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UNREPENTANT. (Short Story)

It was the happiest day of IB's life. She was getting married to her lover, her best friend, her brother, her father, her everything. She got up from her bed, it was some minutes past 6am and everyone was already up and about. All hands were on deck. Church service was in less than three hours and IB could already see herself, running into the church, at least thirty minutes late. 
"Thank God you're awake. Your hairstylist just got here. Your makeup artist called. She's on her way" Mina, her elder sister said.
 "Oh, good, you're awake IB, hurry, take your bath and have something to eat, there's no time. Be quick" her mum said frantically. 
IB rushed into the bathroom. Grabbing her phone with her, just in case David called. Sure enough, as she was about to step into the shower her phone rang.
 "Is this Mrs IB Douglas?" He asked. IB was suddenly weak in the knees. Two years on and he still had a devastating effect on her.
 "Soon. Soon my darling". She purred.
 "I can hardly wait" David said and she chuckled.
 "I trust everything is going well at your end. I just called to tell you how much I love you. You mean the world to me Ibinabo. God knows I'm nothing without you. I intend to spend the rest of my life making you thank God that you agreed to marry me. You're about to be the happiest woman alive Mrs Douglas" he said. There was an intensity in his voice.
 "I already am, babe, I'm sure of it. I need to take a bath now. See you soon" she promised and they hung up.
      As she stepped into the tub, she noticed she had a text. She was going to ignore it, deciding it could wait till much later. It was bound to be from someone congratulating her, but like a magnet she became instantly drawn to it. She grabbed her phone and read.
"Congratulations on your wedding day. Hope he makes you happy. Love, TJ". IB immediately dropped the phone to the floor like it was hot coal. TJ! Right there in the bathroom she was transported to Abuja, three years ago. The day she finally found the strength to leave.

        "Happy birthday my darling" she said, hugging him tightly. TJ looked around in bewilderment. Looking at his petite, insanely gorgeous girlfriend, no one would believe she could pull this off, but she had. She had thrown him the most amazing surprise party ever and had somehow managed to invite even some of his old buddies that he had lost touch with. All night TJ had been like a kid in a candy store. IB found gratification in his excitement. it was all the thanks she needed. As the party came to an end and people began to leave, she bumped into TJ's friend who was on his way out.
 " Congratulations IB. The party was a hit! I'm sure TJ is very pleased. You really gave him a memorable birthday" he said. 
"I'm just glad everyone showed up. Thanks for coming Tayo and drive safe" IB said hugging him lightly as she walked away to clear up. 
       All the guests had gone and finally she and TJ left. He was quiet all through the ride home but IB was sure it was because he was very tired. She was tired too so she welcomed the silence. She took a quick bath and immediately retired to bed once they got home. IB was fast asleep when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Being a light sleeper she woke up immediately. She was very groggy but she could see TJ was sitting up, he seemed not to have slept at all. "Boo is everything ok?" She asked.
"What were you and Tayo talking about? Why were you flirting with him" TJ asked accusingly. 

"No babe, I wasn't. He was only telling me the party was nice. That's all"

"Oh that's all? So you had to hug him and throw yourself all over him like a horny slut just because he told you the party was nice"

"Babe please, don't get upset ok. It's still your birthday. I only hugged him goodbye, like I did everyone else" IB said in a pleading tone. 
As she said it she sat up and slowly began to inch away from him. TJ's calculating eyes never missed anything. 
"Where do you think you're going" he asked, grabbing her roughly but her wrists. "You fucking prostitute" he shouted and then suddenly, IB saw a sharp bright light as the first slap landed on her face. Not again, were the only words that formed in her head.
 "Please TJ. Please" she managed to say. There was blood sipping from the side of her mouth. 
"I will teach you a lesson in this Abuja. Since you're a bitch in heat I will cure your madness" TJ said, his voice coarse as he slapped her repeatedly across the face. 
With each slap IB screamed loudly like a wounded animal. She tried to run away from him but TJ held her down. She kept begging but he was deaf to her pleas. With a mad look in his eyes, he grabbed her by the shoulders and then tore her night dress. He grabbed her breasts roughly as he bent down and bit hard on her nipple. IB screamed out in blinding pain. Tearing her pant he pushed apart her legs and forcefully penetrated her all the while shouting "is this what you want, filthy whore, is this what you want?" He thrust a few times then with a grunt, he shoved her off the bed. IB rolled to the floor and stayed there, there was no more fight left in her body. 
     TJ immediately began to snore but IB stayed up all night. She decided that three years of being in an abusive relationship was just enough. She loved TJ more than she had ever loved anyone but she loved her life as well. In the morning TJ woke up and apologized to her, as usual. He went on his knees and begged. As he left for work he kissed her gently on her swollen lips and told her he loved her. After he left, IB quietly packed her belongings and took the next flight to Lagos, she told her family that robbers had attacked them in their flat, thus her swollen face, and she had no intention of returning to Abuja. She left TJ a note asking him never to call her, and he never did. IB was relieved. She was relieved because she knew in the depth of her heart that if he called, she would run back to him. 
"IB are you done?" Mina knocked loudly on the door causing her to jump.

 "I'll be out in a second" she said. 

Her hair and makeup were beautifully done and as IB looked at her face in the mirror she decided that all the money spent was totally worth it. Not long after, she was ushered into the Range Rover with Mina and their younger sister. They all chatted excitedly as the rode to the church. IB couldn't believe the day had finally come. She would by twenty nine in a couple of months and was happy that she was getting hitched before the "Big 30", and to the most amazing man in the world. They drove into the church and her heart skipped a bit as she sighted the car David came in. He was waiting. Her husband. 
      The driver came out of the car and opened the door for the bride and her bride's maids. Her mum and sisters all went into the church to be seated while her dad joined her, ready to walk her down the aisle. 
"I just need a few minutes alone dad. Just to say a little prayer" she said and her father nodded and watched her enter the car. 
Suddenly IB started the engine. Putting the car in reverse, she moved with speed. Her father was dazed. He turned left and right but he was alone, there was no one to help him make sense of what IB was doing. He watched as she sped out of the church compound as though the devil was on her back. 
       IB was not sure where she was going till she got to her destination. She jumped out of the car and everyone stared at the beautiful bride in the flowing white wedding dress. Her phone had been ringing every second of the way but she ignored it. She seemed not to notice people's dumbfounded stares as she ran to the counter. "One ticket to Abuja please" she said breathlessly.  She realized that her phone was still ringing. David was calling. She cut off his call and switched her phone off. For three years she had waited for that message. She never stopped loving TJ. His text to her, on her wedding day, must have been a sign from God. 


  1. Great read, thgh I choose not to believe dis can happen in Nigeria. More power to ur elbows...

  2. Nice one Thelma. the story is aptly named.

  3. Lovely read! Goes to strengthen Shakespeare's views on women. "Frailty; thy name is woman"--> Hamlet

  4. this IB girl is not serious. this time she wont come back alive. nonsense!

  5. Funny how we let our imagination run wild. Nice one, Thelma Nwando Nwogbo!

    1. Thanks Towseen. This one you're calling all my names am I safe? LMAO.

  6. haba...... I feel like.putting my hand inside my fone, bringing that stupid IB out and giving her a thorough shake..

  7. Arrrrgh!!!!! I no fit vex!!!
    Nice one dear.

  8. David is lucky, he was about to marry a mad woman but Tj saved him. Some people don't know how to be in none abusive relationships, if you don't beat them they think you don't love them.


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