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Dear Future Husband (I Need You NOW).

I really do. Ok maybe I'm acting on assumptions, these are kind of... hopes, if you will. Presumptions more or less. And yes, expectations.

So yes, I'm assuming, hoping, presuming and expecting that you'll be my best friend and that's why I need you now. You see we're all getting older and everyone has or is moving on. Everyone has or is getting a life. My bestie and usual sounding board got married, became a mother and left me. Well in all honestly she didn't just suddenly leave me. It was a gradual process so it's not like it took me by surprise. I mean, from the minute he proposed and she started planning their wedding she started gradually leaving me. She had other priorities, other things on her mind. My problems became miniscule and unimportant and in fact, she cut me out completely for three good months for no reason at all, only getting me back on her team because, oh, I had to be her Chief Bridesmaid. We got back to being us but then she got married and she left me some more. Soon after baby came, and naturally, for all intents and purposes I no longer existed. 

A bit of a balance was found and we got back to being us but of course it's never been the same. My only problem with this is that I've lost my sounding board, my shrink, my psychotherapist, my comforter, my friend and confidant. Well she's still my bestie but you know, it's not the same so...

They're all moving on, and all too quickly. They've all found husbands and got married and had kids and they've left me with no one to talk to. And when they find the time, I try to talk but suddenly it's like they speak Greek while I speak Mandarin. We talk but there's no communication. Common ground is lost. I'm talking first dates and deadlines they're talking frustrating husbands and good crèches. Hunny they've left me, I've lost them. 

Fackin hell! They're all leaving me, both the real and imagined. I know I'm in hot shit when even the ones I created begin to move on with their own lives. I'm alone on dry land. I'm in a desert that stretches a million miles and I'm all alone. I see shadows and sticks. I see footsteps in the sand and I hear voices but when I speak the only response I get is my echo. Darling they've freaking left me. 

I need you now, not because it's time, or because I'm lonely, or because of my biological clock, or because of society's pressures but because I need a friend I can talk to. Yes I have MANY friends but I have NO ONE to talk to. You know why? Because they've all got their own shit they're dealing with and while they're willing to offer a listening ear and a bit of their time, I can almost see their eyes involuntarily stray to their watches, checking the time, wondering when I'll stop yakking on so they can get on with their lives and back to their own issues after they've mumbled empty, flat and incoherent words of comfort and advice.

I need you because as my best friend, my issues become your issues and you'll treat them as such. You'll take my every word seriously and every vowel I speak would mean the Bible to you. I need you terribly and as I write this my tears flow freely and I won't bother to hide them, that's how much I need you. I need you because I need someone to talk to, who actually cares about my problems as much as I do. 

I've got mummy and daddy. I speak to them at least twice everyday, but they still won't do. My siblings are always in my corner but even CGN is getting tired of me. I hear it in his voice when I call him for the fifth time in a day to tell him what just happened, he's trying to divide his attention between her and me , and I can almost hear her say "this girl please leave your brother alone and go get your own man". My dear (future sister-in law?) no vex jare. 

So sweetness you see why I need you abi? People mail me, call me, text me with their issues and I'm very fine sharing with them and 'trying' to be the friend they need but who do I have to talk to? That's why you need to get your behind here ASAP. 

I need you to talk to, to confide in, to run ideas by, to get advise from, to guide me, to listen to me talk/blab/rant, to pray with, to share with, but most importantly to talk to. I've never really bothered with you before because quite frankly I never thought I'd get hitched before 30 but now that even the voices in my head are giving up on me, I really do need you. 

No, don't rush in on your chariot, swoop me right off my feet and straight to the alter and then wheel me right into the labour room. That's not what I mean when I say I need you now. What I mean is, just come and talk with me. That's all I need right now. 


  1. Am just here, thinking & writting bout Myself. Browsed twitter & Saw the link. From the title I knew it had to be TTB.

