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What's Your Excuse??? ( Plus #FightTheFlab)

Yes, darlings, don't forget to be AWESOME!

BTW last night I started working out again after some months. I've been too BROKE to register in a gym. When I was in Surulere I used to go to the Stadium every morning to work out but there's no where I can do that now. And the weight just keeps piling up (is that correct English, does weight pile up? I think not.)
So yesterday I decided in the evenings I'll drive down to an estate nearby, park the car, walk, jog, run... do whatever. They've also got a park in the estate for residents, but as I'm sure nobody will come and say "do you live here? Show me your house in this estate" (I hope not sha. LOL) I will also work out and do aerobics in the park as I can't do that on the road. It'll also be an opportunity to meet people as I always see some very nice looking people hanging out/working out there. My only hope is that I'd have enough energy in the evenings when work is done. 

       Already when I was brisk-walking last night *B called and I told her where I was and what I was doing. She frantically said

 "Nwando shake your bumbum, shake your bumbum very well as you're walking, there are many single men in that estate."

ROTFL! Hahaha. I nor get power abeg. How am I to brisk-walk and jog and simultaneously roll my waist and shake my borrom? LOL. 


In today's devotional (Our Daily Manner) Pastor Chris writes about a woman known as "The Ugliest Woman Alive" who was born with a birth defect that has left her weighing about 27kg even as an adult. Yet this woman, Ann Velasquez who weighs 27kg, has no body fat, no muscle tissue, unpadded feet, prone to stress fractures, blind in one eye with limited vision in the other has gone ahead to become one of the great motivational speakers of her time and a book author. She's also a public speaker and an anti-bullying activist. She says that God has blessed her with the greatest blessing of her life, which is her syndrome. 
       WOW! So basically what to many others would have been a curse, for herself she has made a blessing. What for many others would have been an obstacle, for herself she has made it her breakthrough. What to others would be a limitation, to her is an instrument of elevation. 

As I imagined the difficulties, challenges and limitations she naturally has and yet lives a fulfilled life I inevitably asked myself; So Nwando what is your excuse?

I challenge you to ask yourself that question this morning; WHAT IS MY EXCUSE?

Have an AMAZING week ahead beautiful people. Remember to stay awesome!


  1. In Timaya's voice *Nwando, shake ya bumbum*...Wish you all the best babes in your latest endeavor
    (If ya know what I mean *in my southern drawl*)

  2. Using one stone to kill two birds...? ehnn. Lose some weight and find a Bobo. Abi? :) #Enjay#

  3. Yay! for you all the best Thelma, an amazing week to you and all your readers

  4. Hmmmm, T do the needful jooor! Shake ya bumbum *In Dbanjs voice* & lure out ur Bobo. Ur friend is funny but I support her ni.

    ALL the best, but DONT forget: Losing weight is 70% Dieting & 30% Exercise. Just get the eating part right & off to the beach U'll go to sample.

  5. Losing weight is no small job at all. I am trying to shed some fat. Been on a 'no high carb diet' for one week now n rice is my soul mate. I so love rice n fried Irish potatoes. You can imagine the torture. Thanks Ruth for giving me hope with this your stat atleast I know am on the right track. Goodluck Nwando (I like your name too)

  6. I have read about Ann Velasquez, my thoughts are similar. The way we view out situation determines our attitude towards it and the general outcome. Really, God has instilled in us the power to be as great as we want to be, we are our own worst limiting factor.

    That said, Thelma, I salute your 'courage' to start working out and lose some weight. I am on similar route and have lost 17kg since September last year (from 84 to 67kg). The trick is be consistent with what works for you. I lost the 17kg between August 31st and December but I have been 'slacking' ever since because people were complaining that I looked sick and I listened to them (I wish I didn't). All the best to you.

