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The Act of Kindness That Cost a Home and a Marriage. (The Story ofAFriend's Betrayal)

The following is a true story which happened to one of my closest friends. I have changed the names, for obvious reasons.

I met Sophie in my first year in university. We weren't in the same school though both our schools were in the same state. Sophie and I hit it off immediately and she even asked me to move in with her before I got my own accommodation. Not long after, I was able to secure accommodation in the hostel but I still spent weekends at her place. We had become very close friends. I also met and became close to her friend, Rita. These two were my new family in Lagos. Shortly after I met Sophie I began to notice some things about her. Don't get me wrong. Sophie was a really nice person, after all she housed and fed me for free. I remember the first incident. She woke up unusually early that morning and said she would be back soon, she needed to go to the clinic. "Are you sick? Why are you going to he hospital this early morning?" I asked "babe, I wan go 'comot'" was the reply I got. It took me a few seconds to understand what she meant. Apparently she was going to have an abortion. What struck me as strange was the casual way she said it. That was 19 year old me who had barely just
started having sex and who's greatest fear was getting pregnant. Sophie made it sound like she was
just going down the road to buy food. It took me some time but I eventually got used to it. In my first year alone, I'm not sure how many abortions Sophie had but to my knowledge there were four at least.

       During my final year Sophie became pregnant again. There was nothing surprising about that. What surprised me and her other friends was that she decided she was going to have the baby. We were shocked. In her words "I no fit count how many belle I don comot. I'm surprised I can still get pregnant. This may be the only child God will bless me with." We gave her our full support. We were very excited about this decision. However, Sophie's parents did not share in our excitement. In fact when she got home to Benin her parents were mad! They told her its either she got married to the father of the child or she had an abortion, failing that, she ceased to be a member of that family. Sophie begged. The man responsible for the pregnancy was just a random hook up. Neither Sophie nor the guy wanted to get married to the other. She begged them, she said she could not have an abortion. Sophie's father (a knight in the church) was unrelenting. In fact she was thrown out of her home that same night. He refused to sleep under the same roof with her. Sophie slept outside the gate and returned to Lagos first thing the next morning. On hearing what had transpired in Benin we (her friends) were distraught. We did not know what to do. We were still students, the guy responsible was unemployed. Sophie had been disowned and had no one to take care of her. She was sympathized with but I had to do more. I made a phone call to my Aunty.

     I lived with my Aunty and her family in Asaba. My parents are divorced, my mum lives in Germany with her husband and kids while my dad lives in Abuja with his own family. Fortunately, my mum's sister took me in years ago and that's where I lived. I called and explained Sophie's plight to her. She talked to her husband and being the good people they are, they said Sophie could come and stay with them till she had the baby. We were so happy. Sophie had just concluded her final exams but I had one more year to go, my course being a 5 year course. Together we headed to Asaba and I set her up in my room and returned back to school, leaving Sophie in my aunty's care. My aunt, knowing Sophie had no one to care for her, took it upon herself to clothe her, feed her, register her in a hospital and pay for her Antenatal. Sophie, is a very domesticated person and made herself useful in my aunty's house. My aunty was grateful for the help, having four small children was no joke. Sophie took care of the kids, kept the house spotless, went to the market, cooked and did the laundry. In fact by the time I got back home she was more a member of the family than I was. To my surprise she and my aunty had become very close, often going out together and spending hours with heads bent together in gossip and girl talk. My Aunty even began comparing me to Sophie every time I did something wrong. Apparently Sophie was Miss Perfect. She was a delight to have in one's home. But I did not mind. I was actually happy that she had blended in so well. The only cause for concern I had was when I saw a text from her on my boyfriend's phone. She sent him her account details. I didn't ask any questions because I did not want him to know I went through his phone. 
       Soon after, Sophie went into labour and I rushed her to the hospital. We had about 30k on us which should have been enough but unfortunately she had to haven a Caesarian Section and that cost about 130k. We didn't know what to do and she did not want to ask my aunty who had already done enough but eventually, we had to. Although my aunt, a tailor, wasn't very buoyant, she broke into her savings to pay off Sophie's hospital bills. Sophie came home with her new baby girl, Kimberly. My aunty dug through her wardrobe and brought out old baby clothes. She bought diapers and baby food. Once again, the baby's hospital (vaccinations, minor ailments etc) charges were borne by her. Most nights my aunty stayed awake with the baby so Sophie could get some sleep. 
       Three months after Sophie had the baby she thought her parents may have relented a little so taking Kimberly with her, she headed to Benin. Her mum would be happy to see her first grandchild, or so she thought. When she went home with Kimberly, her father chased her away again, this time with a gun! Sophie grabbed her baby and ran for their dear lives. She ran back to Asaba where we were only eager to have her back. My little cousins and their mum had become very attached to her, and Kimberly was their new baby sister. We didn't want her to leave in the first place. Some months after Kimberly was born I saw another text on my boyfriend's phone. Again she was asking for money and from the messages I could tell he sent her 100k. This boyfriend of mine had never given me even 50k before. This time I just had to confront him. He said the money was to help out with the baby and when I asked why I never knew about it, he claimed he thought she must have told me. I couldn't do much, Sophie had become a part of my aunty's family. Besides there was a baby in the equation now. However I asked her about it and she said she thought he told me already. Hmmm. I let it slide.
      Kimberly turned one, I had just finished my finals and I came back home. A neighbor of mine told me she had reasons to suspect that Sophie had been having something with my aunty's husband, uncle Etim, while I was away. I ignored the talk. I didn't say anything to my aunty, didn't want to upset her with unsubstantiated claims. Not long after, I broke up with my boyfriend and soon after that I heard from a mutual friend that Sophie was sleeping with him. She denied it. 
      Then one day my little cousin told me that when her mum and I weren't home "Aunty Sophie" was always in daddy's room with daddy. I could not believe it but what reason did an 8 yr old have for lying. The next week, both Sophie and my uncle did not sleep at home. A usual occurrence for my uncle, but Sophie claimed she went for night-vigil. Unknown to them, I saw them drive in together the next morning. At this point my Aunty had become suspicious too. When uncle Etim went out I confronted Sophie. She said they didn't come back together but only coincidentally came back at the same time. I told her I saw her come down from his car at the gate. It as then Sophie admitted, with no remorse whatsoever, that she was dating my uncle. I couldn't believe my ears! I was so pissed that I did not know when I slapped her. My aunt ran into my room wondering what was going on and when i told her, you cant imagine the shock and hurt she felt. She immediately overcame the shock and joined in and together we gave Sophie a good beating before throwing her out. She took Kimberly and left. 
My aunty waited patiently for her husband to come home. She was going to confront him and make him pay dearly before listening to any apology, but what happened shocked us. 
        Uncle Etim came back home that evening. With Sophie! My aunty's eyes were wide open in disbelief. First thing my uncle did was to ask me to pack my things and leave his house for laying a finger on his Sophie. I thought it was a joke. It had to be. But when Sophie went into my room and started throwing my things out I knew it wasn't. Then he faced his wife. He told her to leave too and not to take his children. That night my Aunty and I were thrown out of our home. It was a nightmare. The next morning my Aunty returned home. She couldn't leave her own home and her children. My uncle told her in clear terms that Sophie was going no where. If she could accept it she was free to leave and never come back, but to leave his children. Besides my Aunty could not have afforded to take care of them on her own. Shame faced she returned home and had to watch as a girl who she had taken into her home, fed, clothed and who's child she had taken care of, became the mistress of her house. I had no where to stay, I had spent two nights in a small guest house but my money had run out. With my tail between my legs I went back to beg my uncle. That was the only home I knew. But guess what, the rest of my stuff was waiting for me at the door. My uncle said I should never come back to his house. Sophie stayed there a week longer before my uncle moved her out. 
I moved from one place to another, my mum could not afford to send for me. I finally moved in with a distant relative of my mum. It wasn't a very comfortable situation but it was better than nothing. 