    U just made me shed a few tears. But it's tears of hope NOT sadness.
    I feel bad that not even once have I put u at the receiving end. I always saw U as someone who's there to settle my issues whenever I have them. (Hence my numerous mails). Oh Dear... Am So Sorry.
    I do hope U find someone who'll truly LISTEN to U T, if i's in lag, I would have totally forced a bbf friendship down ur throat. But all I can do here now is PRAY about ur heart desires... It's gonna be GREAT dear. Eventually.... #EHugs

    #OffToWritting #NoSleepingTonight

    1. Did u ever send ur concluding story? Haven't seen it or did I miss it?

    2. No Sasha. U didn't miss It. I sent it to T that same Sunday but she hasn't posted it yet.

  2. Very strong stuff. You always manage to capture my thoughts and put them in words. Especially with the friends moving on part.

  3. Hi. I feel u. It's like u put my feelings out there for everyone to see,sheesh! My way of dealing with stuff like ds was to mentally detach myself from it all and TRY to avoid thinking about it else I'd hv gone crazy. &trust me,dt Psych outfit doesn't do nuffin for my figure,Hahaha! Being single almost feels like an exclusive club cos everyone else seems hitched with kids. But there's a part of me that's vry reluctant to give up my peace of mind and sanity to someone who mite end up being a monster. Bn thr 2ce, a 3rd time is not an option. In my line of work,I've heard and seen all sorts and I am scared shitless. Now when a lady comes into my consulting room complaining of body pain,I have to gently ask if her husband contributed to it and d number of confirmations I've gotten r mind boggling. Seems to be d norm to be battered now and dts crazy. If d abuse isn't physical,it's emotional,dunno which is worse. At least whn physical d marks r thr 4 all to see bt d emotional kind? U're dying silently while those who don't knw d 411 r envying u and whn u try to speak out,dy treat u like u're hallucinating or u're d 1 who'se@fault. Ok, enuf said. For it 2 be right,we have to pray for God to give us our soulmate. Dt in our imperfections,we will become perfect cos we'll compliment each other. Ok dts dt.
    Pls can u throw ds question out thr. Y do married ladies dump their single pals when dy get married? All of a sudden dy feel dy're better off?? And if thr's any1 here who's done so,I reall wud like to knw y. It'll be quite pathetic to see d phrase "na becos levelz don change" tho..... Thanx 4 listening.

    1. Don't worry bea, your boo is coming. While he is taking his time just stay looking fabulous!.
      And as for your question, I don't think all married women use that 'levels don change' analogy. I think for some married women, they now have more responsibilities. a husband (not a boyfriend) and a home and it may get busier with they get children.
      Same goes to friends, in my case being a recent graduate, my friends and I have left campus where we did see ourselves almost everyday. We all are job hunting, writing professional exams, some are now back home in nigeria. So we all have different priorities, We keep in touch but it's not the same.
      So yea, married women do have different priorities and friends gradually drift apart. sad stuff.
      But there are some married women who think being married is an award and they feel better than the single girls especially in Nigerian smh..that is just crazy

  4. Thelma, He's on his way. U wnt b waiting for long. Wat a lucky dude!

  5. It's well.. Fina

  6. Finally!!! Thelma biko nu allow me post my comments all here as I've not been able to for the previous posts. I like that u're a deep thinker thats y u write so beautifully!

    1. For ifesinachi's post : This is the best I've read so far as far as writing is concerned. Plot check. Setting check. Characters check. Dialogue double check. U'll make a beautiful writer.
      But u weren't nice on we the yoruba folks sha .Welldone

  7. Thelma you never thought you would get married by 30? Wow. I understand what you mean when common ground is lost. If you don't get married when your friends are getting married then you may lose some friendships, the gist changes and it's only natural for the friendship to change or end.

  8. I understand when u say u need a friend n al that but can I also say that as cliche as this might sound, the saying is true, men CAN and DO smell desperation from a mile away. Yes again I feel u on the friendship part but I can't help but think that maybe and just maybe on some level, u might b giving off desperate vibes and in a way, even this post sorta comes across as a desperate outcry for a man. I say this because from experience and all I have seen around me, love ,real love comes when u least expect it and aren't tooooooo overly focused on it. Try getting ur mind off ur "singleness" for several months and maybe even a year and just watch how the magic happens, it will take even u by surprise.

