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Pieces of Her (Final Episode)

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The alarm went off as though it had vengeance in mind. It seemed unusually loud that morning. Biola tried to open her eyes but they remained shut. She wanted badly to continue what felt like the best thing in the world at that moment. Sleep. Unfortunately her alarm won't quit. With force she parted her eyelids and immediately, just like it had been waiting for the perfect moment, the marching band in her head began to perform. Biola squinted and reached for her phone to turn off the alarm. It was Monday morning and her entire body felt like there had been a bull fight on it. Her room was cold and dark and she shivered a little. She considered calling in sick but she immediately decided against it. 
      The moment she stepped out of her car, even the security man knew something was wrong. She staggered into the office and walked straight to her seat, no energy or time for pleasantries. At the sight of her Soji rushed to the kitchenette and made her a strong cup of black coffee, a very good idea seeing as Biola had her head on the table and was already dozing off when he got back. He shook her till she was fully awake and alert. "B just how much did you have to drink last night? You look like a right mess, did you forget you had work today?" He asked. Biola gave no response. "I'm really sorry Biola" he then said in a low tone, his voice softening. "It's ok" she said finally. "Everyone has their crosses to carry in this life.......... But for some reason the good Lord gave me one made of lead" she said and laughed mirthlessly. Then suddenly, she began to cry as memories of the previous day flooded her mind.

