roads were free as she sped from lekki phase one to VGC. She was already in bed when her phone rang. She considered allowing it to ring through but taking a closer look at her phone she saw that the call was from Soji. Soji rarely ever called her this late so her first thought was that she left work without completely discharging her duties. "What did or didn't I do?"she said answering the phone, sounding exhausted. "Madam you've got some real nice manners you know? Where are you by the way?" He asked. "Soji I'm home. What's up? What's this about?" Biola said cutting out the small talk. "B, what's the deal with you and Seyi. If I remember correctly you said you called it off because of Chioma?". 
"Yeah, I had to. I already told you what happened. And I trust Chioma's judgment. Dude what's this all about abeg. I'm sleepy."
"Biola I ran into them at the mall this evening. Chioma and Seyi."

"You obviously didn't see clearly Soji. There's no way you could have seen those two together. I spoke to Chioma this evening and she didn't mention she ran into Seyi, in fact she said she went straight home from work, so what are you on about?". Biola asked raising her brows. 
"You misunderstand me. They were together. As in they came together. And left together. Giggling and holding hands in between. Do you understand me now?" He asked.
Biola was already off her bed and pulling on a kaftan over her night dress. Soji wasn't one to talk carelessly so she immediately sprung to action. She hung up on Soji and grabbed her car keys. She had to hear from Chioma herself that it was all a big misunderstanding. That she wasn't at the mall that day. That she couldn't even remember what Seyi looked like. She drove into Chioma's compound and was relieved to see her car in the garage. She barely turned off the engine before she jumped out of her car, walking hurriedly to Chioma's doorstep with her hair and clothes getting soaked under the heavy downpour. She banged her fists loudly at Chioma's door and waited impatiently for a response. Chioma opened her door thinking it was her landlady and wondering what she wanted at that time of the night so when she saw Biola she was utterly shocked and unprepared. But, she knew why she was there. Of course Soji had told her. She stood at her door and talked to her friend, not bothering to offer her shelter from the rain.
      "I guess you heard. You were bound to find out some day so its just as well. Honestly I was getting tired of all the sneaking around so this comes as a relief." She said coolly. Biola was momentarily speechless. She wasn't sure what she had expected but this certainly wasn't it. She opened her mouth to talk but it just hung open, forming an O. "Look babe, its late. There's work tomorrow, you should go home and get some rest. We'll have drinks and talk about this after work ok?" Chioma said trying to shut her door. It was raining heavily and the weather was cold, although Biola who was standing right under the rain didn't seem to notice this. Immediately Biola found her voice. "What the actual fuck? Chioma! Are you insane? What has come over you? The only reason I broke up with that guy was because you advised me to. You said we had no future together, you said I would be subjected to having clandestine extramarital affairs for the rest of my life. You said YOU could never consider it. And all those nights i called you to say I missed him YOU said i should forget about him. And now you're telling me about drinks, I think you have some loose screws in your head" Biola shouted at the top of her lungs, trying to restrain herself from hitting her friend in the face. "Shhhhh. Keep your voice down its nearly midnight, I don't need my landlady breathing down my neck" Chioma said, she went on "Did I hear you say you broke up with him? Shagging a guy on the first date doesn't a girlfriend make. Maybe if you'd taken your time to get to know him and get him to open up to you at his own time he would have confided in you about his shortcomings, but no, you just had to rush him and pressure him into having sex with you and when he came too soon you cried foul. Seriously? Yes, he has his flaws but babe admit it, you're not ready for a serious commitment and you quitting so easily because of a little challenge is plain evidence of that fact. I on the other hand, I'm ready. Unlike you I realise we're clocking thirty. Unlike you, I want to marry soon. And unlike you I'm ready to grab the bull by the horns. Don't be mad at me, you're my best friend and I love you but I had to look at the bigger picture, I had to do what's best for me. Seyi and I have been dating for a month now and he agrees I'm better suited for him. Biola I know one day you'll understand but for now......actually for now I just want to go to bed" Chioma said offhandedly while Biola stood there in stunned silence. She wanted to do something, anything, but she couldn't move. As though seeing her for the first time she stared at her friend, even with her hairnet on and her face free of any makeup, Chioma was beautiful. Her flawless light skin glowed even in the dark of night and her full pouty lips were curled in derision, as though daring Biola to do her worst. Biola suddenly feeling very hopeless and confused, began to cry. Chioma deciding arbitrarily that the conversation was over, went into her house and shut the door. A few minutes later, a defeated and downtrodden Biola walked to her car and drove home as though in a trance. 
       Biola spent the next few days in bed, she called in sick at work and switched her phones off. Her mind could not comprehend her friend's betrayal, it made no sense to her. She and Chioma had been through so much together and if someone had told her this would happen she would have laughed in their faces. Eventually, she began to move on. She decided to try new things and one of these was the church. Biola poured all her pain and passion into the church and even joined the Ushering department. This demanded that she be in church regularly and Biola embraced it. She embraced it because it afforded her more time to pray. More time to pray for Seyi to come back to her. 
       One day, about four months after the incident with Chioma she sat in her living room with Soji and Michael. Michael worked in her department in the church and they had become good friends. Michael consistently flirted with Biola in church but while he did this, Biola focused all her energy into praying and fasting that God would bring her Seyi back to her. She had discussed this with Soji a number of times and he also was confident that Seyi will come back. However time kept passing by without any word from Seyi. Biola was slowly losing hope had begun to consider giving Michael a chance, he was after all a nice guy with a successful career, but Soji continued to reassure her that she had good on her side and good always trumped evil. He assured her that Seyi would realize what he had lost and come back for her. So they continued to hope, and pray. 
       The day Biola joined the ushering department was the most memorable day Michael had had in the church. For months he had silently watched and admired her but she barely acknowledged his existence. That changed the minute she walked into the Ushers' Meeting. As quick as a flash of lightening he was immediately on his feet, catering to her every need and answering every question she had. They soon became good friends, however, it was beginning to look like that was all they'll ever be. Biola had wasted no time friend-zoning him and subjected him to hours listening to her bemoan her lost love, some guy that had obviously moved on with his own life while she stayed, stuck in time and missing out on life. But he was willing to wait till she came to terms with reality. Biola was an amazing woman and would be totally worth the wait.
      The three of them sat around Biola's dining table. it had been a pleasant afternoon, Biola's lush apartment was always very warm and welcoming. They traded stories and celebrity news as they prepared to feast on the poundo yam and egusi soup Biola had made when they heard a knock on the door. "Come in! The door is open", she called out thinking it was one of her neighbours who had perceived the aroma of her food. She was heaping soup onto Seyi's plate when suddenly the spoon dropped from her hand to the floor with a loud clank as Seyi walked into her living room. They all watched in amazement as a mildly distressed, yet sexy as hell Seyi walked to her and dropped to his two knees, taking both her hands in his. Biola's eyes were wide in shock. She looked at Seyi's face, then she looked to Soji to help her understand. Soji winked at her as though to say "I told you he'll be back.".

