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On Super Powers and Mood Swings.

*Dee called at 2pm. Let me come and get you from work, then you'll take us to the movies. I told him OK, knowing fully well I had no money to spend, but God forgive me, I needed a ride home. I'd been wondering all day how I would get home as my colleague whom I usually go with wasn't at work. Dee came at 5 and I told him sorry, boss man was meant to pay today but he didn't. Dee was super pissed but seeing as he's always forming "always in control of my emotions" he calmed down and seethed in silence. 

Personally I didn't feel up to seeing a movie, just wanted to get home. But off to the Palms we went. I was starving so he bought me a meal and then we got our movie tickets and 3D glasses for X-Men, our pop corn and sodas. Please you need to see this X-Men movie. Mystique is so amazing and this was all about Mystique, now played my Jennifer Lawrence. I'm a fan of Jennifer Lawrence but I prefer Rebecca Romijn as Mystique. 

I got to do all those things that you lucky shidren do at the movies, hold hands, lean on his shoulders, make out, snuggle, whisper rubbish, giggle etc. not necessarily because I wanted to but because I thought, ok now I don't just get to watch people do, I get to do it too! LOL. 

The movie ended and Dee and I waited for the hall to clear out to avoid the rush. Well it was almost empty and Dee was still calmly sitting down, looking at the credits. I got up and demanded we go. He smiled and shook his head. "Whatever, I'm out of here. I don't know what's wrong with you, please move, let me pass" I snapped at him irritably and scuffled out of the row, stepping on his feet in the process. I thought I'd gotten my mood swings under control. One minute I was cozy and comfy, giggly and cheery. The next minute I was rude, irritable and ill-tempered. As soon as I got out I felt terribly guilty. Poor guy did nothing at all to deserve that from me but I couldn't help it. My mood swings used to be legendary but I put a lot of work into keeping them away. I still have vivid recollections of blog reader Keke telling me back then, at age 16/17 "Nwando you have terrible mood swings". I always denied it but one day I finally admitted it to myself. Unfortunately sometimes it creeps up on me and one minute I'm shining my teeth, the next I'm positively insufferable and irritable and you would do yourself some good to stay away from me during that period. 

We drove to my place in silence and when we reached, I didn't want to leave things the way they were. And then I chose the 'the best form of defence is attack' strategy. "Why are you so quiet? What did I do? Open your mouth and say what's on your mind abeg..... What was wrong with you sef, how can a movie end you're still sitting there and looking? What were you waiting for? Are you that selfish, you should know I had a long day at work. And then I have to go home and get ready for tomorrow. Besides I was so pressed I needed to pee and you just sat there, staring!" 

By the time I was done Dee wasn't sure whether to stay angry or apologize. He finally mumbled that he wasn't a mind reader and I should have explained. Then I finally apologized. "I'm sorry, I was tired and I needed to pee and the movie was over and,.... I just got irritated. Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you or disrespect you. It wasn't intended to upset you, I'm sorry". 

How does one completely get mood swings under control? More often than not I find myself apologizing for something I said or did when my mood swang. My closest friends are very used to it and they just dismiss it saying "your brain has started to touch again, abi?" But then they keep a safe distance till the storm blows over. 

BTW If you go to the movies check out X-Men. As usual after watching X-Men I find myself wishing I had super powers and I wonder which I would like to be. I think I will like to be Mystique and change into anyone I want. Or the Professor and read people's minds and get into their heads and control their minds. Which X-Men will you like to be?

Please forgive any errors, I cannot reread this write up. I'm way to tired, I just hope I've managed to make even just a tiny bit of sense. 


  1. I used to have mood swings a whoooole lot back then. My friends used to call it I noticed I had it too wen a particular person. Or persons were around me. it was so bad it cost me a relationship once! My hubby endured it for along time wen were courting, then one day he snapped! I had to call my self to order Oo°˚˚˚°! I don't get moodswings anymore, how I did it, I don't know. But I'm glad I don't have it anymore.#phew#

  2. 2 words 'Jennifer Lawrence'. My girl crush.

  3. The good thing about you is you at least try to work on your flaws. Thats more than most people bother to do.
    Super powers Magnito!

  4. Hmm..I'm no psychologist but I think controlling one's mood swings can also relate to anger management. There was this time I went out with my parents and two of my sisters to Sheraton. We were all merry up on till the time the waiters came to take our orders. When they asked to take mine I just told them a bottle of Malt. Everyone was shocked. Why? my mum asked. We hadn't eaten up till that moment and all of a sudden I, the "bottomless pit" of the house, was suddenly not hungry? There was a problem. I immediately realized that the peace I had within me had somehow disappeared, destroying my appetite, and was threatening to destroy those of my loved ones. Their facial expressions were all dark and shocked. I felt my eyes blazing, but I quickly covered up with an extremely wide grin. I'm sure the expression I presented would've resembled that of a bob-cat grinning at an unfortunate rodent it had cornered. It however did the magic, and we all had a great time.

