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Any Thoughts On Miss Sahara's Anti-Gay Rant?

For those who do not know, Miss Sahara, formerly known in Nigeria (when she was a he) as Oche, is Nigeria's most popular transgender and also an LGBT rights activist. She's very vocal about the anti-gay Nigerian law and has, of recent, been taking to social networks to express her resentment and disappointment in the Nigerian government. Her latest rant is about the maltreatment of four alleged homosexuals in Warri recently. 
According to Linda Ikeji ; one of the four men that was disgraced blew the lid of the other homosexuals when one of them camped him and had sex with him without paying him for services rendered. The guy then proceeded to a Local Government Chairman's office in Warri, Delta state to report the case and exposed all of them. The chairman instructed the arrest of all four men and asked for them to be stripped in public and had their pictures taken. See Ms Sahhara's rant after the  cut...

Why Do Men Love Bitches? (No More Miss Nice Girl)

"I've had enough. I'm sick and tired of men. Did I come to this world to suffer, to slave for a man? You'll do everything, cook for him, clean his house, take care of him, be his sex slave and then what? There's nothing to show for it! Meanwhile some bitches there sit down and cross their legs and they're making hundreds of thousands. They're making millions from their men and you dare not ask them to cook. Cook what! Cook fire! I swear I'm breaking up with him. No more miss nice girl. The bitches are winning, the bitches are getting the jobs, the money, the rings, the trips abroad and what do I get? Nothing."

Seriously. Where Has All The Romance Gone?

Men.... What happened to the excitement of the chase; the thrill of the chase, getting to know someone (better), creating a form of relationship with a chic, becoming friends first.... What's happened to all of that. What happened to the romance? 
You know how we women are... We meet a man and five minutes later we've already planned our wedding, named our kids and picked out their schools, and planned our 25th wedding anniversary. While the guy doesn't see beyond the next date where he takes you to bed and shags you senseless and probably loses your number afterwards.....

Beautiful Photos Of Celebs And Their Mums On Mothers Day!

Let me begin by saying Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers here on ThelmaThinks. This is coming sooooo late and I have no excuse so I tend my unreserved apologies. I'm sending hugs to all the mothers; Enjay, Tokoni, Omalicha and all others. May God continue to bless you and yours and fill you with strength and grace. Amen.

I hope you were all able to express to your mamas just how much you love them. Unfortunately I couldn't be with my mum today because she's oh so busy, as usual.

Some celebrities shared beautiful pictures of them and their mamas on social network and it's my pleasure to share them with you all. 
Mercy Aigbe and Mum. 

Annie Idibia's mum.

Wanderings Of A Plus Size Diva. (Somebody Please Stop Me!)

I haven't done any WPSD post in a while because I'd hoped that those days were over (yeah right).
Well, unfortunately.... They're quite far from being over. And I have this past weekend to prove it. So I came to spend the weekend with *G because I knew I'd have peace and quiet here. Thankfully I've been able to accomplish as much as I'd hoped to but what I didn't anticipate or expect was the amount of food, nay, calorific junk I'd consume. On Friday night we went out. First I had to meet up with someone at Le Meridian and there was some buffet going on and we partook. I soon lost interest in my host (very annoying somebody) and G and I went to Façade to meet with my friend but we couldn't stay long because I really needed to get back home and continue. On our way back, I can't remember who's brilliant idea it was that we stop at The Place and get food. (We weren't even hungry!!!). So we stopped and bought loads of carbs that we really d…

Would You Rather...? (Still On The Island-Mainland Issue)

So like I said in the previous post, two topics grabbed my attention and this is the second one. One of our friends who's visiting Lagos said she's noticed some Mainland-Island pseudo war on Twitter usually instigated by some particular people, she listed some familiar twitter-handles but since I'm not really a fan of twitter and social networks in general, the names didn't mean much to me. She then said something I've heard before myself that was said by Noble Igwe of when someone invited him over to the mainland; that he never crosses the bridge (from the island to the mainland) for anything, except when he has to go to the airport. Quite frankly I've heard this a number of times, once from the person to whom it was supposedly said. (I wasn't there so I cannot confirm the veracity of the statement).

