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Thelma Asks...

May the souls of those who lost their lives in today's Nyanya bomb blast rest in perfect peace. Amen.

My question is this, if you find yourself in a life threatening situation probably as a result of an accident or an illness, and the only way to save your life is by receiving blood from a donor but this is against the tenets of your religion or faith (if for instance you're a Jehovah's Witness), will you accept the transfusion and save your life or choose to die? 

.....So last year someone sent in a mail to a blog (probably Ladun Liadi's but I'm really not sure right now). She was so enraged and cursed out her elder brother, and this is why. Her brother's pregnant wife went into labour and things wants awry and resulted in the loss of a lot of blood. Doctors said the only way to save mother and child was to give her a blood transfusion. The husband refused saying it was against his religion. His sister (who sent the mail) and other loved ones of the wife pleaded and tried to make him see reason he was adamant in his refusal. The doctors told him that he would lose both his wife and the child but he said that if that's the case then it must be Jehovah's will, because Jehovah's laws are clear and he will not go against them. The wife and baby died soon after. The writer was so mad because the deaths could have been easily avoided. 

So I saw pictures today of people lining up to give blood  (God bless them) to the victims and I wondered, would those victims who are Jehovah's Witnesses reject the blood? 

Would you, and why? Let's talk. 


  1. Witnesses have a lot of rules that I don't understand and this is one of them. how can it be God's plan for you to die like a fowl. for no reason at all?

  2. Okay. Thelma am going to say this: am a Jehovahs witness, what U just posted is NOT true!!!
    Before that woman got to her third trimester, she must have signed a NO blood card "All Govt hospitals in Naija respects that wish ".... it's like a woman saying I want to have a CS with or without complications.
    When I had my ruptured appendix operation, I signed the NO blood card, I was 18, My Doc in the private hospital respected my wish & gave me plasma expanders instead. Am still alive today and replying ur post.

    What is the guarantee that the blood transfusion will save U even apart from the fact that the Bible advice against whole blood intake in any form ? Am a medical biochemist, i've been in the hospital enough to witness blood transfusion related deaths & illnesses.

    The rubbish Linda Ikeji posted about us is irritating, Jehovahs Witnesses are neither Forced to marry themselves nor get expelled when they marry non-witnesses!!! LIES!!!
    That is a personal decision though from the Bible we are adviced to marry ONLY in the Lord.

    #Sorry bout my epistle. I ALWAYS defend my faith.
    Lovely week You'all.

  3. Now this is very confusing; from Ruthy's comment. My last girlfriend is a JW and she always insists that JW will be expelled from their fold if they intend to marry non-JWs, and their union won't be recognized, a real contrast to what Ruthy has claimed. It's one of the reasons she broke up with me (the scars are still there). As for this blood issue, I don't expect you'll compare transfusion to ingestion. The place in the bible you make reference to forbids ingesting the blood of animals because it's the life of animals. Plasma expanders, in a lay man's understanding, creates room for red blood cell replication and more oxygen circulation, but this is less efficient than normal blood transfusion especially when a patient's life is at stake. Ingesting blood doesn't replicate Red Blood Cells or help in oxygen circulation. Transfusion of blood is a deep contrast to that. Red Blood cells replicate, and PH levels normalize. Be Blessed.

  4. The blood transfusion related deaths and illnesses as witnessed by Ruthy isn't as a direct result of the transfusion but due to not following proper procedures. You'd most likely get wrong results when you don't do as supposed in all activities. There's absolutely no proven risk medically in receiving screened blood. Screened for infections, compatibility. What I'm sure the Bible says is, we shouldn't EAT blood. Some people also go as far as refusing drugs and other forms of medication.
    I've always been of the view that advancement in medicine, is for man's good. The bible says "God gave medical knowledge to doctors...there is no end to the activities"...Read Sirach 38:1-15.
    One's religious belief is not to be opposed, as long as it doesn't do anyone asides them harm or even good.

  5. Errrm Memphis, am sorry but your Ex LIESD big time! Why did she date U in the 1st place knowing ur not our member?
    I have a handful of friends that married NON jehovahs Witnesses and are still VERY much NOT expelled. A LOT even.