    1. thank you, thank you. frankly speaking, when I saw this post and read a few lines I was like ..not againnnn.. But I would not blame her, with our society and the way single ladies are sometimes treated because they aren't "mrs" and with friends moving not being single can be an issue (if you let it). Just live life hun, if he comes good..if he doesn't, its all good too.

    2. Even if women are desperate,why is that its the crappy men that have the courage to come forward and to the needful?
      I feel if among ur circle ur male friends there's a guy who fancies u but ur hooked or he don't have the guts to come up to u,ur desperation shld be his golden tickect to winning u...

    3. Keke I'm just desperate for someone to talk to, that's all. The title was deliberately made to sound desperate, but what I do need is a friend who can take my problem as theirs. Before Osayi got married I used to say I wish I could marry Osayi. LOL. It's not about needing a man right now, it's needing a sounding board I can trust with my every thoughts and problems and who would take it as seriously as I do. Let's be honest, which girlfriend would be willing to do that right now? Thus the request for the hubby. I meant my last paragraph; I'm in no rush for the alter, just for a true friend.

  9. keke that is so true love comes when u least expected 31 now got hooked to d best guy i ve dreamed intro is arnd d corner.the truth is all my friends my little sis are married wt kids. buh then i use to wonder God na onlyme remain .d truth is pray in ur hrt.dont let ppl or post show ur desperation for a partner. ur lucky u hv a wondaful career.get spiritual and be in d mood of thanksgiving u.ll be surprised how God wil answer ur prayer. he will do it for all of us . SHALOM

  10. This post is touchy.
    Thelma, be calm. I don't want to sound cliche and say your right man will come, but I'm saying it. And before he does, continue sharing all you want to with your bestie, parents, siblings and all others you have! Don't be too concerned about 'disturbing' them jare. It won't be forever.
    I honestly do not think Thelma is desperate to get married. What I see is a lady full of stories, emotions, thoughts / ideas, concerns and a longing to be able to express all that and more to someone who she's sure would always be there and understands her. I think everyone needs somebody.
    I think if Thelma were desperate, she'd most likely be married or planning it now. Going by what I've read in other posts, there's been men on her case. Except one might say she's desperate and indecisive? But then indecisiveness doesn't go with desperation, no. When people are desperate, they are quick to jump at any available coach for their good or not.

    1. cccc from the day I read your first comment on the post The Art of Seduction months back I just knew you get me. My loved ones worry for me for lack of desperation, people think I'm too laid back when it comes to getting married and honestly I am. Like I said, I never saw me settling down before 30. My problem is I just want to talk and be heard. Quick example, I called le bestie about five minutes ago and I don't think she heard a word I said. It was a struggle for her to divide her attention between her son and I (I completely understand) and it's been that way for long. TBH this post is more about missing my bestie than needing a hubby. (*cringe* yeah I said it.... It's just so hard losing a part of you, it's so bad I sometimes talk to myself and imagine it's her I'm talking to. Ok I'll shut up now. Lol)

    2. :) :)
      LOL! See you cringing at letting your bestie know how sorely you miss her!

  11. Dear thelma future husband,honestly am tired of reading stories about your Coming,please come quickly and let me start reading on how you met her,how she swept you off ur feet,how you knew she was the one ETC,please we are waiting! T needs you now and always.

  12. Nne,even ur imaginary friends are getting married too? Nsogbu di
    Anyhoo,I totally relate with this post. Wanting ur man isn't a desperate cry for help like some think. Its just wanting to have urs. Knowing what u have is truly urs and u can do all with. Believe me,going on diff dates,having drinks,going to the movies with diff guys gets old after a while but doing all these with urs makes it alive and fun!

    1. Hahaha. Sasha nwanne m ezigbo nsobu di! But you miss the point as I explained to Keke.

    2. Lmao....Nsogbu no be small 1 o! As the current 'owner' of 5 'head people' i know exactly how it feels if and when u are no longer in sync with them! T nne m, don't worry, e go better!

