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Let's Talk About The Anti-Gay Law

We all have our individual arguments, for or against. I would like to hear yours. I'm obviously referring to the bill that was passed into law on Monday the 13th. ( January, 2014), crimalizing homosexuality with some penalties as harsh as 14 years imprisonment. If you're in support of it let me hear you say Ye, and those against it, Nay. And please support your answers with a reason (an argument if you will). One sentence would do just fine but I'm open to epistles too. Yes, you're allowed to be neutral but you should also have a reason for that. 


  1. Nay! Because its just plain wrong and unnatural. it should not be encouraged. but that picture you used could sway one's mind.

  2. Nay! Major reason God punished Sodom and Gomorrah....Never seen a cock hump a cock, if animals can tell the difference how come we can't.

  3. There is a reason God created woman for man. Apart from being a helper, women are to procreate and if a man is with a man or a woman with a woman, I believe the world would have been empty long ago because pro creation will definitely cease.

    Man should learn to stop misusing what God has created for a purpose.

  4. That picture makes me want to say Ye. actually I have nothing against homosexuality. However I draw the line at homosexuals getting married.

  5. I strongly believe in live and let live. Nigerians have so many other issues that need to be legislated upon. husbands beating and killing wives. Men raping children. Poverty and bad roads. And what out national assembly found most important is gays? kmt

    1. U couldn't have put it better, let's look at the issues at hand our hospitals are a mess,education a joke legal system crazy and the best thing our leaders can come up with is this?

  6. I'm not sure if I'm for or against the law but I'm sure of two things, how can a government support under age marriage and sweep so many other issues under the carpet but for some reason they have decided to out law gay people. That been said, if the humans that existed about 200 years ago all decided to start marrying same sexes then we won't have been here today to talk about gay rights cos humanity would have ceased to exist by now.

  7. I'm going 2 b equally passionate n dis passionate in this post. I know I'm goin 2 get a lot of heat abt this bt hre it goes: People get ur heads outs ya asses n quit poking ard other people asses! In other how d hell is what two consenting ADULTS do with each other any1's bizniz! Let's talk facts: 9ja, lik Steele says has so many unresolved issues that get swept under d rug wit out any1 batting an eyelash or @ best we make sm minimal amt of noise make e be lik say (remember #occupy 9ja, #child not bride n others) and then its back 2 our cubicles till d nxt big ish comes along and we are thrown another bone 2 distract us 4rm d important issues dat abound amongst us. Meanwhile d bunch of illiterates we hve parading as legislators feed fat on revenue dat wld make a lot of important issues nonissues. If not people wld be educated enof to realise that right or wrong has always been dictated by societal morality @ any given time. Wat @ 1 point is seen as a norm, @ another is villified and condemned.(Think Slavery, twin killings an d yes u got it, homosexuality!) And the details of d actions are almost always d same @ both points! Ziggy

  8. Its funny n often ignored esp by people that spout spirituality as their reason that historically, @ d tym of Our Lord, homosexuality was actually a normal part of the every day life of the time! Yep! I said it : Jesus knew gay people! Do ur research people! And yet never, I mean NOT ONCE did he say anything abt homosexuality, and he talked abt everything 4rm adultery n divorce to government an taxes! I don't know y God made gay people d way they are, bt the fact is GOD MADE THEM! And throughout history humans hve been known to castigate anything they do not understand or which does not fit in 2 our very finite definition of wat is normal. Bt God is not finite, and that which is stupid 2 us makes absolute sense to the Maker! Now don't get me wrong I am a staunch Christian (cos I know a lot of y'all wld go all she's d devil's spawn on me) bt I don't believe the Lord made any of us to b victimised because of feelings n physiological makeup over which we hve no say. Ziggy

    1. Actually no one is born gay, I think all people who believe they are gay should pray to God for deliverance and He will change them. If people say being gay is natural does that mean that beastiality is natural too? Or incest? All these are unnatural acts and such people need our sincere prayers. And while we shouldn't condemn them we can't tolerate them either.