        Seyi had walked into her house, looking like he never left, looking just like he belonged there. He had gone on his knees and held unto her hands. He looked deep into her eyes and Biola was so sure that he was going to propose to her there and then. "Biola, I'm so sorry. I know I've hurt you in ways neither of us expected" of course he was referring to Chioma. "I need your forgiveness" he said and Biola was about to tell him she had already forgiven him a long time ago when he added, "We need your forgiveness." Biola looked confused and tried to search Seyi's face for understanding but he was suddenly staring intently at the ground, afraid to look at her. "We who?" Biola asked, finally finding her voice. "Chioma and I. We are getting married..w w we would like you your blessing" suddenly he began to rush his words, having said the difficult part he wanted to get it all out and get it over with. "it's just that we want to start our new life free of any malice or resentment or negative energy and we would like for you to let go of any grudge". As he said this, Biola's head immediately began to spin. All her months of prayers, and fasting. All her plans and hopes of 'happily ever after', all of it, wasted. Slowly, she moved away from Seyi. She looked around her and it seemed she didn't recognize anyone in the room anymore. "Everyone please leave. Leave my house. Please" she said in calm measured tones. Soji had wanted to argue but looking at her face, he knew it won't be a good idea. "Seyi", she said, just as he was stepping out of the door "You're a good man. But your wife to be... She cannot build her happiness on someone else's sorrow and expect it to stand. I wish you good luck", with that she shut her door and spent the rest of her day drowning her pain and disappointments and devastation in alcohol. Chioma was getting married to Seyi, nothing could hurt more than that. 
         To her surprise, Biola was feeling considerably better by the end of the week. She had chosen to count her losses and move on. She believed the time had come for her to give Micheal a chance. She had some reservations about falling in love and talking to Soji about it hadn't helped. Soji always seemed reluctant to discuss Michael with her and Biola could not understand it. Michael was just what she needed and she said so to Soji. "I just think you should find someone else, Michael looks like a player to me, I know it sounds unlikely but trust me, all these innocent looking 'nice guys' are the worst. Besides you're too good for him, don't settle just because you're lonely" Soji had said. "Seriously Soji? We both know Michael is genuine. I don't see being with him as settling, far from it. Besides he loves God so much. What could be better than that?" Biola asked, raising her brows. She had begun to wonder if he had feelings for her. She and Soji had always been good friends and there had never been any chemistry between them but she could not understand why he was so unenthusiastic about her dating Michael. 
          Michael who had witnessed the irreversible exit of Seyi from Biola's life grabbed the opportunity with both hands, he began to woo her even more aggressively and in no time Biola had given in. Micheal was everything she had dreamt of in a man and she thanked God that things had happened the way they did, otherwise Michael wouldn't have been hers. "Life is funny" she said to him one day, she snuggled close to him as they lounged beside the pool at the Hilton Sandton hotel in Johannesburg, "sometimes what we're looking for in sokoto is really in our shokoto. I can't just imagine a life without you", she said and they laughed. "Look at you! Shebi you were forming for me that time? Now you're here serenading me with songs of Solomon" he said, kissing her and they laughed hysterically. They were a picture of pure unadulterated happiness. Michael had taken her to South Africa since she had a two-week break from work. Their relationship was perfect, the only thing that Biola found wanting was a sex life. 
        Michael had suggested that they both wait till they were married before sleeping together. Biola had wanted to argue but his argument was stronger "babes, you have no idea how much I love you. Even if you tried to guess you can never tell how badly I want you. But the fact remains that we are God's children. We're workers in the house of God. We cannot deceive God. My conscience won't even let me. Must we risk God's blessings and favour only because of a few minutes of pleasure? Sex is not running away ok? When we're married we can do it anywhere, anyhow, anytime. It will even be more enjoyable because we'll have no guilt hanging over our heads, and we won't have to run to pastor to go and confess anything." he had said and Biola reluctantly agreed. Besides he had mentioned the " M" word so everything else was secondary. He had subsequently taken her to meet his parents and he had met hers. Both families were already making arrangements. 
         For the first time in years, Biola was truly happy. Michael was her everything and she inevitably spent less time with Soji who had begun lamenting that Michael had taken all her time and attention, Therefore, one afternoon Biola decided to surprise him at home. She had made amala and efo riro for him, she also bought him drinks and groceries she thought he might need. Michael had gone to Abuja to see his parents so she planned to spend most of the weekend at Soji's. Biola thought it was unusual that Michael had never complained about her friendship with Soji but when she asked him about it he said he trusted her. 
        She drove into 1004 where Soji lived and walked gingerly into his building. The security at his building knew her very well and had always thought her to be Soji's sister so she wasn't asked to sign in and no call was made to his apartment to alert him. She went up the lift excitedly. Soji would undoubtedly be in his boxers and Tshirt playing his PS 3. He really needs to get a life, she thought to herself, rolling her eyes. As usual his door wasn't locked, according to him 1004 was the safest place in Lagos. Without knocking, she opened Soji's door and let herself in. Biola hurried into his painfully neat sitting room but it was empty. She then went up the stairs, calling out his name but she got no response. She was beginning to wonder if indeed he wasn't home when she heard voices coming from his room. Suddenly there was a loud moan, followed by more moaning and groaning. Biola felt a bit disappointed, she hadn't expected him to have company, but also elated at the fact that he was at least "getting some". She decided to drop off the food in the kitchen downstairs and leave but her curiosity got the better part of her, Soji hadn't told her he had a new girlfriend and she had never known him to have flings. Walking back towards his room she heard his voice again, "Yes, yes, there, oh yesssss. Jesus! Yess!" She heard him cry out, he was panting and he sounded weird to her. Biola felt uncomfortable, it was like listening to your parents make love, but she just had to see the babe. She had a feeling it was one of their colleagues at work. Kicking her shoes off she tiptoed to the door which wasn't shut, she stood on her toes and peeped with one eye, which was all the crack would allow for. What she saw was beyond her comprehension. Soji was on all fours while someone pounded him hard from behind. Soji was having sex with a guy! She stood, rooted to the ground, willing her feet to move, yet unable to look away, when suddenly the phone in her hand began to vibrate. Startled, she dropped everything she was holding to the ground, making a loud noise. In shock and panic Soji and his partner jumped and staggered off the bed. Biola, keenly avoiding Soji's eyes bent down to pick her phone up, she didn't want to have to look at him, she was too embarrassed on his behalf to face him. As she bent down, she caught a glimpse of the huge size of his partner's penis. Biola, sex starved for months stared at it while he tried to grab something to hide his nakedness. In a millisecond she knew something wasn't right and immediately looked up from to his torso to his face. What she saw turned her legs to jelly and her body suddenly became too heavy for her. She felt like a leaf blown in the wind as she fell back against the wall. With an ashen face, he stood there, looking at her with shame and guilt in his eyes, her best friend, her boyfriend, her husband to be. Michael.
                                      Life goes on, and is usually devoid of "happy ever after"s.  
                                                                         The End.



