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Dear Married Women, Not Every Girl Wants To Snatch Your Husband!

Look I get it, I know he wasn't easy to come by. Who knows how many months of dry fasting you had to endure? Can the seeds you sowed and the tithe you paid not fill a drum? Who knows how many nights you did 'tdb' studying the Kama Sutra just to clinch the deal and finally get him to put a ring on it? Well we can never know but believe me when I say, I understand.

Still that's no reason for your insecurity. In fact be insecure all you want, I don't care. I only care when you choose to insult me just because you cannot contain this insecurity. Know that when I see your husband the first thing I think is that this is a person, human, man. These are the thoughts before I wonder if he's married or not. Well guess what, because "husband" is not his identity. He is a person first. So when I choose to nod a greeting or smile politely at him, I'm acknowledging a person and not necessarily somebody's husband. 

So when earlier this evening I went to get a few groceries and I was leaving I saw a man almost collapsing under the weight of grocery bags I quickly rushed to help him with one, because that's what people, nice people do, I wasn't thinking this is somebody's husband. I was thinking this is a man that could do with some assistance. Then you can came from behind me and all but pushed me to the ground baring your fangs at me and you gruffly said "thank you I can do it" and not even caring when I lost my balance, you have no idea how humiliated I felt and how embarrassing that was. 

Thus, naturally I'm seething and two hours after I got home I'm still thinking about it. And now that this happened it calls to mind all the times that I've had to change my mind about greeting someone because one madam is at the corner, eyes blazing. Or the times I've wanted to ask him an innocent question but I'd have to direct the question to the Mrs instead lest I be perceived as a snatcher. Yeah, most times I do that out of respect for the Mrs but sometimes it's just plain fear that those fangs might strike. 

And so I've said my piece. I don't doubt that there are girls out there who live to share your husband with you. And no, it's not written on anyone's forehead thus your fangs are always waiting, ready to be bared. But still know that not all of us want to, and when one is polite to your Mr rather than shove her away, remember that he and you are ONE, and as such rather than stand alone and express animosity, unite with him as one and express gratitude or return the courtesy, either with him or on his behalf. 




  1. Lol. I feel your pain. Next time face your work sha. First time I'm commenting. Btw I love your blog... it's been book marked since march #wide grin#

  2. Wives these days are vexing. We can't take any chances please, that's how people slip their numbers into men's pockets so these days everyone has to be careful. Sorry for the embarrassment sha.

  3. Awwwwww, My Sugar Banana T, U know I love U & all, but when next U see a wedding band on a MAN'S finger, just look north west even if he's dying under the weight of shoprite biko!!! U know the kain fight them enter before leaving their house? Pls don't let them wound u for us oh...

    I understand the pains, insecurities & anger of these wives, but the Truth is, the wives who express it publicly are the ones who KNOW they are married to DOGS!!! So pardon them...

    Just shift lane next time or kindly ask him "can I get ur wife for U pls?, it's obvious U need her help!"
    ROTFL *the effect this blog has on me.

    1. But so what if he has a ring on? If a man is dying and he has a ring on you should allow him to die abi? A cheating man will cheat, the wife should deal with that fact.

    2. Excess shopping bags isn't equivalent to dying. Talk withing the writeup and stop exaggerating. Ruthy I agree with u.

    3. True that, Stop exaggerating...
      *Shit happens though!

  4. Yeah. So many paranoid wives in Lagos. You can't really blame them though, most of these snatchers and mistresses come in form of angels and some wives have learnt the hard way.

  5. So she follows her husband everywhere he goes with a sword to fight off husband snatchers?

  6. I guess you will understand better my dear Thelma when u get married. Ruthy has said it all and more. You have no idea what that woman has experienced and she aint taking no chances. She did what she had to to and she isn't wrong. Cmon, I sure you urself has neva encountered a young lady helping a man whether married or not with his bags without having a reason. Insecurities comes with a lot of marriages.

    1. I disagree with u on this. She was wrong to be rude and act in that manner treating a fellow human that way all in the name of insecurity.

      There are better ways to hold a man but the truth is one shouldn't be that rude cos you never can tell what intentions that person has and of course because someone is married doesn't mean he should be ignored when he needs help.

      That's my own view sha

  7. Dear Thelma sowie abt dat ooo. Crazy wives everywhere, but d tin is even if d wife guard d husband with boko boys if dey wana snatch him they will shikena. #Tas#

  8. I think the only guard a woman has over her husband is prayers.Will she go everywhere he goes?if the girl slips her number to the man,will she force the man to call her???even in cases where the husband is a "dog" how many bones will you push away from him?Women need to be smart that kind of behaviour in publicis shameful.SMH ....I'm married btw so no one shld give me "when u r married" sermon

  9. Sorry bt I agree with thelma, the woman was very rude and it was uncalled for, she shud thank God say no be pple lyk us wey get crase she try am for, Utter Rubbish!!!

  10. Thelma sorry your good intentions were perceived badly. Please keep helping folks if your mind tells you to do so. Do not let people change you. Truth is many Nigerian women have made themselves insecure. The man chose to marry them, that they cannot see that is their loss. No matter how much they "protect" if they married dogs, those men will still stray. I always say to women be secure in your choice of a partner, if not you will live your life in misery. I am engaged, i do not cling to my partner when we are out, i let him do all the fraternizing he wants because as far as i am concerned i do my best to keep him happy. If he isnt happy then thats between him and God

  11. Mine is this 'Dear Girlfriend, not every woman wants to snatch your boyfriend, so please take a chilpill.Yeah, yeah, I know he's the best thing that has ever happened o you and you think he's the best thing since sliced bread,nevertheless easy does it.Ok,moving On!

  12. And Thelms, next time you see a married man wanting to drop dead from the weight of 'his marriage', pls look the other way.I know its gonna be hard being that you have a good and heart and all but trust me it aint worth the embarrassment!
    Happy sunday everyone!

  13. What! That's wierd,ur kind heart no go kill u anty thelma

    1. Mariam it's not even about kindheartedness. I saw an older person carrying load, my sister I decided to help na. I offer the same assistance to women when I think they need it, it honestly didn't occur to me that this is somebody's hubby. Ok. Now I know better.

  14. Ogom egbunam! He could have been anybody and the truth is he needed help. Thanks for helping. Ndo, nwannem! Maybe another day or place, it could have been a pleasant grateful lady but she let insecurity or anger get the best of her. #Enjay#

  15. The visuals of the woman shoving Thelma away and saying thank you I can do it, is to die for. ROTFL.

  16. women sha...a guy dat will cheat will cheat ifu like put a leash on him..sorry T. guess thats what u get for being nice..

  17. Lols,can totally relate to this. When ur a retail sales person,expect to see women give u daggers for trying to market and sell stuff to the husband (who to u is just another random customer). As dettol says:if ur not a voltron over ur man,who will...? Lol.
    Sometimes I think all this cld be part of the "fun" for her in her marriage.


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