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I'm Dating A Short Guy. So What?

But is it really a big deal? Let me answer that. Well, yes. Sort of. When every lady describes her dream man he's TDH; tall dark and handsome. And then fairy tale stories don't help either. Prince Charming is never short. No, he's very tall, with broad shoulders and a strong jaw. As are the heroes in Super Hero stories. An easy example is Thor. Isn't Thor (Chris Hemsworth) just the perfect man? Especially if you're inclined towards the Caucasian male, and well if you're not then I give you Idris Elba.... Or Will Smith or RMD (let's bring it closer home). You know those men, manly men. The ones we presuppose a man ought to look like.

I hardly hear a woman describe her spec and say she wants a short man. But the truth of this matter is that asides from the fact that a tall man is aesthetically pleasing, there's really not much difference between a tall and a short one. There's hardly anything a tall man can do that a short one can't. (Bad as e bad he gets on a stool and does it). But in the things that matter; psychologically, intellectually, mentally, emotionally and sexually there's really no difference. So why does it matter when a woman dates a short guy? Why did that opposing counsel call my colleague to ask for my number and she outright said no, and later listed our height difference as one of the reasons for her refusal? Why do my friends tease me when I date a guy not as tall as I am? There's one that never tires to tell everyone "Nwando likes short men". Err, not exactly but if I meet someone I connect and vibe with, someone that gets my juices flowing, am I to disregard him because he's a few inches shorter? (Notice I said "few inches", I do not want to have to stoop to kiss my boo) 

 My friend who's about 5ft10" has been turned down by girls a couple of times because he isn't 'tall enough'. In fact he's partly the reason I'm writing this. Is there something extraordinary about dating a taller guy that I don't know about? 

And because I'm this tall most guys I meet are my height or shorter so I'm curious; Ladies who have dated or are married to shorter men, was/is there any minus (asides from the fact that sometimes you cannot rock those bad-ass heels!) ??? 

The current object of my affections is a few inches shorter than I am and though he usually dates petite chics I guess because we both challenge each other intellectually and can have an amazing laugh when we're together, we don't seem to mind. (So no, we're not dating-dating. Don't mind the Title of the post, was just teasing). He's used to bending down to kiss his girls, but now he has to raise his head up. LOL. 

Ladies would you date a shorter man? (I would really like to hear what the men think about being with a taller woman). 


  1. My ex was short, and I am also short. Wasn't alwais comfortable walking wit him. I don't even knw Y sef. One reason I agreed 2 date my current BF is cos he is tall. It is more of a psychological tin I believe

  2. Sorry I can't date a short guy. I will like to hear from Aki's wife abt this. How does his dick fill up her Vjay? It baffles me. I'm 6'1 and I mostly attract my height and taller. Thank God. My fiance is taller.. *doing the skelewu* Thelma, how tall are you?

    1. Hahaha @ Aki's wife, let's not even go there. I'm 6ft and you need to take me to where you meet these taller men. The few I know want petite. The one hottie who's 6"5 and looks like Michael Jordan is easily the stingiest man on earth. When we go out together everyone stops and stares but dear Lord, he's stingy and narcissistic. So all his height and brawn and other tinzzz cannot get me to stay biko.

    2. My dear tell me abt it. I once dated a tall guy who was rich and good looking. All I wanted BUT. (I'm really wondering if any1 has eva had this experience) this guy was STINGY. Knew him for 4 yrs (on and off) I'm not the type that asks for money even if I am broke. Till we broke up, N1 naira neva exchanged hands btwn us. I'm not gonna lie, I only dated him cos I was desperate to marry and he once said 'I love u' and mentioned marriage so I decided to manage hoping things will change since other proposals weren't coming. Did I mention that this guy is so secretive? Wen I ask his age or his surname he will change the topic. I was very stupid back den, I know. Infact I was dumb cos of desperation. I just sha wanted to geet married and hav kids. I'm 28 ryt now. This guy neva answered questions about his siblings or even showed me a pic of dem. This guy will form busy and will neva call back, infact he treated me like shit. I didn't love him, I was just under pressure to get married cos everyone else was and der weren't other options. I'm putting this here to actually know if anyone has been in dis before. I thank God dat I eventually sumd up courage to demand more for my self. To love me. To put marriage at the back of my mind. I actually felt free. I put myself in that bondage out of depression. I knew that guy wasn't for me but I stayed there. Wen I finally woke up was wen I confronted him abt being secretly married cos he never let me visit him (we lived in diff states). He claimed that if he was married, I wud have seen his wedding on TV and newspapers. His family is rich. I know this all sounds like I was used but I noticed his behaivour was just d domineering type. Its embedded in his soul. He believes no woman shud question a man and men rule the world. I thought to myself, if I get married to this guy 2moro, after the lavish wedding, how will I survive the marriage? He probably won't even let me in on his possessions and passwords and will prolly neva give me a dime. (I shiver thing back) I apologise for this epistle jare. Just thot to share my past experience sha. Sorry thelma. I'll b getting married in a few months to a man that treats me like a Queen. The feeling is indescribable and its my first time experiencing it. And yes he is taller lol.

    3. Lol @ and yes he is taller. Congratulations sweetie! Don't forget to send us wedding pictures.

  3. My amazeballs soon to be husband is 5ft 8 and yellow as human beings come. He is a quarter british. Even me at half I think he is lighter than me.
    Thelma I dont like light skinned men or short men. But guess what? He is the best thing that ever happened to me. And I wouldn't wish he were any darker or taller.
    I m 5ft 6 inches.
    Dony let height get in the way of ur destiny.