    3. You people don't know how this language tickles me! ezigbo nsobu di!

      Anyways, Dear Thelma, you need a friend and it doesn't have to be the future husband; try find one quickly.
      Going forward, you must succeed in handling your issues before you can go ahead to further succeed when the future husband show up. Personal victories are extremely critical before we go team up with others to win together.
      I was going to ask that what if future husband has a very short attention span, like me; then I read another post about your comment on "Dean" and smiled.
      May God order your steps and get you on the path to fulfill His plans for your life.

    4. ''Personal victories are extremely critical before we go team up . . .' True words Wale. This is where the 'Not where i ought to be' feeling comes in for me. I feel you Thelma

  13. Thelma abeg take it easy. I used to think the same. Mine is even worse and I became a recluse. And I refocused my life spiritually, took bold steps in my personal life and put a partner far in the back of my mind. I went on a first date with my fiance bcos I thought he was bored and just wanted to hang out. He still cant understand how I thougt that. I dont know why I thought that. Exactly 9 months from our first date he proposed. He has gone to the registry and filed our papers. We go in two weeks on my birthday. Its my 32nd birthday. Our wedding proper is october.
    Point is God doesnt dissapoint us. Be faithful to him and just know in your heart that you will get the best for you.
    Keep going out. And doing things. I would offer to meet with you for lunch but I am low on cash so maybe next month.
    I always look forward to meeting new people.

    1. Yay! Congrats Miss Pynk

  14. Dear thelma Future Husband,
    She see you Nameless, faceless yet, but she see you
    everywhere. At a beautiful sight or in funny
    coincidences, as she pull out her phone and can’t
    think if someone to share it with, she see you. In
    moments of grief and tribulation, she hear your
    voice.she smell you like comfort, and taste you like
    desire. Isn’t it odd, how familiar with your
    effect on her, while not knowing your name? But
    it’s okay. You’re hard to find because you’re her one
    in a million and she wouldn’t expect or want any
    less of a challenge. But hope you are just as she
    excited to introduce yourself to her.oya run knocking cox she is waiting for u @ the door,leave those girls cox ur wife material
    Is opening her hands to welcome u.

  15. If you read this thoroughly you would notice that what Tee is crying for more is the loss of friendship than for a husband. Notice how she took a whole paragraph to talk about her best friend, and the imaginary friends too. I think this is more about friendship than marriage. My opinion.

  16. In the end it will be good. If it's not good now then it's not the end. You are super amazing, so you need not worry, you will attract a super amazing Husband. And he is coming soon IJN. Amen

  17. Beautiful is the woman who understands that hurt and loneliness are but passing seasons. She would rather be alone than settle for less. Being in a relationship doesn't cure loneliness, sometimes it even worsens it especially when you rush into one that wasn't meant for you. That was random general advise.
    Now T this is for your post... I totally get how you feel and sometimes it hurts not having anyone to talk to, I go through the same thing sometimes and it's even worse when there are friends I used to call in the past but I can't call again for some particular reason.
    There are two things I know for sure though, no one is ever too busy to listen and share with someone they truly care about, it's all about priorities. Even if it's 10 minutes a day, most of the people that claim they are busy have free time every day when they just sit and watch tv or indulge in some other form of mindless escapism. The second is that not everyone is going to where God is taking you to, they had a role in your life and they have played it. When it's time to let go don't hold on out of hurt or sadness because all you'll be doing is holding yourself back. Get used to talking to yourself and God and in due time the ones that truly deserve your time will come along and they won't take you for granted because they will see it as a privilege.

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  19. My names are joan jane am from USA i want to use this
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  20. rhbunmjiefkimj last two comments?
    To the post, Thelma I wouldn't say I know how you feel cos in all sincerity I don't. I'm not the type that gets attached to people though I am naturally a very friendly person. I admire how you're able to express your thoughts in writing. I hope you find that perfect companion SOON.

  21. At times, what we need is like a shadow - the more we chase (crave) it, the farther it seems to get from us. It only comes when we are not even looking. Can be frustrating-really frustrating. May God give you the strength to be still till 'he' comes.

  22. Thelma I can be your bestie oo, I live in Abuja-Zeya


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