    1. i believe u wnt mind sharing tips on how you achieved it :) considering one. i need smething that works effectively. tanks #desperate young lady

    2. Went from 85kg to 65kg in 2months...what I did was really risky sha...and unsafe...I stopped eating and was taking only liquid(water,juice)...can't really advise anyone to do it because hunger go catch u I jst maintained cuz I was feeling really insecure about myself...but now that am kinda slim I try to maintain the weight by jogging and eating right

    3. @first anonynous: Ruthylicious said it all. It's more of what you put into your body. I will try to summarize what I did in the first three months as much as I can:

      1. I STOPPED: soda, sugar, beverage, milk/cream, pastries, manufactured fruit juices, beef (oh, how I missed that! In fact, i practically replaced all meat with fish, ponmo (who says it's poor man's food...lolz), chicken and turkey-not fried. I ) etc
      2. VERY LITTLE OF: palm oil, carbs (rice was once-weekly, eba/amala/pounded yam and the likes -once in 2 weeks with very little portion)
      3. MORE OF: green tea (no added sugar/cream), coffee (no sugar/cream), protein (I could go five-straight days eating only beans and fish), extra-virgin olive oil, nuts. NB: I replaced sugar with Canderel
      4. PLENTY OF: water, water & water; vegetables, fruits (especially apples, garden eggs and water-melons). I did some fruits-only-days
      5. DAILY RITUALS: a cup of warm water and freshly-extracted lime juice every morning; at least an-hour of combination of workouts
      6. I was always talking about my weight loss goal. This helps in two ways: more importantly, to keep you on track and get encouragements from like-minded people; less importantly, so people would not mistake your weight loss for a newly-acquired disease or sickness.


      1. I have an ideal weight but need to work more on my tummy. I hate tummy exercises as they give me lower back aches......Still thinking of a pleasant, feasible option
      2. I eat carbs & meat now but watch the portions. Most times, I eat maximum twice daily with some days, once.
      3. I still exercise though not as crazily as before. I have a mini thread mill and a jump rope at home. Some days I jumped the rope 1,000 times (in hundreds, more or less till I reach 1,000 within 30 minutes or less) or use the thread mill (for 30 minutes on a good day alternating the speed) or some aerobics. Few times, a combination of 2 or three.
      4. I still go to the gym but irregularly.
      5. I have everyone remind me that I SHOULD NOT BRING BACK THE WEIGHT. When I am derailing, I have reminders around me......
      6. I still don't do sodas and pastries. This year (since January 1st), I have drunk only about 3 bottles of pepsi (and I felt as guilty as hell on each occassion).

      SLIP-UPS: Sometimes, it's harder to take your eyes off of some foods/drinks than for you to climb mount Everest. I do take irish cream, sometimes a lot, atimes, not much.I still do not have total control over late night eating.There are days (very very few) I just allow myself a 'jail break' and eat/drink anything (my birthday in April, a friend's wedding etc) but I always get back on track. However, I have not added a single kg but then, I stopped dropping. I still want to lose like 6-7kg more and I am planning on resuming my weight-loss-craze help me GOD.

      LAST TIP: don't allow people discourage you with the "you look sickly; this is getting too much" ish. Once you allow this, it's difficult maintaining the speed.....



    4. @ second anon: that was crazy! You must be a very very disciplined person and your determination must be soaring high in Heaven. The health risk though....and the possibility of adding back the weight when eventually couldn't keep up the 'hunger-strike'...... However, stick to whatever works for you.


  7. Nwando! U got me laughing so hard...ur friend is right! Shake ur bumbum, shake it very well. nice one babe, u jst made my nite.

  8. Ok @F, why do people do that?comment that one is looking sick when you lose some much needed weight.You begin to wonder to wonder how your looking like a bread that got soaked in water equates looking healthy.smh....
    Thelms,do keep it up

    1. @Favourite: I wonder! Worse still, some people (even some of my colleagues) took it upon themselves to convince (confuse, in the real sense) people that I did not lose the weight naturally because to them "it was too sudden and we also go to gym" (forgetting the diet part). The best poise to maintain is 'let them say'......


  9. Seriously, what is my excuse? God help me.

  10. Na real what's ur excuse! I'm also on a weight loss journey though I'm dieting and breastfeeding. Breastfeeding helps mothers loose weight. and that talk of "u have to eat WELL!!! while breast feeding is a fat lie. I eat a little of everything and it's amazing how much I've lost.
    My cloths tell me, I don't like weighing myself, it can be discouraging atimes.
    Well good luck wando! It will surely end in praise.( Remember to shake ya borrom Oo°˚˚˚°! ) Lol

  11. Lol, it's called multitasking. You can do all at once, it will even add to your flexibility.
    Sometimes our excuse is our upbringing, it slows us down. Especially when we've always lived a sheltered life. Haven't noticed that some of the most successful people today had mighty obstacles but that trained them to fight harder for what they want. And that training helps. Some us us never had that.... That's our sad excuse


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