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5 Nigerian Celebrities Whose Reality Shows I'm Dying To Watch (and why).

Here goes!

There are some Nigerian celebs who I'll give just about anything take catch a glimpse of what goes on in their real lives. These are my personal choices, thoughts and questions. When I see them some (naughty, weird, silly, etc) thoughts run through my head. See below: 

Genevieve: Genny baby! Wouldn't you just like to know what goes on behind that veil of perfection and goodness. Genevieve is a beautiful woman, no doubt. Scandal and controversy free and everybody's sweetheart. But I don't think Genny is as innocent as she lets on. I think she's just very good at discretion (something I admire her for) and I would like to see the imperfect Genevieve. The one that she is when the camera isn't rolling or flashing. The Genevieve that comes out when no one is looking. To find out if her lifestyle (trips abroad, designer wardrobe, expensive cars, homes etc) is funded by her acting fees and endorsements, or just the same way it is for some of her not so discreet colleagues...

Toolz Oniru: It's no secret I love Toolz a great deal (although I thought she was a poor replacement for Zainab Balogun on The Spot, I just don't think she 'gelled' with that show... She didn't quite blend in). I want to see what it's like to live without any money worries, to belong to the upper class and yet have the perfect career and pay cheque. Most importantly I want to see what she and The Captain (Tunde Demuren) get up to. This may be a bit voyeuristic of me but I want to see what they look like when they make out (not have sex o! LOL), I want to watch and listen to their arguments and watch them quarel... I want to see Toolz in her natural element, know if she reads blog comments and know if she gets hurt by the comments calling her fat or a Whale. I'll also like to know if she's really a bitch as a couple of people who know her have said she is. 

Linda Ikeji: This is probably the one I'm most curious about. I imagine Linda living inside her bedroom except on weekends. Going to bed at 3am, waking up at 6am, not brushing her teeth or taking her bath till about 5pm, not eating breakfast till 1pm. I imagine how she struggles to approve the several  thousands of comments she gets on her blog daily, whether she shakes her head at the numerous immature comments which flood her blog these days, whether she feels bad when she reads the rude and insulting comments targeted at her. Does she get excited when a huge company wants to advertise and pays major cash or has it all become just a "normal thing" that she's become nearly indifferent? Who is her boo? How is her love life? When does she have sex? Does she keep her eyes glued to her laptop screen even when she's coming? Does she even want to get married? Won't it slow her down?

Ebuka Obi Uchendu: I wonder what it's like to be a 'fine boy' in the media where you're constantly in the spot light. I wonder if there are tons of girls on his case and how he juggles all of them. If he could be faithful in a relationship regardless of all the female attention he gets (I've seen Ebuka out on a few occasions and the ladies just love him. Once my friend had to go over and talk to him), or if he's a playa. I wonder what he's like in bed. I imagine a guy who's that good looking and vain to be a slouch in bed and expect you to do all the work, like ; hey, you're in bed with a catch like me, that's enough. What else could you possibly want? LOL.  

Toyin Lawani/Trigakess: Do they relate like normal lovers do or does he treat her as he would an elder sister? Can he talk to her the way he would if he was dating someone his age or younger? Is he allowed to have other female friends? Does she feel insecure about the age difference and when they're out does she worry about some sultry skinny 19year old with pink pouty lips catching his eyes? Does he really love her? Is it possible? 

So hey, this is my list. Yeah I know even if they have reality shows I won't see all these things I so terribly want to see but a girl is allowed to dream, yes? These are the questions that run through my mind when I see these people, they're are the thoughts and questions formed in my head before I even have any control over them. If you're wondering why I'm so concerned about their sex lives, I don't know either, probably just trying to live vicariously, or maybe I'm just a little twisted. Who knows? LOL. 

Which celebrity's reality TV show would you like to watch, and why?


  1. "glued to her laptop screen even when she's coming" lolzz, that's the only thing among your list I've never wondered about the Ikeji girl. Her reality show will be really interesting *imagine the laptop struggle

  2. Smh Thelma how do you think about all dese things. I wonder about you first, how do you cope without sex? You're obviously not a prude so how do you do it and why?
    Pls genevieve is no angel, shes just very coded. I know what you mean about Ebuka, that onee can't put in any work, i'm sure banky w is like that

  3. I would also like to see Tiwa and hubby.

  4. Nse Ikpe-Just for the sake of stalking my favourite.

    Nigeria messed up today. My blood is hot.

