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Regrets Anyone?

When I'm out with someone and they ask "What are your regrets?" I'm always quick to say I have no regrets, and then I add that every bad experience is a lesson learnt and not a regret. (I don't even know if that makes sense but it always shuts people up). 

In truth I do have regrets and I hope that by talking about a few of them I'll let them go. These are some of the regrets I never acknowledge I regret:

I regret breaking the heart of my first love who loved me more than he loved oxygen. Who loved me so much someone said "Nwando you'll never find another guy that loves you like this guy". I dunno if it was a curse because ten years later, I still haven't. 

I regret not taking my grades and academics more seriously in the University.

I regret dating my elder brother's friend when I was in my early 20s. Till date it has caused some irreparable damage to our relationship. (Bruv if you read this; I was naive, clueless and ignorant. My thinking was I won't mind you dating my friend so you shouldn't mind me dating yours. I was wrong). 

I kind of regret not hearing both sides of the story and taking sides with one friend which completely ended my friendship with the other one. (DON'T EVER PLAY JUDGE WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY). 

I regret setting limitations for myself and not grabbing the opportunities that came my way because I thought I wasn't good enough. 

I regret trying to influence my Law School posting. Maybe if I'd just filled the forms and trusted in God I wouldn't have been sent to Kano campus and had the worst experience and met the worst people ever! 

I regret not giving E.M a chance. 

I regret changing my hostel from Manuwa to Lady Ibiam in my first year. I strongly believe my life would have turned out much better if I'd stayed put in Manuwa in what was the most formative year of my life in university. 

I regret listening to people who said I was too skinny and I needed to put on weight. 

I regret not pursuing that job because I thought I didn't possess enough qualification only for it to be given to someone less qualified than I was. 

I regret not saying I wanted more when he suggested we should be just friends. 

I regret all the chances I never took and the adventures I never had because I was too scared come out of my comfort zone. 

I regret not pursuing that career as a music producer and grabbing the opportunities I had to learn the ropes when they came my way. I really really really regret this. Nothing would have given me more fulfillment. Yep! I wanted (want) to be a music producer. 

What do you regret?
It's ok to acknowledge your regrets just as long as you don't let them hold you back.  Remember, "Move on with hope". 

*Very busy day tomorrow so I may be MIA*. 


  1. Has ur first love moved on? Like is there any Window of opportunity in u two getting back together? Just asking...
    If a guy love u like u say,is it possible that he loves another in the same capacity? Or does it become more or less?
    Not trying to derail,just wondering aloud...

    1. I thought there could be a window of opportunity so I collected his number from a mutual friend and called. His wife answered and said "My husband is busy right now". Damn! Embarrassment at its peak. But what upset me was that said mutual friend didn't warn me that he was married even though he was aware of this. As for your other question, we should make that question of the day in a subsequent post.

    2. Sasha if I got your question correctly, can he love in the same capacity, someone else, in a subsequent relationship? I do believe so, it may not have happened but it's not impossible. I misunderstood your question, thought you were referring to something else.

  2. I regret the path I towed when I first got admission into School....the first 2 years was a blur and I had the worst relationship a girl can ever have (totally damaged my self esteem) and the worst grades too.

    I regret not giving modelling a shot when I had the chance, I felt people would see me as an air head and not take me seriously and was scared of what people would say.

    I regret settling for less than I should have countless times, cos i felt it was better than losing out totally.

    Oh well....and the list goes on and on


  3. Too many regrets but they were decisions/actions taken based on realities of that time. I am imperfect not inhuman, I will make more mistakes and correct those I can.

  4. Hmmmmm, T am Co-asking with Sasha.
    As for me,

    I Regret not takin my 2nd - Final year as serious as i took my 1st year!!! But hey, I was working & schooling, Yet, When I see my 1st year result, it makes me believe I should have read harder....

    I Regret being the VP of my department cos that gave me the worse Sortta attention ever! Led to a lot of trouble. With lecturers mostly.

