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I know it seems I've been asking a lot of questions of late but there's just so much to talk about, and so much I'm unclear about, and so much to learn. This is one thing I think we NEED to talk about.  

So my question is this; DO YOU BELIEVE IN SOUL TIES? 

"Sexual play (intercourse, oral, etc.) is supposed to be for marriage. Whether or not you're a Christian, it's wise to keep this rule. It not only opens a person up to diseases such as HIV, but it also creates unholy soul ties (spiritual bondage between one person and another), which can cause unclean (demonic) bondages to transfer from one person to the other."- GBS. 

Just in case you don't know what I mean by Soul Ties, let me explain in plain text, (within this context). What I'm referring to basically is having your soul tied up with someone else's as a result of physical intimacy, most especially sex with that person. It is believed that when you're so intimate with someone your souls could become tied up and there could be a transference of things in that person's life to yours, and vice versa. 

Some weeks back I had dinner with one very lousy individual who said "you think I just want to f*ck you? I don't f*ck just anybody o! Especially Bini girls because soon after sleeping with them bad things start happening to you and you start to lose all your luck and money". 

Although I have to say that this was a pretty fucked up thing to say, what he was referring to here is Soul Ties. 

So what about those people (male and female) who have had 10, 20, 30, 40 or more sex partners? 
What are your general thoughts and opinions of soul ties and have you had any experiences as a result of soul ties?


  1. I guess I shld hustle hard and "tie my soul" to Obama,Boris Kodjo,Beckham and even them successful hot ladies. Taping into their good fortune ain't a bad thing...*grins*

    1. And may I know why the last pix started with a woman? It sends a wrong message and is one of the reasons I feel women are judged more for expressing their sexuality as opposed the guys! #Feminist

  2. Not to impose my opinion on anyone or offend anyone but I think anybody that doesn't believe this is true is just ignorant and probably in danger of making life changing mistakes. I could tell stories but they are too personal and sensitive to discuss here. When people say sex complicates things most of us think the complications are physical but those are just minor, the real complications are what eyes can't see. Haven't you ever experienced a slight change in yourself, business, temperament etc when you get intimate with someone new? Think hard.
    I remember when the PRO of a popular club on the island asked why I never go ome with girls, she even said there was a rumor that I was gay, I told her how she expects me to sleep with someone that possibly slept with 5 different men in the past week, doesn't she know the implications? I won't just be sleeping with her but I'd be sleeping with all the men and mixing my spirit with theirs. Why do you think when the devil tries to bring you down and he fails, he uses sex, that's because it opens your spirit to attack. Once you have sex outside wedlock, at that moment the spirit of God leaves you and the devil is free to do whatever he likes with you. Lemme stop here because I don't think some minds here are ready to go down this road.

  3. T, am sorry, on this issue...
    NO answer!
    Am blank....

    1. u are really startin to annoy me.which one is 'T' everytime?stop with d famzing already ahn ahn!mtcheeeeeew

    2. hahahaaha.. I thought I was the only one who noticed.. c'mon she's just being friendly and i think that's what famzing is..correct me if I'm wrong.. don't mind anony, he/she is just being naughty.

  4. T U got mail... Am still feeling LOVED up that ur my voltron!!! #twerking!

  5. Fear just catch me as I read this. We really need to be informed about some things.

  6. My brother Steele, you have a point though but it's not as extreme as you put it. Sin generally cuts serious ties with The Big Guy Upstairs, but sexual sin is, as St. Paul put it, committed within the body. The devil's greatest weapon against any pious human is unlawful sex, and that's what opens your spirit to attack as any other sin does, not intertwining of souls and all that. All other temptations could be withstood, but sex? Mbanu. Look around you now. Sex sex sex...we can hardly compose ourselves when it comes to that since it's the bedrock of our human nature. If what you say is a statement of fact, we might as well pity people like Samson, David, Solomon(with 300 concubines), Hosea(who's wife was a prostitute, and he was a prophet). I just know that sex creates a bond between partners that are difficult to break, due to the emotions created, so some people think there's some psychic link involved. It may be true, like Steele claims, but I have no real conviction of this because there're so many instances of unlawful sexual relations in the bible and nothing about soul-binding is hinted.

    1. Now I'm about to say something that I hope you do not misread, we are individuals and as different as our faces are, so are our reactions to situations. The worst mistake you can make as a human being is comparing your situation to another's. I used to make that mistake and even use this same people in the bible as excuses when I was sexually wreckless but the I realized that things were different in those days, even the punishments meted out to man was totally different in the Old Testament. I never try to explain God's ways because I'm not in any position to but correct me if I'm wrong, all these people you called were in the Old Testament right? When did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? The Old Testament right? The world has become far worse than Sodom was but He's yet to destroy it. All I'm trying to say is that situations and people are very different, do not compare yourself with another...

