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PLEASE WAKE ME UP!!! (TTRWT) - By RUTH C.B.N. (Ruthylicious)

It's been 4months after I literally Unshackled  myself from the brink of death.
4months after I ended that bloody courtship to the most vicious beast on earth who both used, misused & abused me.
4months after I ran away from an entire 5yrs of Emotional & Physical Torment at the hands of One man. 
4months after & am still rebuilding the tiers of My Self Respect, Dignity & Esteem that he crushed.
Phew, Thank U God for this PURE air of Life!

Then I met him, Yes HIM, He was the WHOLE package, as Handsome as they come & chocolate skinned too. (Permit a Girl to be vain pls).
Above 6ft ... check.
Perfect dentition ... check.
Dimples/Excellent smile ... check.
6Packs ... check.
Intelligent ... check.
Hardworking ... check.
6 figures... check.
Generous... DOUBLE check!
Very Honest & above all SUPER God-fearing. U can call him (Over Spiritual) if u please. LOL

He wasn't the Ying to my Yang.
He wasn't my Knight in shining armour.
He wasn't the 6 to my 5.
He wasn't My Mr Right or Perfect neither is he The One/Great Guy, Oh yeah? U get it Now?


Well, he's the typpa man who NEVER swears, No obscene jokes, he calls me EVERY night for prayers, sends me scripture quotations to meditate on daily. I know what U think..... Bo-ringgggg.

No Dearies, he gives me a tip of the iceberg into his world of naughtiness once in a while which will be fully unleashed on my deserving self after we say "I DO", very kinky stuffs yeah.

After just a month of dating him, I knew he is My 1st Love, I knew I couldn't have dated any man except him, He took AWAY my world of Fear, Emptiness, Sadness, Worthlessness, Anxiety, Depression & loneliness....

I Suddenly became this Giggly bouncing baby girl, My Happiness was Surreal, My Joy emits golden rays!!!

Oh LOVE!!! Where art thou been ALL My life?
I occasionally look to the heavens & whisper "Thank U God"!
This man makes me want to buy a private jet to say Thank U to all my Ex bfs & flings for letting me Go!
He's Mi Papichulo, Mi Vida, Mi Cielo *Love can make U speak languages U don't even understand *

6months Into this 7th Haven of mine, The UNEXPECTED happens!!! OMG!!!


Ruth C.B.N


  1. Biaaaaaa Ruth no dey use us playyyyyyy oooooooooo...why to be continue ..Nne respect yeself n finish this story....waaaarrrrris dis na...

  2. Ruth, ruth,ruth....:how many times did I call you?

    Remember, there is a God oh.......sha do and bring back yourself and finish this piece!

  3. Chai! There is God oo... Una don dey do Part.1&2 now for blog abi? No wahala, na only u waka come

  4. Ruthy, I thot it was d 5yrs guy u wr engaged to for 2months dat you broke up with in May. When did you now meet this Mr perfect? Oh I'm excited. Ruthy continue please. *crying*

  5. Yayyyy!!! My Post. Thank U Thelma.

    Fidelia, Favourite, Ifunanya & Anon, I'll complete this story I promise... I didn't just want it too be too long...
    Anon 8:31 pls who are U? I Love how U know me soo well. Can we be friends?
    Pls stay glued to T's awesome blog for the truth.

    1. My dear, I'm no1 u know. I just enjoy reading and absorbing. Your comments always interest me that why I follow it up. Iv always liked the fact that you mentioned le boo which meant u were in love BUT if le boo is d 5yrs guy den he is an asshole.

    2. Correct asshole.... ride on gurl

  6. What does TTRWT mean?

    1. Thelma Thinks Readers Write Too. Please check the Announcement Announcement Announcement post of some days ago, the details are there. I'm waiting for your own TTRWT post too.

  7. Boring.
    Might have been interesting if it hadn't been cut short and if there wasn't an attempt to make it into some sort of poetry.

    1. The attempt was a very good one, and the "poetry" is actually making most readers yearn for more. So...

    2. In our different opinions, Mr Memphis, so....

    3. Can you pls write yours this anon

  8. TTRWT means Thelma Thinks Readers Write too.

    Anon 8:52 Lovely comment. Keep it up!!!


    1. Ruth please hurry up and send Part 2, I can hardly wait!

    2. You're a brilliant writer darling, I'm hanging on to the edge of my seat in anticipation of part 2( this could also be due to the bad road in my area cause in in transit) Lol.

