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I Live For Days Like This!

Hey guys. So *Dean called me this morning. I've told you guys about Dean. Dean is the one that was trying to compete with Shakespeare last month. See below


Anyways, Dean never visits the blog. In fact just last week he called and said "err, sorry o! But I was wondering. Is it bad that I don't read your blog, are you offended?" I assured him that I wasn't. First off, Dean nor sabi read (*tongue out*). Secondly as I pointed out to him, some of my closest friends have even forgotten I have a blog and I'm not mad at them so how much more him. 

Yeah well, so it happened to be last night that Dean decided to open Thelma's blog (the boredom must have been real. SMH) and what did he see; Dear Future Husband I need you now! He read the post and immediately called claiming to be offended that I didn't think I could confide in him (How do you confide in someone that has attention deficit disorder? Dean has the attention span of a 2yr old), and that based on what he read, I don't need a husband, I need a shrink (LOL, he may have a point there). So anyways, as part of his effort to yet again convince me that he should be my 'The One', and to also prove that he's here for me whenever I need to talk he suggested we do something today. 

Initially I thought movies and the usual sturves but I was so pleasantly wrong! Dean suggested I come over to his place. Long story short Dean pounded yam for me o!!!!!!!!! Lol. Dean has cooked for me several times (pre-break up and post-break up) but he has never pounded yam for me. As in, with a mortar and pestle. He made banga soup last night so we ate pounded yam and banga soup with cow leg. I don't know about you ladies but seeing a guy mopping sweat off his face as he pounded yam for me made me shine my teeth like a silly child. After I told him how I like my pounded yam I went back to lounge in the living room. (I didn't want to be tempted to help out). 

And then a few hours later he made me a smoothie with all my favourite fruits. At the end of the day I was too stuffed to talk and we spent most of it watching Big Bang Theory season 7 (my idea of a perfect day/date) and I almost choked from too much laughter. Dean is a warri boy, and all the years in jand or mixing with the crème de la crème of Lagos society haven't had any effect on his Waffi. And you know Warri people are natural comedians. OMG; a combination of Dean and Sheldon Cooper.. I had myself a day! 

When I left Dean's I didn't want to go home just yet so I called Sasha Bone to find out if she wanted to hang but I guess she had better things to do with her time *sobs* so I came home jeje. 

Anyhoo... I might be MIA for a day or two, just thought to let you know. I'm getting a lot of TTRWT posts I may post those if I find the time. 

Before I turn in I would like to thank my friends that saw the post yesterday and called to remind me that they're still here for me and when I need them they'll come, and talk for as long as I want. LMAO. I really do appreciate it guys. Thanks also to the blog readers who mailed. You guys are my rock, thanks a lot. Have a good night, make love, not war. 


  1. Great to know you had a joyful time. #Enjay#

  2. Dean is the one thelma!!! STOP THE.SEARCH!!!! He pounded yam?? Chai, you lucky girl.....waiting till the day hubby pounds yam for me...that day I will definitely do a post lol....sweet dreams lovely x

    1. Hahaha. Tolu I'm waiting with bated breathe for the post.

  3. Great to know you had a joyful time. #Enjay#

  4. So Thelma, what is d reason why u r friend-zoning Dean? Just like a lot of ur male friends you talk about, rnt they husband material? Can't u envision urself inlove with them? Or is it the tribe thing? Or maybe Dean shud comment and tell us d deal with u Thelma. I don't know if you are still looking for a guy dat will sweep you off your feet, a tiger in bed and a good cook. Most r just fantasy. Get your prioritties straight. And Thelma, MIA for 2 days? I will shrink. I rebuke it. This blog is therapy for me. I prolly will start fidgetting or convulsion will kick in. Thelma plss don't go. *sobbing* or you know what? Why not post abt 20 TTRWT stories b4 ur MIA.

