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Men Answer. What Is One Thing A Woman Should Not Do In Bed?

James, 30
Ask “is it in yet?”

Mike, 23
Fart or talk too much

Nick, 30
Don’t feel insecure about your body.

Josh, 28
Acting like a corpse and being still and silent.

Kurt, 26
I only have two turnoffs: a girl that likes it too rough (when I didn’t want to slap a girl in the face she accused me of being gay) and when a girl wants to kiss me after oral–that freaks me out!

Daniel, 27
The one thing a woman should never to in bed is get in bed too soon. Once a guy gets sex out of you you’re no longer fun and they move on.

Larry, 41
If she’s not clean down there.

Craig, 27
Loose pussy

Cameron, 30
Ask how my dad is doing

Cory, 22
Kissing after oral sex.

Shawn, 25
“pillow princesses.” If I go down on you, you should go down on me.

Brandon, 22
My biggest pet peeve is when she strokes my cock too hard and fast. Take it easy!

Jon, 32
A woman that ridicules the size of her lover’s dick, or sensitive body part: not someone to return to.

Ross, 30

Aaron, 29
Call me another man’s name. Also she can laugh with me but she can’t laugh at me.

Mark, 27
The worst thing a girl has ever done was call me someone else’s name.

Bryan, 28
Ask “did you cum yet?” or “is it in?”

Pete, 25
I was having a one-time hookup with a girl and as we were about to have sex she said “make love to me.” I was so taken aback and turned off that I didn’t enjoy the sex at all.

James, 26
Demanding not to use a condom–it screams that you want to have a baby.

Chris, 28
Don’t put your clothes back on after, tell him to hurry, answer a text during sex or talk about other topics.

Jason, 27
I’d have to say when a girl tells me to say something dirty, all of a sudden I feel like it needs to turn into a raunchy dialog. It’s too much pressure.

Steve, 24

Andy, 28
Be too aggressive.

Paul, 28
Everyone has different tastes. One guy may want you to put a finger in his ass and the next may go soft at the word “ass.”

Ryan, 27
Never stick a finger in a guys ass unless you know for sure he will like it!

Richard, 35
Talk. Just moan.

Rick, 30
Pass gas while receiving oral…(eeeeeww)

Bruce, 28

Jason, 27
Compare me to an ex.

Ryan, 26
I would say commenting on the size or lack thereof of his package. But otherwise I’d like to think I’m pretty open minded and can’t really think of anything that would be a deal breaker.

Dustin, 30
In my experience I would say you should never just lay there and let the guy do all the work. I don’t know about other guys but I can’t get into it unless the girl is also.

George, 34
She has to be clean, not use her teeth during oral, not be too controlling, and not just lay there.

Ben, 29
Be hairy down below.

Devin, 28
. I was with this girl that just laid there, not making a sound and completely expressionless. Didn’t like kissing, had absolutely zero passion. Mad it feel like I was forcing her to do it, that she didn’t even like it, and as a result I couldn’t keep it up. 

Garrett, 28
Point between my legs and giggle!

Steve, 29

Danny, 24
Ask to bring another guy into bed.

Mark, 28
Pee the bed because she’s drunk.

Jon, 24
There isn’t a universal thing, it totally depends on the guy–there are so many different preferences. Sex is like pizza, people like it even if it’s bad.

Thomas, 29
Farting during sex.

Bill, 31
Be a prude.

Joe, 27
Every guy has different likes and dislikes, for me I don’t want a woman who seems embarrassed about sex. I want an adult woman who owns her choices.

Bryan, 24
Don’t lay there and make him do all the work!

Derrick, 28
Um… unless she turns out to be a stalker it’s pretty much all good.

Jackson, 31
The biggest turnoff is a woman who emasculates you. That’s my dealbreaker. I don’t think there’s anything worse than that.

Luis, 22
Lay there and not do anything.

Andy, 29
Fart during oral or get a case of the giggles while looking at a guy’s dick.

David, 32
The one thing you should never do in bed is nothing! 

Alex, 29
If she pooped… total dealbreaker.

Aaron, 27
We are a lot more fragile than most women think… if you ever break a man’s confidence in his “performance” good chance you’ll lose him forever. That’s cruel.

Kevin, 29
Scream another man’s name.

TJ, 32
Ask “is it in yet?” when it is.

Tucker, 27
Smell bad down there.

Chad, 31
Say “I love you” for the first time.

Jon, 32
Go to sleep while your partner has a hard on, on a regular basis.

Jim, 33
Have poor hygiene

Rob, 28
Farting is the only thing I can think of.

Denny, 27
Never say the name of your ex. Total sex drive crusher.

Dan, 30
Complain about your life, give it up too easily, be too much of a prude.

Jeff, 24
Talk. Men don’t like talking.

Josh, 28
Never laugh at his penis. And don’t bite it.

Matt, 35
Fart or ask if their wife is as good as you are.(Hia!)

Mike, 27
Fart or say I love you. Or throw up.

Darnell, 28
Don’t ever lick my ass.

