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26 and HIM (TTRWT) - By Uju Beibe

I had just turned 26 when every bone in me screamed marriage.
I had picked out my wedding dress, my wedding songs, my hall decor everything was already in place and I was very convinced he was soon gonna make me the queen of his castle.
I loved him dearly, he was all I could think of and all I knew I cared for and deep down I knew he loved me too and couldn't wait for me to be his forever.
He however didn't exist at this point.
I knew he wasn't  *Greg (the guy I was kicking it with that period)
I knew he could be *Iggi.

Iggi and I had dated some years before and obviously fate brought us back together so it definitely was Iggi it had to be him so I left Greg to be with Iggi.
Then some writer messed with fate's design and threw*HIM in my path.
HIM was definitely it. The right age (10yrs older), he was every inch a man I could definitely marry.
After 6weeks of courting over the phone, he came back to Nigeria just to see me, his soon to be bride.
He was it, generous, sensitive you name it plus a divorcé yes HIM is a divorcé or so he told me.
I listened to HIM go on and on about how his oyibo wife left him for her junky ex, calling the cops on him and taking away his two boys and everything else you can think of. I was his sounding board and I didn't care for I had all this love for him.
Well he came back and we hit it off he was just it. Then he wanted to meet my people but even I who knew I was going to be married at 26 felt it was too soon for we needed to court some more. 

He went back to Aussie fastforward 2weeks later I told him the good news, we were expecting our first child.
He was over joyed but angry with me for not letting him meet my people.
It took me about 3months to tell my ppl about him and our baby. They weren't happy he was a divorcé and I had gone ahead to get pregnant but they were glad I was happy.
So I went off to law school and he came back and started the traditional rites
One beautiful morning I woke up from a terrible nightmare and found I was wet. Well I must have wet myself I thought to myself but I was also feeling my baby kick. All was well and so I dashed off to class.
Amara kicked all through the morning (he was convinced we were gonna have a girl and he had always wanted one so he named her Amara which means Grace).
At noon I had wet myself again so I thought I should head to the clinic in school to know why I was wetting myself and Amara wouldn't stop kicking.
Well 3days later I gave birth and it was indeed a girl our Amara but Amara didn't come to stay I buried her, she was only 4month and 2weeks old for that was how far my pregnancy would last.

Then HIM came to abj to see me 3days after the burial and left the next morning and he was gone with the wind.
He left me but he wasn't supposed to, he was gonna do for me what I stayed up all night doing for him.
He was gonna let me cry and console me and promise me all would be well.
It was as if the "twin towers" crumbled down on me. For the first time in my life I was hurt nothing I had ever been through prepared me for what was to come.

Well he left and our wedding was called off and as I was touching each letter to sum up this article, I took a journey to the past and I relived that experience and I wondered how I got the strength to live through  it and get over it. I can only say it was God, He's indeed a comforter and peace giver.
I really don't wish that experience on my worst enemy but all is well now and I hope it ends well too.


  1. awwww. sad. life goes on dear. we grow through what we go through. he was never the one for ya.

  2. Terrible writing. It was really difficultt reading this. Gave me a headache.

    1. it really wasn't my intention, i hope you;ve had something for the headache hopefully next time i don't cause you anymore headaches

  3. Sorry dear! Affliction shall not return 2 us a second time.prepare 2 dance 2 d glory of God!cos dats d next step

  4. @Anon 5:43pm

    Whether youre an asshole, a writing critic, some 12 year old kicking around online, an arsenic old bitch with spiked panties and a nail-studded vibrator in her kitty, OR who gives the FUCK!, please STOP that bile thats inside you from dripping down here.

    Someone goes through so much and you complain about the writing style?
    Lord Have Mercy!!!. I wanna spank you till your black ass blushes pink.

    @Uju Beibe: Your Boo cometh soon. Just hang on there - O.

    1. Lmao!!!!! @ I wanna spank you till your black ass blushes pink... And please don't be angry for someone else. Thanks

  5. Anon 8:06 I LOVE U! I LOVE U some more!!! Thanks for putting that "Nama" anon 5:43 in his/her place.
    It's sad when people can't differentiate fiction from reality. This story is IT. It explains Pain, Strength & hope.
    Yet ur premature jelly brain couldn't grasp a lil emotion. *SPITTING on U till u drown in My saliva* Tufiakwa gi.
    Let that headache blind/Kill U there!!! Miserable bat.

    God forgive me but YES!!! I feel better.

    Now to Uju darling, I Am glad to know there are still a lot of VERY strong women out there!
    U are officially one girl I will love to meet at our End of year get together!
    Like U said, God is all U need. He'll satiate ur heart will ALL it's amazing desires. Keep hoping Love...

    1. i appreciate every uplifting comment here, but ruthie yours just stood out. i think i'm in love with you *no homo oh.

  6. Uju dear, keep your head up and smile. I pray God puts unending joy in your heart and fills your mouth with laughter. All will be well IJN. #Enjay#

  7. Yayyy. Enjay is back. U left without telling us...

    1. Phone issues. It hasn't been resolved but I get to read the blog everyday. Though I don't comment much and its partly related to my second comment.#Enjay#

  8. Dear Thelma, Sanitation is much needed here now. I hope you understand... Too much hate and I keep wondering where its coming from. And by the way, Surulere is central as well as Ikeja and Yaba. #Enjay#

    1. Enjay what can I do about it? I'm often tempted to delete some comments but I'm just hoping the blog will self-cleanse with time. And if it doesn't then I guess when the time comes we'll do the needful.

  9. May i use this opportunity to apologize for not being as frequent as i should be. but i promise after my exams next week i'll try to catch up and keep up with the stories and comment.

    1. Uju bia, you shouldn't even be here at all till after your exams. Please study hard so that you can give me some tutorials when I'm taking mine, next year hopefully. (I'm still scared of that financial management thingy sha... It's the reason I haven't taken it yet).

  10. Glad to read that all is well now, imagining the pain was painful enough! May it end well, very well for you.

  11. i don't know if it's just me but i think there is something about this blog................ something "healing" and selfless and comforting. i hope i'm not the only one who feels this way.

    1. You're not the only one. :D

      Wake up, thelmathinks; break at work, thelmathinks; before bedtime, thelmathinks. Truly a BLOG with so much to learn from.

    2. Lol. Thanks Memphis. Uju I wish I could hug you in person (I misssssssssss you!) but an e-hug would have to do for now.

    3. @memphis, i thougyt i wa the only one o! T, shal tell us what you have done to us o! I keep coming back here because it"s refreshing and fires up one's imagination. God bless u T!
      I hope the date for the shindig will favour me o! I really dont care for the location.

  12. So sorry for your pain and happy for your strength. Your own boo is definitely on the way. Kpele dear

  13. It's not just U Uju, some Sincere people here do. Mostly bcos some of us see ourselves through T's posts. Most of which strengthen our resolve to REMAIN STRONG.
    Enjay is right though, We need sanitation.

    *Still spitting on that Anon btw*

    1. I like u and your comments Ruthy but wishing someone dead and I quote 'let that headache blind/Kill U there!!! Miserable bat' is really disturbing. I strongly believe in freedom of expression and that's how that anon felt about the post. I know you want to quickly jump and defend but let's sit back a litttle and think before spewing. What you have said is even worse dan the anon's comment. I had to point this out. Iv said my peace.

    2. Hmmm thank God I was not the only one who noticed this. I am SOOO veru glad that Ruth's true colours have come out. For u to wish sumone dead just goes to show the sorta wicked heart Ruth has and wowww I now totally get y her relationships never worked out. U can't be wicked and annoying at the same time, biko Nne'm pick a struggle.

  14. Yes, I agree we need sanitation.Recently I have been wondering if I am on LIB or still here.

    This blog is like a breath of fresh air for me, haters should just not come and corrupt it!

  15. Errrm Ify, I'll respect ur opinion.
    But u know just 10% of what this Anon has said.
    If this Anons statement was to me, i'll simply shrug & move on but to Someine else in something so sensitive, am Sorry but what I said is even mild...

    My opinion / piece too! I Like U too Ify.

    1. Stop being paranoid idiot. It's not even close to who u think, u stink, that's all.

  16. That Anon is bitter.I think the best way to deal with her is to ignore her.@ Uju,I'm speechless.God makes all things beautiful in his time.Yours will not be an exception.Nwamaka

  17. Everything becomes beautiful in his time.

    We need cleansing on "our" blog. Some bile spitting humans are trying to take over. We no go gree!!!

    1. This is a public blog and there's nothn you can do about it so stop ranting. Thelma needs traffic that's why you neva see her approving the cleansing bullshit. I'm sure Thelma is somwr laughing at u lot and your silliness, feeling like a click lol. Wake up and smell the coffee. Don't spoil blog market for Thelma abeg.