  7. I don't know if they're called soul ties but I know it does happen when you sleep with certain people, your destiny could be changed for the worse. The problem is that people fail to understand that sex is spiritual as it is physical. What happens when you sleep with someone who has demonic spirits? Your soul intertwines with theirs and that's how problems start.

    1. Anon 9:05, I'll take that with a pinch of salt. But what about Mary Magdalene, who was a prostitute as well as being possessed by 7 demons? What about the lady at the well who had a discourse with JESUS and was revealed to have had 5 "husbands"? What about the wife of the prophet Hosea who was a prostitute? Was it revealed or hinted anywhere that the destinies of the men who were intimate with these women were ever affected? Note also that a prostitute(Rahab) is listed in the genology of JESUS. Only bear in mind that sexual immorality is an extremely grievous offense against GOD, and when such happens the devil becomes a landlord in the life of the victim. Hence serious negativity abounds.

    2. Brother Memphis, I actually agree with both your arguments but if every single detail of what happened in those days was written in the bible then it would never have been finished. In a way you're both saying the same thing.

  8. So memphis how do you explain Cor 6:16? For those who dont believe in soul ties maybe you should go for on deliverance session in mfm or synagogue and see people with problems when you'll know that such things exist. I dont believe that if you sleep with just anybody then your soul ties with them, but some people who have some evil in their spirit tend to affect people they sleep with. For instance its like sleeping with an ogbanje or mami water, pls ask people who have had experiences. The story is too plenty for me to tell. All I can they is that them and even their children never have it easy after that.

  9. Well I've heard some stories where good fortune start to happen to them instead of badluck. So what gives?

  10. Yeah..there are soul ties when you have sex with someone...or multiple partners. That's why our parents start looking alike after too much *kpanshing with each other. If you do not believe in soul ties, honey, you are on a long thing. How then do you explain some people progressing or hitting zero level after sex with someone??? Its terrible when you have multiple sex partners. They won't even know where to start deliverance from.....after u name 15sisters.

  11. LOL. My dear Annieella, true, most of our parents tend to look alike, but that is because GOD now sees both of them as ONE, not TWO, as a result of the spiritual cleave from their marriage vows in church, not by *kpanshing. How many people do you know, living as man/wife illegally for years, look alike? Contact your personal clergy and he'll categorically tell you that a child does not in any way bind his unmarried parents. If you believe in soul ties and at the same time accept this fact from the clergy, then there's confusion. Afterall the child carries traits of both parents, right? As for progressing and hitting zero, there's no basic fact that shows some of these things happen as a result of illegal kpanshing. "For HE makes the sun rise on both the wicked and the good, and gives rain to both the just and unjust"-Matthew 5 vs 45.

    1. Memphis I usually agree with you but I don't agree with your first sentence. they cannot possibly look alike because God sees them as one. that's even more illogical than soul ties.

    2. Memphis I usually agree with you but I don't agree with your first sentence. they cannot possibly look alike because God sees them as one. that's even more illogical than soul ties.

    3. I just shared something I learnt sweetie pie. Feel free to disagree but I don't agree with all u said. The only thing I agree with is

      As for progressing and hitting zero, there's no basic fact that shows some of these things happen as a result of illegal kpanshing. "For HE makes the sun rise on both the wicked and the good, and gives rain to both the just and unjust"-Matthew 5 vs 45.

      And I still have my reservations.....Why do people from the spirit world sleep with ordinary men with intent of destruction? Because sex is a window to the soul. If u become united in sex with a never to do well, everything that person carries has been transferred into *you.

      We all have our opinions though. Each persons opinion count.

  12. Pls is the topic about believing in soul tie or if it only has negative consequences? Cos i know some men who ran from women cause when they became intimate,things went bad for them while some men married some women (or kept them as sidechicks or mistresses) cos they have good fortune when with them.
    My take on this is: there wld always be a Ying to every Yang. Not every bad thing gives a bad consequence.

  13. I so believe in this. Soul ties are real! For all y'all who don't believe, read up. When u have sex with someone u aren't married to, ur good and bad fortunes are both split into halves and shared with that partner. Now if this same person has anotha 'outside- affair' with anotha partner the same cycle continues until his/her destiny has been adulterated and shared/split with other people. It has been said in the Bible that sex is only-mark that- for the wedded. I strongly believe a person cannot achieve his/her God-given potential while having sex with numerous individuals. Only God's deliverance can help such people. Enuff said.

  14. Ok,why do men believe they are polygamous in nature then? Or are they that daft enough to jeopradize their destiny for a few seconds of sex with diff women?
    I don't believe in soul ties but I do believe spirit husbands/wives exist

  15. Very sensitive issues here!

    soul ties, kpanshing et al


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