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Never Will I Ever Marry/Date A Person Who.....

Good Morning awesome people! I'm really excited this morning (about nothing at all as my weekend stretches forth an empty blank canvass *sobs*... But wait, maybe that's why I'm excited; POSSIBILITIES! lol). 

So let's play a game... Of course this would make no sense if you're married but hey, you can advise those of us still on the market. For instance, people say the worse kind of man you can marry is a stingy man. I once read a post, Would You Rather Marry A Stingy Man OR A Man That Cheats. 
     I was shocked to see that 80% of the women, most of whom are married, said it is much better to marry an unfaithful man than a stingy man. They say it's the worse thing you can ever do. 
     In fact Chika's aunty once told her the three types of men a woman should never marry and the first is A STINGY MAN. 

Ok, so besides stingy men, never will you ever marry a man/woman who....?

I'll go first. 
Never will I ever marry a man who is abusive, both physically and emotionally. 
Never will I ever marry a man who does not have a relationship with God. 
Never will I ever marry a man who likes skinny girls. (Because I know I'll never be skinny. I can't shout abeg. LOL). 


  1. Neva will i marry a dull man. Its so dificult to cope wit someone whose intelect is lower than mine. I get iritated. I might end up intimidating him

    1. Well I hope all of you are perfect too. Just saying.

  2. Never will I ever think of marrying a stingy man.
    Never will I ever think of marrying a everytime cheating idiot.
    Never will I ever marry an extra ugly poor man. Its not his fault but we can't be struggling with being ugly and poor at a time.
    Never will I marry a man that abuses-emotionally and physically.
    Never will I marry a controlling, days of old husband.
    Never will I marry a man that gives rules and won't even bend them when given.
    Never will I marry a dull dumb donkey that thinks he's a man.
    Never will I marry a moslem....ohh please.
    Never will I marry a Hausa man....dunno y.....
    Never will I marry a man without the fear of God, a man that doesn't practice Christianity....I need a man that will wake me up to pray, pray for me when I decide not to, pray for our family.

    My "Never will I Marry" list goes on and on........We never know when we bend our rules as ladies.. I remeber I used to say....Never will I marry a man I'm taller than or is the same height with me...but my fiance now is not only the same height with me, I'm a little taller when you look closer.

  3. never will I marry a man that doesn't fear God...

  4. haba taiwo! Me i like you but am a moslem and i can fear God as if i'm seeing him but u've chosen to rule out we the moslems from the list o potential suitor without considering other qualities. Quite sad, pls stoping hating we moslems.

    1. Its not hating o!!! Its just something I can't help. You sef know say both religions no dey gree....especially when both are practicing what they learn.

      The only happily married inter-religion couple I've seen...both aint practicing.

      I actually don't understand my second paragraph but I know it makes sense.

  5. Are U sure ur a "moslem"? Anon...
    Me, am a "Chrustian" then.... oh well....

    I'll NEVER marry a man who isn't "TRULLY" God fearing...

    The "show working " makes the difference!

    If he's God fearing, EVERYTHING else is fixed... he won't be stingy, unfaithful, violent, etc

  6. Never will I marry a man who doesn't treat me right. Never will I marry a stingy man. Never will I marry an abusive man, be it physically, emotionally or psychologically. Never will I marry a lazy man and Never will I marry a poor man.

  7. Never will I ever marry a man that is not considerate
    Never will I ever marry a man that likes fair girls
    Never will I ever marry a man that doesn't fear God
    Never will I ever marry a man that won't love me as I am...
    And the list Goes on......
    And finally,never will I ever be ungrateful to you LORD.

  8. Too late for me because I'm married already. ..... It's good to have standards but give God space to work too and be ' bendable' . The bible says God will fulfil the desire of ur heart. Physically I was looking for something else than what my hubby is but thank God for God, sometimes I stop and wonder what I ever did for God to bless me with such a man. It's a shame there is no marriage in heaven because I'll chose him over and over again in every planet and eternity. #imnotsorryforbeenmushyijustlovehim

    1. LMAO. Tolu I actually wish you wouldn't (shut up). I was here grinning from ear to ear then you shut up. *sobs*. I've learnt a couple of things from your comments regarding your marriage, and I ask God for grace and discernment too, (if for instance he isn't what I expected or hoped for).

    2. Lol I didn't want to be rambling on. Trust Me God will not shove a man down ur throat that u dont fancy. In my case cus I always wanted a light skin guy , tall and broad shoulders! Meeting my very dark skin (lol) hubby, there wasn't an immediate attraction although the first moment I laid eyes on him I knew I would marry him(can't explain it till today) Then I said God I wont marry a man I dont fancy so if this is truly ur will give me a desire for him that supersede all I have ever felt and God didit. He gave me butterflies and everything. It might not be what u expect but it definitely will be more than u hope for IF you dont choose based on ur your own understanding alone " in all your ways Acknowledged HIM and HE will direct your path"

  9. I forgot to include...
    Never will I ever marry an "INDOMIE MAN" thelma,u can relate this to ur previous post
    Never will I ever marry a man that's not CARING
    Ok...I rest my case for now...

    1. Mariam Indomie Man? Please explain further. Sounds very interesting.

    2. Lol Thelma indomie man means a two minutes man that doesn't last long in bed :) am I right Mariam?

  10. Quite laughable! It's ok to wish and work towards it but compromise is such a useful word I would encourage all to keep close to their chest.
    There is no perfect man or woman, we should all work on ourselves. It may sound boring but it is the truth.

