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At What Point Do We Decide That Enough Is Enough?

This was the comments of some anonymous commenters on Laila Ikeji's blog after watching the BBC and Aljazeera clips of the NIS test recruitment stampedes. 

Unlike the first commenter I really feel sorry for them, but I am in agreement with these comments. We Nigerians are MUMUs as Lagbaja rightfully said. But why? Why do we never hold anybody accountable, from our network service providers to our Government. Most importantly our Government. Truly if these people had marched in these numbers to Aso Rock, there would be better chances of a positive result. Actually, it would have resulted in more deaths and bloodshed but those in power would know that the youths are angry. Unfortunately we are too busy focusing on things that do not matter. 

Nigeria needs a revolution. We should not blame our government for all our problems nor expect them to provide all the solutions. But we should hold them accountable for the duties and obligations they owe to us. We should hold them accountable for those functions they promised to carry out when they came BEGGING us to put them in office. We should hold them accountable when billions of naira grow wings and fly. We should hold them accountable when they live like kings while the rest of the country live like paupers. We need to develop a culture of Accountability. The problem that we Nigerians have is that we do not understand the power we yield as a collective people standing firm before our Government/leaders/oppressors. 

Now the part about this entire situation that makes me laugh and cry simultaneously is the fact that the "owners" of those slots for the vacancies were at home chillin' while hundreds of thousands were stampeding and dying in a bid to write tests that would never be marked. 

At what point do we the youth decide that enough is enough?


  1. Girl,I'm sorrry but Yimu to ur post! If revolution is a polite was of saying War then No,we aint ready and its not necessary. As long as we differnet ethnic groups In Nig,its gonna cause more friction. If Ghana didn't need a "revolution" I don't see why we shld have on one.
    BTW do Nig still come out to do FG mass job tests? Do u think another Nig wld waste his/her time "marking" ur script? When wld YOU guys learn??????

    1. No, I did not mean war. I meant standing up and fighting for what we want even just once. Standing up and asking questions as opposed to grumbling and cussing out the government. Standing up and holding them accountable. Most of the problems stem from the fact that they know they are leading a bunch of "mumus" that do not question their actions. Thankfully social media is effecting a minor change in that. But we need to do more. We are not angry enough and we should be. That's what I meant by Revolution. If I used the wrong word then I'm sorry.

    2. My hope was in occupy Nigeria. If we cldnt get it right then,I donno how when. We are gonna keep complaining from the comfort of our homes and phones but the status quo remains the same.

  2. Thelma I kind of agree with Sasha bone. Look at USA and UK for instance. Something tragic happens in those countries, no matter how "little", and Obama/Cameron come out and spit fire and brimstone immediately after offering their deepest condolence. Each time there's a massive protest in these countries, the leaders aren't difficult to find in the news even if the issues resulting to the protests aren't resolved immediately. But come to our beloved country: where was Jonathan when we were in perpetual lockdown in January 2012 as a result of the removal of fuel subsidy? Brazil. Doing what? When everyone was weeping for the Aluu4, where was he? When Yobe FGC students were murdered, where was he? When villages are razed to the ground on daily basis, where is he? Now, when this unfortunate incident happened on saturday, have you seen his face, over 48hours later?

    The best Revolution you can give is to go to the polls by this time next year and ensure that your wisdom is put to good use. Jonathan is "blessed" with the attitude of exempting himself from every tragedy happening during his tenure and gives us the "I wasn't in power when xxxx was messed up" excuse. We must put aside ethno-religious sentiments if we want this to work. Sanitize yourself, your family, your friends, and your colleagues on this issue. Spread the word in social media: "We must vote WISELY in 2015 for our Future's Sake", or else....

    Be Blessed.

  3. Agreed. I obviously need to change the title of this post. I have used the wrong words.

  4. I feel pity for those who lost their lives and those who lost relatives.
    I really wouldn't blame anyone who'd refuse to march to Aso rock or another government house only because we need an end to corrupt practices.
    The issue is even if we did, chances are the mass of people who do would be ignored! And even undergo serious safety struggle; physical police harassment, tear gases,stampede, etc.
    In the midst of missing funds, chaos in the north east and north central, the government has done almost nothing! The fact that they can blankly not fight the cause squarely shows that it's not just corruption our leaders portray but also wickedness.
    This wickedness to me, has stemmed from greed, unnecessary competition amongst themselves and involvement in diabolic activities. Trust me, most of those leaders are evil. The problem is too deep rooted that I think the country needs the "revolution " from people at the top. They know better what to do.
    What weakens me is that, people who get to government positions with good intentions and relatively clean hands are the minority. A lot of them just see how deep the issue is, then they yield and also embezzle - at least when they leave power they shouldn't go hungry. Then the "staunch good" common Nigerian too is dwindling, the stress and lack amidst wealth is pathetic and frustrating.
    We need some kind of power surge to fill up a select people at the top and in different positions. Things will change then. Just like it has happened in some countries.
    The 2015 elections is a confusing one for me, confusing because I'm yet to see a candidate I can have a Lil hope in.
    Sure, Jonathan has done almost nothing; except in statistics, nothing visible. But who amongst the people we hear about and see can do anything either?
    While we keep our fingers crossed, let's see the presidential/ judiciary candidates line up.

  5. Thelma next time put the warning viewer discretion ........................

  6. I actually know a colleague who went for the test. This goes to show that not all the applicants were jobless! A lot just wanted government job which is devoid of the usual private sector stress and which allows for 'extra income'.

    RIP to the dead. I hope lessons have been learned.

    By the way, I wish for a peaceful revolution (if there is anything like that)

    1. Was explaining to someone this same thing. Not all were unemployed. Sometimes the media has a way of reporting their news. Ain't nothing wrong with career progression but there's everything wrong in applying for a govt job you know deep in ur heart and soul you wldnt get...

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