Chris, 27
Fart ha ha

Jay, 31
Men will forgive just about anything except being made to feel inadequate. Always make him feel like he is doing a good job. (Errrrm, what if he isn't ?)

Drew, 28
Fart, just lay there, or smell bad.

Dan, 27
Don’t touch my ass.

PJ, 28
Be hairy and untrimmed. It’s gross.

Lane, 34
There is nothing worse than a woman who is not fresh down there.

Michael, 27
Keep your teeth off my cock and your fingers out of my ass.

Pete, 26
I can’t think of a thing a woman has done in bed that I didn’t like.

Brad, 27
Be disinterested or lazy! I will never go back for seconds. Those girls are the worst.

Ben, 33
Every man is different but I don’t like a girl to be hairy.

Wayne, 36
Just lay there, squeeze my balls or use toys without warning.

Jake, 23
Don’t put anything in my butt!

Bill, 24
Text or answer a call during sex.

Jared, 30
I can’t be with a woman who is bad at kissing.

Eric, 28
Ask “is it in yet?” Alluding to the fact that the man you’re with isn’t big enough, that’s tough to come back from.

Aaron, 28
Have a bad odor down there.

Shahid, 30
Once you’re naked everything you do is good. This question is stupid.

Brian, 27
One girl pooped during sex. During doggy style. I’m still recovering.(Oh No! GROSS!)

Tom, 24
The only thing is making fun of his size. And don’t compare him while you’re going at it.

Michael, 25
Say she hopes she gets pregnant!

Source: the thought catalogue. 

This was so hilarious. It seems a lot of women fart in bed. Eeeeeeewww. Ladies you need to try to stop that. As you can see that's the biggest turn off for most men. 

Another one that comes close is just lying in bed like a log of wood. Come on ladies! Get to work. Make him come back for more.... If he starts avoiding you afterwards you'll probably say he used you and dumped you. Meanwhile it was all because sleeping with you felt like necrophilia!

Also, the importance of good hygiene cannot be overstated. I've heard stories of girls who smell so horrible down there. Shame! Someone told me of a girl he had been pursuing for a long time, they finally started dating and when they got to bed he wanted to go down on her but he couldn't because she smelt like ogiri! (Lol, sorry I don't know what ogiri is in English). 

Coming soon for the guys; things you should never do in bed with a woman!


  1. na so so fart everywhere. lmao @ ogiri. inyama!!!

  2. Lmao...I had a good laugh at this post but seriously tho,why wld a lady wanna stick her finger or worse still,lick a guys ass? Na so the thing do u? :/

    1. Garret's comment got me loling...if its not ciggarette sized,she wldnt giggle! Lols

  3. Men need to understand that when a woman asks if its in she's not doing it to belittle him, she's genuinely confused. smh!

  4. Chai! This was a really lovely break from my day's humdrum! Some of these answers had me doubling over! Bt sha it looks like too many girls fart during the do o! Cos dat seems 2 b mentioned evry other post. N damn bt it looks like sm chics hve been getting in touch wit dia inner freaks cos dats d only reason i can think of y a guy's ass wld b attractive (then again, sex is meant 2 b an adult activity, and an open minded adult wld not knock an experience till he/she's tried it once, ngboo?... *wit my lil devilish smile on rite now) N abeg sistas, dont go laughing at a man's junk! Even me gree say dat 1 na cruel, and apparently, not unusual torment. And on that, its back to the humdrum 4 me. Udo! Ziggy.

  5. Optimus 33: hate it when a girl is all comely and loving towards me, but in bed she says, "fuck me like a whore". Wtf???? Girl!!! Whores berekete for lagos na, I chose you for a reason!!

  6. one man's meat is another man's poison. I'm sure the reason some chics stick their fingers in a man's anus is because at least one man has asked them to do so during sex. they probably begin to think that every man likes it.

  7. @OPTIMUS ooooo, you got me cracking hard!

  8. lol when they say girls fart are they sure it isn't from the Virgina called queef? because it sounds like fart. sometimes even worse. queefs occurs wen penis, creates a vacuum of air inside the vagina, because of a position, or use of a condom, it also happen when the penis is removed or pushed deeper into the vagina...
    My ex hated when i kissed him after a blow job. mind you, he never came during bj. so why can't I kiss him ? he said it felt gay, like he's kissing his own penis :/ ? but I dont have a problem with him going down on me and kissing me after..smh

    1. Exactly. Maybe that's what they're mistaking as fart, because that many women can't be farting during sex na. Lol.

  9. "Keep your teeth off my cock and your fingers outta my ass" this got me rolling... Funny post. Gigi

  10. So I passed my phone to a friend to read and she asked if it's Ogiri okpei or Ogiri isi ....I can't stop laughing. Thelma Oya answer

  11. Thelma, ogiri is locust beans in english, iru in yoruba and dadawa in hausa. #Enjay#

  12. looool @ all the farting and anus fingering. yuck!

  13. smh! pls they should calm down. men do worse things in bed.


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