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Pieces of Her. (Story)

Biola saw him the minute he walked into her office. He was hard to miss really. He walked to her desk and luckily for her, he approached her partner, Soji. Luckily for her, because she was sure anything she would have said to him would sound like a tongue twister. She tried to look nonchalant and unaffected, really hard to do as it was a boring day with little or no work. In fact he was the most exciting thing that had happened to her that day. From the corner of her eyes she stole glances at him, while trying to look like she was busy on her computer. He must have been about 6"3. Biola had a weakness for men with broad shoulders and a slender waist and this guy was the poster boy for that. He was bald headed with bushy eye brows and well groomed beard. He looked like a slightly younger Boris Kodjoe. Soji noticed that this young man had his colleague in lust so he decided to "help out a sister". "Mr Cole, my colleague, Biola, would be of more use to you. This is her area of expertise" Soji said to the client while giving her a meaningful look. Biola immediately took the hint and tried to compose herself. Sitting straighter, Biola cleared her throat and beckoned Mr Cole to her. Soji had a smile on his face as though to say, the ball is in your court. Biola knew how to play this game very well. She was mildly flirtatious and very professional, and Mr Cole asked for her number before he left. "I owe you one" Biola said to Soji, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. "Any babe you want, just point me in the direction and she's yours, I promise" she said. Soji laughed heartily. "Any babe? Seen! Abeg tidy Tonto Dike for me sharply. I need her bad bad" he said with mock seriousness. "Any babe, within reason" she said, laughing. 

      As she drove home that evening, she kept on peaking at her phone, hoping it would ring. Unfortunately It still hadn't rung by the time she got home. She tried to keep her spirits up, maybe he was still tied up at work, or maybe he was playing it cool, she thought to herself. Or maybe I'm just not his type she thought. Yeah right. I'm every man 's type jare, she said, dismissing that last possibility. And right on cue, her phone rang. With a smug smile she held unto it and let it ring, then answered just before she knew it would cut off. "Hello, this is Seyi Cole speaking" he said. Biola was busy thinking his name was sexy, but Biola Cole sounded sexier, she thought with a chuckle. Biola and Seyi spent the next hour on the phone, they talked while she undressed, prepared and ate her dinner. They eventually ended the call but not before making plans for drinks the next night. As soon as he hung up, Biola made another call, "hey bestie", said her friend Chioma, answering her phone. "I think I'm in love" Biola blurted out. 
        Biola had chosen her clothes to work carefully the next day. She knew Seyi must have women throwing theirselves at him so she just had to "represent". She decided to showcase her show-stopping curves and had worn her tightest pencil skirt, a red silk blouse and her leopard print high healed "fuck me" pumps. Work ended and Biola made a bee line for the ladies. Smoky eyes and MAC Ruby Woo perfectly in place, she drove to Sailor's Bar where they'd planned to meet. Seyi was already waiting. Biola's heart skipped a beat when she saw him. The man was gorgeous. Getting up to kiss her on both cheeks, Seyi caught a whiff of her perfume and was immediately turned on. "You're a sight for sore eyes B. I swear I did a double take when you walked in. Me and every other straight man here" he said with a grin. "Mission accomplished" said Biola smiling demurely and they both laughed. 
      There was not a dull moment as both of them kept talking and laughing about everything and nothing, while the soft breeze from the sea blew. Looking at her, Seyi could tell that he really, really liked this girl. "You're like an onion" he said, looking at her face. "Lord No! I make you cry?" asked Biola, feigning fright. Seyi laughed at the expression on her face. "Maybe I didn't say that right. What I meant to say is that you've got so many layers. I don't think I can ever get bored with you" he said with genuine admiration. Biola just smiled, Rihanna's "where have you been all my life" aptly played in her head. They spent a couple more hours and reluctantly left as the next day was a work day. Biola got home feeling mildly depressed, Seyi was leaving for Abuja the next day on an official assignment and won't be back for another week. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" she said to herself in a bid to cheer herself up. 
       When she got to work the next morning she met a huge bouquet of red and yellow roses on her desk, along with a beautifully wrapped box. Inside it was the most exquisite Cartier wrist watch. Biola did not have to check the card to know who sent it. Soji came in after her, looking from her desk to her, he asked "Boris Kodjoe? " and she nodded smiling. Rihanna still serenading her in her head. 
Unfortunately when Soji got back to town, Biola was in Ghana, working as well. In spite of the distance, the both of them had grown very fond of each other and with the mutual attraction and affection they felt, it was decided that they'll give dating a shot. Biola got back on Friday evening and Seyi picked her up from the airport. They headed straight to his house. Biola was not one to wait. She did not buy into the three month rule and all that gibberish that was written in 'think like a man', which her best friend Chioma, lived and swore by. She had been single for longer than she cared to admit,
( thanks to "that schmuck of an ex" who broke her heart and made it difficult for her to trust again), and meeting Seyi made her realize just how lonely, and horny she was. 
       Seyi's house was really nice. He obviously had very good, and expensive taste. It was easy to tell he had class and good breeding and Biola found herself thinking "I could get used to this". She headed straight for the shower in the bedroom, ready to get the show on the road. Seyi was in bed when she got out, with just his shorts on. Damn! He was sexy! She joined him in bed and he handed her a glass of wine. They soon began kissing and all else was forgotten. Seyi took his time, kissing her upper lip, then her lower lip, her neck her shoulder, he spent a lot of time on her breasts, Biola could not take it anymore. Taking his face in her hands, she looked in his eyes and said "I want you, now" Seyi kissed her again and told her he wanted to take his time to please her. Moving lower, he parted her legs and with his tongue, made Biola scream out his name. When she couldn't take it anymore Biola cried out that she wanted him. "NOW". "Turn the lights off babe, the switch is behind you" he said. Biola turned out the lights thinking she would have preferred it on, she wanted to see everything. But she didn't want to argue. She just wanted him. Seyi got on top of her and in her head she was thinking "this is it this is it this" In anticipation of what was about to happen. In confusion, Biola realized that Seyi was heaving on top of her. She wasn't sure what was going on and before she could stop herself she blurted out "is it in yet?!" Seyi gave no response but his breathing became heavier and faster. "I've come" he suddenly said breathlessly, collapsing on top of her. Of course he was too good to be true, thought Biola, as a tear slid down her cheek in the darkness of Seyi's room. 

To be continued.....


  1. Hahahahaha! Gbese! All that glitters isn't gold, I keep telling you people you won't hear. Once u see a Boris you stop thinking straight. She didn't even waste time to nack the guy. Ntoyin!��

    1. LMAO. please leave Biola o! Who can think straight when they see a Boris?!

  2. ROTFLMFAO!!!! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Poor Biola! All that glitters ain't gold.

  3. LMAO!!!! Am sure if d lights weren't turned off she wouldn't hv gone 3eu dt. Poor Biola

  4. Lols...and I thought we had a Christian Gray right there #ouch

  5. And y should her name be NAME..lolz

  6. And now the question we all hve is: if you were Biola r u sticking around abi e don be b dat?!*silly wicked grin. Good writing babes. Ziggy.

  7. I tot as much,a guy cannot be all dat fine..........ur stories are soooooo good,keep it up

  8. I love the story my name is J cute. Buh nwando love there are absolutely NO boris Kujoe looking guys in nigeria. NONE!!!!!

  9. abi, @ anon 2:17. loaded but watery, not fine or presentable, not loaded. nawa o. if I were Biola, if there are no medical issues, I'll stay as long as we can have a baby.


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