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Mixed Blessings. (Short Story)

"Okon! Okon open the freakin gate" Yemi screamed as she practically flew into her car. She couldn't afford to be late for this meeting. She always was. The other partners at the law firm were raising their brows at her. They all wanted what she had. It was a jungle out there, dog eat dog and all. She hurriedly checked her makeup in the rear view mirror, her horn blaring as her gateman took his sweet time to open the gate. She had an intense urge to run him over with her Mercedes G-Wagon. She cursed under her breathe as she screeched out of her compound. She wasn't the only one cursing,  Okon was getting fed up with his madam's constant tantrums. These rich people had everything yet they were always angry about something. He shook his head as he walked back to his post.

"Hey gorgeous" Tony said in that low husky voice of his, joining her in their living room. 

"Who, me?" Yemi asked, looking around in mild confusion. 

"Of course you, my darling. Who else?" 

Hmmm, Who's he sleeping with this time? Yemi wondered. In recent times Yemi had learnt that Tony was only so nice to her when he was cheating with someone. Other times he just ignored her. 
       His infidelity and nonchalance towards her was becoming increasingly difficult for her to deal with. She couldn't remember the last time they made love. She honestly couldn't remember. Tony's mother had been giving her grief about giving her grandchildren. But
how was she supposed to? Artificial insemination? Her husband had become almost oblivious to her existence. And that was why when he called her "gorgeous" she nearly choked on her green tea.
"I'm sorry babe, I was just a bit startled" she said, smiling demurely. It had been a long day at work and all she wanted was a nice hot bath and sleep, but her husband just called her 'Gorgeous'and 'my darling'. I would be a fool not to take advantage of this, Yemi thought to herself.

"I've really missed you, you know" Tony said

"Me too, my love" Yemi said getting up to go join him on the sofa. But first she made a quick detour to the small bar in the living room and grabbed Tony's favourite bottle of whiskey and two glasses. Yes, she intended to take full advantage of this extremely rare moment. 

"I've missed you terribly" she said, pouring him a drink. Tony's smile was a bit stiff. In spite of the various brands of alcohol in his living room, he had a very light head and wasn't much of a drinker. Yemi took a large sip from hers to encourage him. 
     As he tentatively sipped the liquor, Yemi straddled him and began kissing him lightly on his neck. Tony took another sip of his whiskey. Sure enough the alcohol was working, he began to respond, to her relief. Yemi then went in for the kill. She took the glass from him and topped it with some more whiskey. She took a large gulp and shoved the glass in his face, encouraging him, daring him, to follow her lead and he did. Tony was unusually quiet as his wife stripped off her clothes and hurriedly pulled down his pants. He was very erect and this made Yemi giggle triumphantly. 

      She as she made love to her husband Yemi intended to savour each second of it, she had really missed him, and it had been so long. Her passion was beginning to build up and she made to kiss him on the lips. But it was then she noticed something, Tony wasn't moving anymore. She was so lost in her pleasures that she didn't notice her husband's head had lolled to the side and his mouth hung slightly open. Yemi wasn't sure what was going on, she couldn't believe it. Had the alcohol been counter-productive? But as if to confirm her fears, Tony let out a loud snore! Yemi was infuriated as she jumped off her hubby's thighs. She was disappointed and enraged! However, she didn't know just how enraged she was about to become. 

       On the floor, sticking out of the pocket of Tony's trouser which lay around his ankles was something red and shiny. It was the rich red color that caught her eyes. Bending down gingerly she fingered it and slowly pulled it out, but as though it were a scorpion about to sting, she flung it away from her. Yemi couldn't believe what she was seeing.  Slowly, she walked across the living room to where the red G string lay and picked it up again. Tony's mistress had sent him home with a souvenir. Yemi held it dispassionately, scrutinizing it as she would an exhibit. Out of curiosity she looked at the label, Victoria's Secret. Hmmm, Interesting. Yet there was something even more interesting that caught her attention. Size L. Yemi went from enraged to incensed. 