"I'd Rather Settle For Less Than Be Alone".

So this morning *Anna etc and I thought it would be a brilliant idea to go out for breakfast and contrary to what I'd thought, we still had a riot. As usual we covered a range of topics from friends that leave you when levels change you don't meet up to their living standards, and men that leave you when you begin to love them back. Of the various topics, two in particular things caught my attention.

Do You Believe In Seers? Heartbroken Blog Visitor Might Be Losing HisLove To One.

Last night I chatted with a blog visitor and because he didn't ask me to, I would not divulge the details of our conversation. But the basic gist of it is that his girlfriend of two years, whom he hopes to marry, just told him that that might not be possible. Apparently her aunty took their pictures to a "prophet" who told her that they would not have a blissful union if they get married. Subsequently the girl came across another man of God who told her that he (blog visitor) is not her husband. So the girl has suggested they take a break from the relationship. The blog visitor is very distraught because he really does want to marry her, he also is not very confident in the genuineness of these men of God.

Seriously, Why Are Some Girls Stupid?

Last night somebody, for reasons best known to him, sent me a short video on BBM. It was a sex tape made in a small dingy room by someone having sex with her boyfriend. Apparently this young woman put it all on display. From oral sex with the guy, to pleasing herself, and the entire act in itself. Her face and body in full view, yet not a single part of this guy's body, (besides his penis) showed. The guy, who did the recording, was so careful that his fingers barely even showed. 
I've come across several Nigerian home made sex tapes, these are not porn but tapes made between lovers. I also know someone who used to record his sexcapades with the full knowledge of the girls. I saw some of the videos on his laptop, not once did his face show. In all the videos the girls were almost very  eager to show their faces (and identities). I couldn't understand it. First off I don't understand how this guy gets the girls to do this, and no, they're not prostitutes, one of sa…

Shocking Before And After Images; Faces Ravaged By Drugs.

I never thought that using drugs like cocaine and heroine could result in this. I know of a few people in Lagos who experiment with certain drugs. I hope these pictures would serve as a deterrent to them and other (prospective) druggies. 

More pictures below:

Question Of The Day...

Look at the pictures above. Can you (honestly) picture/see yourself with your present spouse/partner/boo like this when you're both this old?
*As an aside, do you imagine you both would still be sexually active at this age?

Mistresses' Letters To Wives. (Let's Talk About It).

It seems mistresses are constantly writing letters to their men's wives. Last year I posted one HERE and just today I've found another one. I've read several letters from mistresses to wives and there seems to be some recurring points. 
Dear ..... #1) I got your text today….I was so amused at the questions you asked???
How Could i sleep with a married man??? Do you really think i awoke one morning and said today I will ruin a marriage? Because if you did your dumber then your husband said you were…Does your ignorance allow you to think I approached him?
For the record I approach no man and never have. #2) You asked…How could I disrespect your wedding Vows?
Ummm For the record I wasn’t the one saying them with you….
I wasn’t the one professing my love for you in front of 100 guest, family and friends.
I believe this question is for the man who broke those vows not me.
Let’s be honest
What do i care about YOUR vows?
#3) You asked how could I live with myself for wrecking your happy ho…

13 Signs You're Dating A "Grown" Man.

And by Grown we mean mentally, emotionally and psychologically mature.