    I regret not studying Education in the University, My Greatest Regret. I SO WANT to be a Pry or Sec school Teacher!!!
    Working towards that now sha....

    Mbok, Relationship-wise NO regrets oh.

    I know i would have regretted not giving My Ex this LAST chance but am Glad I Did & Saw the ORIGO side of him.... Thank U God.

  5. I regret wasting 10 irreplaceable years of my life with the wrong one,that guy took my youth,innocence and sweetness all for nothing. I regret ever meeting and being friends with some evil people(two of them especially). I regret not grabbing the opportunity of studying abroad and becoming a better woman. I regret ever taking risks for my friends that turned out to be backstabbers,I regret ever leaving my beautiful home to share an apartment with one of the backstabbers,I regret not taking some of Sayi's advice(I love you baby) I regret repeating one year of my pre medical school,it taught me a huge bitter lesson. I thank God for making me a strong woman and for bringing me this far. I'm still a potty in God's hands,He's not through with me. Gigi

  6. Few regrets from me, I regret not knowing God earlier, he has truly changed my life for the better
    however I keep seeing perceptions on your law school experience in Kano, pls could you elaborate?

  7. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com2:25 pm, May 20, 2014

    I kind of regret letting myself get so low to respond in a higher tone to a childhood friend who has always taken me for granted. I apologized shortly afterwards but it has put a strain on our relationship ever since.
    I regret some risks I took the the name of it's what people do in relationship - trust me, some guys ain't worth the slightest risk.
    I don't like the school of thought my parents belong to on not letting a female child get her own apartment. - That still hasn't changed. I hope I get a job in another city where we don't have relatives.
    I regret partying as much as I did while at Uni - my grades would have been better.

  8. I regret not getting better grades in school. I regret all the clubbing and all the Sex I have had in my life. I regret not being as close as I should to God.

  9. I regret going to a boys only secondary school. Also regret nt takin my 1st degree serious. #Tas#

    1. I cld have sworn u were a girl...oh wow!

    2. What happened? You turned gay in the boys school?
      Share ur story pls!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Now that escalated quickly from "Regrets Anyone...?" to "Dear thelma..."
      Don't keep ur options closed. Let him be done with skl and start to figure out life for himself first before tagging u along.
      If u wanna be married soon,date people who wanna be married soon too.
      Get a copy of "Think like a Man" and "Why men marry bitches". Hope they help!

    2. hmm you don't want to regret not choosing your ex or regret not exploring if you end up choosing your ex ? sighh. i think you should keep an open mind with both and not rush into anything.

    3. Sweetie the online guy I really, really do not trust. The last guy that said he loved me and was sad Bcos I wouldn't say it back just after one week of meeting turned out to be a major belllend.

      As for regrets I really can't say I regret much but I regret not taking my academics seriously, I also wish I wasn't to reckless about sex would have saved me the abortion stress and scare of not being able to conceive anymore. However, except for those two I don't regret dating the ppl I dated because if I didn't take the risk of dating them then it will probably be my regrets now. I do also regret having magas, still do have two of em. I dont regret their money though

  11. D post was too long mbok @anon. Just kidding lol. Just take ur time before going into anoda r/ship nd concentrate on making friends nd don't over explore o. Regrets I have next to known cos when I tink abt it everytin happens for a reason #Sussy.

    1. *None. Typo #sussy

  12. My regrets flow from one central regret- not knowing God in my really early university years and, when I say "not knowing", I don't mean I wasn't aware of God- I was, I just was a diligent Sunday church-goer.
    Would pray in the morning and at night and study my rhapsody but never saw the need to immerse myself socially in christian activities- and God placed people in my life at those early years in the university who tried to get me to be socially involved in these activities, wonderful roomates in the same hostel as myself- I just didn't think (at the time) it was for me.
    Every regret began to flow from this singular inaction, EVERY ONE OF THEM.