    It's somehow difficult to know when your mood swings, but when that happens, make sure you counter the effect IMMEDIATELY by any means necessary, even if it means you presenting the silly "bob-cat" facial expression. Everyone, including you, becomes relieved, and that's a great step in the processes of working on your flaws.

    Now as for superheroes: I'd love to be like Sabre-Tooth. (Super strength, heightened senses, speed, durability, ability to track...and HUGE)

  5. The only super power I need is the ability to read and control minds.... If you have that changing into anyone or super strength or controlling metal might seem irrelevant.
    Now to mood swings... Memphis you made a good point relating it to anger management because anger is just one of many moods one could slip into... There's depression, anxiety, frustration and even joy. Let's not forget that happiness is a mood too and swings go both ways. The best way I try to prevent my swing from going the wrong way or bringing it back immediately is by using gratitude. I had to master this, even though it was difficult cos I used to suffer from chronic swings too, mainly depression and anxiety. As an introvert it's very easy for you to slip into the dark recesses of your mind.
    Now all I need to do is remember how lucky I am to be alive and healthy, with all my limbs functioning... It could have been a lot worse. When I'm driving through traffic in an air conditioned car and I see people standing under the blazing sun, I wish I could help their plight but as I can't I thank God cos I could easily have been the one standing under the sun. Long story short (irony) you have to make a conscious effort to fight your way back before it slips too far...

  6. Awwww, singing "am not alone, I am not alone"...
    Well, I still suffer from mood swings, just anxiety though.
    It's obvious I have chronic OCD & when things don't go my way as perfectly as I planned it, I panic & everyone around me become the saboteur!!!

    But I learned not to let it affect anyone around me anymore. Thanks to my days of pageantry, I ALWAYS have a copy n paste smile & that works the magic!!!

    So T, instead of snapping, U could try smiling at the person /situation... u'll eventually swing outta it, LOL.

    (My Super power wish would be to "Time travel " either into the past to change & relive some moments or into the future so as to make the best of the present. LOL)

  7. Im with Steele on this, the superpower to read and control minds is all I really need.
    Now back to mode swings,as a "praiser", I continually saturate my surroundings with praise and worship so that I don't have the avenue to be down. Im that freak that speaks with the holy spirit, per adventure I get into one of those moods, I speak with the holy spirit who reminds me of how blessed I am, that puts a smile on my face and reminds me not to seat the small stuff.
    I wish you all the best with this , Thelma.

  8. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com4:54 pm, May 28, 2014

    On superpower I'm with Ruth - Time travel.
    I have mood swings too, so bad that I can't explain how I got there. When I realize, I start to build up excuses for my actions in my head for when the other person wants to discuss the reason for the switch in my mood. And I'm so good that, I always win at the end, but deep down I'd know I was the wrong one. I hope that changes about me pretty soon.

  9. My mood swings are terrible. Am always anxious @ the end it turns out its all for noting! Because what I was killing myself with anxiety over usually gets solved easily........ You think I will learn and stop being so worried? Mba I will still worry like its a talent..... I know its wrong but I can't help it! That has inhibited me enough in life I find it so difficult to make friend cos I worry abtbeing rejected n all.... So I don't just take the step..... Right know I want to stop typing because I worry people will say my comment is to long..... Smh... Story of my life..... As for super powers I love ruthy suggestion time travel..... Will give anything to give a hug to my dad again! God I miss him so much.

    1. Anon you need to learn to let loose and not worry so much. Nothing is ever really that serious, believe me. And no, your comment was not too long. ROTFL. Unknown to you you may have built a wall around yourself as a defense mechanism because of rejection worried and this discourages friends from gravitating towards you (we don't always have to go make friends, some come to us). Just chill out and let go. Anyone that rejects you is definitely not a friend so don't sweat it. Worrying doesn't help or change anything and life is too short to spend it worrying about one thing or the other. I'm sure your dad wouldn't want you to worry so much. And hey my comment is even longer than yours! LOL

  10. Nne,u got to CONSCIOUSLY have control of ur mood cos when u do get pregnant...(You know the rest)

  11. It might be Pms, check your calendar when u ve them all d time like that, u can ease out Pms by working on ur diet and exercising


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