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Are Some Brides Just Plain Selfish? (On Simi Osomo's Las VegasBachelorette Party).

I've never met Dr Sid's fiancé, Simi Osomo and I've never heard anything about her but everytime I see a picture of her I can't stop fawning over her. She's just so adorable and has something innately innocent about her. Even when she's in a two piece bikini she still manages to look virginal. 

I was surprised to read on Linda Ikeji's blog earlier today that she had disinvited her friends who didn't show up for her Bachelorette party in Las Vegas, USA. 

"Yes, she invited a few close female pals but she wasn't paying for accommodation or flight and most of them didn't think it was worth it. It was a bachelorrette party, not a wedding and Vegas is an expensive place to visit if you didn't plan for it" a close source said, according to LIB. 

Below is a copy of the email sent to friends:

Subject: Bachelorette Party

I''m emailing in regards to my bachelorette party in Vegas. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt that, out of courtesy and regard for me, you would have communicated to me or Titi in advance that you will not be able make the trip. 

I communicated with you on different occasions beforehand and at no point did you tell me you couldn't make it or at least mention your reasons for not showing up. Titi spent a lot of time, effort and money planning the Vegas trip, with a lot on the itinerary already paid for, but you couldn't be considerate enough to respond to the final email confirming arrival dates and times saying you couldn't make it.  

After careful thought of your actions towards me, I would like to let you know formally that you are not invited to Sidney and I's wedding. I would like to share it with the ones who truly care and support me - friends I can count on, who equally hold me in high regard. 
Thanks & God bless. 

From the mail it's pretty obvious that she was more upset about them not expressing their intentions not to attend, which is actually very understandable. But if what Linda reported is true then I have to ask Nne beht why? I mean...

Ok, maybe that's just how the cool kids/rich kids roll, and if that's the case then I'm naturally out of my depth here and have no business writing this post at all. But if it's not then I think it was selfish and self-serving to invite your friends in Nigeria to your Bachelorette party in the US. USA is not Dubai o! LOL. And expect them to take care of their flights and accomodation and other expenses, just for your Bachelorette party and then get mad when they don't show up... (I'm guessing this isn't the whole story in which case I tender my unreserved apology). 

Do you guys think Simi's action is justified? But wait, shouldn't her "close" friends just have told her "babe stop being silly. Las Vegas ni Last Vegas ko" instead of watching her make lofty plans and probably doing *yimu* at her back?

More importantly please why do brides not factor in their friends' finances when making plans especially as regards Aso Ebi, Bridesmaids's dresses and certain destination weddings among other things?

I mean, have you ever felt a knot in your throat like you're on the verge of breaking down and giving in to a bout of hot tears when you're paying for a friend's Aso Ebi? 

One's weddings ought not be a punishment to her friends. 


  1. Errm T, I totally understand where Simi is coming from. Like U said, she's more mad at them not giving her a detailed RSVP than actually disappointing her...
    Plus did u see that she mentioned "Close friends"? Meaning they must have all been IN on the plans....
    *but this is definitely not the whole story". I think she must have dis invited just a few ones that particularly hurt her & as U can also see, she has GOOD reasons cos their bile sent them to LIB. With friends like this we sure don't need enemies. #Shrugs

    Btw, her Email is EPIC. So warm yet filled with spikes. LOL

  2. Once again Thelma, Did U see how that EVIL anon messed up the LOVELY story Uju made u post?

    PLEASE do something. This great haven of ours (TTblog) is gradually turning to LIB & SDKs blog if not worse.

    1. And you want to spoil this post as well by bringing it here. Well done Ode.

    2. ROTFLMSAO!!!
      Actually, Le boo is doing as wonderfully as I am. We are both thinking about hiring ur Cheap ass as a maid for our Dog.

      Expecting ur Ill written & Hate filled CV.

  3. I guess she is uspet they didn't tell her they wouldn't make it.
    As for buying expensive asoebi, I think d brides do it becuase they know their friends can afford it. I don't buy expensive asoebi if it's not convinient for me Oo°˚˚˚°! Lie lie.

