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Saturday's Girl-Date And Certain Other (Blog) Plans...

Is it ok for me to admit that I'm very sensitive and get easily affected by what happens around me? I saw the story of the woman beaten to death at McDonalds days ago but was too scared to read it till now. All I can say is I shouldn't have. 

So I guess I created a bubble around me, sort of like a sanctuary, a safe place, my happy place. Where everything isn't perfect but it's much better and life is something to be enjoyed not endured. This sanctuary is partly real, partly imagined. And this blog and some blog readers greatly contribute to the real part. 

Speaking of blog readers I met with one of our blog readers on Saturday for the first time.
Initially when she asked to meet up I was a bit uncertain and had a few reservations but eventually I thought, oh well, why not? So we made plans, she came through and we met up at Cold Stone in VI. When she saw me her first words were "Thelma you're HUGE!" LOL. I wasn't sure how to respond so I just smiled. Then she added "As in you're big , but you're really tall. And you have hips, you really have hips!". Double LOL. Anyhoo we spent most of Saturday together. I suggested we move to the Cold Stone at Phase 1 so we headed there and from the minute she got into the car it was just as though we had done this several times before. Ironically she's not one of the readers I really 'flow' with on the blog but we hit it off instantly. It was a day of pizza and ice cream (although she was upset that I barely ate anything... I'm not a big pizza fan, not too keen on ice cream either) and we chatted for hours. In the evening I took her to my beloved Ebeano (so Thelma this is the Ebeano you're always talking about on your blog) and we did some mild shopping after which I dropped her off and she headed on home at about 8pm. When I hugged her goodnight I squeezed tight because I felt like I had made a genuine new friend. 

It was a fun 'girl-date' and we talked about everything from the blog to one of our most popular commenters (clears throat), to relationship/sex/marriage, to career/academics, to religion and her spirituality and plans to strengthen said spirituality, to family and friends and friendship, to dreams/plans/visions, to past experiences and everything in between. She's a young lady that's really got her head screwed on right and she's definitely got a bright future ahead of her. 

She called me a few minutes ago and asked if I was ok on Saturday, according to her I was 'distracted' and she sensed there was something wrong. Her call touched me and for a second I wondered what the world would be like if everyone was so caring to everyone else. 

Reminds me of one of Nickleback's songs; If everyone cared and nobody cried...If everyone loved and nobody lied... If everyone shared and swallowed their pride...Then we'd see the day when nobody died...

Yeah, one more thing we discussed on Saturday was the possibility of having a blog party for those of us in Lagos. It sounds like a splendid idea and if enough people are up for it then I think we should really think about making it a reality. Personally I'm not looking at anytime soon; November/December maybe. My preferred location would be somewhere in Victoria Island (as it's central) but nothing fancy, very casual. And if we're going to do it it's going to be a product of joint effort (we'll all have to contribute towards it). Well November/December is still a long way off but I'm just watering the ground. 

What say you?


  1. So what about those of us not in lagos,u want to remove us from settings abi,ok o..where is enjay and aniella,bina while I read their comments

    1. Mariam you have enough notice. You better start making arrangements. *Straight face*. Enjay is fine but her phone is bad at the moment, I think.

  2. what about those of us kog?

    1. at least my survey shows 38 percnt of we your readers reside in kogi. So when do we see you in kogi?

    2. thelma, so d fact dat we dnt stay in lagos simply means we cant get ur audience?

  3. Mariam honey...I am here o!!! I've just been losing friends and loved ones to death in the past week. I am happy though and I feel stronger. Its dawning on me once again that nothing lasts forever. Thanks for checking hun..

    Where's Enjay???...and Steele (ohh Steele is always disappearing)...Sanu!!! Who af vexed Thelma o!!!! I don't like such. You people should not better think of that blog party now o!!!...I must be there. I want to see "our huge, big, tall, hipsy" Thelmam *triple lol. It is well hunies!!!

  4. What is central about V.I? Or you mean for those living on the island?

    1. Lol clearly she means her island peeps. VI is far from central. *sigh*

    2. No, I don't mean for those living on the island. It's close to Yaba and Surulere, not far from Ikeja/Magodo etc (3rd Mainland, I presume) and seeing as it would be on a weekend the roads are likely to be free. Ok, just out of curiosity, where is central?

    3. I've realised that if there's anywhere that's central,then its yaba and that's because yaba is soooo close to the island and yet its still 'mainland'. U can do yaba to ikoyi in like 10mins (even less on a weekend) and then on the flip side,yaba has easy access to other mainland parts like lere,ogudu,maryland,ikeja,ogba, all thanks to ikorodu road. And no,I don't live in yaba, I actually live in Ogudu. But if u wanted an 'island' that's central, then I'd say ikoyi is more 'central' than V.I. I work in V.I, V.I is just tooooo deep inside if u know wot I mean.

  5. Sounds like an exciting plan. Where are all the men in the house. The single men o! Lol.

  6. Last weekend I was in lagos for d first time ever. I spent all my life in the east and Abuja. Finally my friends practically dragged me to lagos, I had a great great time and actually went to ur ebeano and I thought of you. As per the nice blog reader, there are actually some genuinely nice people in this mad world, if only they weren't so few...

  7. Well, T if it's in Nov/Dec, i'll love to/definitely make it--(although lagos holds most of my unpleasant memories).

    This could be my opportunity to make NEW awesome memories about lasgidi.
    I already know the blog Visitors am itching to meet.

    An a HUGE part planner. My OCD will take care of the party lil details. LOL

    Plus Thelma I can bet I know Who U guys were "gossiping" about. Just remember, DiarisGodOh

    1. U jux had to do dat,dint u- u'r soooo irritating,gosh.
      No wonder ur relatnshp dint wrk out- maggoty idiot. U'r such a stewpid brat.

    2. Oh my! This Anon is just so damn pathetic. Really? You had to insult her with something as touchy as this? Why are you so mean?
      Ruthy pay no attention to this Anon. You stoop to his/her level when you insult back.
      @Thelma I think Ikeja is central enough.

    3. Did d idiot hav 2 add ds .........Plus Thelma I can bet I know Who U guys were "gossiping" about. Just remember, DiarisGodOh
      Wat rubbish,is she in secondary sch?
      D truth iz she's annoyin,be honest.mtchew
      Afta bragin up n dnw 'bout *le boo*,she wnts 2 form sad story,story story

    4. Busybodi mgbeke,"T dis,T dat",bush girl.hahahaha

    5. lmaoo.. omg miss anon you killed me tonight! wetin now ? this was a peaceful place after we begged you.. now you are back! abeg abeg, you got to leave ms ruth alone.. try abeg!

    6. Anon what you said was so inappropriate..... Please stop being a cyber bully it's really not nice. