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A Few Pictures From Saturday.

Yesterday two awesome couples got married; DJ Big N and Chioma, and my bestie from my first secondary school Ronke Adejugbe and Leke. I pray God blesses both unions. 

That's my friend Ginika, whom I lurvvv so much. This was after the weddings, I took her with me to see another friend of mine while we waited for evening to come. Saturday night Latasha Ngwube had a house party and I'd looked forward to it all week, considering that I hadn't been out in a while. 

We got there and after a while Latasha announced that the Cool Kids Room was open and I thought it would be a good idea. The place was a bit too "star"-studded for me. Omawumi was a sweetheart as usual. Michelle Dede was up and about, Waje was straight faced (as she always is when I see her out), Noble Igwe was looking surly in a corner. Everywhere I turned there was the face of a public figure so the darkness of the Cool Kids Room appealed to me. 

My adorable friend Yoko and I. Yoko is Latasha's sister and one of my dearest friends. 

Oh no, I didn't smoke the shisha, I've just always wanted to take pictures holding a shisha pipe. I guess I can strike that off my bucket list now. LOL. 

It was a fun night, Latasha was the perfect hostess, everyone had enough of whatever they wanted. I ran into a number of friends and acquaintances. 

Today (Sunday) was pretty ok. My friend (who was in her own space) came over and we had a good day. The minute she left another friend came through and stayed till night. So basically there was no time for Thelma to think and post. Thus I posted my pictures to placate... Hehehe (am I the only one that finds that laugh annoying tho?) 


  1. I love your purple abaya. Latasha Ngwube scares me. LOL

  2. I love your purple abaya. Latasha Ngwube scares me. LOL


  4. R u pregnant dear?

    1. I know u posted this to get attention, and I shouldn't reply u cos ur a faceless coward, but I couldn't let this slide... You are very rude and stupid to ask such.

    2. Anon is pregnancy a disease? We don't need assholes like you here so carry your ratchet self out of this blog,we need some fresh air. Gigi

    3. That anon asked a very simple question and u two are getting headache for it. Is it a bad thing to ask if someone is pregnant?

    4. Asking someone if she's pregnant when you know very well that she's not is not a simple question. it is mean and uncalled for. that anon obviously has deep rooted issues.

    5. Why would you just conclude that that person knows she isn't pregnant? *confused face*

    6. Gini defender of the universe. Did Thelma ever mention on this blog that she's expecting? That was a silly question. Call it what it is biko. Gigi

    7. Gini & Gigi. LOL. (Don't mind me, I just think the names together are cute).

    8. I don't understand what the big deal is in asking if she's pregnant. Its ppl like Ify and co that stir up shit when there's none. That person might be an innocent first time blog visitor and proli dsnt know thelma or wot she writes about. Its ppl with negative n bitter souls that would only think of it as an attack. Thelma DOES look pregnant' in the pic where she's sitting down in the black dress so big fucking deal?????? Just a simple question for Pete's sake. Ppl rili nid to calm tha fuck down! Aint no1 stirring up shit but u.

  5. The "face beat" you had on, to the wedding is nice. Fun Saturday! Been a while I've been to a house party.

    1. Lol @ "face beat". Thanks. I think it was a bit much but thanks for thinking it was nice. (After wearing little or no make up to work all I week it was almost impossible not to go crazy with the colors).

  6. 1st pic. I know that place in VI. Nice view.

  7. Nwando omalicha m, love you long time my baby.

  8. Nwando, any other day you come here and say someone called you fat and your spirit fell, eh, i shall leave my station, track you down and flog you well well. Ah Ah, unless, maybe my eyes are deceiving me or that you photoshopped those pics! i can see how beautiful you are inside even from a pic. Anyway, kisses and hugs, darling. You look like takeaway! LOL!!

    1. You are such a bad friend-wannabe. Tell the truth and shame the devil. She is FAT. At least she is doing something about it which is beta than ppl like you who just try to decieve her. Thelma, don't let all this sugar-coated ppl decieve you darling. Work on your weight just like you hav been doing. You will get good results.

    2. My dear Anon 4:41, i shall assume you are just in a naughty mood! And your desire to stay naughty has blinded you to read between the lines. If you did, then you'll know that i was neither flattering her nor making such an effort to be a 'friend-wannabe'. In all comments I make on this blog, I never hide under the ubiquitous 'Anonymous' so if u wanna dish out words like this, do it openly and stop hiding behind anonymity. Ka Chineke mezie okwu!!

    3. I agree with anon Wando, you are beautiful and I do tink you'll look better fitter.
      Keep at the fitness routine and don't listen to empty flatteries.