  4. I beliv you will need a passport and Visa to make a trip to the USA. Then ask for an 'unpaid' leave from work. Pay for a return flight to and fro Vegas. Pay for a hotel and transport and food and dress and shoe and bag (as per looking good Tinz). And I'm sure this trip was just a weekend thing. So all in all you will be spending hundreds of thousands for a weekend trip. And then the bride announces that her wedding to Sidney will now hold in Dubai and Morroco. Yehhhhh. That about 1million naira minus asoebi and wedding gift just becos I want to attend 'Sidney and I's' wedding. Some brides des days sha..diaris Godoooooooooo.

    1. You don keee me with laugh, abeg no do, but na better analysis yo u don do so..

    2. You don keee me with laugh, abeg no do, but na better analysis yo u don do so..

  5. She's upset and rightfully so.
    People, especially babes don't just say it when they find certain circumstances uneasy. And I don't think they connived, I think each person was just saying, she wouldn't attend but she alone can't spoil it, but it turned out to be a showdown.
    Brides think more about the beauty of their plans than their guests pockets/other responsibilities when they make wedding plans.
    I have a wedding to attend soon and it's costing 61k if I'm to 'cooperate', gifts for the couple not included o. I think it's too much, but then, no be by force na

  6. Exactly Yanki is not dubai. Even Dubai for a bachelorette is too much. But like Thelma friends her friends should have come together and convinced her to do something more affordable. Some brides can be greedy, trying to make up their wedding money from asoebi sales. I've seen it happen so its not just about beauty of the wedding. The one that does my head in is putting someone on your train and expecting them to pay about 40k for the dress. Unfair.

  7. Anon 11:20 kindly read up what Hate does to a human body on Google...
    U are gradually killing urself. U'll think it's just towards blog visitors seen as U are still hiding under Anonymous! But soon u'll transfer it to the real world (that's if u don't already).


    1. Ruthy enough of this abeg. This is an interesting post. Don't ruin it. I take God beg you. Compose yourself.

    2. Ruth the more u reply the more they leave it be...its not like the comments puts food on ur table or takes a strand of hair from ur pls my dear leave it be....

    3. Sick and tired of reading back n forth insults on the blog we not kids anymore...

    4. My dear Phidelia. We have tolerated this useless Anon enough. She started with Me, then Memphis, then Uju.

      I can not let it be anymore. She can't have fun at the expense of other people's sadness.

  8. I can't say I know much about her but from our brief encounter, I think she is a lovely person. We resat civil litigation together. The morning of the exam I woke up said a prayer and received two miracles and she was one. The first was I refused to learn my draft on recovery of premises Bcos I felt it wouldn't come out again and after I said my prayer, repeatedly I heard notice to quit and owner's intention to recover premises. After doing strong head I practiced the drafts oh. So 30minutes precisely before the exams, I met simi, she was standing with a friend of mine so we started asking each other what we read and I said, everything but appeals and election petition draft. Again both came out the previous year so I felt there was no need. She said uju, why now it's really easy I said, it was I just don't like the draft she however took it upon her self and gave me the outline of the draft and with about 15 minutes left, I reluctantly studied the draft and long story short I ended answering election petition and recovery of premises for my 2nd and 4th questions respectively. So I believe she is good ppl.
    However, I think if she really sent out the letter, it must have been out of a sincere feeling of disappointment but I believe with time, she'll get over it.
    Anon the critic, I hope this doesn't give you a headache oh.

    1. lol. An 'A' 4 effort and an 'A+' for improvement. Weldone

    2. I like you uju. #nohomo a I'm a lady. Some people are just likeable. Keep it up dear. Our busibodi Ruth could learn a thing or two from u. #justsaying

    3. I like you uju. #nohomo a I'm a lady. Some people are just likeable. Keep it up dear. Our busibodi Ruth could learn a thing or two from u. #justsaying

    4. Uju is likeable! You are not! U are positively vomititious- now, run along twat, with ur two left legs.

  9. The last time I checked,the bride's friends organise the bachelorette and surprise her with it...

    1. *shld organise

    2. Exactly what I was about to say, she should have more important things like details of the wedding plans on her mind. I don't understand why she's carrying Bachelorette party on her head.
      I've been a groom's man more times than I can count but I stopped being involved in the bachelor's party cos they all had the same theme, girls, strippers, alcohol and random sex but the grooms never held it against me because they knew the wedding was way more important than an unnecessary party.
      I think she should get her priorities straight if not she'll end up being very unhappy on her wedding day. And uninviting your friends to your wedding could also mean the end of very good friendships. Not worth it in the long run.
      That been said, I'm sure she knows what's best for her.

  10. Immediately I read that post on LI, I was like hmmm I hope Thelma blogs about this so I cn get her readers opinions. But y'all seem to be missin the point, if u read the email well, u'll know the reason they were disinvited was because they were inconsiderate and selfish and couldn't even inform Simi that they would not be able to make vegas. I would have done exact same if I were in her shoes, I wouldn't want such friends at my wedding anyway. Common decency n courtesy even dictates that u confirm whether u can attent or not when given such an invitation. So yeh, simi wasn't selfish in that regard. And for those of u screaming y vegas, different strokes for different folks. If u know simi well, ul know "bachelorette in vegas" is considered normal and I'm sure the CLOSE friends she invited were equally not from 'poor' backgrounds.

    1. If that's the case then why didn't they show up? Or maybe her supposed close friends just don't like her? Trust me regardless of how "rich" these people are her friends would have preferred for her to have something nice and classy in Lagos. Bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Yeah right.

  11. LOL at Uju, Hope U Thanked Simi oh.

    @ Anon, may U always remain anonymous but we all know U are Nina. Cos the Error in your Pathetic English construction has NOT changed.
    & NO, it will not give u a headache aii?

    I have learned from Uju now. LMAO!!!

  12. People from this part of the world need some lectures on etiquettes, this is why we cannot make plans properly because people may not show up, or show up with three other friends and a whole lot of other possiblities.
    An invite is what it is, people must learn the respond and give whatever excuse to justify whether they are honoring an invite or not. The host/hostess deserves that at the minimum.

    Having written that, will I write such an email? No way! You don't cheapen yourself with such when there is a lot more to look forward to. People must learn not to burn bridges!

  13. I'm officially put off from this blog, people like Ruth need to leave.

    1. I should leave to where? To dig a grave for ur brains?

  14. I'm officially put off from this blog, people like Ruth need to leave.

  15. rich people and their rich wahala......ok o.

    You are no different from a bad person if you stoop low and behave like them. I appeal to everyone here, IGNORE hateful comments. Bring on the light with your comments and we all know naturally light dispels darkness. When someone provokes you with his/her comment to the extent that you spit bile too.........lets keep it positive and being sensitive to people's feeling is a wonderful thing#justsaying#Nwamaka

  16. Normally, I've always said no matter how rich I become, I can't spend so much money on some items or things. I remember I made this decision the day I heard of an hang bag made of pure crocodile skin costing over 5million when converted to naira. I mean, how can?!
    I don't blame her friends for not attending, I wouldn't too, if I wasn't already in Vegas for some other reasons or had plans of visiting at about the same time. But I would have informed her before hand. I remember stating clearly that my attendance should be counted out when we were planning a surprise bachelorette party for a friend last year and someone suggested some where outside town. It's that simple, I won't be coming. Thelma, I think the blog should be fumigated.

  17. I believe she must have had a level of entitlement with regards to some class of friends. To whom much is given........There are some people in your life you would expect to follow you to the moon and back. However, she should make wide consultations before planning (though, it is her exclusive right to choose the way she wants her party to go). By and large, she should cut them some slack and let go.

  18. Well, if she had gone to vegas to attend the so called friends bachelorette, its only normal for her to expect the same. Having said all, I think its a great thing and its obvious she has a good heart for her to mail them and tell them her thoughts.

  19. If I were Simi, I wouldn't have said anything to them. I would have just carried on like nothing happened, but in my mind I know who my friends are and as much as possible avoid them afterwards. If they have a conscience, they will come and apologize to me and explain why they didn't attend, only then will I give them a piece of my mind.


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