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Inception- ( Short Story )

Bayo looked so calm and in control seated across me on the other side of the table. Spread before us was an array of exciting dishes, most of which I wasn't familiar with. The air was serene, the ambience of the restaurant was almost sensual. I looked around me at my fellow diners at the Burj Al Arab. Wealth, power, class, affluence. This was where the billionaires all came out to play. I knew most of them, well naturally, seeing as I was now one of them. It was either they were friends of my father-in-law, or my hubby was friends with their children. 

    Again, my attention returned to Bayo, my insanely handsome man. He was deep in conversation with the Oil magnate seated beside him. From the looks on their faces you could tell that they were discussing serious business, possibly they were in the middle of closing a deal. Surprised? Don't be. You see in our world some of the biggest decisions, some of the greatest deals, or the most successful mergers were done over a glass of scotch and a platter of nuts. Bayo obviously felt my gaze and turned towards me, slowly parting his lips to reveal pearl white teeth in a sweet smile meant for me alone. Bayo had the kindest smile I'd ever seen. He soon returned his attention to his seat partner. 

      Zara was still talking, going on about the new Birkin bag and how it didn't meet her expectations. Zara was Bayo's childhood friend and the daughter of the Ghanian president. All around me discussions were going on, deals were being made, partnerships were being formed. You would not have known that this was my wedding dinner party. To you, Bayo and I should be the cynosure of all eyes, the center of everyone's attention, but things didn't work that way in our world.

 Thinking of what was to follow that night, I rubbed my thighs together in eager anticipation, yet my heart skipped a beat in apprehension. For a second I wished we hadn't flown everyone out to Abu Dhabi for our wedding. If we were in Nigeria everyone would have gone home and B 
and I would be acting out some positions from the latest Karma Sutra by now. 

Patience, be patient Bose I said to myself. I trained my eyes on Zara, trying to focus on the "simply amazing" Chopard earrings she had bought at Harrods the previous week. I lifted some caviar unto a cracker and put it into my mouth, I closed my eyes, savouring the sour taste. My mind returned to thoughts of love making with Bayo, carefully disregarding the fact that Bayo always had to strangle me almost to the point of asphyxiation before he could get turned on or have an erection. But, I did not mind, after all who would have ever thought that I, Abosede, the daughter of a local farmer would one day marry into one of the wealthiest families in the 
country. For the thousandth time I stared lovingly at my brand new diamond wedding ring.

        Suddenly, I felt a heavy splash of water on my face. How dare they? Did Zara just do that. I tried to open my eyes to see the offender, it was a bit harder than I expected. Another dollop 
of water on my face and my eyes were immediately opened.

 "Ogbeni shift jare. Abi you tink say na your papa parlour be dis?"

 It was the stench which hit me hard in the face that reminded me of where I was. I tried to cover my nose with my hands but the putrid smell of urine, sweat, fear, menstrual blood, vomit, defeat, death and sickness was too strong.

I was in jail. Why you might ask? I asked the same question too. I was home when three police men stormed my one bedroom apartment. They said Obinna was lying almost lifeless in the hospital and all evidence lead to me. According to them I had tried to kill Obinna. 

      Admittedly the last time I saw Obinna I had threatened to kill him. But those were merely words.
What would you say if you had walked in on the man who had promised to love and protect you for
the rest of his life, in bed with someone he claimed was his cousin. I felt like such a fool because I never imagined that Chinaka was anything more. I mean, she played mediator when Obi and I had issues, she took care of me when I fell ill, she had played such a huge part in planning our wedding. So imagine my shock when I heard screaming and walked into the kitchen and saw Obinna ramming into his "cousin" like an over excited dog from behind. 
        Till now, even when I try to block them out I still hear her screams of ecstasy. It was such a huge shock that when I blurted " Obinna, it is me and you in this Owerri, with these bare hands I will end your life" before storming out, it was a natural reaction. 
       Right there, I decided to end the relationship while calling on God to come and avenge me. I never meant or attempted to actually kill Obinna. 

All that fell on the deaf ears of the police. Apparently Chinaka corroborated the story. She said she was there when I threatened to kill him and also saw me run out of the house when she 
found him bleeding on the floor. I had been here for almost two weeks. They had denied me any visitors or bail, saying that murder was too grievous an offense. The only lawyer my family could afford showed up once for about five minutes and made promises to return the following day. I haven't seen her since then. 
         As I muttered a silent prayer to God I felt something creep up my thighs. It was warm and soft. I squeezed my eyes shut, scared of what it might be. Since I arrived jail I had seen cockroaches as big as small rats and rats as big as cats. But this felt different. Slowly I opened one eye, my heart racing. Of all the frightening things I had imagined this one hadn't crossed my mind.

 Steadily her finger trailed my thighs. I looked up at her face, she returned my inquisitive look with a suggestive smile. It was her, the pretty petite girl I had caught unabashedly staring at my naked breasts that morning. Curious, I watched to know what she would do. Seeing as I had no immediate objections she moved her face closer and touched my lips with hers. 

      For a second my heart skipped a beat. Part of me questioned what I was doing and tried to shove her away. But as our tongues touched the other part made me return her kiss hungrily and draw her closer to me. By that time her fingers were between my thighs, exploring my wetness. Right there on the floor of the cell I had my first lesbian experience and nothing had ever tasted so sweet. 
      The cell was dark and most others were asleep. A few were awake but I did not care, her tongue was driving me to edges of unimaginable pleasures. As her tongue stroked I could feel my passion building, I could feel it, I was almost there. I was about to come, lord! I was about to... Someone was shaking me by the shoulders. 

I tried to ignore it but they shook me vigorously. I feared that one of the wardens might have caught us. In dread I opened my eyes. 

"This is your bus stop madam" the fat man beside me said gruffly. 

"What?" I asked in confusion. 

"You said you would stop at Wuse Market didn't you?"

 I rubbed my eyes, trying to clear my thoughts and my vision. Looking around me, I was in a bus. Oh yes, I was heading for mid-week service in Wuse 2, I was officiating the Scripture Union Single Sisters service. I stole a quick glance at my watch, grabbed my Bible and jumped up frantically as the bus driver made to proceed. 

As I walked towards the junction in search of a cab I shook my head in dismay. What had just happened? 

 Then I saw a lady walk towards me, I was wondering why she was looking right at me as though she knew me. The loud blaring of a horn distracted me and I looked to my side. Beside me was pitch black  G Wagon with tinted glasses. Again the driver honked and I watched the glass slowly come down. An extremely attractive young man smiled sweetly at me, it was the kindest smile I had ever seen. At the corner of my eyes I could see her standing close to me, waiting. I turned to her, what did she want? She raised her eyes from my chest which she had been staring at unabashedly and greeted me with the most suggestive, seductive smiles I had ever seen. She wanted me. I suddenly felt a throbbing between my thighs....

"Hello, can I offer you a ride my dear" the young man was saying. Damn he was handsome. 

"My name is Bayo, what's yours?"

Standing on the busy road in Wuse 2, I looked from the wealthy looking hunk to the petite seductress. Clutching my Bible close to my chest, I couldn't understand why I felt like I was standing between the devil and the deep blue sea. 

The End. 


  1. First off i must commend you for being versatile in your writing. Very interesting read. I suggest she keep walking. Lol.

  2. Very nice Nwando.

  3. Thelma you've done it again. Fantastic piece of fiction.

  4. Thelma your mind ehn! She should better go for her SU meeting and forget these people of the world. Lol

    1. Wont getting a husband be a serious prayer point at the SU meeting?

  5. Dat awkward moment when ur thoughts meets reality with the same people!

  6. Please o....she should follow bayo and pray out the dangerous sex part....abi she is su....lovely story as usual the twist...but quick question can't you just write simple straight story that we can tell the end from the beginning like Nigerian film? Must you keep me guessing and my heart beating fast?

    1. Gelo I've never seen a Nigerian movie so I'm not sure what you mean. Where can I find one?

  7. hahahaha GELO! The brain also needs excercise , and change is always nice.So Thelma keep keeping it twisted that keeps my attention.

  8. Damn! So is this the same bayo is Dubai and Abuja?

  9. Sheesh. *speechless*


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