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Here's How My Day Went... (Competition at the office, in the gym,everywhere!)

Hey world!

It's been a really long day for me. 

After I put up the post in the morning I went for my interview and it was..... quite interesting. So let me just put it this way, I saw the résumés of some of my contenders and I was pretty impressed intimidated. Three out of four of the applicants made 1st class in their first degrees, same in Law School, most of them have written and PUBLISHED law books, most publish regularly in law journals, one guy's résumé particularly made my heart skip a beat, this person was called to the Bar same time as I was and he's already handled matters in the Supreme Court, he listed some really interesting cases he's been a part of, between multinational companies, federal government, foreign companies... He's also been involved in arbitration and mediation for some really big companies, both here and abroad. And yes he made a first class too. One other chic had this résumé that read like fiction and she's also involved in biometrics, and a branch of medicine! I got to see some of the books these people have written, their contributions to law journals and the legal world at large and I was very intimidated. I mean, it would have been a different thing if they weren't my mates but... they are!
I won't lie to myself or you guys as I like to be honest, my CV could not compete with what I saw, I've not done a quarter or one-eighth of what the other applicants have done. I've not been involved in some huge merger and acquisition between two great companies, I've written no law books or legal articles, I've never handled a matter in the Supreme Court, I don't have a Masters degree, I've not held any leadership positions since secondary school (yes, the other applicants have held positions in professional bodies, both in Nigeria and abroad), I've not worked with some of the biggest names in law in Nigeria or some great SANs, I've not won any awards for a contribution I made to law like the others have etc. 

Yet the interview was pleasant, I'm honoured to have been called for the interview and I put in my best. I learnt a lot and I made friends with the interviewer who's a very great man. Will I get the job? If I do then God must really really really really really really really really really really really really really want to make me laugh. And if I don't I honestly wouldn't mind much after seeing the competition I was up against. If anything, I'm glad I attended the interview because I was reminded that I do seriously need to sit up in my career(s) and life in general (because I'm not greatly focused on law). I know (people say) life is not a competition but my dear, when you see how far some of your mates have gotten and the great exploits they're doing you'll ask yourself if they have three heads. 

I got back this evening and although I was tired and a bit down (after the wake up call I got) I needed something to lift my spirits. Since I've come to realize that I cannot always depend on food or alcohol to boost my mood I decided to go and exercise. I got there and I decided to walk for an hour. I deliberately decided to walk. Not brisk-walk or jog, just walk, since I was doing it more for my mind than my body. After I went the first round and I was beginning to feel a little tired I noticed two chicas ahead of me, they were walking fast, and talking. Somehow unknown to me I must have been brisk-walking because I got to them and immediately went past them and already created some gap. The minute that happened these girls started to increase their pace and walk really fast. When I noticed I started walking faster to creat more gap and guess what, they started jogging! I wanted to jog too but it would have been pretty obvious and childish. So I walked as fast as I could. Soon they got tired and returned to walking, soon after, I started closing in on them again and when they noticed I was about to reach them they started jogging again. Really fast this time. Na dat time I com vex. Me sef I started jogging, caught up with them, and then went from jogging to running. The lazy gals got tired and gave up. I looked back and saw them panting as if they just ran 100metres. I didn't stop. I ran till I got all the way to another street where I'd parked the car. Very childish I know but hey, I got to burn a whole lot of calories, haven't worked out that intensely in a while. I need to see those two babes every night, that way I'll lose a whole lot of weight in no time! LOL. They were probably surprised because of my size/stature but I do have a lot of stamina, and long legs means long strides, so hey I won! Hahaha. (Don't mind me, I'm desperately looking for a reason to laugh). 

Lol, enough of that. 

After my bath I relaxed into bed and got on the internet for the first time today. And of course I saw the Emab bomb blast. I just finished looking at the pictures on Laila's blog and the one where the body was completely charred really shook me. You know what makes this different for me than the usual bomb blasts, when it's in some village in the north or in some market or bus park, you empathize and all but it's easy to dissociate yourself, somehow. But Emab? Wuse 2! Anybody, anyone, me maybe (as Emab and Banex are places I frequent with I'm in Abj), could have been there when it happened, could have been harmed. I'm tired of calling on God, something seriously needs to be done. It should not just be done, it should be SEEN to be done.

May the souls of those who lost their lives in the bomb blast rest in peace. Amen. 


  1. Thats how life is o,some1 is always ahead of some1,those people you spoka about too will probably see people's CV that will intimidate them do,just try ur best and do the ones you can..its not about them.competition or anything,its about you.your ways are different so is your destiny know how many people get intimidated my you too?

    And as for ur scenerio with the girls,I can picture it,its so hilarious
    ****above all,thank God for the gift of life...

    Am so tired of hearing or reading about bomb blast.dearGod

  2. Typographical errors!!feeling sleepy dats y.pls. Pardon me.

  3. Lololol. Thelma you are hilarious, I never knew you were that competitive. As for the interview if its God's will then the job is yours. Otherwise he has something greater in store for you.

  4. I think its impressive that you were called for the interview along with those people with the "intimidating" CVs. It is well, good luck. As for the girls just go back tomorrow the same time u did today and you might be lucky to see them again. Lol

    1. Exactly. They saw something in you that you hardly believed you had. Happens to everyone. No problem aiming higher in life/career but never feel intimidated next time you hold papers and your mates hold *bibles*. You have what they have.

      As for your exercises...hope you're on water therapy? That does wonders. Stay blessed.

  5. Also remember that Prof. Wole Soyinka and Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory aren't *1st class materials*, but see what they achieved.

    1. God bless you for this.
      I led my class during Masters but amongst my classmates, I have one of the lowest paying jobs.
      More so, I have stopped believing everything I read on CVs....