"I work my ass off in the gym every other day to maintain a size 8 for this useless prick and he goes and cheats on me with a 'large'?", She muttered incredulously while pacing the living room. 
       His snores added to her infuriation and almost drove her to a frenzy, making her feel like she might commit murder. The house suddenly felt too small and she felt claustrophobic. Grabbing her phone, she decided to go spend the night at her sister's place. She couldn't bear to be the same house with this dog. Yes, she loved him, very much, unfortunately. But she just needed to get away for now. 

"Okon. Okoooooooon! Where's this incompetent gateman for the love of God?" She screamed, flying into her car, for the second time that day. 

"Push Push" the midwife shouted. 

The pain was too much for her. Yemi was breathing hard and gave bloodcurdling screams after bloodcurdling screams as she tried to force out the baby that she and Tony had created. 

"Puuuuuush" the midwife screamed

Yemi almost couldn't bear it. She would have given up, but thankfully, he was there beside her, wiping the tears and sweat off her face, holding her hands tight and encouraging her to push. Reassuring her that it would be over soon and she would be alright. He had been her rock for the last nine months. Yemi never knew Tony could be that caring and affectionate. 

       She had confronted him the day after the incident and threatened him with divorce. Tony went on his knees and begged for forgiveness. She had never seen him so contrite. He confessed that he had treated her badly and promised he would be a better husband. And he kept his promise. More so when they found out they were pregnant. Tony became the best husband any woman could ask for. He had never been kinder or more attentive. 

"Baby, please just try, you can do it babe. Just push, push for daddy, ok? Please" Tony cajoled.
Yemi gave one final push with all the strength that was left in her and just when she felt like her life was slipping away from her, she heard it. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard. The cry of her baby. Their child!

"It's a boy!" The midwife announced. 

Yemi let out a sigh of relief as Tony broke down in tears and covered her face in kisses. 

       The next morning Yemi carried the baby in her arms and smiled tenderly. Tony was snoring gently on the sofa, he hadn't gone home since she went into labour and he looked so exhausted yet the contentment on his face almost brought her to tears of joy. Laying there in bed, Yemi couldn't help but think to that night she had found the panties in his pocket. 
       She had planned to drive out to Sister Bukky's but when Okon came out to open the gate in his boxers she hesitated. She had never noticed Okon's rock-hard body. It glistened with sweat I'm the darkness, that only highlighted his well-sculpted biceps. And the bulge in his boxers held big promises. In a split second Yemi made a few decisions. One of them was to fire Okon the next day, with an huge severance package of course. She revved the engine, but looking down at Okon's boxers again, she turned off the ignition.

 Yemi gently rocked the sleeping baby in her arms. He was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She couldn't wait to show him off to her mother-in-law who had called her barren several times. Mama would swallow her words when she saw her grandson. Her heart skipped a beat as the sleeping baby smiled sweetly. That smile would confirm everything she already knew. Okon would never know they had a son. 

                                                                The End


  1. nice. but what happens if okon finds out? lol

    1. lol. I guess that was why she fired him immediately after shaggin him. Men need to learn from this. don't drive your wife to do something stupid because of your neglect.

  2. I wonder sometimes why so wrong feels so right!

  3. I love how your stories always end with an unexpected twist. Nice one.

  4. This is so many women's reality. Sad.

  5. Dear Thelma, I'm so in love with you.

  6. Lovely story. Grandma would finally get her grandchild. RME. Some husbands need to read this. body no be firewood.

  7. Lovely story.... First time here! Bout to go explore xxx

  8. Sad reality, if you're still single you should learn from stories like this cos they aren't myth. They happen everyday. Do not make your wife feel so small and insignificant that she starts looking for love and appreciation in all the wrong places. Married men should be wary of making this same mistake, do not drive her to that point.

  9. Ha! She did Okon. loool.

  10. Ka yammah....tuuuehhhhh.....she couldnt get herself a proper boyfriend...its now gateman....God forbid....if you,wan chop frog chop the one when that when,dem ask,you,you go say yes you chop fat frog....

  11. I almost want to say it serves the husband right, but Yemi is going to live in fear of the unknown for the rest of her life.

  12. I love the unexpected twists at the end of your stories.

  13. This one was a shocker!Mide

  14. I hope she settled Okon well o! hia


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