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Thelma Asks...

Happy Sunday Fam! 

So my question is this; which would you pick, job fulfillment or higher pay?

Maybe I should rephrase it and say:

Will you pick a job that avails you little fulfillment and a high pay package?
A job that gives you maximum fulfillment and a low pay package?

Yesterday like I said I spent time with a friend and this argument came up. He like so many other of my friends seem to be in this situation; he's earning very well but he derives little pleasure/fulfillment/satisfaction from his job. He says he's going to leave the job soon to do something he's passionate about even though he's going to be earning less. 

I voiced, nay, whispered a little dissent and he immediately exploded into this whole "Anambra girl" issue. (He's Igbo BTW). In his words "You people worship money too much". Personally I'm getting tired of the stereotype, I'm from Anambra and I do not worship money. Enough Already!

Back to the matter; a close friend of mine was working somewhere she was earning reasonably well, she had fulfillment but the job was way too stressful (no social life, no personal time, no time for family/friends/boo, the sort of job where at times you don't go home for days on end). So when she realized that her life was over even though she was barely in her mid-20s she left for another job. 
       Now this job pays a lot of money, double her former salary, half the stress. But now she's in the process of looking for another job because she finds this one that pays really well is very unchallenging and way less fulfilling. 

Meanwhile there are a lot of people doing jobs they love but earning very little. 

They are very few who are in the perfect situation: Fulfillment+Awesome pay. 

So which will you pick. Bigger Pay+Less Fulfillment OR Bigger Fulfillment+Less Pay?

Just to clear the air for Ruthylicious and Ziggylucious who seem to think Friday night's deleted post was about negative comments (on the blog), please it wasn't. It had nothing to do with comments or the blog in general, or in fact with anyone at all. LOL. It was all me, and it's all in the past now. 
So far, I've found none of the comments on any post of this blog upsetting even when it may not be favourable to me or my views. 


  1. Ild go for fulfilling Job with less pay. I know dat cos dat is what am doing. Wen u ve built your life around a particular dream and at the end of d day becos of money you don't achieve it. You would fill empty. Like an empty kom kom of milo.

  2. ....I just asked a friend... she said "when you see the bigger pay package that causes fulfilment"

    I would love a fulfilling job, a job I will be excited to come into work for! But that means my husband most be earning lots of money!!! LOL!

  3. Personally I think you pick fulfillment when you dont have responsibilities. When you have a family to cater to that goes out of the window.

  4. I'll pick fulfillment any day with Little pay!!! Responsibilities or not...
    Nothing beats going home with a WIDE SMILE & SATIATED HEART. Nothing!!!

    During our I.T, most of my course mates were in the breweries & oil companies for cash!
    But I did mine in the hospital, after the 1st month of puking, LOL.
    I always went home feeling like a minigod.
    My patients treasured me!

    I'll choose that feeling over 100 gazillion naira pls!

  5. Good u inserted that last paragraph Thelma. Your voltrons wr barking before even knowing the content or the types of comments made. To think that that Ruthy watever concluded by saying you shudnt pay attention to Anons. What an ignorant comment to make. Anons also contribute to this blog immernsly and I don't c the point of making it seems like those with pic and a name are superior. What a funny way to think. Even if animals and Aliens wr commmenting, they should also be listened to and appreciated. Let's start reasoning before talking instead of defending cluelessly. I read and commented as Anon on that post and there were certainly NO negativity whatsoeva. The life of a Famzer ehhhh!

    1. sighh.. sister.. your behaviour was entertaining before but now.. it's getting old don't you think ? you are coming across as a bully which is not cute. If ruth pisses you off.. just ignore her.. i mean you don't know her so she should have this effect on you. yea,.okay.. peace peace peaceee

  6. If u live in Lagos where Landlords are sharks choose 'Bigger Pay+Less Fulfillment' but if u Live in Ibadan or Benin where the Landlords are human and humane Choose 'Bigger Fulfillment+Less Pay'. My job is monotonous but pays well, abeg I live in Lagos...I no fit shout.

  7. My dear, better pay o. That's what I'm currently in. Doing a job that has very little fulfillment but great pay. When I get my credit alert at month end and know that I can travel anywhere and shop without begging, i get fulfilled.

    1. Thank God if your folks have done all the work for you because when you have to put food on the table and get your kids in top schools abroad, fulfillment is the least of your consideration.

      I will work any job that gives me the kind of kusa that I want! Actually, this is what I am doing right now. My passion is in an area that wont give me the kind of financial rewards that I seek but my current job is so rewarding I would work it day and night without losing focus and will go home happy all the time

  8. Dearest beloved Anon 8:02, I would have loved to ignore U, but I need u to know how important u are to this blog, hence, my reply.

    Biko develop some manners, life is too short for U to keep choking on my comments...
    At least when u want to be a cyber bully, u should be bold enough to have an IDENTITY!!!

    Ur comment is an OP to this post (just like ur previous comments), yet another WASTE of ur precious mb!


    Now "Go n DIE" *in Oshomole's voice! #Twerks

  9. Thelma, biko bia, why are people beefing each other on ur blog? Beefers, please take ur fight to WWF (world wrestling federation) arena. Don't come and scattter this blog for us. Its monday morning, let me go to my 'Bigger Pay+Less Fulfillment' job jare, I need the pay like yesterday jor......No time


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