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Random Musings. (Infatuation SUCKS!)

Thinking of you has got me in a zone Your indifference hurts to the marrows of my bone Yet keeps me shackled, I'm chained to you. ....Hard as I try, I just can't leave you alone Everytime I call you on the phone Your default answer is you're not home Exasperated, I let out a groan Honestly, I'd rather you make me moan.
You try to scare me off with your harsh tone You don't know, obviously you haven't been told That the colder you are, the harder I'll try; Your nonchalance doesn't scare me, I'm too grown My mind is made up boo, I can't be blown
I must have you, if I can't have you I'll have your clone
Do you have a clone? I'm certain the answer is negative I stay unmoved, till you can answer in the affirmative My obsession with you is definite, far from relative Eventually you'll love me, of that I'm positive. Yes..... you can call me delusional, that's your prerogative  Yet, know this; your rejection has NEVER been concl…

Dear Brides, Not In The Mood For Weaves? (Photos)

It seems some brides would rather take a different route when it comes to their bridal hair than the usual weaves, especially in these times when a lot of people are going natural.

I decided to share some pictures with you ladies...

Beauty Of The Day- Eniola Adeboye

Eniola Adeboye, one of our blog visitors is our Beauty Of a The Day today. Eniola is a consultant in her mid twenties.

I Love Her... I Hate What She Does For A Living.

Are who we are and what we do the same thing?

So I chatted with my good friend last night. Last time we chatted he told me he met someone and they'd been talking and he was almost sure that she was "The One". However last night his story had changed.

Igbo Men Is This True???

This comment was lifted off a post on infidelity in marriage.

The Comment reads:

Religion, The Opium of Nigerians.

About a week ago, comedian ALi Baba shared some tweets where he suggested that the pastors of large churches needed to have development funds for their church members instead of using the church tithes and offerings to enrich themselves and stock up on more exotic cars for their garages. 

He received some backlash from some of his followers who did not share his view. Today on his facebook page, he shared the reason for his tweets.

No Regrets. (Short Story)

"How could you, Tolu, how could you?" Her eyes were cold and lifeless. In the fifteen years of our friendship I had never seen Kaffy like that. It was a piercing look that ran a chill through my body.  I struggled to say something, to get the words out, but I couldn't. I tried to say something but I choked on my words. I never knew those long skinny fingers were so strong but feeling them around my neck, almost cutting off air from my lungs, I now knew. I pleaded with my eyes. I could have tried to fight her off but would it be worth it? I decided to let her wear herself out. She needed to. After all, she was in the middle of the most heart wrenching heartbreak, and hearing that I was the cause, she was entitled. She was right to want to kill me. You probably would want to kill me too.

Midnight Musings.

This shouldn't be a post but what the heck.....
You guys are going to have to bear with me, I'm the sort of person that just has to say something when it's on my mind, otherwise I feel like it would "hook" me in the throat. So, here goes.

Ladies, Are You Pushing Men Away?

So I told you guys about Marni, my wing girl before, right? She told me about getting guys to approach me which I shared with you guys. In case you didn't see it look Here

So Marni thinks there's a possibility I may be pushing guys away and I'll share with you guys too. 
Hey Thelma, So many women I know complain about not being able to find "the right guy"... But you know what? A lot of "those" women act in ways that actually turn men OFF. I'll be the first to admit that I've been guilty of a few of these repelling behaviors...but once I found out what they were and worked to get RID OF THEM...I finally met and married the love of my life :-) Here are a couple of reasons I'VE seen plaguing women that is stopping them from having successful,

"romantic comedy" style dating lives and what you can do to start attracting the man YOU want tonight:

The Big O. What Does It Really Feel Like?

I honestly don't think that anyone below 18 reads this blog but just in case... And yes, I really want to talk about this.

Lagos OAPs And Their Headache-Inducing Accents.