  5. I'm the only one not watching this World Cup. I don't think Linda has a love life, I just don't see her that way. And everybody knows Genevieve Nnaji is no saint, that's not news. I always laugh at her blind followers thinking she's miss perfect. She's the biggest runz girl among all of them.

  6. Thelma tool hasn't replaced zainab, toolz is just acting as a guest host,,,,yl zainab is on a kinda break

    1. Yeah, I know. I was so happy to see Zainab back on the show but for those few weeks Toolz was on I tuned out of the show. I was also scared that aunty Mo Abudu would want to keep her on as a permanent feature.

  7. Toolz not tool lol

  8. Toolz not tool lol

  9. I will like to see toyin lawani and her boo.. Interesting looking pair.

  10. Toolz hasn't replaced Zainab o. But ahem, hmm ofcourse Genny aint perfect but I am scared of Genny's voltrons on here so I'll just only say that she dsnt just make her money 4rm her acting + endorsements etc. *coughs*. Hmmmm I am veryyyyyy curious about ikeji too.

  11. would love to see don jazz without onome,banky w and lynxx....i so much crush on these guys despite the fact am married..winks..that naughty house wife

  12. Sometimes I can swear we think the same way Thelma.
    I'd like Linda's- I heard a punked clip of her once, she really sounded like a tatler- I mean, you could tell that the OAP that called her wasn't someone she considered a "friend" (she sounded too exuberant whilst Linda was cool) and was asking stupid questions (with a phoney accent and faux exuberance) so I was really surprised Linda, who actually sounded bored, was even answering the questions- I would have immediately known that something was amiss, so it made me think she must be an original tatafo.
    I'd like to see Toyin too. Lol. Won't go farther.
    I'm not really interested in Genny, would rather like a peek into Chimamanda's life- she always seems so together and collected, I think she'll make for a "posh" viewing.
    I'd like to see Sdk's too. I'd really like to see her husband and I imagine she has a brash personality.
    Who else?.....
    I'll like to see Shade Okoya n hubby- I imagine they'll be like Ice and Coco- too lovey dovey.
    That's about it tho, I'd like a "real housewives" thingnie with some celeb women- Fifi Ejindu, Betty Irabor, Nkiru Anumudu, Helen Ajayi, Ifeoma Williams, Mo Abudu and they'd throw in a few singles like Grace Egbagbe, Eunice Efole, Ita Giwa, - I'll just like to see how those Lagos women live.
    Me sef na original aproko, see my list, lol.

  13. LOL.... Dido will not kill someone... I fancy ur list though....(I also love the new route of ur blog btw, am an ardent reader though i've never commented).

    I also like T's list but the only persons reality show i'll be glued to watch on that list is TOOLZ, I think i'll also Love to watch a Chimamanda's show...

    1. Thanks dear.
      Please keep reading.....:)
      What's up with the Toolz craze tho, is there something I'm missing?

  14. Thelma wat happens to my comment? Mayb I should stay off biko

  15. ..."When does she have sex? Does she keep her eyes glued to her laptop screen even when she's coming?"

    That cracked me up real hard, enough to leave a comment. I've never wondered about these things but now that you mentioned, I'm so curious and would draw up a list too like Dido did. Will share my celebrities' list soon... ;-)

    1. Lol. Me too.
      Thelma I know exactly what you mean About Ebuka but he may actually be full of surprises o! Maybe one day I can find out and let you know. Lol.

  16. Just Linda. Nothing intrigues me about the others.

  17. Hi thelma, first time commenting! Yayy! I found your blog a few days ago from Dido's blog and I must say I haven't been able to stop reading, am currently trying to read all the posts and comments lol, its quite hard especially as am using my unreliable phone. I love all the issues you touch, I love the way you write and I respect your openness and I don't feel like am wasting my time, I love all the intelligent people and comments on your blog too. And to Dido, Hi dido, I really love you hehe I loveee your blog and the way you write and the way you comment on issues, I admire your intelligence #starryeyedfan I think lawyers are the most intelligent people, I actually came about this revelation quite recently because of my new boo hehe, Dido and thelma :D


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