    1. Yes Wale I believe in compromise. But there are certain things I will never compromise on. For instance, I'd like to marry a tall man, I would compromise if I'm taller than he is. I would like to marry a man who has already gotten to a certain point in life, I will compromise if he isn't quite there yet (provided I can see that he's striving to be). I will like to marry a man that has all the same values as me, I will compromise if not ALL our values align. There are certain things I will compromise on, but we all have those things that we will not, and ought not compromise on.
      If a woman is willing and ready to settle man with just any man, then she should prepare for the worst. I know people who compromised on so many things in the name of getting married (because of age/pressure) today they're the one singing "Nwando just take your time, marriage is not easy". "If I could rewind time I will be single". "If not for this child(ren) I would leave without looking back", "I wish I never got married" and on and on.
      No, I'm not saying it would have been rosy or perfect without those compromises, but these issues they are facing today could have been easily averted.

    2. I kinda agree with you and do not mean going with just any man..

      Some issues don't show up until you are married, a God fearing man may buckle if given Job's treatment. The response from that experience may alter the course of his marriage for life, after all he wont know if the wife will endure or not.

      So, I read you loud and clear but my happiness is not dependent on whether my madam can cook Afang soup the way I want it or whether she is a church Deacon or not. Not to say these wont matter to other people.

    3. Wale I do agree with you completely on him buckling when some situations arise after marriage etc. Regardless, those ones that you know can be averted, wouldn't you rather just avert them. Basic principle in life; prevention is better than cure. It doesn't mean that there won't be other illnesses, but let's prevent the preventable ones.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Never will i marry a muslim man/ a man that isn't a christian
    never will i marry a cheat
    never will i marry a stingy man
    never will i marry an uneducated man
    never will i marry a man that doesn't put God first
    never will i marry a desperate man
    never will i marry a gay/transsexual/ bisexual man
    never will i marry a boring man
    never will i marry disrespectful/ abusive man
    (im not bias or rude or funny or whatever but i cant marry igbo)
    (i also can't marry cele etc)

    1. Lols...he better be in some factory,manufactured and ready to be unveiled just for u!

    2. Lol! The thing is, I am not muslim, I am not a cheat, I am not stingy, I am definitely not uneducated, I put God 1st, I am not desperate, I am not gay/transsexual/bisexual, I am not boring, I am not disrespectful/ abusive so I don't expect less.

  13. @thelma,d indomie post u did long ago,when u wrote that the man was a 5minute man..#coversface#

    1. Hahahahaha. Now I remember. Hmmm, I think that might be something I can compromise on if I truly love him.
      But Almighty Father Above pls don't let dear future hubby be an Indomie man, or a 'tiny' man. Amen.

    2. Ahh ! Well anyway we can find a way for the indomie to take longer to cook abi?? But you wouldn't know until the wedding night na wink wink so compromise wouldn't come into it lol. Unless u taste the forbidden fruit before wedlock

  14. Never will I marry a man who has no relationship with God.
    Never will I marry a stingy man (Chukwu aju! God forbid ajo ihe!)
    Never will I marry a lazy man.
    Never will I marry an "indomie man" (God no go gree)
    Never will I marry an abusive man (physically and/or psychologically)
    Never will I marry a man who doesn't have a good relationships with his family.
    Never will I marry a man who does not love my mother (what can I say...she's my everything)
    Never will I marry a man I can't have a great conversation with (when d passion simmers/cools down, dats what makes you both work)
    There may be others, but these are my 'non-negotiables'

  15. Never will I marry a man who am sure doesn 't love, understand and respect me.

    I can't stand a smelling man too or a man who will stop me from looking good e.g makeup, beautiful clothes and hair....lmao
    That marriage will just end fast fast. Heheheehe

    Never will I marry a man am taller than because I myself am just 5 feet 3 inches..

    Never will I marry a man who isn't caring and is violent .

  16. Never will I marry a man with all you've all said above including One who can't make me laugh!

  17. I just want to marry a man who loves respect and prays for me. I want to marry a man who is disciplined, respectful and loves his mum (I have come to discover that 80% of men who love their mum, also truly love and respect women, while some who love their mum are hostile to other women...I know someone like that). I want to marry a man who truly loves God. I want a man who loves giving ( not foolishly, but wisely). I just want a good, God fearing, disciplined, focused, loving and honest man.

  18. A man who doesn't love God, children, his mother n siblings. A man who earns his living 4rm orda pple's suffering. E.g Yahoo boys, cocaine dealers, corrupt politicians n ndi police etc. A man who is not a feminist. #IWudNeverMarry . Plus I dnt care abt looks alredi hav dat, even though I won't mind if my mother-in-law has a Lil backside cos of my daughters. My sisters n I re serzly lacking in dat dept.

  19. A man who doesn't love God, children, his mother n siblings. A man who earns his living 4rm orda pple's suffering. E.g Yahoo boys, cocaine dealers, corrupt politicians n ndi police etc. A man who is not a feminist. #IWudNeverMarry . Plus I dnt care abt looks alredi hav dat, even though I won't mind if my mother-in-law has a Lil backside cos of my daughters. My sisters n I re serzly lacking in dat dept.

  20. I won't marry a man who tries to me make what I am not


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