1. You know where you stand. You are his girlfriend or you are a girl he’s dating but either way he’s not scared to define it. He’s not afraid that a girl will cry and run away if she doesn’t hear what she wants to, he wants a mature woman because he is a mature man.
2. You don’t have to prod him to become a real adult. He’s self motivated to improve on his own. If there’s an area of his life that needs improvement, he’s working on it long before you notice it.
3. Texting with him is peaceful. Sometimes you have conversations. Sometimes you make plans. But it’s never a power struggle of who initiates and who texts lasts. It’s not fishing for compliments or security. It’s simply a short form of communication.
4. He calls his mom. You don’t need to tell him to do this and he does it to keep in touch, not because he needs her stamp of approval on all his choices.
5. He has interests. Like actual interests. Not beer da…

Ariyike Writes- Nobody Told Me.

This article is dedicated to all the women out there. We tend to put so much pressure on ourselves for no reason at all that we actually forget to live our lives for ourselves.
You don’t want to wake up one day to realise that you are clocking 60 and you haven’t done one thing that would have made you happy simply because you were too bothered about what people or society expected of you. Stop existing and start living. ***
My name is Sandra and this is my story…. The excitement of getting married and planning my wedding blinded me from seeing beyond the one or two day(s) event. It didn’t occur to me that I was going to move out of the comfort of my parent’s home where electricity wasn’t optional, it was an every second entitlement. Our inverter and generators were adequately maintained and we always had electricity 24/7. I guess that is why I never really understood why my fellow Nigerians complained about electricity, water and other issues until I moved out of my parents’ house.

Friends With The Ex; Maturity, Self-Deceit or....?

So earlier today Linda Ikeji put up a post about Swizz Beatz and wife, Alicia Keys on vacation with his ex wife (pictures above). The pictures show Swizz making out with wifey while his ex sat there (trying to look) unconcerned. As an aside, Alicia Keys says Swizz and his wife were already separated before they got together but I remember watching an episode of one of these reality TV shows (honestly can't remember which one right now) where his ex wife expressly stated that she and her husband where still very married and together when she heard that he was getting married to Alicia Keys, and shortly after he moved out.

But that's not what this post is about. Can you imagine yourself chillin/loungin'/hanging out with your Ex's present partner? Have you ever been in that situation? Are you/Can you be friends with your Ex's boo? 
Personally I don't think so, I feel there's always some unresolved stuff with Exs and although we may be friends or civil to each…

An Inconvenient Situation. - Short Story.

*Reader's Discretion. (Placed under advisement from a blog visitor)*

Time stood still the minute she walked in. All the men actually stopped what they were doing, the ladies looked upset and wives were suddenly uncomfortable. She walked with that carefree manner, knowing fully well that she had the attention of the whole room yet not at all affected by it. She was obviously used to it. She was tall. About 5'10" in those Louboutin heels. She had wide shoulders, a very narrow waist and even wider hips. Her makeup was perfectly done and her lips looked like they'd been deeped in blood. Rolake had a body made for sin, Rolake was a woman made for sin. After what felt like several minutes men tried to tear their eyes away from that body, her eyes, those lips. The women tried to act indifferent, most failed miserably. Rolake walked to the table where the bride's brothers sat. Toye stood up and greeted her in an exaggerated manner as usual. 
"Hey girlfriend! You loo…

15 People Share Their Wedding Night Story. Share Yours Too!

1. "My ex-husband sprained his ankle badly while drunkenly dancing with one of our bridesmaids. His parents came up to our hotel room later that night to check on him, because he was so swollen. Needless to say, the only moaning coming from our room was him ... moaning in pain!"
2. "My husband passed out from drinking on the bus ride to the hotel from the reception. I spent the night making sure he was okay and finally eating something after not eating all day."
3. "I guess that's the one advantage of having a dry, Mormon wedding -- we weren't too drunk to have sex!"
4. "We had sex, but I barely remember it, because I was hammered! Keepin' it classy."
5. "We got married in Vegas, so we had a great time at a club in our hotel. But after a whole night of dancing and toasting, we went back to our suite and passed out."
6. "We got into an argument, because a group of his friends got drunk since we had open bar and was bei…

Female Orgasm. Anyone Care To Talk About It?