This has been on my mind and I just have to talk about it. Am I the only one who has noticed the various, foreign, exotic, ANNOYING accents of the On Air Personalities in Lagos? It's absolutely driving me insane. And to be honest, I'm pissed. I'm pissed because I miss out on some valuable information and maybe even good music. I switch from station to station (because the accents keep me changing the dial) and all the different accents leave my head spinning and thus make me dizzy. It feels like being on a roller coaster of different continents. One minute I'm in Lagos, the next I'm in New York, then I find myself in England, before I know it I'm in Ghana or is it Mexico? It's really hard to tell.

The Bestest TV Series Right Now!

I just finished watching one of the maddest tv series right now and it made me really want to do a post on my (most) favourite tv series. These days I tend to shun the box office hits and binge on episode after  episode of my fav series. 
Below are my Top TV Series.

Beauty Of The Day - Fidelia Imuse

This is my very first Beauty Of The Day. Yay!!! And who better to be the first than our very own gorgeous blog visitor. Fidelia Imuse aka Phify?

BTW this the definition of a beautiful #Nomakeup #Nofilters picture. Gorgeous! 
See more pictures below.

Top 10 Companies To Work For In Nigeria

Jobberman instituted the Best Places to Work in Nigeria to provide a comprehensive rating of employee satisfaction and commitment across employers in Nigeria.
      The 2013 Best Companies to Work rankings include 50 multinationals , 45 majorly Nigerian companies and 12 government agencies.
To find the companies that were the best places to work, conducted more than 10,000 surveys of employees in Nigeria. Over 5000 companies were submitted by 10,482 respondents (experienced, entry level and exec management). 89% of those who filled the survey were gainfully employed. Only companies with at least 100 full-time permanent employees were considered.

The Top 10 places to work for in Nigeria are:

Gaddafi's Sex Chamber Where He Raped Girls And Boys Uncovered

This is a very chilling read. Nothing can be done with this piece of information seeing as the man (if you can call him that) is long dead. Yet, if you haven't already read this then you should. It's almost impossible to believe that its the same God that created all of us. Na wa o!

Two years after the death of Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, a chamber where he raped girls and boys as young as 14 years old has been discovered. Read the incredibly sad story below... 
The full horror of his brutality has been slow to emerge, with many Libyans still fearing retaliation by those who continue to be loyal to their late leader. But it can now be revealed that the most heartbreaking of Gaddafi’s victims include hundreds, possibly thousands of teenage girls who, throughout his 42-year reign, were beaten, raped and forced to become his sex slaves.

Untitled. (A Short Story)

The party had been insane. And what made it better, I had my babe right there with me. I loved showing Bola off, all my friends were so jealous that I, Tade, snagged this goddess. They didn't understand what she saw in me. Neither did I. I didn't have money so it had to be the sex. Hell yes! I made that girl moan everytime we did it. Sadly, not very often because she was always too stressed from work, or so she said.

What Would You Never Compromise On In Your Relationship?

My friends and I had a round table discussion and I threw this question open and the answers I got were very interesting, to say the least. Basically, what is the (one) thing that MUST be present in the person you're with? The one thing that the absence of is an absolute deal breaker?
Yes, everyone will say he/she must be God-fearing, so let's get that out of the way. Let's be very real here.  Below are a list of things I would never compromise on.

Big, Bold & Beautiful, Plus Size Designer Flaunts Her........ Goods!

British reality star and plus size designer Gemma Collins proudly showed of her curvaceous body in 
a floral two-piece, at the beach in Dubai last week.

The 32 year old size-22 TV personality said although she's hoping to slim down to a size 14-16, she is proud to be a role model to larger women. She encouraged plus size women to embrace their curves and not be afraid to put on that sexy bikini whenever they want.

 See more photos below.

Ladies, What Happens When "The Other Woman" Is A Man (Not a "gay" post)

Many a woman, especially the married ones, spend days and nights worrying and praying against that "strange woman" trying to put a crack in their marriages. You fast and pray against that hoe, that home wrecker. You're constantly on edge, going through hubby's phone, searching for suspicious names and text messages. You do this because you know just how (potentially) dangerous these women could be. But guess what, there could be an even greater threat to your marriage than the hoe you're so worried about.