I'm presently happily married in my own home with baby boy.
My aunty is still home, in her husband's house. She cannot leave her children behind but her marriage has not been very pleasant since then. 
Sophie now lives in Lagos with Kimberly. Her apartment and car were paid for by my aunty's husband. He even got her the job in an organization, where she works till date. 
         Karma is yet to come visiting but I know one day she will.
I never thought that my own kindness could cause so much calamity. 


  1. Nawa o...omo eniyan!

  2. My motto: TRUST NO BITCH!!!! Sophie had other friends, why didn't any of them take her in? Cos they knew she was a no good ratchet ass ho!!!!!

  3. unfortunately things like this happen everyday. there will always be evil friends like this. One just needs to be very careful.

  4. that's why I always tell women. be mindful of who you call your friends. be careful who you bring into your home. it could have some disastrous effects. don't worry. Karma will definitely visit soon.

  5. That picture just says it all

  6. These things happen every day! And it's terrible I tell u!
    The one that haPpened on my street still left us puzzled till today.
    A woman decided to help a widow who has 3 kids. She convinced her husband to take on d responsibility of paying the childrens fees!
    Not too long we started seeing d man driving out of d woman compound @ odd hours. In d end it turned out that the man was having an affiar wiv d widow. Even wen d woman confronted dem, they didn't deny it.
    Clear case of "u do good thing enter trouble"

  7. The most painful thing is being paid evil for good. But that's just the way the world is.

  8. Lesson learnt!!!! Don't do good to people you know

  9. Shit happens but that shouldn't change your good naturedness, vengeance is for God.

  10. I like the lessons from this story, thanks for sharing. My church has a home for girls converted from the streets for this singular reason. Your intention to help should not expose your loved ones to snakes. I pray her aunt will recover from the blow.

    1. Thanks for your prayers Dr N. Have I told you I love your blog!

  11. wow. I guess im still quite sheltered and don't know how the world works. this is plain evil, and karma never seems to catch up fast

  12. This is the reason I don't have friends. I met a young lady through my childhood friend years ago only to dicover recently that her family had been evicted and she was staying opposite my house with her friends. We started chatting and then I later found out she was always calling my hubby at night to come outside so they could chat. This is someone who didn't have my number on her phone. I had to confront the both of them. To imagine that my hubby even proposed we allow her and her sister stay with us due to the issues she was having with the friend she was squatting with.


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