It's 1.30am and I should be getting some good sleep for the week ahead but hunger won't let me sleep and guilt won't let me eat. So I pinged a friend to chat and she tells me the most ridiculous thing ever. She says while having sex some days back she came and the bed was soaking wet, and she's been wondering why she peed during sex. I asked if she's considered the possibility that she squirted and she straight out told me that she does not believe in squirting.

Now if you don't know what I'm referring to by a woman squirting during sex then please skip this post. Don't google it o! I don't want to be the one responsible for teaching you "bad" things. Just keep it moving till I have another post. But for us who do, let's talk about it.

The Rant, Last Night's Date And The Tears That Can't Stop Flowing.

(Saturday) I said I was going to talk about last night. I was going to rant about the poor treatment at the bar last night, but since I already did that I'll move on. It was just a rather annoying night. So the girls and I ordered our cocktails and then salads, club sandwiches, fries etc. We talked about Men/Sex/Dating as usual and then somehow the gist moved on to spirit husbands and "pressing demons" (spiritual attacks in the sleep, AKA sleep paralysis) I don't even know how we started talking about all that. Anyways it was time to go, we asked for the bills and time came to pay... NO MONEY. I had transferred the money I needed for the night into my friend's account since I (deliberately) don't have an ATM card. We were both meant to settle the bills but when the bills came she found out that by some magic the card had disappeared. And none of us had any cash! That's how me and my girls spent another two hours sitting down and looking at the ceiling. W…

First Dates Anyone?

The only reason I'm writing this is because I'm stalling. I absolutely hate first dates! I've been putting this off for about a week and everyday I come up with excuses why I can't make it. I've given excuses from I have a late meeting, to I'm working late, to I had to go somewhere with my boss and some other hopefully plausible lies. Now the weekend is here and we're meant to meet at 6pm and it's 6.10 and I'm still cowering on the sofa while my friend is berating me, telling me that I'm going to lose this guy just the same way I lost others; constantly posting them till they get tired and fashi me. I'm worried as well... He called at 4pm and I told him the mechanic has my car and it should be here by 6. So now I'm wondering if I should tell him the mechanic disappointed me, or if I should just go get dressed and brave it.

Something Called Eddie Justifies Domestic Violence.

Just after seeing this picture of this beautiful model who was beaten to a pulp because she told her Russian millionaire boyfriend that she wanted out of the relationship, I then saw this tripe below:

I keep wondering why some people say ''Never lay your hands on a woman, no matter what they do''. This is really absurd, but the truth is that any man who has never hit his wife, 2 things are involved - it's either he married an angel or he is a wimp.

Who Run The World.... (Last Night; My Rant)

Barely a few hours after reading the article on the new Kenyan law which enables Kenyan men to marry as many wives as they want... ,let's talk about this law first. From my understanding, Kenyan law has always supported polygamy, on the condition that the husband must first have the consent of the first wife to bring in a new wife or other wives. The men, not satisfied with this sought to pass to law a bill that would dispense with the clause which provided for this, so that the wives' consent will no longer be needed in taking other wives. Well this bill was passed into law and women, enraged, displeased, dissatisfied  "staged a walk out". I'm quite surprised that they are not protesting against the existence of that law in its entirety. 
While still thinking about this law and the general state of the world which is a big *YIMU* to Beyonce's Who Run The World-GIRLS, I got to the cafe/restaurant where I was to have drinks/dinner with friends, we were four i…

What Happens When You Meet The Person Of Your Dreams Just After You Say "I Do"?

