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My Top 5 *Speechless* Moments.

Although I'm not much of a talker it's not often I'm left speechless. But there've been a few moments that someone did or said sh*t and I was literally left silent, stunned, speechless. I'll share some with you:

Today's Wedding. 2 speechless moments. 
#Speechless 1. One of my all time worst nightmares: I sat quietly in my seat, 'pressing' a phone, minding my business when the lady came to me. "Beautiful aunty please come and stand with the couple and watch them as they cut the cake and tell us what you observed". #Speechless
      Aaaargh! I've always prayed this never happens to me. But I got up and did just that. When the couple started cutting the cake something went wrong with some wiring and they had to pause for a few minutes. Here's the true version of what I observed:
The bride was cranky all through, in fact since they danced in, no he danced in and she walked in, she's had a look on her face like they forced her to be here. Now cutting the cake, she actually uttered the words "Oooooh, let us cut this thing and get it over with abeg". "I'm cutting it o, I don't know about you". While the groom tried to persuade her with a smile both frozen and plastic.
What I said:
(The usual BS). What I observed is a couple that symbolizes love and togetherness, and it was obvious just the way they both worked as one to cut this cake. All I saw was unity, they stand as one. 

#Speechless 2: I sat with my nephews while my sister went to mingle and some guy came over to chat. While giving him my number an older man came and said "Why is a married woman like you sharing her number?" #speechless. (Maybe because the first thing that flashed through my mind was "the bloods we are shiarin... Dia is god oooo") 

#Speechless 3: my friend is from a wealthy home, her dad is with the Federal government and is freaking rich. One day I accompanied her to see him at his duplex at the Oriental Hotel where he was with his wife and some guests. I knew her mum very well but daddy is very busy so we've met on very few occasions, therefore he probably couldn't remember me.
My friend: daddy, this is my friend, Nwando
Me: good afternoon sir
Daddy: good afternoon. Who is your father?
Me: #speechless
A very awkward silence followed and her mum came to the rescue by mumbling some niceties and changing the topic. 

#Speechless 4: My Ex; Nnamdi who I was so terribly in love with and who was even more in love with me, and also very protective of me; his priceless jewel, suddenly said one fateful afternoon seven months into our relationship; "let's see other people. I want to sleep with other people. You're free to do the same". Me.... #Speechless

#Speechless 5: A few weeks later at about 2am Nnamdi calls me sounding super turned on, talking breathlessly. " baby... Baby she's .. She's f......." Bottom line is Nnamdi actually went ahead to sleep with someone else and called me while it going on with the skank, gave her the phone to talk to me, she actually introduced herself as Chi something or the other and then they went back to panting and I held my phone #SPEECHLESS
       I held on for a while, soon he said she was driving him crazy, he'll talk to me later, then he hung up. I sat in bed. Called bestie and told her what just happened and she listened to me cry for an hour or so (free midnight call). Eventually I had to let her get back to sleep but I was up till day light. Nnamdi was/is the best I've had, how could that have happened? Where on earth do I find these FOOLS?! Needless to say that ended the "relationship". 

So hey! Those are some of my #Speechless moments. 
I'm simply dying to hear yours!

@ today's wedding, I just couldn't understand it. The groom was super excited but the bride was frowning all through, like she was forced to be there. Also the groom is Igbo while the bride is Yoruba but the entire wedding was Yoruba; the food, the music, the prayers, the speeches, the MC's jokes, the dressing even. I couldn't really understand it. Shouldn't they have struck a balance or something? Everyone around me noticed these two things; the bored/disinterested/irritated bride and the wholly Yoruba wedding with an Igbo groom. 


  1. Chei Thelma, I am speechless on ur behalf for #Speechless 5. That guy really wanted u out of his life. He was really piled up with shit and freakingly childish.

    1. Yeah, maybe, maybe not. Nnamdi is a pervert and he doesn't think there should be a division between his sick fantasies and love. eg, while he was doing that he still called to say I love you bla bla bla, the ironic thing is he actually meant it. That more or less ended the relationship for me although we're still friends. He's married now and still does this, and he
      encourages the Mrs to do her own things too... And he wants to hear all the nitty gritty ... It's all too sick to talk about on this blog in detail so....

  2. Kai. I Knew there was No way T will stay away from this blog till Sunday. So I kept refreshing. It paid off. New Post! #Jiggles

    1st, Welldone for lying about that couple oh! Pretty big liar (Lovely outfit U had on)... That marriage no go easy oh. *Make I think my own biko*

    As for Nnamdi, Reading about him just made me speechless!

    1 of My very often speechless moment is when a guy walks up to me & says this: "O baby sup? Can we relate?" I literally become DUMB!

    T, in this PH, na wetin 80% of the guys dey use chyke babes. #Sobs

  3. That nnamdi of a guy na big agbaya,he need Boris for him ass,big orue.what actual fuck.what an insult.thelma is not all nonsense u should,u should b able to call him and sound serious warning to him.

