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About Last Night.... But First, My Rant!

Earlier this evening I went to the movies, as I usually do on Wednesdays, but first I stopped at Ebeano supermarket in Lekki Phase 1 to buy the popcorn. Have you guys eaten that popcorn? It's heavenly! Since that night I slept over at Henri's house and she offered me the popcorn and said "this is the best popcorn in lekki", I've been hooked. So it's my ritual now, no matter how late I'm running for my movie I must first grab this popcorn. 
     And while I waited on the queue I met the MAN OF MY DREAMS. I kid you not.
This guy is.... Damn! (You know that feeling you get when you see in human form the man you've always imagined/envisaged/envisioned/visualized yourself with in your daydreams...). I sighted him from afar, getting closer, I took in his watch, a Piaget btw, his belt and his polo T shirt. He's tall and lanky, with a very cute face and thick glasses. He's a geek, a very sexy one. I eavesdropped on his phone call and my people he made one statement that made me instantly fall in love.

 "Ok, no wahala, just let me know before Saturday and I'll get my boat ready". 

His boat?! Oh boy! I was hooked. What I really liked about him was that he's very understated, you know, the shy, awkward type that's very cute and obviously a (rich) genius. Somehow this guy and I got talking while he waited for his shawarma and I waited for my popcorn. We exchanged names, personal details; occupations, places of residence etc, he complained about how he was very jetlagged from so much travel and how he needed some sleep, we joked about how great the popcorn and shawarma are, so much so that he was running late for a meeting but he just had to have this first.

     Then his shawarma was ready so he crossed over to his queue to go get it and while he did, I could see me on his boat, my 22" Peruvian hair flying wildly in the wind, while he stood behind me, dropping light kisses on my neck, wrapping those skinny arms around my waist, whispering sweet nothings into my ears.... And the next thing I know, he collects his shawarma, waves at me and walks away. Without collecting my number?! Jesos! I wanted to run after him and scream "Wait, wait o! you forgot something!" But I couldn't. The disappointment rendered my legs and mouth useless. 

       Please if you know any guy in his early-mid 30s, who's name starts with D, who's parents are from two of the major Nigerian tribes, who has a boat and lives in lekki phase 1, who works in the oil and gas sector, please tell him that I'm waiting for him to come back and put the pieces of my heart back together. I'm serious o! I will name our first child after whoever makes my dream come true. 

So on to the movie, if you haven't seen the movie; After Last Night please go and see it, especially if like me, you love love and laughter. Kevin Hart is a phooooooool! LOL. That guy is comedy personified. And Micheal Ealy, with his caramel complexion and dreamy eyes that remind you of the ocean just keeps your heart beating fast. It's a very nice, funny, romantic movie and I recommend it for everyone, male and female.

So I'm in bed and I can't stop thinking about D. *Sobs*. 
Good night good people. 


  1. OMG I know that feeling. Sorry dear.

  2. trust me i think most girls have been through this.. sigh.. Trust God to give you a part 2 :)

  3. Thelma if its meant to be, u ll see him again!!

  4. I so know that feeling, what's wrong with men? If you know you don't want my number then why chat me up in the first place? Aaargh

    1. Lol! You just killed me

  5. I know that feeling.Smthn similar hppnd 2me like 3wks ago or so.Mine hppnd in church.Ws waiting outside for d 1st mass 2end when d guy passd,my hrt literally stopped beating 4a few seconds,bt I later managed 2forget abt him n gt inside d church.However,d same guy happend 2b standing close 2where I ws as there weren't enof seats for evry1 that day.2say he ws a distraction 4me in church that day is an understatement.I caught him staring at me a number of tyms.Bt b4 mass ended,d guy disappeared.He left d church without speaking 2me or asking 4my number.Twas so hrtbreaking,bt while I try 2let go n 4get abt him,I stl secretly wish we run in2 each other again n if nt anythn else,become gd friends

  6. Yeah!I know that feeling,u meet that guy and you are thinking wow this is it and you get talking and you are totally like OMG and then the dude does not even ask for your contact.But there's a scenario that's worse,you exchange contacts and immediately you are calling your bestie and your Bff with the whole gist.Later, you keep waiting for his call, day 1,day 2,week 1, month 2...until it finally occurs to you dude aint gonna call.SAD

  7. @ favourite that is definitely the worst. When they collect the number and never call. It affects me so badly, it even affects my self confidence. I'll be like "are u sure nothing is wrong with me..." Thelma hun, I think you should do a post on that abeg. it will really help many ladies.