Ever since my teenage years long before I knew what love was, I've had one fear, one nagging question that bothered me; what if I meet the man of my dreams just a week after my wedding? Through the years I've come up with different answers and different suggestions, so when I saw the mail below I could almost relate with it. :
" I gave my girlfriend of two and a half years an engagement ring and just a little over a week later I met the woman of my dreams who is single and interested in having a relationship with me. How do I break things off with my girl without breaking her heart? I'm convinced without any iota of doubt that this new girl is The One. What would you advise? Why did I get engaged when I wasn't sure? Pressure! Some guys know what I mean..."
A blog visitor asked in her mail if it's possible to get married and find someone you prefer to your spouse. The answer to this is YES. It is very possible. In fact the likelihood that you would meet peop…

Moving On- Nky Egbe

A few days ago, I bumped into an ex-boyfriend while shopping for a new phone at a local mall. We exchanged pleasantries and I politely declined to give him a hug because I found it very inappropriate. I offered him a warm handshake instead. While driving home, I laughed at myself and found it difficult to understand why I had clung on to the idea that we would get back together long after we had ended our relationship.
I had refused to tell my family or close friends the truth about our breakup as I felt he was going to come back to his senses and run back to my arms. I was aware he had moved on very fast. He was in a very healthy relationship with a younger woman who was also a family friend. The new lady, unlike me, participated in his family functions. I knew all this about his new life because I was secretly stalking him on Facebook at night. I’d make prank calls just so I could hear his voice or get his attention in whatever way I could without him knowing it was me.

For or Against Bill Gates' Kids Not Inheriting His Billions?

Below is an excerpt of an interview with Chris Anderson, the organizer Of TED Ideas confab:
“You’ve easily got enough money despite your vast contributions to the foundation to make them all billionaires,” Anderson said of the Gates offspring. “Is that your plan for them?” “Nope, they won’t have anything like that,” Bill Gates said. “They need to have a sense that their own work is meaningful and important.”
I'm completely in support of teaching your kids to fish as opposed to merely giving them fish. I believe that the Gates' decision is the right, just and noble thing to do, and I think a lot of Billionaires in Nigeria should borrow a leaf from the Gates.But, imagine you're the child of Bill Gates or an equally wealthy billionaire. Would you understand and accept that the bulk of your father's vast wealth would be given to strangers (charity) while you're left to work for everything you need? Would you think your father's billions are your entitlement and it'…

Most Embarrassing Facebook Fails!

Here goes:

Dear Thelma, I Think I've Made A Huge Mistake!

I have a long story but I will try and make it as short as possible. I’m a lady in her mid twenties with a good promising job and a car, I met my fiancé in August 2012, started dating October 2012 and he proposed December while we were both in school for our 
postgraduate programs. I had reservations about the proposal cuz I felt it was too early and he’s just trying to use that to hook me down but I accepted all the same cuz the relationship was still in its ‘honeymoon stage’ lol.

Fast forward a few months May 2013 I got employed even though I have some businesses I run on the side, while my fiancé is still struggling for a balance. He’s presently not in town cuz he just got a project he’s working on.

Meanwhile, there is this guy I met recently that I really like and would have considered if not that I am engaged. The feelings we have is mutual but he respects that i am in a relationship hence, our friendship. I hang out with him a lot and we have so much in common. We talk and play as f…

Dear Friend With Benefits.....

Dear Friend With Benefits, Hello and Good bye dear friend with benefits. I should have known from the start that when we part ways there won't be smiles, yet I can not cry, because I'm not allowed to, because you were merely a friend with benefits.

Did you really think that those nights we spent, making love... No, sorry, having sex for hours, while you made me come again and again, sating the almost insatiable tiger within me, till I was almost mad with pleasure... Then we'd cuddle up and chit chat about work and gossip about life, and I'd tell you about the guy stalking me, and you'd tell me about that girl who won't stop texting you... was just to pass time? 
Do you remember those days we went for pizza and ice cream, then to the sports bar to watch your team play, where we'd drink bottle after bottle of beer and then go back on home to catch up on our "benefits"?

In Defense Of Women Who Marry For Money.