    4. Bia! Anon 4.41 no let me catch u o! Yes YOU!! Which one be fat again kwa? If u see fat u go fit talk? Abeg Ndo u n I know fat is not what i'll call u and for real e b like say dis VI Estates walks dey pay off. Looking good jare! No mind all these people that r looking for who to give body issues this fine week....Mtchhhhew

  9. Anon 4.41pm I think it's ironic that you would call me FAT in capital letters for emphasis and then still call me darling. If I was your "darling" you would find kinder ways to get your point across. I do not care for people who do not put the feelings of others into consideration when they speak, whether or not they speak the truth.

    Eazee E thanks a lot. I'm flattered that you think I'm beautiful inside and out.

    1. Thelma God bless you for this comment. I hate people like that. Unfriendly "friends". Get lost with your "darling" and unsolicited advice.

    2. Didn't mean 2 hurt your feelings DARLING! I guess I was just pissed cos such deceit happens often. My apologies DARLING And Ify, Kindly fuck yourself.

    3. FUCK YOU anon 4:41. I HATE people like you. Scum of the earth. What gave you the right to call her fat? Who died and made you king? Show your miserable self bastard. Stupid uncouth bastard from a home of retarded maggots. Nwando is beautiful whether you think so or not,now run along with your maggot infested anus foolish fool. Gigi

    4. Lovely pictures Nwando I wish I were in Lagos, Ginika nice yo see your face featuring in 'our' blog been a while.
      I tried to comment on the office picture but my post wouldn't upload. This is what I wrote, "". Biko nu leave Nwando for me oh. I love her height and her body and I love the way she carries herself. I believe she has a mirror and until her mirror tells her otherwise I don't see why anybody should sarcastically as her if she's pregnant or call her Fat. If you can't find a nicer way to tell her what you think biko you will need to take several seats. Biko I stopped going to Linda ikeji's blog because of how poisonous ppl's comments are there don't bring that shit here. I DO NOT LIKE IT. Her email Addy is very visible. Next time you feel you wanna tell her the cold truth please feel free to email her and don't try to attack her self esteem and then call her darling. Y'all anonymous things should better take your time oh.

  10. People just be sugarcoating shit left right and center. Call a spade a spade and Thelma stop living in denial. U r a bit overweight and need to work on the weight+keep it up just like uv been doing. Duno y ppl r so quick to attack the anon who has decided to say it as it is. Ah well.

    1. Can you see jst how stupid u are? If she's in denial will she be workin on it as you jst admitd she is? Stupid people everywhere. She knows she needs to work on her weight, she has already said she's doing that. What's d point in shouting FAT Overweight? Mtcheeeeew. I can see ur d stupid anon. People attacked you because you are STUPID, stop being in denial and accept that u are stupid. Goodnight.

  11. That my Big,bold and beautiful...u look like a queen jare thelma...ride on.much love

  12. Bia! This is an official warning to ndi anon a dat like to feel like dey that have a franchise on truthtellng; kpachalunu anya unu o! Learn how to show some modicum of respect when expressing ur 'opinions' or keep em to urselves. Learn how to take things in context and not express 'views' based on what eva ur myopic sights r set on. And for the love of all things good LEARN TO PAY COMPLIMENTS bikonu and stop these neanderthal 'subtle as IronMan' bully tactics! N if y'all can't, do us all a favor...GET THE HECK OUT!

    1. Ziggy the dullard. I guess you are brain dead. Who d hell are you to spoil market for Nwando by telling Anons 2 get out? Doesn't your dead brain know that a blog needs traffic? Are you really that dense? Who gave you the power to control Nwando's blog. As far as I know u Ziggy is also an Anon as long as you don't have a profile. So shut da fuck up. I don't know why ppl with I.D feel they hav a power over anons. Buhahhahahaha. Mumu 2 power 2.

    2. O honey if u thought that by spewing ur bile u wld get more than a shake of the head and a raise of my glass to toast to ur lost self, u met the wrong female! Have u met me?! Dull is not an adjective dat works sugar! N cos I am fabulicious and I know it, I know that the opinions of mindless plebeians like u...yes U don't matter; not on this blog and certainly not anywhere in my fabulous life and around my fabulous friends. Believe me when i say we can do without 'traffic' like ur anonymous self, ok boo? N jst 4 d record, I don't hide in the shadows honey. I AM ZIGGYLUSCIOUS n u can place kiss parts of me that don't see sunlight! *shakes my head n walks out laughing at the nerve*

  13. @ziggy and Anon8:27 and all other Anon and others:

    For the love of God, please sheath your sword and stop the insults. We all love Thelma and want the best for her. I'm a dude and she knows how I feel about her, on and off the blog.
    Beauty will ALWAYS be in the eye of the beholder and I say Thelma is beautiful(weight, height, ukwu, mukes et al). You don't have to agree with me but let's stop the squabbling. It's not very polite and please don't make my thelma sad. - O


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