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Thelma Asks...

Please where can someone meet single men oooooo???

Actually my friend who's visiting Lagos asked me this question but I'm just as curious. She's been in town for a month and though she's been going out quite often she's yet to meet any single guy. She's met a number of guys... ALL MARRIED! 

So please help a sister out! I want to know too, I feel like I'm transitioning into a period I experience at least once every year; my life gets yawn-inducing boring! My phone could go three days without ringing once (unless it's work or business), the only texts I get are from MTN which infuriates me further; you know how it is when you see the red light blinking and you frantically grab your phone hoping that one beta person just sent you a life-altering text. Only to see Y'ELLO... So so annoying. And the only pings I get are broadcasts or from someone advertising something I have no interest in buying. 

So I really do need to meet people... Errr, men to be specific. I love all you women but I need to meet members of the male specie biko. And while I'm looking forward to meeting "The One", I'm fine meeting guys I can be just friends with. Let's go to the movies together, come have lunch over at mine, I'll come see a movie at yours, let's have long intellectual yet amusing chats on WhatsApp, let's go for evening mass sometime, let's go have drinks and I'll be your wingman...sorry wing girl and help you toast that hot girl that just walked in who you know your liver nor go gree you chaik. And in turn you introduce me who your hot single friends who you know I'll totally connect with. (Provided I'm not into you o!)

But that's secondary. My friend and I and many other single sisters want to know where all the single men are hiding. Where and how does one meet single guys in this Lagos? 

And all you coupled up folk, how did you meet "The One"? Please share your stories and give us singletons some inspiration. 

Ehen, one more thing, not just any single guy.. Correct ones. (Don't ask me what I mean by 'correct'. I'm sure you know.)


  1. Weddings, church, the airport, atm queues, restaurants, supermarket (city mall), seminars (programmes, presentations, book readings et all) to mention but a few. All the best sisteh! *wink*

  2. @youngwoman,you already mentioned all the places and yet u said a few...#wia wil I mention#

  3. Even the single men are all in relationships. Its not easy for single sisters these days. May God help us.

  4. I feel like crying after reading Ifys comment...
    Don't worry bae, God's time is the Best.
    #Nwando I have a confession! I think i'll email it to U. LOL. Its about U.

    Well, I don't know if my Love tale is inspiring.... I met "Mi Vida" (that's what I call him) at my Matriculation after party 5yrs ago. Dude came uninvited to my apartment (3rd wheel to a couple I invited).
    Stole my number from my friends phone (the one I invited)... The Rest they say is history!
    But T, this history has enough bumps, storms, turbulence and downs!! #phewww!
    But we are still waxing Stronger!
    All I can say is... it's been God. Cos Av given up countlessly, but here we are.... Recently engaged... *Back to Reading *
    Thanks for Makin me drive through memory lane T...

  5. lol..not just lagos..where are the naija men in Ontario Canada..I mean the one's that at least has a bachelors degree, doesn't spend his time smoking or promoting parties, no baby mama wahala, has a good head on his shoulders and above 5ft8" ?? sigh.. it is well ..don't worry thelm..he will come soon.

  6. Anywhere in Benin pls,asides clubs??

  7. First time he saw me, he told his friend, "Ma fe omo yen." (I will go out with/marry that girl). This was when I and my sister stood up to be recognised as 'first-timers' in a church.(His church). We didn't speak to each other until about a year later. However, I didn't know he had been keeping tabs on me all the while. Friendship progressed into 2 years of courtship that led to marriage.

    I think you should keep being you and he will come. Maybe as that friend's brother/cousin, that bro in church, the guy at the movies, that blog visitor('s brother/cousin), the guy at the petrol station, the client at work etc. And when he does come, he will stay because you have a wonderful heart that's worth loving. *hugs n kisses*#Enjay#

    1. Great advice Enjay, thanks

    2. Enjay... Interesting. And I never stand up to be recognized as a first timer in church. Ha! Now I know better.

  8. Met the most amazing men on You should check it out. It gets to a point where cuz of ur age n al, there's not gon be any success finding the right guy in the outside world, online dating is the best for ppl like u, ppl get married js frm meeting ppl online. So try Just be smart and u'l be able to spot the good ones. #Stacey#

    1. People like me ke? Stacey please o! It's not that bad. At least I hope it isn't......
      Ironically I deleted my Badoo account last month. I'll have a rethink.

    2. People like her? Is Nwando 40? People please,learn to construct your words properly. She is not desperate and can never be.

  9. Badoo! That rubbish site! Any guy or babe that registerd in that dating site is a hustler!! Badoo is a big NO. Most of my friends met their hubby on fb but its doesn't mean I will..and there are fake pple all over dis dating sites.

    1. haha.. you got it mehn..majority of the guys there look hungry. wetin be this ? online dating in nigeria can be tricky..

    2. I met my hubby on facebook too.
      I never did have trouble meeting guys though, I just sort of did- it would then depend on whether or not I connected with the person.
      The guy I might have married had I not been in a relationship with my hubby, I had met at a wedding.
      The wedding was in Bonny and it was just an intimate gathering of the girl's family and friends as her parents worked in LNG and she grew up there.
      She'd booked a boat ride for us on a friday as the wedding was on a Sarturday and so we had the Friday evening to sort of meet people and gist- then I met him.
      It took A LOT for me not to break up with hubby- infact, I broke up with him but, somehow, we still ended up together regardless so, I say, weddings where you know you'll meet eligible men.
      And stay as positive as ever. ;).

  10. Good question! Simple meet single men everywhere. Best answer is to place yourself where you can be found!
    Every friend and friend's friend is a candidate, question I'd like to ask is "will you be ready when the guy shows up? Only you can answer that question.


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