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Silver Storms (2)

Ziggy had too many thoughts running through her head. As she drove into the street, she was too miffed to notice the black car speedily take off from the front of her house. Her day had been "totally fucked up". First she got into a huge fight with Dayo her boyfriend, over some random skank. Her friends had told her they saw him at the club the previous night with a girl who was pouring herself all over him like caramel, they also said he left the club with her. She went to his house to confront him and "the idiot" did not even have the decency to deny it! Then she stormed out of his house and headed to the spa for some much needed "therapy". Unfortunately, her regular masseuse, Francois, had called in sick that day. Her massage had ended up being rather annoying as the masseuse kneaded her flesh like it was a roll of dough. Then the pedicure she decided to get was just all wrong. In a fit she drove to the smoothie bar, she needed to calm her nerves, but when she stepped out of her car the ice cream parlor just across the street beckoned her and in a moment of weakness, she succumbed. She sat down there and consumed three large scoops of strawberry ice cream, complete with chocolate toppings and nuts. And then she hated herself afterwards. She immediately ran to her car and rushed home before it was too late to stick her toothbrush down her throat and purge herself of all those calories. 
       She couldn't wait to tell Chizzy how her day had been. Her sister would know the right words to say to soothe her, as always. Chizzy was one of the best things in her life. Although barely a year older than her, she had always been much more mature, calmer, level-headed. She had always done better in school and was generally smarter. Well except when it came to choosing men, Ziggy thought. Her current boyfriend was a perfect example of how Chizzy failed woefully when it came to men. As far as Ziggy was concerned, Tommy was a no-good low lifer. Yes, he had the face of an angel and the body of a god, but he was not, and could never be good enough for her sister. Everyone knew this, everyone except Chizzy. 
       Five minutes after honking furiously, Ziggy noticed that the pedestrian gate was slightly ajar.
Most unusual, she thought, alighting from her car, ready to give Musa the scolding of his life. By the time she was done with him, he would pick up his mat and trek back to what ever part of the north he came from, she cursed under her breath. However, the sight that met her as she stepped into the compound was one she was most unprepared for. The sight of the maiguard lying in a pool of his own caking blood brought bile to her throat, it seemed she wasn't going to need her toothbrush after all. Her first instinct was to run back out of the house. But Chizzy, Chizzy was home alone. She ran round the house,to the back door. To her alarm, it was wide open. She didn't have to go in, she already knew Chizzy wouldn't be there.

I did not know where I was. I must have dozed off or something. When I woke up the first thing that struck me was how parched I was. I struggled to sit up, I had been lying on the ground and my body hurt. My hands and legs were tied tightly and I was still gagged so I could not scream. Because I had been wearing shorts and a tank top, I had red bruises and scratches all over my body. Apparently I was in a room in a uncompleted building. I knew this because the floor was just cement. There was no burglary over the windows, neither was there a door. It was already getting dark. It was then panic and fear really set in. Suddenly I began to shake all over. Who were these people? What did they want? What would they do to me? Then with a sinking feeling I imagined my phone ringing non-stop as Tommy tried to reach me. We were meant to go out tonight! A huge lump formed in my throat. The thought of Tommy, being confused and worried sick, nearly brought tears to my eyes. I wondered if my parents would be back home yet. I hoped so so that they could call the police. I wasn't sure exactly how they would find me as the ride to this place had been rather long and I knew we were quite far from home. 
       I looked at the window and wondered if i could roll my body over to it and somehow try to jump down. With my limbs tied I knew I could not run but at least maybe someone would see me. As I squirmed and shifted with my body on the ground, the concrete tore into my flesh, giving me more bruises, but I didn't care, I was making progress. The thought that I could jump out of the window was threatening to burst my heart open with joy. Painfully, I scraped myself on the ground, inching closer to the window. Getting close to it, I could feel the warm breeze on my face. I tried to lift myself off the ground. This is really happening, I thought, with a glimmer of hope in my heart.