  1. I've been waiting for someone to leave a comment before I do.

    I did not expect this end.


  2. Jesu Kristi! I am speechless. I so wanted a happy ending! Thelma you're mean

  3. it is God that will punish that Chioma....see all the rubbish biola has to go through...bia Thelma this story can not end like this biko....there must be part four...

  4. @ Anon 11.10am

    I would hate to play the devil's advocate but why should God punish Chioma?

    Shouldn't God punish Biola because she slept with Chima when she was in a committed relationship with Seyi. Lets take it a step further, shouldn't God punish Biola after all she was fornicating and God dislikes sin.

    Is the difference that Biola wasn't found out on her infidelity but Chioma straight out acted callously.

    I have to remind myself this is fiction, as real life characters would have a lot more back story and emotions but if Chioma and Biola really are friends, Chioma I'm sure would have recognised a pattern with Biola and the way she treats her significant other.

    Stepping back from my role as the devil's advocate - I am not sympathetic to either party. Both characters have an air of selfishness about them that is inherent in human nature.

    I think only Thelma knows the true heart of both characters.

    Thelma - It would interesting to write the story from Chioma's perspective.


    1. @ Anonymous 12.09pm, i concur with you.

      "But your wife to be... She cannot build her happiness on someone else's sorrow and expect it to stand." tis amazing Biola who jumped straight into bed with Chima without any sympathies for Seyi's short-coming could spew forth this. It just further expresses the fact that she really has no 'content'.

      She was willing to wait till after marriage to have sex with Michael even though she didn't know his 'content' down there to spite Chioma because she never really loved Michael. He was just a convenient make-do choice.

      While not celebrating Chioma's action, i admire the fact that she was frontal with Michael about what she wanted, a committed relationship - no pretenses. More importantly, she knew Seyi's short coming and realised she knew what to do to manage it. We all have short comings anyway.

      Chioma's main action which was out-rightly 'bad' is that she skillfully deceived her friend to make a 'right' choice. Yes, 'right' choice because even if Biola had continue with Seyi, twould be simply for his money.

      'silent thot' - there is no proof that Chioma will not manage Seyi's short comings with some coded runs. But, we never can tell.

  5. Ahn ahn nau..dis is so unfair#angry#

  6. I always knew there was something off about Soji

  7. Jisoooooooos....see me imagining dt she has found her one 2ru love...hace nwandim u need beating ooooo...awwwww poor biola(sad face).Moral lesson gurls make ur biznes ur bizness,not all frnds want ur progress so be smart and learn 2 keep tinz 2 in a relationship is important but @ d same time u and ur partner can mmake it work aslngas u both understand eachoda....hmmmm poor biola but we learn evryday don't we...

  8. @the anonymous asking why God should punish Chioma, its because she betrayed Biola....I'm sure you read the part where she gave biola wrong advice just so she could go and hook up with the guy....when your best friend comes to you for advice you give her the best you can instead of sending her in the opposite direction so you can grab him for yourself....there are certain things you don't do....

  9. plus Chioma and Biola are birds of a feather so don't make it seem like Biola is so bad and Chioma is the pius one.....and even though this is fiction,i have seen something like this happen to my neighbor....

  10. @ Anon 4.08pm

    If you refer back to Part 2.

    Chioma had not met Seyi prior to giving Biola advice.

    I don't think Chioma set out to convince Biola to ditch him when giving her the advice.

    I think the intent occurred after she was introduced to Seyi.

    Seemingly attractive she could have encouraged her friend to stay with him as he appeared to be the total package.

    I don't think one is worse than the other.

    I actually dislike both characters.


  11. Thelma you are just a sadist. Shikena!

  12. Why don't u guys just see if frm dis angle...d revealation shows that,there's no perfect human and that God can actually use biola. To. Change micheal and soji!!BTW,dis can actually happen in reality.weldone thelma.more power to ur elbow

  13. UWC my darling thelma...I love ur blog !!!

  14. am so loving this blog


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