To be continued....


  1. Nice blog!
    Check out mine

  2. Bia...what's the meaning of this????

  3. Chioma is a real bitch but I somehow agree with her. In this life you have to go after what you want. You snooze you lose. So Is Seyi back with Biola or what? Ok o! Waiting for part 4

  4. Oooooooohhhhh!!!!!!! This is better than Telemundo!!!!! Ok I don't watch that channel but I'm using it to associate the drama. I do hope Chioma goes to a special section of hell. Can't wait for part 4!!!!!!!!

  5. aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! biola is a good woman....i kept wishing i could just hurl a rock into the fone and it would hit Chiomas fat what's with the suspense Thelma? how much longer do i have to wait to read the next part...and biola better not be stupid and take seyi back o....i like Michael already. .

  6. Do you mind embedding links to the earlier posts as the story progresses. Just makes it easier to navigate without go through the whole archive.



  7. Now that I've caught up with the story.

    Chioma's move was sly and she definitely deserves to be relegated to 'forgiven but just an acquaintance'.

    However she has a fair point. Biola shouldn't have jumped so quickly for the shag with Seyi, she definitely betrayed Seyi's trust by sleeping with Chima and she clearly cannot make up her own mind.

    In my opinion, she wasn't ready. She shouldn't blame Chioma for her poor decisions. As for wishing Seyi back, I think that's a terrible idea. She shouldn't be reactive but evaluate her ability to face challenges that would require her to compromise. Also what sort of communication skill does she have that she can't tell her boyfriend they need to work on his bedroom etiquettes.

    To be honest, I do dislike Chioma as I worry that when stuck in a tight corner, she would throw away years of a relationship for a goal. In this case her friendship with Biola, she could very well decided to let go of Seyi cause he doesn't meet her next set of goals. Desperation is unbecoming. How you treat any type of relationship is a true reflection of your character.

    As for Biola post-break up, even if Seyi returns I believe she hasn't resolved her primary issues which are character flaws so the relationship is still doomed.

    However this is fiction and I'm eager to see where Thelma decides to take this story.


    1. Keke thanks for your analysis, quite thought provoking, It's in fact fiction but hugely inspired by reality.

    2. @ Anonymous 5:38pm "Biola....hasn't resolved her primary issues which are character flaws so the relationship is still doomed." This nails it. Tis not that "Chioma....would throw away years of a relationship for a goal." but, Biola's unresolved character flaws.


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