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The Hair Wars.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed the birth of a natural hair army. Actually I'm not, as some people already refer to them as the natural hair Nazi. Suddenly so many people started "going
natural", and very understandably too. 
      I've heard and read all the arguments for natural hair over permed hair and I think its fantastic having natural hair. 

But my problem is this, what you do with your hair is your prerogative. I do not understand why some people with natural hair have decided to take this hair thing very personal. It has become something of a statement, nay, a movement. If your hair is relaxed or you wear a weave you're suddenly viewed as the enemy, a weaker female, a slave who loves her shackles. What's this all about please?

My hair is my hair regardless of what I choose to do with it. Trust me I've heard all the "natural hair" arguments but till you can tell me that perming my hair would shorten my life span, or would reduce my chances at success in this life, or would make me wake up one morning and weigh 200kg or something, whatever it is, then please you can like to take several seats. 

The most irksome part is that some people do not know why they've gone natural. I see some ladies struggling to maintain it, which I hear is very difficult (shout out to those who do) and I innocently ask them why they've gone natural. Mind you this question is not some veiled accusation or mockery. It's plain old wide eyed curiosity. Then I hear reasons ranging from"it's superior to relaxed hair" to "it's healthy" to "it's trending" to "I don't know". By the way, these days the "it's trending" and "I don't know"s out weigh the "it's healthy".
       Someone very close to me has chosen to go natural. I sat with her and her mother one day and she was struggling with her new natural hair. It was almost painful to watch. Eventually her mum asked "but why are you doing this?" Her response...."I don't know..that's what is in vogue, besides
when I went to Downtown yesterday almost everybody had natural hair". In my mind I'm like oh seen..... So you don't even know why you've chosen to tow this path of suffering and endurance (that's what it looked like to me) for reasons beyond even your knowledge? Interesting. 

I admire beautiful natural hair, on this blog I've celebrated natural hair a number of times, but never permed hair (what's special about permed hair?), but what I find that I cannot abide is when some of you act superior to people with permed hair. Seriously? Stop trying to shove your hair and your views down my throat. If I'm damaging my hair, then it is my hair to damage, no? Your views on how the West has enslaved us so much, to the point of dictating our views or perception of what's beautiful and acceptable don't hold much weight with me either. I choose to relax my hair because it's comfortable and frankly speaking "hair" isn't a priority to me, therefore I don't see myself using all the natural hair oils, softeners etc. I just don't have the time or interest. It has nothing to do with what I see on the covers of Vogue or Cosmopolitan magazine. It is for this reason that statements like this make me want to crack open a coconut with my bare hands;

"The purpose of a "RELAXER" is to RELAX or TAME the natural (which in anthropological terms refers to PRIMITIVE) hair. If you do not understand the colonial discourses inherent in black hair, then I cannot help you. You can defend your choices of texturizing or relaxing your hair, but your choices are informed by your surroundings. The way the world is structured is against black women and their beauty regimens. Our hair takes work, but we have to find the time to accommodate it. But choosing to relax your hair and defending that choice behind "its my choice", "I am grown enough to decide" "its just hair" will not change the perception of black women and their beauty in regards to white women and their beauty."

Sorry but all I can say to this is "Oh please, nothing is ever that serious." As in, it's just hair! Maybe I am ignorant but IT IS JUST HAIR! (If we are to discuss based on the points in the above statement then it transcends just hair.)

Some go as far as looking down their noses at people who wear weaves, saying they have low self-esteem. Seriously? If that's the case then I guess any form of physical enhancement including using lipgloss and wearing push-up bras are also signs of low self-esteem and inferiority complex. After all it's all unnatural attachment to one's self. Oh, did I also forget that it was introduced by the Western world too?

      I appreciate #teamnatural because they've brought to light how best to take care of our hairs and what best to use for strong healthy hair. I shall admire yours from a distance, I shall sometimes even envy it. But I will relax my hair when it has undergrowth, while still trying to take good care of it to the best of my ability and if one day I decide to go natural (no plans of that at the moment) then I will. 
Rock whatever hair you have  with pride and in peace, be it unpermed or permed hair. 


  1. Spot on. Rock your hair with pride and IN PEACE. lol. Natural hair nazis shogbo?

  2. lmaooo. This post is hilarious. I don't get it either when people feel superior. I have natural hair and I always have to let people know that I'm not trying to prove a point with my hair. I've always had natural hair and do not know how to deal with my hair relaxed. The one time I relaxed a part of my hair for a weave (before I discovered closures), I had to cut all my hair short because the relaxed part eventually broke. Didn't see that coming. Anyway everyone should just stick to the one they know.

  3. Seriously though, the best word to describe some nachi people is Nazi. It's not a competition people!

  4. I couldn't stop laughing after reading this post and that's cos
    1: all indicators point n say that by this i sld be 'a Hitler' among the "natchi Nazis" (i have 20 odd inches of all natural, all mine hair in locks). However i really could not give a rat's ass wat any1 does to dia hair! And i've been known to fix weaves or braid on my locks wen n if i get bored with looking like myself 4 wat i think is too long (4 which i get attacked either by those dat are amazed by dat possiblity or by dose dat are enraged dat im bowing to d oyibo influenced trends)
    2: I get all sort of people walking up 2 me smtyms n trying 2 get me 2 speak 2 dem abt wat best to do 2 keep ur natchi beautiful, and i wonder y dey bother; i keep my locks cos i HATE going 2 d salon, so its easier 4 me 2 jst sit in front of d tv every other week n relock my hair. D day it becomes work, off it goes n its gorimakpa 4 me if dats wat i feel lik at d tym!
    Ur hair sld be in a way that makes u happy to be U! That's all! So if its braids, weaves, carazycolor on hair so straight u can draw a line wit it or good ol gorimakpa dat works 4 u, work it! Abeg its just HAIR! Ziggy

  5. Lol @ a slave that loves her shackles. Thelma you ehn....

  6. And I find it hypocritical for Natural hair activists to fix Brazilian and Peruvian looking hairs. Fix only afro weavons and leave the Peruvians (with or w/out closures) for awon relaxer babes biko...

    1. Hehehe. Sasha haff vex o!

  7. the name says it all. hair wars! and all for what?

  8. I admire natural hair Oo°˚˚˚°! But my dear I no fit! I have very stubborn hair.
    D pain alone of combing my stubborn relaxed hair won't even let me dream of keeping natural hair


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