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Chimamanda's Meme On Feminism Sparks Negative Trend On Twitter

Chimamanda Adichie has become the face of feminism in Nigeria with her talks, interviews and most recently her book, Americanah. For a lot of self-identifying feminists including myself, she has made the topic interesting and one for our generation. But for a lot of chauvinist men and more conservative women, she is a thorn in their flesh. This meme and some others have sparked twitter outrage with some commenters predicting her divorce, calling her overrated, and all what not. Of course Chiamamanda has her defenders. What do you think?


Just like Myne asked above, what do you think about Chimamanda's feminist views? 

Here are my thoughts. 
I strongly believe in gender equality, in equal rights for both men and women, I dream of a time when women are given equal opportunities as their male counterparts, a time when women don't have to work twice as hard as their male counterparts to get half of what they have. I dream of a time when women aren't seen as chattel in Northern Nigeria and the Middle East (most especially). And if this is what feminism is then I'm a PROUD FEMINIST. 

Yet my views go a bit further and this is where I get confused. This has nothing to do with Chimamanda Adichie and/or her refusal to use the title; Mrs, or to add her husband's last name to hers. These are my views independent of anyone else's. Like I said above I believe in gender equality, but even though I'm not married, I think that I will leave certain views at the doorstep of my home; I believe that marriage is a partnership but I think my husband will be the Head of the home. I will love a man who will get involved in every aspect of our home life, but I don't see myself insisting on 50-50 (unless time and work demands it). What I mean is I don't think I'll wake up and say "hunny the house is dirty please go and sweep" or "Please quickly rush to the market and buy things for ofe onugbu". Of course there are times I will need him to do these things but I think that these are my responsibilities as a wife and mother. This is the way I saw my parents live, till date. (When mummy can't, daddy gladly goes to the market, cooks the food, etc). And it works just fine, so I don't see myself straying from that path. I'm old-fashioned like that. So I wonder, does this detract from my feminism? 

And back to Chimamanda's refusal to answer Mrs, and bear her husband's name, that is entirely her decision and I believe it's well within her right. Society and tradition should not dictate certain things and this is one of those things. 

Even though this is not a line I'm certain I myself will tow, I applaud Chimamanda because it's these little, seemingly irritating acts that will ultimately serve to obliterate gender inequality. 

Yet if there's one thing I'm certain I'll do its that I will raise my children equally. My sons will sweep and cook just like their sisters, they will do their laundry and clean up their own mess. They will all be raised to the same and equal standards. The girls will be trained to be good, hardworking women/wives and the boys will be raised to be good, hardworking men/husbands. Both in and out of the home. 


  1. Being the only girl,I remember in my teem years going to the market every Saturday ND cooking the soup while my bros wld either be lounging watching tv or playing some where. Then when it came to dish the food,they were given the lions share. If the meat remained one,I was to give my elder bro cos he's the son. I never understood why I who put in some sweat was given less than who didn't. Suffice it to say,I "revolted". I began to dish the meals very equally ND started eating the last meat. I told anyone who wanted more to gladly make more eba(it cldnt be hard right?). Of course revolutions don't happen w/o a fight. When I was asked why I now eat the last meat,I told them its my fee for cooking while y'all relaxed.
    I'm proud to say this and many more which I stood against have come to an end. I can comfortably come home from work and find food cooked by my bros and we wld eat happily.
    If some men still refuse to see some things thru the eyes and heart of women,then they are in for a very rude awakening.

  2. OMG! You and I both, and just like you I decided that that had to change, but unlike you what I did was to hide some extra pieces of meet and food, and then after dishing their food, giving them larger portions, I'd then take mine with my few extra pieces of meat. A part of me called it stealing, the other part called it MY ENTITLEMENT. After all why should I slave away in the kitchen, and still do all the dishes including theirs and take the smallest portion? Injustice of the highest order.

  3. LOL... I lived opposite lives oh Thelma!
    Am the 1st of 3boys and 2girls.
    Yes am the slave cos I "choose" to be, had to assist my mom. My brothers DO assist IF I want them to. They Wat what I dish for them & BEG me for more! I always have the bigger protein though lil food cos that's how much I can eat. I've never experienced this whole gender segregation bruhaha... Except in my 1st & last relationship, suffice to say he's my Ex!

    But I do share ur old fashion thinking bout marriage. God should please give u Men who thinks likewise NOT lords & kings!
    Amin Jesu...

  4. I wish people can separate feminism from the roles of a husband and wife in a family. Any woman that cannot draw a distinction is rather confused with the term feminism. Feminism is not even a modern concept, its strange how some people try to twist it as something recently introduced so I don't understand the current bu ha ha about the concept Feminism. There was a time when boys were sent to school and girls couldn't, or girls can only reach the secondary school level and marry, while men can go all the way, My father can tell you that they had a handful of females in the law Faculty those days. I'm sure we are all happy things are not the same today. Some Women in the past fought for this even some men. The truth is that we still have more to do and we need both male and female "Feminist" to fight this inequality. For the guys,Imagine if you had all girls and you gave them same education as mama Obi in the next building, same school, same school fees, the kids got same assignments etc. Years down the line one of your girls perform better than Mama Obi's son in a job Interview but the job is given to Obi simply because he is a guy. The first place I worked after NYSC, the MD kept complaining he wanted a guy, not because I was not doing my Job excellently(which he attested to) but because he feels people will respect him more if he had a male lawyer at that position than a female.......and eventually he had to let me go. We need to channel our energy towards fighting the real issue rather than fighting each other, and YES I'm a feminist.