  9. Nice work ruth. Can't wait for the concluding part!!! Go girl!!!

  10. Awwwww! Well, if HE is the "le boo" I've read you repeatedly mention then I'm so happy for you, Ruth!
    Its really a breath of fresh air to be with someone who you feel all these with after having felt the direct opposite for so long!
    Again, happy for you and I pray your expectations aren't cut short. :)

  11. Yayyyy!!! This one My Madam has spoken, I MUST send Part 2 ASAP oh... (It's also the concluding part).

    This POST is a medium to keep healing My Heart...

  12. Thanks a lot Memphis & Remi.
    Dido, the Part 2 will tell if it's all Rosy.

  13. Wait,after 5 years and 2months engagement,YOU realised he wasn't the one? O.o

    1. Sasha the analyst. I love that you always question things and never take things at face value. I want my daughters to think like you. Lol.

    2. Lols...and start having grey hair too?

  14. Hmm...ok,it seems Le boo and 5yrs-guy are different people!

    1. My question is 'If the 5yrs guy ended in May then when dis le boo happen?

    2. Question for the elders.

  15. LOL, Sasha have come oh!!!
    Shit happens Hon. Some of Us are hopeless lovers *speaking for myself*

  16. A good writer captures a reader in the 1st paragraph, reading this piece kept me wondering what comes next everytime I get close to the end of each sentence... So to satisfy my curiosity I had to get to the end of it... The guys description was impeccable ; I would say this guy [ that's if he left] would reconsider coming back if he sees this.... well then this not my story... waiting for the concluding part... Don't take too long..

  17. Am not a good writer but I've read a few good works. No need to mention being vain. Otherwise, excellent work. I look forward to your path 2.
    Thumbs up. Go! Ruthy.

  18. I have Twerked Until My waist is broken.
    Ur comments are giving me more Closure!!!
    Thanks for this opportunity T.

  19. Ruthy I'm impatiently waiting.

  20. #Constructivecriticismpleasedonothavemyhead! This is a wonderful story which you have somehow muddled up! I dnt knw if its ur choice of words or d presentation.... You got us mixing d 5 years guy wit dis hot new dude!... Not sure if that is deliberate... I knw writing isn't easy but you need to strive 2wards clarity! The mind is always faster than the mouth/hand writing it! Since its all in ur head.... You get it but we don't as we aren't in ur head! Good try though! The 2nd part should be better! Much love!

    1. I totally agree, the whole ish got me confused and didn't make sense to me.....u say "its been 4 months....since u ended the 5yr relationship..." And yet u say u ended ur 5yr relationship only lastmonth in May. The whole thing I think ws meddled up in an attempt to sound poetic. Anyhoo, just my opinion Nne.

  21. Thanks a lot Anon 10:28
    I actually LOVE ur comment. But I assure U the clarity will come in the Part 2 - the final part.

  22. Anon 1:09, ur confused state is what happens when U Marry the writer to the material

    Must this story be about Me? LOL

    1. Lols...Nne,don't even start that one o.."Not bout u bawo"? You are the only Le Boo we know on this blog and remember u did say u wld reveal his name soon! *winks*

    2. I know his name.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I knew this was all too good to be true. When u come from Nigeria and you have been through the highs and lows of life, meeting a man that is so damn near perfect makes you ask what's really the problem? Aside from that, I think your story is a page turner. Really interesting and well told.

  25. Cant wait 4 part 2....fingers crossed**

  26. ruth be warned ooo no dey put me on suspense jo.....

  27. This is nice ruthy,waiting for the part 2

  28. Despite all the question marks, I still think you did a good job Ruthy.....thumbs up!!!

    Waiting for Part 2.

  29. Thanks a bunch Mariam & Tiwa.
    All questions will be answered in part 2 I promise.

  30. This story is "dope". I'm really impressed at the conclusion. A good way to keep your readers glued to your blog. Surely I'm gonna come back for the untold part, hope its not gonna end the "nollywood" way.

  31. LOL. Anon, I know am a Nigerian but Not a typical one. It's not nollywood jooor.
    Thanks for the compliment.

  32. Sorry for commenting late. Just read this post...

    Am calling you now babe... kudos.

  33. 2 words... Makes sense! Saving the 3rd and last word for the part 2.


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