    1. ROTFL. Calm down. Where I wrote pre and post break up signifies that Dean and I dated in the past. In fact he was the last person I dated. I get the feeling that he loves the thrill of the chase. I reciprocated his feelings once and nearly got burnt. The things Dean does for me now, he never did when we were dating. On days I need a ride back from work I call him and he sends a car, no questions asked, no favours expected in return. But if it was back then he would have said something like "if you don't know where the bus stop is feel free to sleep in the office". Honestly I don't think he has changed, he just wants what he cannot have. The minute I begin to love again Dean would once again begin to show his true colors. @ getting my priorities straight, girl, getting hitched isn't one o! I worry more that I'm not where I ought to be in life and this is what's at the forefront of my mind. My purpose isn't to be a wife, it's to be some other thing, and the burning desire to fulfill that thing is my priority, that's what keeps me awake at night.

  5. Lol...nne,NEPA had just struck the minute u called. Ndo...

    Anyhoo,Dang...u mean he really pounded the yam all the way? Not poundo or olaola mix? I guess he's putting his workouts into (Hope he don't see this)
    PS: Dear men,women love a guy who can cook to save his life..and hers too! *quote me*

    1. The PS is soo true! Currently crushing on my boy bff cos he's in touch wit his inner Iron Chef and no be on indomie and egg levels, i'm talking full option egusi soup and chicken teriyaki levels! Bobo even has a tandoori oven! Add d smoking body he hid for over a decade under oversize clothes in d mix that already contains a razor sharp mind and great heart and i have a recipe for disaster!

  6. Smh. C this Thelma babe, pls I js hv 4 words 4 u Nne, Dean is THE ONE.

  7. Thelma oya come and explain why Dean isnt the one.

  8. Wow, babe, u sure had an awesome day!

  9. Enjoyment things.... just happy u had fun.
    Ur Future with anyone is up to U to decide.

    Have a fun filled Sunday U'all..

  10. Thelma my warri folks are fun to be with,they love starch and Banga soup,but really thelma for a guy to make out time for u and even prepare u meal without u asking him to do so is really inlove,I think dean is d future hubby u looking I wish a guy can do this for me weda d love is pure or not I will definitely love him like cwazy.have a lovely Sunday TT readers.

    1. Happy Sunday Spencer.
      Spencer remember that some men just enjoy cooking o! That he goes to the farm to bring yam and bush meat, comes home and kills it and Pounds the may not be love, he may just be having fun as it's his hobby.... Just saying.
      I think a good sign is if this guy does not like to 'enter kitchen' at all and he does all that for you, then you know it's true love. LOL.

  11. Bia thelma kpachara anya GI o,which one b Mia for two days,u want someone dead,plus we don't know what u av done to all ur reader to b addicted to dis blog and u.I love every one .no put person for high jump o.I mean obara ngbanie elu .

  12. I like this post o. LOL! Creating a picture of the whole thing made me keep laughing.
    Bia Thelma, just set a reminder on all your gadgets and wrist watches sef, to draw you back to blogging. Two full days off isn't a nice thing to do na...anyway you used MIGHT be MIA, so there's hope. :)

  13. Wait o... Is pounding yam and putting big bang theory all it takes to make somebody the one? What have I been doing since, so all the cocoyam my mother made me pound wasnt for nothing. I better start pounding tins again.
    Oya on a more serious note, trust me it's takes more than that to make someone the one. A guy can do anything for a girl he can't have, just to get her. Let him sweat a bit more and if his attention span run out soon then maybe you should give him the benefit of doubt but don't go and shook your head inside finish o!!!

  14. Thelma, please fulfil that desire to be wherevyoubfeel you ought to be or at least get close to the point where you feel a level pf fulfilment before youvget married. i am talking from experince. i am married with a beautiful daughter and i am very grateful to God. i love my familyvand my hubby is a blessing, however, it isnt just enuff. i feel there are a lot of things i left undone when i was single and free, and when my time was mine to use. (im talking about serious issues o, not party and yeye time wasting issues). sometimes i feel so unfulfilled, angry, and all sortsmof emotions. i sometimes feel like marriage is a love killer sef. honestly, we as wpmwn should not make the society pressure us into doing things simply for te sake of pleasing. you only live once. please makenur dreams come true T. i love you much cos, we tjink alike to a very large,extent. CCC


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