  4. Hahaha!
    Speechless 1-4 cracked me up totally but 5 just sorta pissed me off, to be honest.
    Sorry you had to experience that love.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. What d actual fuck,thelma u shouldn't take nonsense from any asshole,u should av call him lerra and sound serious warning to d heeediot.

    1. There was no need for that. That night I knew it was over, it's not every relationship that someone fights for.

    2. Lmaoo. Thelma now I c y they say Lawyers r liars,smh @ how u lied bou what u observed during the cake cutting, hmmm for number 3 biko that's scary;r there still parents like that? (Imagine if that was ur boyfriend's dad), then as for Nnamdi ahhhhh I am almost tempted 2 say u made it up mehn babe I thot I had experienced shit in the hands of guys but damn gurllllllll u shud win an award, again r there still guys like that? Tufiakwa! Hmmm as for the bride, all I can say is I feel sorry for her husband already. Poor nigga. And as for the yoruba wedding, in a way, I'm not really totally surprised like that, afterall most guys don't rili wna b involved in the wedding planning n u know how ppl generally say its the bride's "day"? Exactly. Especially if the Bride's family paid for everything (which used to be the norm back then). To me tho, I think the bride is spoilt. Like seriusly, who walksssss into the wedding reception??? That wud hv been painful to watch.

    3. Keke you may be right about the wedding planning/preparation. I hadn't thought about that. Babes I've had some pretty made up-sounding experiences. The day I write about Nnamdi and the experiences with him I may need to shut the blog down. I've got tons of stories to share but my friends think I already share too much as it is. Just believe me when I say the world is filled with sick people. It's one thing to have fetishes and sexual fantasies, it's another thing to actually act out all these fantasies no matter how sick or extreme. Nnamdi believes fantasies should all be made reality.

    4. Awwww I get where ur frnds r coming 4rm tho, I guess they just want u to b careful with wot u put out there. Hmmmm guys like Nnamdi tho, I am thankful on ur behalf for the bullet u dodged. Ur experiences have only ended up making u the beautiful person u r today.

  7. Thelma,the days leading to weddings are usually stressful especially for the bride,I was ready to call off my wedding few days to it,even wished I was kidnapped. I know a number of ladies who had the same thoughts

  8. I remember wen my ex-hubby's mum told me she had a revelation that i ve a spiritual husband and dt he ll attack her son, so therefore i needed deliverance. #speechless. Walking away from those people have been the best decision i ve taken in life so far.

    1. Please we need to chat. Can you mail me or send me your email addy?

  9. @#1: call me weird but I'm just trying to imagine what would have happened if you had said what you witnessed??? Any thoughts???? lol

    At Nnamdi -#5....are there really people like that?

    my speechless moment was when an ex told me he wasn't sure about us 3 weeks after giving me an engagement ring....after my shock and when I had energy to respond...he said he knew I'd wanted it (we had dated for almost 4 yrs)....lmao! happily married now....and thanking God that happened! so sometimes something good can come out of being speehless..hehehhehe!

  10. Single and kicking it...been talking to this guy who loves to talk a lot of shit.."ohh I am good in bed, I treat my lady like a queen, my ex used to call me mandigo, I bet I can make you squirt". So we finally did sleep together, yea he ate me up like I had maple syrup spewing out of my vagina which felt really good but uhm his penis was nothing to write home about.. i mean I was speechless when he kept on asking me if I liked it hard and if he was hitting the right spots.. I started laughing (thinking about it now.. that must have been embarrassing)...We haven't spoken since :( .

  11. *laughing soo hard @anon 5:49am that was some action gurl! Nice one T. (one of your numerous anonymous) Joy

  12. @Thelma trust me Nnamdi was a playboy.Ur experiences have only ended up making u the beautiful person u r today.

  13. Only speechless moment I can recall is ''right now'' after reading your post and that of anon 5:49. On a serious note, when my eldest first male cousin told me,''henceforth whenever one of you is driving, the front seat should be left vacant for me, I can't be sitting at the back like I begged for a ride in your car'' His youngest sis was driving my car that day while I sat beside her.

  14. lmaooooo!!!!! I haven't even finished reading the entire article but speechless 1 got me laughing so hard........cutting the cake n saying what you crap. I HATE that part of weddings and am so sure it wont happen at mine, don't need nobody telling me crap, BS n falsies. who even invented that thing sef? rme

    1. I know, right! So annoying. Worst part was I don't even know the couple personally, I tagged along. And they had this look on their faces like 'who come be dis one?'. LOL.

  15. I stopped to buy razor blades from a mallam in ph, one man standing der said, no, don't get these ones, they would cut u, buy those ones wt handles, they're safer. And then, asked d mallam to bring it, mallam didn't have it. All d while, I was imagining a blade with a non sharp side as a handle or something, but the next thing I heard as I was walking away wt my pack of blades was, it's better u get get the ones with the handle, easier to shave with, and proceeded to demonstrate shaving pubic and armpit hairs! Apparently, he was talking of a shaving stick! Me: speechless!!!!!!


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