"Don't even think about it" I heard I deep menacing voice say. 

He had been there all along, behind the shadows, watching me. 

When they got home Taribo was waiting for them. He carried the girl up to the room, while Ikine, John and Sammy followed closely behind. She was either asleep or passed out. Then they went to the living room and had a little party. They had cause to celebrate. In a few days they would be several millions of naira richer.

 "Oh boy! If you see kitchen for that house ehn... My guy, you for trip" Sammy said to Taribo.

 Taribo, who was the most quiet in the group and also the leader, sneered in response.
        It was an evening of eating, drinking and dancing. Dede, the driver, opened a medium sized bottle of Macdowel and gulped it down like Fanta. He shook his head vigorously, gave a loud burp and opened his bloodshot eyes."

"What are our plans?" Ikine asked. 

"Guy, you too dey speak English. Siddon make we faaji! Ahn ahn. We don pass stage one na. Oh boy na wa to you o!" Sammy admonished.

"What are our plans?" Ikine asked again, as though Sammy hadn't just said a thing. 

"We go phone her papa na. But nor be today o! Make fear catch dem well well first. Maybe ... next tomorrow, we go phone dem, say ransom na 300 milla! " Taribo said and they all laughed heartily.

 That was chicken change compared to what her father had stolen from government. 

I sat on the ground with my head between my knees, defeated. I was tired, hungry, thirsty and in so much pain. The guy behind the shadow left almost immediately, I had been duly warned. They had not said anything to me and the suspense was killing me but all I wanted, above all, was a drop of water. I had never been so thirsty in my entire life. I needed a bath too, but even I, knew that was too much much to hope for. Slowly, in spite of the mosquitoes feasting on my body and conducting an orchestra around my ears, I began to slip back into sleep or unconsciousness, I wasn't sure which, but I just could not keep my eyes open much longer. It was actually a welcome development. 
      Just as my mind finally slipped away from me, and the warm feeling of sleep took over, my mind was slowly beginning to dream when I felt a sharp pain on my shin. Startled, I opened my eyes and saw a pair of huge feet. Sitting up, I looked up into his face. He looked down at me. He was huge. His eyes were red and devoid of emotion. They were the most lifeless eyes I had ever seen. 

" I hear say you been wan jump" he said tonelessly, his voice was deep and harsh.  

I could hear my own heart pounding. I shook my head vigorously. I tried yet again to plead with my eyes. I was truly sorry. I didn't know what I had been thinking. I tried to tell him it was a stupid thing to do and I would not try it again. He began to turn away from me, but like an after thought, he turned back and slapped me hard across my face. I fell hard against the wall. The pain immediately blinded my eyes but not before I could see some drops of blood from my mouth, splattered against the wall. It was all in slow motion, just like in the movies. 
      I don't know how long I stayed like that but the room was deathly silent. So I finally opened my eyes, thinking he had left me alone. But he stood there, rooted to the ground, still looking down at me. But his eyes were no longer so lifeless as he ravaged my body with them. Then I heard shuffling of feet and I looked around. We weren't alone, there were three others in the room. In the dim light I noticed they were all shirtless. 

"You wan run? e be like say you still get power. By the time we finish with you this night you go know", the short one said, staggering towards me, fumbling with his belt buckle. 

To be continued.....


  1. Thelma you've come again with your suspense. I will beat you o! I'm really praying for Chizzy, nothing bad should happen to her. please!

  2. I really enjoyed this. kept me at the edge of my seat. very nice thelma.

  3. Waiting for your best seller girl! tiny drops of water make an ocean

    1. Someday soon dearie, thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks thanks thanks Mariam! Sending e-hugs to you!

  5. And dat HUG did d magic ,lolz,no homo o,oya chop kiss..

  6. 300 million tho? Do people pay that kind of random? Interesting read.

  7. Na real ghen ghen! I'm afraid for her o

  8. Jeez! I'm sooo loving ur blog and suspenseful stories Thelma. Mide.


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