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Sexual Harassment At The Office. (We Should Talk About This)

Good morning Guys! I hope your weekend was beautiful. 

This morning I received a mail from one of our readers. She told me she quit her job a couple of weeks back because her boss was persistently sexually harassing her. My first thought was I hope she had another job waiting when she left that one because we all know how difficult it is to come by jobs these days. But then I once left a job for that same reason. It got really tiring; someone trying to fondle my boobs as 'good morning', grabbing me and trying to kiss me on the lips at any given opportunity, grabbing or smacking my bum when no one was looking, sending pornographic pictures and videos to my inbox and bbm, sending me very sexually explicit messages of what he'd want to do to me, asking me to accompany him for meetings but afterwards making a detour and stopping at a secluded place where I'd have to fight him off while still trying to respect him as the boss. At some point going to work became very dreadful. And there's not much you can do about it when it's a sole proprietorship so it became sink or swim. It's either you sit, grin and bear it or take a walk. I'd tried the former but eventually did the latter.

I remember reading an open letter by a former staff of one travel agency in Lagos last year. From the response it got it was obvious that it was a regular thing there. All the bosses were in on it, and the minute you as much as complained about it you were fired for misconduct or incompetence or something like that. It was just a story till my brother's girlfriend was fired from that same company for that same thing. One of the bosses was harassing her and when she made the mistake of reporting to another, the next thing she knew was she received a letter basically terminating her employment. 

Most of my working friends have been sexually harassed by a boss at least once in their careers so how come nobody is talking about this? How come these bullies are allowed to do as they please, take advantage of a bad situation (no jobs) and subject women to discomfort and harassment at the workplace? Why aren't there strict laws put in place just like in the US? Why aren't there enforced sanctions that deter a boss from as much as looking at you the wrong way. Why don't things like this matter? How come no one cares to talk about it? 

BTW when that girl sent the open letter last year it was astounding to see the negative reaction she received from the public in general. It was heartbreaking to say the least. 

One more thing. Men get sexually harassed by female bosses as well and that is equally disgusting and unacceptable. 

Have you been sexually harassed by a boss?
How did you handle it?
Is it wise to report a boss that's sexually harassing you?
If you've reported a boss that was sexually harassing you what happened afterwards?
Will you leave your dream/extremely well paying job because you're being sexually harassed by a superior at work?

Have you ever sexually harassed a subordinate at work?


  1. Hmmm. Never been a victim before.

  2. If I hired u as my attorney over sexual harrassment case,wld u take the case? Sexual harrassment at work is just like corruption,as long as there's no strong penalty for offenders,everyone goes scot free.
    Now,I have a different view point. What bout ladies who get fired cos their female bosses hv personal resentment for them that has nothing to do with ur productivity at work?

    1. Sasha why wouldn't I? The only thing I would need you to provide me with is enough evidence.
      Same goes for your other view point; wrongful termination. You can seek redress in court for that as well but most people are ignorant or would just rather move on.

  3. Well T, my own Sexual harassment was so bad that my boss (He owns the company btw) wanted me for a 2nd wife. He said he's a crown prince in one of the south south communities... it was terrible... I became arrogant & insulting...

    It was in everyone's best interest I quit.
    Funny thing is I didn't even tell him i's leaving. I just got my salary & Stopped going to work. His wife (she's our Admin Manager oh), asked what's up with me, Told her I moved to another city.

    Presently Job hunting but NO more one man company biko...

    1. Hmm...I remember ur story from another post! U did say u signed a contract to stay for a few yrs or so. So this is the main reason u So if u married him,the admin manager wld have fired the both of u o...lols.
      Anyhoo,all the best on ur job quest like I am too

  4. Yes, I have been sexually harrassed at work boss then was really mean, he would make sure he sends me to the cashcenter on the outskirts everyday, complain about every thing I do, other staff in the office had an idea what his problem was 'cuz they would jokingly tell me privately that oga wanted something.God in his bountiful mercies provided my current job two months later and that was how I was free.

    My current boss is harrassing the IT staff in the office, the girl claimed he would call her and ask her to kiss him, it sounded incredible until I saw evidence(his messages to her), he was reported to the regional director and told to back off if he values his job.

    What helped in this case was that the IT staff spoke out, a lot of victims of sexual harrassment do not speak out and you can't blame them because the society is not NICE to them,people would say and think all sorts of mean things,another staff that was aware of the sexual harrassment actually told me the lady being harrassed should have handled it herself, that she should not have reported it.

    Can you beat that? How do you manage the unmanageable?Why should you even manage it?

  5. And yeah, I do wish Nigeria have strict laws on this office harassment issues!!!

  6. Another reason why these bullies continue is that most people would rather just endure(manage the situation) or resign and move on.
    It was when the current issue of sexual harrassment came to light that people started speaking out that my boss was in that habit, that he was known for that in his former branch,that he probably was sexually harrassing the former IT girl(because the lady was always rude to him and would openly flaunt his directives yet he would not discipline her, he would push others to)

  7. Thank God you didn't forget to add that men get harassed too and female bosses are the worst. They will not stop at anything and will frustrate your life if you don't play ball.

  8. I have too by an old man older than my dad. I told my dad about it cos he (my dad) is a director in the company as well. he asked me to slap the man next time he tries it.

  9. hahahahahahaha,best response so far@subomi.....d slapping will restore him back to factory settings....LOL!

  10. hahahahahahaha,best response so far@subomi.....d slapping will restore him back to factory settings....LOL!

  11. There are more sexual more sexual harassment incidents between female bosses and male subordinates but it doesn't get as much publicity because for some, it's an ego thing. I was once a victim some years ago. And yes, she owned the company. I was heading an almost dead subsidiary but when things turned around and the cash started flowing in, i refused ALL entreaties(so bad, she had once locked the office door but a single woman cannot wold a man down and rape.What really saved me for a while was that i knew my job and where i wanted the company to be and it was obvious to everyone that removing me was not going to be in the company's interest.
    To cut a long story short, the heat got so much at a point that i had no choice but to leave. The lad who took over from me is married to her now!

  12. Haaa, Sasha I just read ur comment... No oh.
    Since I left school Feb last year, I have worked in 3 different companies oh.
    Yeah the 1st was a contract job, I left the 2nd cos I got the 3rd (with higher pay) & the 3rd I ran away from due to my reasons above...

  13. Shey sexual harassment dey apen 2 guys too from female bosses. Wana knw. #Tas#

  14. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com6:05 pm, May 19, 2014

    No experiences. This is my second job since graduation and my boss is quiet protective of me. Once we visited a showroom together for supplies and he saw a lesbian girl sneak a note into my bag through the mirror. He requested for the note when we got to the office and avoided sending me to that showroom afterwards.

  15. My dear Nigeria
    While others are legislating progress
    Re-defining success
    Reinventing technology
    Naija is busy accommodating corruption
    Lawyers cannot protect clients
    Society frowns down on victims
    O ma she oooo

  16. Society frowns on victims. Exactly.

  17. I've never experienced this.
    Worked in three law firms and every one really respected one another.
    Have had two different judges begin to be overly friendly, call me up and want to hang out and chat on BBM but I always remained stoic, friendly but still respectful.
    They were able to access me because they were friendly with my boss and would occassionally come by the office.
    I can't call that harrassment though- no one ever crossed the professional line I'd drawn (expressly or impliedly).


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