I mentioned that some of my friends came into town for my birthday right? After we cleaned up we retired to the bed room but sleep didn't come immediately. We had to talk about everything, one of which included the wedding of Adaora Ufondu to Chief Emeka Offor. Some cast aspersions and called names, "gold digger" was thrown around often carefreely. Everyone was an accuser, judge and jury. I listened to various diverse opinions. The pros and cons of marrying an older man , marrying a wealthy man, marrying  for money. For some reason everyone was of the opinion that she married for money. I've on a couple of occasions asked "what if she actually loves him?" But before I get all the words out they shut me up.

In Defense Of Private Universities And Their Outrageous Rules.

The rules in some private universities in Nigeria leave a sour taste in the mouth. For some people it's just plain ridiculous. Why should adults be treated like that; no phones, no gadgets, no make up, no trousers, no heavy jewelry, limited freedom of movement, limited freedom of association with members of the opposite sex, inability to come and go as you please, compulsion to attend religious gatherings on and on and on it goes. It's outrageous really. How's the individual supposed to grow under such circumstances? After all the University is really where one learns life's lessons. It's where most of us develop ourselves and our characters.  How is an individual supposed to grow in an extension of high school. Actually, some high schools don't even have that many rules. We think about it and we scream "Never!". "I could never have attended a school like that". The picture above is for new rules in Covenant University, a school unpopular f…

An Apology To The Men Who Kissed Me.

I visited my friend at home. We were in the middle of a serious "life issues" conversation when I noticed her eyes twitch. Soon her hands were twitching too and she kept looking around nervously and swinging her legs restlessly. She stood up, sat down, stood up, paced the length of the living room, sat down, looked out the window, scratched her skin... All the while trying to focus on our gist. I watched her and waited for her to excuse herself. I knew her, I knew those signs all too well. She needed a stick.

Question Of The Day.

What would you do if for 5 years you have been unemployed and unlucky in your job search. You've taken your CV everywhere, you've written tests and attended interviews but all to no avail. You have been living from hand to mouth and struggling to make ends meet. Then one day you get a call and get offered your dream job. Your basic salary is N350,000 monthly, with other allowances and privileges, including a company car and accommodation. The only problem is that the job is in a Alcohol/Tobacco company and you are a Born Again Christian and the Youth Leader in your local church. Will you take the job or turn it down?

What Would You If You Won £108 Million?This Mechanic Just Did!

A car mechanic is celebrating banking a massive £107,932,603.20 EuroMillions jackpot after telling his father 'this time tomorrow, I will be a millionaire.'
Neil Trotter, 41, from Coulsdon in Surrey, was so confident he’d win a prize he’d told his father and staff at his office last Friday lunchtime that he would be retiring  - before he even scooped the prize.  Mr Trotter bought £10 worth of Lucky Dip tickets on Friday after getting a 'funny feeling' that he had to play while on the drive to work. Later that evening, he discovered that he had matched five numbers and two Lucky Stars in the EuroMillions draw. He and partner of eight years Nicky Ottaway revealed today that they celebrated their win with two bottles of Budweiser beer on Friday night, before they spent a restless night excitedly contemplating how their lives would change.

"Nwando Leave Your Brother To Marry Who He Wants To Marry, You Won'tMarry Your Brother"

In December, while on our way to Cold Stone, my friend *Vivian and I had ample time for random discussions as the traffic at the toll gate was epic. One of the things we talked about was when your man's sisters are the stumbling block in your relationship. I mentioned a friend of mine who has been dating her boo for a couple of years, I told Vivian that I was worried my friend was wasting her time because I did not think the guy was going to take the relationship to the next step and put a ring on it. My reasons for saying that? The boyfriend's sisters hate my friend! They do not like her and they don't even try to hide it. In fact it's so bad that they extended the dislike to me simply because I'm her friend. They try at every point to make her look bad to their brother and they've recruited their mother into their army of hate. And you know what that means right?
Now to be honest, my friend does have some "issues" that you wouldn't exactly wish…

At What Point Do We Decide That Enough Is Enough?