Oops! WTF Were They Thinking?!!!

There are some things that you see and you just wonder What The Flying faaaaack!
Like the ones below. 

Driven By Desperation? (How Far Can You Go?)

What length are you willing to go to for something you want?

Tweet of The Day

Seye Tinubu, son of Bola Tinubu tweeted this this morning and I got all warm and fuzzy. Choi! I need love in my life o!!! That's a picture of him and his princess charming, Layal Jade above. 
See tweet below.

I Loved Somebody - By Iyanuoluwa Balogun

I loved somebody
Somebody more than myself
Somebody who would teach me and make me smile
I loved somebody who i thought was responsible
Somebody with the badass swag and the crazy friends
I thought i had it all
Because of course I had it all planned out
Have fun, have sex, have marriage.

Help! She Needs Answers. (Should she, Should she not?)

Thelma please help me cos i need answers. met this guy through his cousin that I've known since childhood last June. I live in the UK while he lives in lagos. i travelled last November to see him. I'm thinking of going in June this year but I've got a double mind. should i go or not as I'm spending Xmas with the family in Naija this year (my family and I live in the UK). is going to naija twice a year too much? Ive been thinking - I know he doesn't have the resources to come but would he come if he had the resources? should i invite him to come instead? of course he will have to pay for his flight. also, should he pay for my flight in June if he really wants me to come - i really want to see him. If he doesn't have themoney to pay and I've got the money, should i travel to see him? PLS HELP THELMA. I NEED ANSWERS THANKS


My Top Five (Nigerian) Buxom Beauties

This reminds of one one song we used to sing in my class in Queen's College. We coined it from Ja-Rule's "every little thing that we do, should be between me and you..."  Ours was "every little thing lekpa do, orobo too must do am". Yeah I know it's not really funny, but back then, it was. And if you were an orobo is was very annoying!

Ok. These are my top five beautiful plus size celebrities.  

5. Dayo Amusa

Stupid In Love!

I know, right? 
OMG! Thinking about this makes me cringe and if you think about it, you'll cringe too. So many of us have been totally stupid all in the name of love. I mean, you know how it is when you're "in love". You become blind to so many things. Love shuts down that part of your brain that you use in analytical and logical reasoning. I can't blame anyone. I've been stupid in love several times. 
I can't tell you some things I did in the name of love when I was younger. Well, I can but I won't.  But I've seen people do things in the name of love.

Panic. (Short Story)

His footsteps were gentle. I didn't really hear them, I felt them. You wouldn't have heard them either. The sound of the beating of my heat would not let you. As he came closer I felt like I would implode at any second. I lay hidden underneath my bed. My forehead was cold and sweaty. My palms, wet and clammy. My mouth, dry and parched. The door handle turned slowly. I didn't see it, I felt it. In a second he was in my room. Underneath the bed my tiny body shook like a leaf in the wind. He wouldn't see me, he never did. He always felt me. It happened all too often yet it always felt like the first time. Always. His large fist wrapped itself round my tiny ankles, or was it my heart? He unceremoniously dragged me out from underneath the bed. His bloodshot eyes blazing fire, his nostrils flaring. As though to say, you already know the drill, why bother?

Sex: What's The Longest You Can Go Without It?

This is for the sexually active.
I keep seeing a particular excerpt from Dencia's interview where she said she hasn't had sex for two years. Nobody seems to believe it. I guess, maybe because the pictures above look like that of a woman who has sex for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner..... Just saying. 
But let's forget about Dencia for a moment and talk about you.

Smoking In Public, Banned In Lagos State.

