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Lagos OAPs And Their Headache-Inducing Accents.

This has been on my mind and I just have to talk about it. Am I the only one who has noticed the various, foreign, exotic, ANNOYING accents of the On Air Personalities in Lagos? It's absolutely driving me insane. And to be honest, I'm pissed. I'm pissed because I miss out on some valuable information and maybe even good music. I switch from station to station (because the accents keep me changing the dial) and all the different accents leave my head spinning and thus make me dizzy. It feels like being on a roller coaster of different continents. One minute I'm in Lagos, the next I'm in New York, then I find myself in England, before I know it I'm in Ghana or is it Mexico? It's really hard to tell.

       What I don't understand is when and why it got so bad. Did the American accent of Dan Foster make him a star in the Lagos radio stations and then usher in a new era? Could that be how it all began? Sometimes it makes me want to step hard on the throttle and run my car into the nearest wall. And it's on almost all the stations, from Rhythm fm to Cool fm to Beat fm and all the others in between. All except Wazobia and Naija fm of course, and Nigeria Info. 

       It's really not funny at all. Why do Lagos OAPs confuse having good diction with (a mix of) British and Ghanian accents? It beats me. The fakery and forming in Lagos is sometimes on an unreal level. What's most grating is hearing someone who has a weak grasp of the English language trying to speak with a foreign accent. I'm like; dude, do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?! 

       Kudos to the masters of the game who have been around for some time. I'm not too familiar with their names but two I can mention are Chaz B and Chigbo. I must also shout out to Nwadiuto Ndibe-Okoye. When I heard her on radio I was so impressed. As an ex QC girl you would think that na she go form pass but this young lady, whom I never got the opportunity of meeting in secondary school really impressed me. Good diction. NO fake phonetics whatsoever. Yet you listen to her and know beyond a doubt that you are listening to an educated person. Another shout out goes to Oreka Godis. 

        The whole accent issue is really not limited to radio alone. It's on TV as well, although thankfully, not as bad. I admire Dolapo Oni but when she speaks I often miss the message because I find myself putting all my focus and energy into trying to figure out that accent. It's neither British nor American (the two most popular). The best description for her accent as I heard someone once say on Twitter is "Assorted". Switching through the TV stations it becomes apparent that having a foreign accent is a step in the right direction in getting employed in the TV media in Nigeria. Oh well....
       This is a plea. PLEASE TONE DOWN THE ACCENTS. It is so distracting. Sometimes you don't communicate with your listeners. Those accents sometimes make it difficult for one to relate with you.
       So dear OAPs, especially Toke Makinwa (whose ACCENTSSSS I find most disturbing), and Maria of The Beat fm (who sounds more British than the Queen and Keira Knightley put together), just in case you're not too sure of what I mean, or you are but you genuinely cannot remember what good diction sounds like as a result of your over-extended romance with phoneh, I will list some people with good diction. Notice that they don't have "phoneh", they have good DICTION. They are Pete Edochie, Dakore Egbuson Akande, Joke Silver, Nse Ikpe Etim, Olu Jacob. This is just to mention a few.
        Just in case these OAPs need guidance and directions, they should listen to these people speak and learn a thing or two. 

And now that I've finally said this, I feel a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders. 


  1. On point. I'm so glad you mentioned Maria. Yes I know she must have been living in jand before, weren't we all, but she needs to calms down for Jesus.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Toke has a dual personality when it comes to speaking english o. Its a mixture of britico and somewhere between malaysia and Bangladesh, making her sound like one over hyper-active rare amazon forest bird. Then there is this girl on rainbow FM, Ini, Jesu, her pronounciation is the worst. Chei, when she speaks, u will cringe in shame.

  4. That beat FM Maria....SMH.she needs to take a chill pill cos she sounds like an idiot swtching from lagos to british accent sometimes in a sentence.

  5. God bless you for this post. You're not the only one who has noticed o! It's really headache inducing. They're all so horrible, Toke's own drives me crazy. Omalicha makes me RME. Maria's extreme British accent makes me want to gag! And even the guys on that Beat fm can fake for nigeria too. SMDH.

  6. Maria Maria Maria. That her Brtico accent na die! All of them talk like they don't shit. I wonder why. And you're so right about them not communicating.

  7. Tee God bless u for this post. Ve argued severally with my sis on this issue. She was defending them saying I don't expect them to sound their usual self when they are on air. Beats my imagination why they shouldn't.

  8. My point exactly.. I wonder why they try so hard to speak phoonnnne... Not necessary..theres a diff between fluent English and rubbish we hear on a daily on this gadddam radio

  9. Thought this was only in Kenya, but here its mostly radio presenters who fake foreign accents.

  10. I should buy you a bunch of bananas for this post!!(btw bananas are my favourite! :)) I keep saying this " good diction and accent aren't same!" please spread the word! They should even use dictionaries sef, at least how to pronounce words rightly is written there...# tired much.