    U said ingestion is different from transfusion. Please what are the TWO ways drugs (syrups or tablets) are given to a patient? ORAL or INTRAVENOUS!
    Ingestion or Transfusion is the same.
    We humans always tend to twist the Bible laws that are "difficult " by our standard to suit ourselves!

    Plasma expanders are given to people who still have at least 40% of their blood FULL blood count (anything lower than that, the person dies and not even transfusion can save the person)
    It happened to me and am ALIVE with plasma expanders, meaning it's as EFFECTIVE! (mine was even 37% left & my Doc begged me to accept transfusion, I declined).

  6. I thought as a JW, Ruthy was gonna clear this up but I'm as confused as ever...even as a Medical Biochemist, you compared blood transfusion with Ingestion? I rest my case....Maybe I'm missing something here

  7. Bloody refusal is a very very very stupid law/commandment that has been twisted out Of the bible. Ruthy have u ever actually sat down with these passages and asked the holy spirit to interpret or just consumed what ur masters have told u. Please dont waste ur life and it's never God's wish for any one yo die young. "my ppl perish for lack of knowledge "

  8. LOL... well, everyone to his tent oh isreal. NO anon. We have NO masters! I became a JW on my own. My OWN at 15. My parents joined me 4yrs later then my siblings.

    Tiwa please what's the difference between drugs taken orally and intravenously? That is where u should rest your case!

    1. Ruthyyy. Na wa o. This daggers drawn defense of your beliefs awes me. It's good though, but you're getting it wrong. You can't compare medicine/food to blood in this manner. Food or drugs taken by intravenous methods are broken down to build energy blocks and fight parasites respectively. Blood has one sole function: giving life.

      Let's imagine this senerio. If you want to transport an item by means of a flowing river, the recipient of the item easily identifies and makes use of it. But can you transport water through this river to the same recipient? Blood is a transport medium and not an energy builder or parasite killer. Receiving blood from a donor only ensures that your transport system; your LIFE carrier, is in normal condition. So don't compare taking blood with any other substance through either oral or intravenous methods. Blood is a LIFE carrier, nothing more. Be Blessed.

  9. Memphis, like I said, Everyone to their tent.
    Whatever floats our individual boats!
    The bible's laws, commandments and principles CANT be twisted by science or our brains... carry on with your beliefs.
    Be blessed too.

    1. I have never commented before, but i had to in response to your answers,you sound very defensive, whatever our beliefs are, try and give answers without making it like seem like you know it a biochemist so blah blah, also maybe your members are giving outsiders the wrong impression too, take it easy girl is not that serious

  10. sister ruthylicious..... u can simply check your dictionary for the difference between "ingestion" and "transfusion" it will make things easier.... Both words are NOT the same!! You are the ones twisting the bible......which bible said "marry our own"???? which bible???? i know a lot of unhappy people today just cause they were not allowed to marry outside "the fold'.....dunno why im using the word 'the fold sef" makes it sound more like a cult....but thats what you guys call urselfs thou 'OUR OWN' "OUTSIDE THE FOLD". And stop confusing readers... u seem to be contradicting yourself actually.

  11. You people shouldn't bother yourselves with this JW thing. They have been modelled to think in a certain way by their teachers, no matter what you say even when they see or even get to know that it is true, their stereotyped nature doesn't allow them to agree with you, they have this 'they must not win me' attitude. They are so scared of being sent away from their so called fold. Only God knows what they do there.

  12. Some of the above comments just reminds me of the comments in the Catholic posts!
    I didn't comment in that post because I know nothing bout the catholic doctrine and didn't want to sound insulting...

    U'all should pls just take some chill pills.
    Salvation is PERSONAL...

    What is the difference between artesunate tablet and injection? Dictionary keh!
    One is ingested and one is given intravenously like blood is being transfused right?

    Takia U'all.

  13. Ruthy, I beg to disagree wid u. Dia's a big D bw IV and oral route... D only sensible argument hia is dat @d end of d day, d end destination is d body. #ADAH


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