  13. I regret not being able to pass jamb and having to do a 2yrs diploma programme that took me 4yrs to complete thanks to asuu strike. I regret doing a degree programe that should have lasted for 3yrs but spent 2 extra yrs trying to sort out my results (missing scrpits) I regret not learning how to sew while waiting to leave for nysc. Hmmmm!

  14. I regret not serving God the way I should have few years back while in school bt yet he gave me a second chance,I greet following my step sisters to see a prophetess in the name of xtianity which later turned out to be a very big mistake.I regret dating an old friend just cuz he made some money,I should'nt av bent the rules.I regret taking advice frm one of my closest friends cuz nine out of ten advice is always on the negative.sometimes I regret making some ingrates my friends back in school cuz they are the worst haters ever....I regret loving one of my step sisters cuz she is the worst inside enemy a family can ever wish 4 bt thankGod she is nw life is a testimony @ d moment. Finally I regret that I av lost count of my Ex's,I regret nt sounding nice to one of my ex on january first when he called to wish me a happy 2014,cuz he died two weeks later...

    1. Pls can you throw more light on the prophetess issue so people can learn?

    2. U dey find gist! Smh!

    3. Before? You nko? #wink wink

  15. I regret getting pregnant for a married man and having an abortion eventually,I should have never got involved in the first place.
    I regret the 23 guys I've slept with, I should never have lost my virginity back in 2004 when I did.
    I regret not being closer to God back then as it would have saved me the drama. But I know God heals and God forgives.

    1. wow, 23? thankfully theres always a future!

    2. Please!
      23 is small sef.
      Not everyone can count theirs

  16. Plenty regrets. I'm seriously praying for God's forgiveness. I regret causing my mom so much pain and not being able to apologize to her before she died. I regret all the relationships I have been in all in the name of looking for love. I regret all the abortions cos I was stupid. I regret not being as close to God as I was when I was a lil girl. But I thank God for second chances, for forgiveness for life.

  17. I regret cheating on my ex.
    I regret not going to lectures which is causing me to fail most of my modules.
    I regret getting pregnant for the guy i cheated with at 18 .
    I regret trying abortion methods at home which could have killed me.
    I regret not telling my family i was sexually assaulted even when i was asked ( i was scared)
    I regret all the guys i have slept with except 2 .
    I regret not studying medicine.
    I regret a lot of things in the 20 years of my life but hey , things happen for a reason and i hope my mistakes will help me in becoming a better woman.

  18. I regret cheating on my ex.
    I regret not going to lectures which is causing me to fail most of my modules.
    I regret getting pregnant for the guy i cheated with at 18 .
    I regret trying abortion methods at home which could have killed me.
    I regret not telling my family i was sexually assaulted even when i was asked ( i was scared)
    I regret all the guys i have slept with except 2 .
    I regret not studying medicine.
    I regret a lot of things in the 20 years of my life but hey , things happen for a reason and i hope my mistakes will help me in becoming a better woman.

  19. I regret not getting better grades in school, I regret getting pregnant and having an abortion for a guy whom I still date who treats me like thrash(I pray I get the courage to leave him and no,I'm not ugly neither do I have self-esteem ish..just can't place why I'm still with him), I regret breaking the heart of the only guy who truly loved me just cos I gained admission into school and funny thing's I haven't been able to find anyone who loves me as much as he loved me(tried reaching out to him sometime but he changed his lines,moved to God knows where)... So sad but thank God I've moved on. Fina

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  21. Am sori dis came in late.... just started reading your blog... i regret 'breaking-up' with my ex bestfriend and exboifwend over a flimpsy quarrel.... also frustrated his efforts to make things right again... dont know y I did dat but I no, now, I miss him so much n tink bou him every day.....I regret putting up a snubbish look cos it drove a lot of ppl 4rm me.... I regret being an introvert n having trust issues which I could av put in efforts to correct.... I regret kissing a boi I met two summers ago... (altho dats d bst kiss Ive ever had) many oda tins buh these r d litl dat flowed nao....*sighs*


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