    1. Yayyyy! Bananas. I get to make me some nice creamy smoothies. Please when am I getting them?????????????

    2. Lool... You'd get them soon oo. o love smoothies too! :)

    3. Lool... You'd get them soon oo. o love smoothies too! :)

  11. Lol @ ejoec. Abeg you people should leave my darling Maria o!!! Hehe, the tin dey taya me sha. T you have a way of bringing up the topics people are afraid to talk about. One thing we have to realize is that it might not be these people's fault. It has to do with naija mentality, we have phoneh complex and the bosses of companies exploit it. Haven't you ever experienced where someone is given preferential treatment cos of accent, or lost a job to someone you know you're smarter than just because they blew better phoneh than you. Nigeria is sick to the core, our issues are plenty. Some of these OAPs feel they need to blow to get the job, and once you start you can't stop. I agree, it's sickening and that's why I can't even watch ebony life tv

  12. I'm tired to hearing Tokes multiple accents. And dolapo's assorted accents bhahahhahahahaha. Very assorted o!

  13. We live in a country governed by wicked souls and this is what we choose to get enraged about? If it was white person with a Nigerian accent, will people be fussed at all? I don't encourage anyone to bite their tongue in an attempt to speak what they perceive good English but please there are more pressing matters. Let's also not forget that most Nigerians cringe when some Nigerians speak with very heavy accents. You always hear people say "he has serious h factor" or "she's so pretty but her Igbo accent is so thick". What is it that people actually find acceptable when it comes to speaking English and what is "normal English" to Nigerians who complain because I've always wondered this and no explanation seems to make sense.

    1. What exactly is your point?

    2. The point is there are other important things to complain about. Things that Nigerians do not contradict themselves on. We complain about people who speak with foreign accents and we also complain about people that speak with "local" accents. Since there is no generally accepted way of speaking English by Nigerians, can we please move on from this. If you still do not get the point, I cannot do much to help you then. :)

    3. Anon, I can understand if you feel these "complaints" are baseless. I would be happy if you can do a write up on the things that bother YOU and let's post it and discuss it. Honestly, I would be glad to. As for me, this is one of the things that bothers me, and these are my thoughts about it. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    4. True. I should have probably considered the fact that it is your blog and you do have the right to post whatever you wish. I did not mean to be rude.

    5. I appreciate you airing your views. That it's my blog does not mean that you have to agree with everything I say. I wasn't being sarcastic by my comment either. I also meant it when I said that you (or anyone) could raise topical issues of interest/concern to you and we could hash them out and possibly even raise solutions.

  14. Anon 9.31pm, I think you've missed the point. this isn't about accents per se but how we view ourselves as individuals. how we refuse to accept out "nigerianness". it all boils down to inferiority complex and that's where the problem lies. the blog owner has shared her own views on something and that's that. if you have your own concerns then like she has said, mail her and she will post it and everyone can contribute . shikena. everybody has where it is pinching them.

  15. Funmi, Thank u. U just nailed it.

  16. I loveeeee ur blog. been tryna comment for ages! Lagos OAPs make my morning sickness worse!

    1. Hahahahaha. Chocolate Brown you just cracked me up. Let's sue them OAPs. We can't take this sitting o! The morning sickness does not need any further aggravation biko.

  17. Ve u guys heard of nana king?????,she makes me wanna smash my correct oap na ik!

  18. I haven't listened to Lagos OAPs in a while, cause I stopped turning on the radio on my phone. But for the past 5 months, I have been listening to port harcourt OAPs, and believe me, they are baaaaaad. A lot of them can't even pronounce their names because of fake phoney-ing. I mean, some never even cross Nigeria go Seme or even Ghana, them dey here dey form rubbish. Abeg, the thing dey vex me *long hiss*

  19. Bellarose Okojie is just too natural. She doesn't "form" but still, she speaks fluently!

  20. well said dear, took it right out of my mind. Abeg, they should really tone it down. Onome of Nigeria Info speaks well too, at least i understand her and i like Oluwaseun. i listen to rainbow fm and wazobia as well, cos i dont have to struggle to hear them. They should keep up the good work though and pleeeassse, dont join the 'phoneee band wagon'. Thank you!

  21. Hmmm. I cringe esp when they make grammatical errors with the accent. I understand the need to "form" but mispronouncing Nigerian names esp yours is a no no. Rem the NTA Network news presenters of old? That is the standard they shd go for. The Cyril Stobers, Ruth Benemesia Opias, n co.Not Christiana Amanpour or Richard Quest. Lol.

  22. That Maria of beat FM!sometimes I wonder if she is ok,if you are not communicating why bother to speak.

  23. I don't really know who all these people, but I do know Toke, and nna, her own is the absolute worst. I don't know where she grew up, but she nor dey try. Toolz is even better. In PH, there's this station that the OAPs can't even pronounce their names well because of phoney-ing. smh


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