  4. LOL. I'm so glad I saw this. I LOVE tall guys. Like. Channing Tatum and the rest. The current object of my affections is short. And dark. Initially, I was like, WTF. This is not me nor what I want. Hell No.
    But.....right now, I won't mind proposing to him. If I've ever been happy, it's now. Even if he was Aki's height, we'll, I'm not sure I would mind. And I'm not saying this because I'm madly in love with him, actually u don't know if I am. I'm saying it, because happiness is important. And I'm happy.

    1. I do like your name gretel :) .

  5. All I want is a guy who Treats me GOOD. My kids will forgive their height when their Dad is the Best in the world....

  6. When I was about 15 years I woke up one morning to discover that my immediate younger sis was taller than I was. As in..."when did this happen?" So this puberty ish we were taught in JSS 1 was REAL(girls growing faster than boys at that stage). I couldn't bear the thought of my sis examining the crown of my head with such ease. To make matters worse, my friends always made fun of me when we were seen together. I suffered this *humiliation* for 3 years until the status was reversed. That experience affected my principle of dating, and since then I've dated girls who look up to me. #BigGrin.

    Erm..Thelma. Chris Hemsworth is Thor :D

    1. Oh! Thanks Memphis!!! You see why we need you men around?!! Thanks jare, will change it now. So who come be Troy na? *confused* *thinking*.

    2. Troy na Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Olando Bloom, Diane Kruger...

    3. I'm sure Memphis is also turned on my Diane kruger's height(she's not tall)....lolz! U just had to put her name amongst the men huh?

  7. Me I like short men o. Wen I say short I mean MI short not Aki short. But hubby is tall nn I'm still ok with it cos at d end of the day wat we look 4 in a man is character not height. Mrs M

    1. Mrs M!!! Short like M.I ke? Hmmm. Different strokes for different folks.

  8. I'm same height as Thelma ...whoop!!! *skips away*...Le boo is a few inches shorter than I am, I don't kurr

  9. Wen I saw Chris hemsworth as troy. I was wondering sef. Cos chris hemsworth wasn't known wen troy came out

  10. Like someone said don't let height determine your destiny. Once u have been married for a few years u will realise this things don't matter. What if he is tall and beats the crap out of u and treats u like shit! Is tall going to put food on ur table or a great father to ur kids. We ladies just like whala. We need to change our mindset..... I remember I wanted really tall, broad chested and light skinned instead I got really dark and only a few inches taller. And if I could go back I'll make the same choice over and over again. Abegi tall or short.....marry well!

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  13. Disclaimer: I'm 5'3.5 inches, so it's not that big a deal to say I've never dated a guy shorter than I am. Even if I found one, I wouldn't date him (pity our kids naa). But there's something about a tall man I just find so attractive. I always thought of my man's ideal height to be about 6'1. My husband is 5'10 or 5'11, and tall enough for the top of my head to reach right under his chin! That's perfect for me. He will tell you that on our first date I looked him up and down and asked how tall he was with a certain glint in my eyes, LOL!
    But eh, height matters less than the man's ability to pick me up- now that's seriously hottttt!!!

  14. Am happy we are talking abt dis cos sometime I think abt it. Am 5'11, and I can say all my life ve neva dating any tall guy, it got to a point I had to ask my friends why short guys or guys of the same height are attracted to me. Most of the tall guys ve met neva looked serious to me so I neva looked der way. Anyway I found love in a man who am few inches taller than, and am happy cos i found happiness, peace, friendship and love with him.

  15. Well in my case his family said I'm "too tall" for him (yet he's taller than me small) and it still baffles me cos I'm the shortest in my home...
    Thelma pls do a post on "The darnest things in-laws say to prevent a marriage from happening"

    1. Hmmm. What an excuse. Ok Sasha. Will do.

  16. Tall, Short, who cares...I don't. Have dated guys taller and jst a wee bit shorter than me and its all about how I they made me feel! My shorter ex ( technically he was my height at 5.6) was an amazing person, made me feel like royalty n is still one of my best friends today and he loved when i wear heels n is what i would call a compact cutie (think a shorter Idris Elba). My tall ex is a GREAT guy, one of those kinds that u can laugh with and also one I had moments i would want to jump up n bash his head in (i stand shoulder height to him in heels). Having them both, i know its not about the packaging (ok it s small sha) bt abt how great ur relationship is with whomever.

  17. All my life av dated taller girls cos m kind of short-5'6. Itz cool tho. Also planning 2 marry someone tall. I will now look like Julius Agwu and his wife #thinking#. Tas

  18. Was taller than everybody I dated back then, no taller girl came my way or maybe I never looked for one. Thinking about this now and wondering how that happened despite always wanting to satisfy my curiousity.
    Oh well, too late now!

  19. When I think of short men, I think of Don the perfect bf. But he lied about being married just so I would date him, I found out and 6months of perfection came crashing down

  20. Hey Thelma, great blog u have here, n even greater community of comment'ers'...........have read almost all your posts n they're quite interesting, bookmarked your blog site already......hehe....

    To the topic of the day, I'm about 5'9 or 5'10 tall, and I've never dated a shorter guy.....I also don't see myself dating or marrying one, but you know never how these things end up. If the right person with all the other more important qualities comes along in a few inches shorter body, I'm hoping I have the brains to go ahead and not let height get in my way. Otherwise, a tall (hunk) it will be.


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