    2. Anon on the contrary I'm not laughing. Yes, I love the traffic but not the hate or bullying. I'm always tempted to delete hurtful comments and the reason I don't is because I don't want to stifle anyone. But I'm worried we're getting to a point where I might need to do that. A bigger problem is that I just do not have the time or energy, I need to make some major cash before this years ends and when I think about that, (deleting) comments is just not primary.

    3. Thelma don't let this ass lickers control ur blog like dey did with Aunty Eya of wivesconnection and almost messed up her blog. Telling her to delete comments or approve this and that. If they so want to command how you blog den dey shud go open ders. Treat your blog only the way you want it to be run. Don't let these friends-wannabes tell u what to do.

    4. I absolutely agree with you. @anon 11.29pm... Let the blog be, if you've got ideas share it. Otherwise, go and open urs

  18. I have a question. Why the assumption that all anons are just 1 person and also the assumption that all TTWRS posts are real life stories? #Confused Anon

    1. Good question, please Thelma, are all TTRWT posts non fiction? because i would love to send in something. And yes please, we do need some cleansing in this blog, i hardly comment on here, i'm a terribly shy person (i'm amazed at how you are introverted but still super amazing and fun), the comments here these days is not what i've known Thelmathinks for. Please do something about it and people, i'm sure we can express ourselves without all the bitterness and hate and insults, really.

    2. Veevian TTRWT is whatever you want to write; fact or fiction. So far most stories that I've posted are real and not fiction. All except one which was obviously a story. So send in whatever you feel like, anything at all.

  19. So sorry 4 ur pain @uju,bt d ryt man is on his way dats y d fake had to go.D lord is ur strenght.I̶̲̥̅̊
    just love d comfort dis blog gives,pls let's nt corrupt it wit spiteful comments.looking forward to seeing a lot of U̶̲̥̅̊
    guys.thelma I̶̲̥̅̊
    stl insist yaba is central enuf.#steffi#

  20. Anon 10:57, if u've been long on this blog, u'll find out that the Posts explain themselves at the end...

    It it's fiction, it's stated.

    The above story, is Uju's true life story.
    People are looking for closure on this blog, so no Anon should mess it up.

    Any bile comment is attributed to that 1st Insane anon...

  21. Uju I think you are an excellent writer. I can't begin to imagine your pain. I pray you find someone that would make all these sad story seem like a hurdle you had to jump to meet him. He would make you happy beyond words and the kids you guys would have, would be Awesome! IJN

  22. Aww uju, that which doesn't kill u, makes u stronger.
    I'm glad u r doing better. I can imagine d pain u went tru.
    He makes all things beautiful in his time indeed, keep putting ur trust in God, your story will surely end in praise. Xoxo.

  23. What a sad story.
    Wishing you Uju, better experiences.

  24. Uju beibe,God isn't through with you and I know it will all end in praise,you have truly being through a lot..may God continue to strengthen you. And bless you with one of his best creations..

  25. The essence of sharing stories and life experiences is to give one hope that all will be well. When people tell their stories, fiction or not, it kind of puts another's pain and disappointment in perspective making you realise that it could have been worse.

    My friends, Thelma is doing a good job here! Yes, agreed, the traffic will be nice but she hasnt gone the path of gossip and celebrity bashing and all them annoying nude things everywhere. It wont hurt to keep the unneccessary expletives and cussing out of here. I was attracted to this blog because of the freshness.
    Please, i beg of all of you, let's keep it clean.

    1. Thanks Eazee E. We'll give adequate notice so that if you'll like to attend you'll enough time to plan.

  26. Dear Uju, I salute your courage (and that of other TTRWT contributors) for putting up this experience. I have written something but do not have the courage to send it forward.....don't blame me abeg.
    Thank God for the gift of TIME which heals all wounds. I'm glad you have healed considerably well. Please, for the next one, let your head and not your heart rule and guide your decision. Wish you all the best.

  27. @ Uju u know where u are and will always be with me! Nvr worry abt hime cos the great HE wld perfect all that concerns U! ( and in d meanwili we can always hve TUSH! *wink)

  28. Uju God will give you double for all the trouble of the past. Amen.

  29. I read this and words escaped me. What an experience! You truly are a strong woman Uju, may all your bitter memories be wiped away with beautiful ones. Before long, this shall fall into the recess of your mind. Please don't let this experience close you up to trusting men; the right 'HE' will sure come your way and you will recognize him when he comes. I pray for the spirit of discernment for you. Keep soaring and go dazzle in your exams...


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