    2. F your story will change soon by God's grace. Amen.

    3. Dear Anonymous: Amen. Thank you very much.

  6. Thelma i know ow U feel jare,my mates dat we were supoz to grad nd serve 2geda,i saw one of dem 2day wit her job,she has made so much progress in life nd me am just gettn to serve,i felt so down,lyk wat am i stl doin nd my mates are far gone.well i just said,we all dnt av d same destiny,slow nd steady bt we wud get der tOo!nd 4 d jogging,i need to see those girls too o biko,some pounds need to be lost,lol

  7. You have stamina. Hmmm, I like the sound of that.

    1. Get your mind out of the gutter.

  8. The fact that you were called for the interview despite the intimidating CV of others should tell you something. Thelms do see your cup as half full instead of half empty.

    As for your exercise scenario,its so so hilarious

  9. Chei My Baby T, I was literally Laughing like someone who inhaled laughing gas!. Kai... those girls are all the motivation u need jareee. Keep losing the weight!

    As for the Interview, Hope & Faith.
    The fact that you were called alone shows you are as qualified as the others cos the interviewers read all CVs abi?.
    I'll keep you in my prayers!

    As for the bomb blast, RIPP to the lost souls. Speedy recovery to the injured. My friend and her fiance' were in the New Banex plaza but their car was parked at the old so it's gone but they are so happy as if they won the lottery. Me Too! For their lives.

  10. Proudlydarkskinned11:46 am, June 26, 2014

    Do they own Thelma thinks? Do they uplift the spirit like this blog does on a stressful day? do they make us laugh, cringe, frown and haa at comments that blog visitors drop on this blog? Nne, resume,s these days are over-hyped oh. Am not saying we do not need a little competition once in a while to bring out the best in us but then again am sure you are something they secretly want to be. I think of you as a very successful young lady and am right about that.

  11. LMAO @ the jogging/running bit, sounds more like a nollywood movie, hilarious! Anyways on to more serious issues, I wish I could have a private conversation with you, about the intimidating CVs and so on, Girl purleeeeeaz! I am not a 1st class student (2.2 in law school), I have never published a book, never been to the supreme court, never held a position in any professional body (heck, am I even a member of any?lol), the only time I ever ''practiced'' was during my nysc year and that was even by 'force', I'm pretty sure you even have more work experience years than I do (I probably have a litttle under 2 years outside of my nysc year) BUT Thelma, would you believe it if I told you that I HEAD the legal department of a major company you probably know? yes I do. my point exactly. Dont ever feel intimidated for once, just from reading your blog, I know you are super smart and intelligent (above average intelligence), like someone said above, its all about you and how you ''sell'' yourself to that potential employer and for them to have called you, they must have seen something special. From experience, the people who totally own the court room and wow everyone are not the 1st class students, this is just from my own experience. I could go on and on but I think todays Bella Naija post was for you because I thought about you while reading it. Here's the link:
    And this post too would also encourage you:

    Please read both. And I will leave you with this...''for when they measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding''-2 Corinthians 10:12

  12. Thelma, God isn't finished with you yet.hold thy peace

  13. A few years ago, I saw a vacancy for a COO in a telecom firm in Lagos. The minimum age required was 45 (and yours truly was just passed his 36th). Anyway, I made it somehow and when i saw who I was up against, my liver fall no be small. When I went in, it was a show of wits and i was told to my face that I was most suited but they were afraid of my confidence. Imagine! I laughed at that because it was ridiculous as it was ludicrous.
    T, if na your own , na your own. Jide obi gi aka!

  14. Thelma biko you have come again. Competition is healthy but remember something, our journeys and paths are varied. I went to school in america and my average was a 2.4 on a scale of 4.0. Barely a C graduating average. It was bad enough I wanted to do a masters in the same field, my admission was provisionary meaning I had to score above a 3.0 out of 4.0 to be fully admitted at the end of the first year. To get a decent paying job was a struggle. I did that first year in the masters in applied math. The faculty loves me, I had a 3.8 gpa on a scale of 4. That same summer a friend called me that a Houston based company was hiring. I lived in Ny. The job was in the middle east. I weakly submitted my cv. I was not remotely qualified for the job. I was struggling to get $30k per year job this was 2 yrs after graduating. Thelma I was offered the middle east job and because of pay differential and overseas allowance, my starting pay was $108k for the year as an accountant (I studied applied math & statistics - I could add and subtract I learnt the rest on the job), I had just turned 23. I didnt believe it till I did one month in dubai and saw my paycheck. I said I would work for 1 yr and go and finish the masters. For where? I stayed 5 years and tried to invest well.

    Point is when it is your time everything defies logic. So my dear there is nothing impossible.

    You are already an inspiration to many people.

    1. haha.. you just reminded me of my current self.. just graduated from uni with a 2.5 its really weighing me down.. and grad school feels like a very longgg thing with 2.5 ? which canadian uni will open my application self ? I have decided to look for a job,gain experience and go back later. I get tons of calls, do the phone interview and they never call back.. I call them and they say I do not have experience! I just finished so how will I get this experience you speak of ???So I know my resume is not bad (as do get phone interviews) and my funny art degree as my dad will call it is not useless.
      I have given up on my province because the competition is crazy here and for graduates can be hard.. even worse for someone who didn't study nursing or business related programs.. I do want to look at other provinces now..hopefully It makes a difference and I get something soon .. It is well.

  15. What is ur will be yourS regardless , I am sure they saw something in u for them to hv called u , I once got a job in uni cos I put boarders on my cv and the interviewer said it was very attractive n not the content so hv faith darling not regardless u can always improve on urself


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