  9. Let's also not 4get d lil fact dat said law in its current form is actually quite unconstitutional! In a constitution dat enshrines a freedom of expression and of assembly/association to criminalise any gathering of people 2 promote the agenda of gay people n prescribe imprisonment 4 said association in essence renders 1 of d statutes wrong. N since d constitution is d norm by which all other laws derive, dis new is quite wrong by its vert existence cos it runs contrary 2 d constitution! ( Bt den wat wld b expected wen d "lawmakers" r illiterate peadophiles who in sm cases can barely spell dia own names). Abeg I'm off 2 sleep jare! I don too vex over dis matter. God help n bless our 9ja sha! Ziggy.

  10. I do not support that stupid bill. I mean who are we ? mere humans to judge ?? its funny how 2 grown ups can't love each other but a 50 year old man can marry a 14 year old child ? now that is dirty and those are the scums of the earth!! As long as gay people do not disturb my life by trying to harm me (which is very very unlikely) then why should that be an issue ?. Homosexuality has been in nigeria for a very very long time and it has not disturbed or caused pain to anyone's life so why this necessary ?. It really isn't. Let God be the judge

  11. Jesus knew about gay pple and for once he never mentioned them? u must be a joker and I'm 1million percent sure u don't read ur bible.for starters,we as humans will be judged by Jesus Christ according to the gospel of Paul(its in the bible) .secondly Jesus himself said before His ancension in John 16:12&13 " I have yet many things to say unto you but ye cannot bear them,howbeit when he the spirit of truth is come he will guide u into all truth,for He shall not speak of himself but whatsoever he shall hear,that he shall speak", now I ask u please if the Holyspirit through apostle paul outrightly condemns homosexuality,how can smn which does not seem good to the Holyghost seem good to u and u call urself a christian?? I ask u again,if the bible is indeed your guide for living since u deem to call urself a christian,which of the apostles or our spiritual fathers,the men whom God chose to be identified by,men like Abraham,isaac,Jacob were homosexuals?? Let's move to the new testament pls,which one of the apostles of Christ was Homo??? The only place in the old testament where homosexuals were mentioned was in Genesis and guess what?God destroyed the people of sodom and gommorah.of course this world has perfected wickedness and evil will never completely die until the coming of Christ and that's why apostle paul mentioned homosexuals again in his epistle to the romans.Now here's news for u.......wait for it....not only did God condemn homosexuality in the book of romans,he also condemns those who knowing the judgement of God sit on the fence when it comes to pple who break his laws. Do I think Nigeria has pressing issues,YES I DO, do I agree wiv the killing of Homosexuals like they do in Uganda,Never but I would rather die than support homosexuals for the simple reason that it does not please God,just like lying and killing are an abomination to Him.Jesus was divine yet Born by a woman who was married to a man,God himself took Eve to Adam,I'm not saying u shouldn't have ur opinion and feelings about Homosexuals,but don't bring the Bible into it when u obviously haven't taken the time to read it properly.don't come on blogs to Twist the words of God's apostles and claim ure a christian.Paul said if anyman,even an angel,even I paul, preach anything other than what the Holyspirit has taught Let him be accursed!..homosexuals may be nice guys and gentle and kind,but gentle,kind and nice won't get u into the kingdom of heaven. Let's speak the truth to these pple,who knows if they might change.

  12. That ur neighbour is gay and the constitution recognises it doesn't mean the straight ones shld switch and be gay. I don't support homosexuality but if an adult comes out as gay,you just have to respect their orientation and let God be the judge of his people! The only thing I can't understand is why a guy wld wanna bone another mans ass as opposed to the same ass of a woman?!?

  13. And I strongly oppose this bill. If the constitution doesn't recognize it and them the best they shd have done was not pass a bill against it. Just leave the matter blank/unanswered. Passing the bill isn't what is gonna restore our image as being giants of Africa. Give or take,homosexuals or heterosexuals are stil as part of the human race as the rest of anyone.


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