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The World Is Going Crazy And Everyone Is Going Crazy With It!

The picture that sparked a thousand arguments in my head. 

I blinked and wrong was the new right. Right was the new wrong. 
I blinked and men married men and had cute little children. 

I blinked and Miley Cyrus' twerking became legendary, and after the shock, the world loved her even more for it, and little girls all around the world wanted to be just like her. 

I blinked and everyone was nude. Everywhere. Everyone was naked. 
Music videos, naked. 
Promo pictures, naked. 
Social network, naked. 
Naked is the new normal. 

Remind me again, he's an Amdassador for something, right?...... Something to do with Youth and peace.... Seen!


I blinked and Beyoncé strutting half naked on stage was cool. Her toddler singing surfboard while mummy danced around bare-arsed on stage was even cooler. 


I blinked and Nigeria granted entrance to an Islam extremist as she "condemned" Boko Haram for shedding the blood of her own people.


I blinked and saw a novel hybrid with big breasts and big penises called trans-something or the other. 
I blinked and 15 was the new 30. 15's had social media accounts, multiple sex partners and a right to both. 
I blinked and marriage had become outdated and the phrase "born out of wedlock" had become extinct. Marriage; an irrelevant inconvenience that could easily be dispensed with. 

I blinked and my skin was snow white, as was everyone else's.

I blinked and it was a "brave new world". 
I am me ; tolerant, accepting, non-judgemental, accommodating, loving. 
I am me but when I stop to think; this is the world my children will be born into, I stop to think. 


  1. Thank you Thelma. That last sentence really caught me.

    Don't Judge, mind your own business, live and let live. But don't be alarmed when your daughters become Miley Cyruses at 12 years or even less, or your sons start having romantic ideas with their male "friends". Food for thought...*if you like, don't think*. LOL

  2. The more they promote insanity, the more someone must promote sanity. My 2 kobo. Tolerance means they have to tolerate my opinions too. Dr. N.

  3. The last sentence says it all. Everybody is going along with the changes, nobody is stopping to think.

  4. That picture with D banj. I can smell the body odour from here. Yuck.

  5. I remember someone telling me how scared her hubby was to have another child. He told her it was hard bringing up children, but worse still, in these times. So many things happening. God help us all.#Enjay#

  6. As in.... when I hear of lil babies being raped I think of my young ones and my unborn children...immorality everywhere. this is worse than that city God wiped out in the old testament

  7. The rise of the Internet, the best and worst thing that happened to this world... The rise of private universities the worst thing that happened to the Nigerian youth.
    We have eyes but cannot see, the devil has so blinded the world that these days people worry more about getting rich, how many followers they have on instagram than the state of their souls. It's sad to see but it's obvious that the end is near. It's a personal race, don't let what's happening around affect you. Let's prepare ourselves to meet our Maker.

  8. MY RANT...

    Why are some guys so useless?..or is it the banker guys that are soo useless??? I went to my fiancee' office yesterday cos he wanted me ti stop by. One girl came in and d way she acted with him smelt over-familiarity. Another came in and she claimed said she knew from somewhere. I felt it was from my television program so we exchanged pins and I found out she's on my Davids contact list. Cutting my rant short, must he really exchange pin and numbers with every girl he meets in d bank even when they chase him???? I don tire. I talked about it and he poured the whole thing on me yesternite. We slept on two ends of the earth. He left home early and did not talk to me. God knows I put my happiness first.

  9. One guy will not gimme hypertension. I want to go for my masters after NYSC and he wants me to put it on hold cos he wants to marry.

    And he's behaving like this. How marriage go come be??? I prefer remaining single than complaining all my life.

    BTW, what do you guys think about washing a guys clothe??? I can't wash his clothes and its giving him problems.

    1. If u live with him my dear u have already taken the role of wifey without commitments so u have to embrace ur role fully abi?! Cohabiting is not the way forward at all. And of he is flirting with girls up and down now marriage will not make him stop. So know ur limits and what u can deal with my dear.... My 2cents

  10. My 2kobo advice @Anniella, you have to put yourself first.Think, what would you do if you weren't dating him?And then find a way to compromise but do not let go of your goals 'cuz of marriage.Your kids would ask you questions oh.....

  11. This post just got me staring at my office desk for minutes, thinking!!! Thelma, I Ruth will STOP and THINK then ACT! As much as i'll certainly have a kid or 2 in this debased world, God willing, I plan to bring them up with and in the fear of God. I don't care if the world is modern, my family will find a balance btw traditional and modern with the bibles laws and principles as our foundation... the world can go crazy, but by God, my family must keep their sanity! #thats Y I need a Highly God fearing hubby/baby daddy. *back to thinking...

  12. For the many of us who still hold on to traditional beliefs, let's keep going with that.
    I have three kids by God's grace (in my early 30's) and I still teach them God's ways to the best of my ability. Thankfully, they have a father who holds on to Godly-beliefs as well. I have had to chastise them reading from the book of Proverbs many times.
    Yes, the world is crazy but NO, I don't necessarily have to swim with the crazy tides.

    1. Awww. F I so envy you your three kids (in your early 30s). I told a friend last week that my womb is feeling empty and she laughed at me. But seriously when I see young women (20s-early 30s) with 2/3 kids I get so jealous of you guys. Growing with your kids is such a beautiful thing. May God bless you and yours.

    2. Thelma's womb is blessed by Almighty GOD. Thelma will be a joyful and celebrated Mum. Her children are joyfully waiting to be birthed. Be happy dear, you are at the threshold. God bless you.

    3. Dear Thelma, thank you for your kind comments. However, everything has its price but I must confess I have been kinda 'graced' (I have a Masters but I've not been able to complete my professional exams - still 'struggling' with that - lol)

      I need you to know that in a lot of ways you are blessed. If you think deeply, you would count your blessings - a lot of ladies are aiming to be like you! Don't worry, your time - God's time for you shall never pass you by and you shall have a model marriage/family by HIS Grace.

  13. I cried when i saw that picture of the dead baby with his/head blown off.sad world.


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