  8. I have this gut feeling you guys will meet again, dunno why! Anyways, I cant wait to hear more oooo when it happens...Wish you all the luck with the man of your dreams darl. Gosh, i'm such a sucker for romance tho *deep sigh*

    1. Amen. I woke up this morning and he was the first thing on my mind, I sincerely hope we meet again.

    2. "i'm such a sucker for romance tho" I know right. It just gives me hope, puts a smile to my lips and radiance to my heart

  9. Has anyone ever thought of this,what if he has a girlfriend and is a stand up guy.That you have a girlfriend does not mean you cannot talk to girls,but it meansyou should leave it there as talk.I'm in a serious relationship so if I go out and chat with a guy I don't leave my number,just smile and move girls console yourselves that such guy has a serious girlfriend and is very faithful if not he would have asked for your number

    1. hmmm now that you've mentioned it.. sighhh. it's sad though

    2. I've actually thought about it, but if that's the case he shouldn't have chatted me up in the first place. He was after all the one who approached me (and whetted my appetite). There were others there, there were men, he could have talked about sports or politics or something with one of the guys if he was so eager for conversation. Oh well.... That was yesterday, today is a new day. If we're meant meet then we will, I guess.....

    3. Perhaps he saw through you that you were dying for a chat from him? At times, we ladies can be so obvious.....

  10. Awwww. Ndo, dear. Just keep praying he won't find peace until he finds u out. And remember to keep stalking Ebeano for a glimpse of him. Lol. On a serious note, that special one will eventually show up. Keep preparing yourself for that magical encounter. And since I only watch movies based on recommendation or 4/5 star reviews, I'll say thank u for recommending. #Enjay#

  11. Lols...pls remember sister red shoe and sister blue shoe

    1. Yh, was just about typing the same thing. Thelma dear, you would meet that special person that wont go away and would be there for you always. Love your blog and writing style. BTW, this is my first time commenting.

  12. what is "sister red shoe and sister blue shoe"?????


  13. Thelma, i really hope you both find each other again, and at the right time, and that you both are meant for each other : )

  14. Thelma did u take a look at his wedding ring finger?

    1. Of course! That's the first thing ever! I checked that first and when I didn't see any, I even looked closer to make sure there was no ring mark on the finger.

  15. Thelma I'll go into fasting for u I promise this guy she return

  16. Thelma, I have a feeling you will not end up like the sisters* Plus what happened to you making the first move, i.e requesting for his number? You should see Berry and Cakes wedding story on bellanaija now. Cakes didn't call after requesting for her number for a while, she gave him an hint by texting him.

  17. I love the sincerity of this blog.
    Back to the matter; Ladies if this same guy had been dropped off by a keke napep and wore regular clothes and accessories but same physique; would you still have the hots for him. Moment of truth!

    1. Honestly this guy already had my attention before I saw the Piaget Wristwatch or before I heard him say he'll get his boat ready or before I noticed his shoes, or before he told me where he works or before I saw his Jeep. He caught my eyes from a distance. He was just a tall, lanky guy in glasses and he caught my eyes.

  18. Awwwwn,feel soo mushy mushy...loool anyway thelma
    if its meant to be you would definitely see him again...till then ask God to make whoever you are meant to be with restless till they meet you!.

  19. I meet a guy like that as well. i was speechless. he asked for my phone number an did was just looking, then he saw my bb and asked for my pin which i gave him. we started charting ( we met at a wedding in rubi gradens , i think his name was jj going by his bb name. he dosent live in Nigeria but he came were often. fine mixed race guy. was stying with hi cuz at lekki one after staying in vgc before(where i live) long story short i kept postponing and when i was finally ready he was no longer a contact , i cald and re adding him and in declined . long story when we later spoke after i tried calling him . HE could remember me and he found it so strange since he hardly forgets stuff. i was so :(


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