A bill banning smoking in public places including restaurants and on public transport, has been passed by MPs in Lagos state.All logistics will kick off immediately Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola signs the bill into law. Offenders could face a fine of N10,000 or up to 3 months in jail, in some cases both.It is also an offence to smoke in front of a child, all offenders will be fined N 15,040 or be sentenced to jail for 1 month or both.Owners of public spaces (clubs, restaurants,) will have to ensure no-smoking signs are properly displayed. In addition to this they are to provide areas, away from their vicinity for smokers. The fine for failure to do this is  N 100, 320 or 6 months in prison.Do you think BRF should sign the bill? 

"Yes I slapped her, No I don't regret it"

Last night I spoke to my friend. I guess he needed someone to "confess" to and I'm a lot of people's go-to girl for that sort of thing. I guess I'm one of the least judgemental people you'll meet, plus I never speak carelessly. However, I'm not sure how unjudgemental I can be about last night's convo. 
Something happened between him and his girlfriend. Their relationship has been tumultuous from the very get go. It's one of those intense, extremely passionate relationships that feeds off on drama and loud screams. (The type I imagine Chris Brown and Rihanna had). You know how exciting those can be, right? For those who don't..... Well it's not really worth it.        Now the problem with this particular relationship is this, she's a bit too much. She's the kind of chic that thinks the way to encourage you is by kicking you when you're down. She thinks the best
way to get your attention is by flirting with your friends and even…

Ejiro; The Tears In My Smile. (Short Story)- By Sonia Onunwor

I got this in my mail today and really enjoyed it. I hope you guys enjoy it too.

I remember that day  like it was just yesterday.... The day Aunty Caro, my mother's best friend came to our house, grinning from ear to ear like she had just won the lottery. She came bearing good news; her nephew Ovie had returned from the U.K after so many years. They had all but given up on him returning and now he was back! But this was not the reason she was smiling like that and swinging her hips in dance. She was smiling because Ovie, being of age, was in search of a bride and after listening to the long list of requirements for his "wife material", she thought of me. Apparently I had all the qualities Ovie was looking for in a wife.

7 Things I Know For Sure About Happy Marriages.

Well following my last post, I'm moved to share this.

Are you living in a sexless marriage? Frustrated by a spouse who never gives you exactly what it is you need? Do you often wonder if you'd be better off starting over from scratch?
You're not alone. As a matter of fact, it is quite likely your marriage falls within the majority.
Yet, your marriage can be a great one. It can be a happy one. And it is 100 percent our choice.
After traveling the world and interviewing happily married couples in 12 countries on six continents in search of the universal secrets of a happy marriage for my book, Happy Wives Club, there are seven things I know for sure about happy marriages.

Is Marriage Really That Bad?

I've been asking myself this question, and I'm sure a lot of single ladies have been doing the same too. I'm certain our confusion is valid. The stories we hear and read online are frightening and very discouraging. 
     To make myself clearer, I'll give examples with two comments made by two anonymous blog visitors on my post Being Single Sucks Read Here.  See comments below:

I Pray....

I pray
That I may thread where others have thread that it may be painless, or few tears shed that when I speak my voice may be heard that I lay easy the way I made my bed. 
That I may not stay wide-eyed in the dead of night that if there be insomnia, it may not be born of my plight that my joy and peace never take flight that darkness never overshadow my light. 
That I may never hunger for food and affection that my thirst be quenched with water and wisdom
that I may never beg for money and attention  that I live a life with no need for pension. 
That I may never look back and wonder where went my youth that in my labour I see, feel and possess my fruit that at the end of it all I may go smiling to my tomb exact opposites of how I came from her womb. 

Picture Of The Day (Still on The Anti-Gay Matter)

This is a notice hung on the door of a hotel room. 

This brings me to ask, are lesbians seen as less gay than homosexuals in general?