This was the comments of some anonymous commenters on Laila Ikeji's blog after watching the BBC and Aljazeera clips of the NIS test recruitment stampedes.

Getting Older Sucks!

"Baby you're getting old o! Baby you're old. What will you do nau?" was what a 'suitor' said at about 11pm last night. First off, that sentence alone has put him on my life and phone's blacklist. I have absolutely no patience or tolerance for people who do not know how to talk or people who refuse to think before they talk, especially someone who claims to want to be my husband! Just to make it clear, that sentence was to make me make up my mind and stop "doing shakara" because I'm running out of time.

Beauty Of The Day Contest Winner: IJAY!

Ijay emerged as the winner of the Beauty Of The Day contest.
Results are as follows.  Ijay: 6 votes.  Fidelia: 5 votes.  Ziggy: 5 votes.  Angela: 4 votes.  titi: 2 votes. Mide: 1 votes. Folashade: 1 vote. Aniella: 1 vote. 

Congrats Ijay! Please mail me; to claim your prize. Either a bottle of 100ml Burberry Weekend and a bottle of wine. Or 10,000 naira cash. 
............. Thanks a lot for your birthday wishes and prayers. I really do appreciate them. God bless....

Death At A Job Interview- Charles Novia

After the stampede at the Nigerian Immigration Services' test venues that resulted in the deaths of at least seven people, Charles Novia took to his blog ( to voice his opinion on the matter and speaks on Agriculture as an avenue for young people to make a living.

PDA? Blergh.*Pukes*

How do you feel about Public Display of Affection? Seeing two people holding hands, whispering in each other's ears, French kissing, stroking each other's arms, smooching, all those things that couples (supposedly) in love do IN PUBLIC!, in the full glare of people. 
Well I absolutely hate it!
The King and Queen of PDA are Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage and I've got the pictures to prove it!  Pictures below:

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Dear My Birthday, I'm so glad you're here. I love you so so much. 
Ladies and Gents, please help me give thanks to God Almighty for the privilege of seeing another birthday. I'm so grateful for my life, my family, my friends, my well wishers, my not-so-well-wishers, and all my blog visitors. I have a very rich life and for that I'm grateful. I've got so much to be thankful for.
       It's so fantastic to have people that love you... Osayi came in from PH for my birthday yesterday the 15th, Ginika came the day before yesterday from Enugu, and I've got people coming from far distances to share my day with me. My life truly is rich. 
      I really want to thank God because I spent most of 2013 in the depths of hopelessness, depression, despair, confusion, loneliness and discontent. I remember crying sometime last year and when my sister asked why, I said "what do I have to live for? My life has no meaning. My life has no meaning. There's nothing in my l…

Have An Awesome Weekend.

It's going to be a busy weekend for me, it already is. So this is me just checking in, if I'm MIA it's because I'm on a roller coaster. 
Remember to be kind and show love.  Don't drink and drive.  Play safe. 
Peace to the Middle East...

Beauty Of The Day Contest. Voting Starts Now.

Voting begins Now For The Beauty Of The Day Contest.

And While We're On The Rape Matter... (Don't Get Caught In TheCrossfire)

There's just one point I'm trying to make with this post. I'm not going to write an epistle on rape and why we need to speak out against it (we really do) and all what not. This post was sparked by a sentence I saw on a post on Bella Naija.

"It does not matter if a man finds a naked woman twerking on his bed, if she says NO, she really, really means NO”.
Yes, men really need to understand that NO means NO. I wanted to do a post on this in December but I did not want to offend a "friend" whom I knew would take it personal if he saw that on my blog, for certain reasons, so I put it off. But it's never too late to say this. Just like the person said above, even if she is twerking naked on your bed, once she says no, then get up and go take a cold shower. Whatever you do, DO NOT TOUCH HER. Worst case scenario, throw her out. Yes I said it. Tell her to leave your house if her presence is making it difficult to keep your dick in check. 
But this post is not for …