  5. @and girls weren't*

    1. Hi Anon, what you mentioned is very rampant in the legal sector. I was turned down at an interview for that reason but their excuse there was that a female lawyer won't be as physically active, willing go to court outside Lagos, be as aggressive etc.
      I would appreciate it if you can explain your last sentence, what real issue are you referring to? Is it something in particular or issues in general?
      Secondly can you really blame one for being unable to separate feminism from the roles of husband and wife in the marriage? Because if we're to view feminism strictly as feminism and to live in terms of its tenets (for the lack of a better word) what we're basically saying is that there are to be no roles exclusive to either wife or husband.

    2. The issue is fighting the inequality of the male and female child.My understanding of feminism does not extend to the role of a wife to her husband and vice versa as stated in the bible.A family is like a football team as a friend put it,a goal keeper is not inferior to a stricker both roles though different are important to make a good football that same team ,the goal keeper may be injured and a defender will wear his gloves and man the post.The objective of a team is to win and each player contributes to that goal.My role as a wife does not make me inferior to my husband.From my understanding your last sentence is not feminism.Feminism preaches against that notion that man is superior to a woman.marriage is like any other institution,the role of the accountant is different from the Human resources unit,Administrative unit etc.that you are an accountant does not make you superior or inferior to others mentioned above.The problem is where we have a male and female accountant and the lady is expected to make tea for the male account or constantly order his lunch or get up to bring him water from the dispenser, photocopy for him or take minutes in all meeting etc

    3. Hi Anon, if you read this; I like and subscribe to "my role as a wife does not make me inferior to my husband". But the Bible you referenced above preaches that the wife submit. Submission to me somewhat connotes inferiority. What is your take on this?

  6. Live and let live
    Life's too short abeg, do you and I'll do mine .
    Never been a fan of hers but she seems to be taking this to an extreme each her own!

  7. I'm a feminist and I strongly agree with Chimamanda's views. I think people who dislike her are just intimidated by a strong woman who's views threaten them.

  8. If Feminism is all about fighting for gender equality, then I dare say that women themselves are also to be blamed for gender inequality in large part. Do you guys remember a post Thelma did on a similar issue, where she complained that she and her girlfriends were segregated at a restaurant and people who arrived later than she did were served before her, presumably because late arrivals had Male companies? The one serving was a WAITRESS, not a waiter. Someone dropped a comment there complaining of how a woman shut her down when she, out of annoyance, tried to get an explanation from a man who bashed her vehicle. Remember the January 2011 PDP primaries? Jonathan, Atiku, and Sarah Jibril sort the votes of about 4000 delegates; over 500 of them were women. Guess how many votes Sarah got. Just ONE vote; her vote. As in, a woman contesting for presidency; you would expect that women would support her abit with some votes. NONE voted. These and many more instances should tell you that even women are in most cases, stumbling blocks in your path to career heights.

    Like Anon 9:41pm said: "Live and let live". If your destiny is at the top, middle, bottom, then no testosterone or oestrogen can stop you, no matter what. To me, fighting for gender equality is a waste of time and energy. Be yourself, and live free. For the christians, check out the great women in the Holy Bible. They were great simply by being WOMEN, nothing more. "Do yours and I'll do mine" - Anon 9:41pm. Be Blessed.

    1. " For the Christians, check out the great women in the Holy Bible. They were great simply by being WOMEN, nothing more" I like that part the most

  9. This "why fight" atitude is a major problem in Nigeria.I read something Mandela wrote about Nigeria (have to paraphrase) he is surprised that Nigerians are not angry enough to fight the corrupt govt.We always make do with the status quo ,good or bad.Imagine if blacks didn't fight for equality in the US for instance,will they have a black president today?If some people did not fight in the past maybe you would not have been sent to school.please can we try and think beyond ourselves.

    1. Lets calm it a notch biko. Feminism isn't on that freedom-fighting magnitude (yet). The day we women take up arms to really fight for gender equality is the day i'll advise men just relocate out of earth!!! Shikenah...

  10. Fighting for something does not mean you should take up arms or go all physical. speaking up is fighting for something,raising your kids to understand that no gender is superior to the other is fighting for something.I really wish people read before commenting.I mentioned equality btw blacks and whites,I dnt know where "freedom fighting"came from.o di egwu o

    1. Nne,u quoted Mandela and added Obama's victory to the result of fighting. Do u really want women to get "angry enough" all in the name of feminism?

  11. The man should nt always b d head of d home. Dats y we hav so many failed marriages. A woman that is richer, smarter, and wiser than her husband can also be d head of d home. That u re a man is nt a qualification 4 being head. That's sexist, unbelievably sentimental n just wrong. Strong women should be allowed 2 b STRONG. No human being shud b limited even by gender. If u hav wat it takes go 4 it. Pls ladies be an unapologetic woman. Being a woman is not weakness, it's just what u hav bin tot to believe. It's not true. You can be d head of your home if you deserve it. Inshort you can be anytin u want to be. I am a feminist that won't answer her husband's name, is asking 4 50/50 evritin, respect etc, hate d word 'submission, and will be d best wife any man hu knws his onions wud hav cos I know exactly hu I am.

    1. !!!!!!!!
      Case dismissed! Lol


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