Mixed Blessings. (Short Story)

"Okon! Okon open the freakin gate" Yemi screamed as she practically flew into her car. She couldn't afford to be late for this meeting. She always was. The other partners at the law firm were raising their brows at her. They all wanted what she had. It was a jungle out there, dog eat dog and all. She hurriedly checked her makeup in the rear view mirror, her horn blaring as her gateman took his sweet time to open the gate. She had an intense urge to run him over with her Mercedes G-Wagon. She cursed under her breathe as she screeched out of her compound. She wasn't the only one cursing,  Okon was getting fed up with his madam's constant tantrums. These rich people had everything yet they were always angry about something. He shook his head as he walked back to his post.

... "Hey gorgeous" Tony said in that low husky voice of his, joining her in their living room. 
"Who, me?" Yemi asked, looking around in mild confusion. 
"Of course you, m…

Help! My Fiancé Doesn't Want Children.

Thelma there's a problem and I don't know what to do. Av bn dating my man for a year and some months now. I'm in my mid-late 20s and he's 31. We're talking about marriage but no definite plans yet. But we were thinking before the end of this year. But yesterday he dropped a shocker on me.

Two Gay Men Taking Care Of Their Daughters Sparks Hate Comments.(Photos)

Power couple Kordale, of Chicago, and Kaleb, of Atlanta, are two gay black dads who obviously love their two daughters and son very much and they decided to show off their happy family by sharing this picture above on Instagram & Twitter. Unfortunately, while some people saw an adorable daddies-daughters moment, others chose to blast them with homophobic and racist comments. The hateful comments which 
have all been deleted were so bad that Kordale and Kaleb had to release a statementto 
defend themselves:

Put That Phone Down! 7 Reasons Not To Text Your Ex Tonight.

Oh dear! I'm writing this memo for a number of reasons. First off its Friday night and some of us are gon' be out to night. In case you're still lost I'm referring to drunk-texting. Secondly because YOU are going to indulge in that liquid magic and use intoxication as a excuse. Thirdly, because my dear friend (name withheld) is very likely to do this and then she'll definitely ping me in the morning and tell me how she messed up and how the ground should just open up and swallow her yada yada yada.        Take it from Aunty Thelma. I've made all those stupid mistakes in the past so that you don't have to. (Yeah I'm nice like that. Lol).        I can't remember how many times I made that mistake of calling the ex after a night of drinking, and typing a text that I would never in a thousand years have sent if I were clearheaded. There's this one that I haven't forgotten. I was about 23 and in love *sobs*. I had already made up my mind to move…

Hottest Nigerian Male Celebs. (Ladies prepare to be blown away!)

I thought it was about time we indulged in some eye candy! Ladies, are you readyyy?

Ik Ogbonna

A Deal With The Devil- By Myne Whitman

It felt like a deal with the devil. He found me skulking around his house in the dark and hauled me in. At first I thought it was to hand me over to the police but he introduced himself (his name is Kanayo, if you care to know) and offered me a meal. I didn’t care much about his name but I jumped at the food. I had not eaten in days and even my vaunted pride was dead after so long.
On my twenty-first birthday, and just a few weeks to Christmas, my dad disowned me. He also had me thrown me out of his house for insubordination to him and his second wife, my wicked stepmother. Yes, those species exist in this day and age. This was not a story I told to just about anyone, but in fear of a police cell, and then the promise of food, my mouth had gushed it all out, as my eyes let out tears. That was when Kanayo came up with this deal.

Comment Of The Day. (Yesterday's Whore, Tomorrow's Housewife?)

So here's me trying not to offend those with "delicate sensibilities". I actually looked for a synonym of "Whore" but all I came up with was slut and hoe. Same difference....
        I once saw on someone's dp "You can't take a hoe and turn her into a housewife". And apparently a lot of guys agree with this. Yet, we all know that "bad girls marry first and good girls finish last". Below is a perfect example. 

Ladies, 18 Things They Should Have Told You About Sex, but never did.

1. There is no dignified way of "cleaning up" -- and you WILL need to clean up afterwards.
2. A male partner won't always have a higher sex drive than you.
3. You can have as much sex as you want, with as many people as you like.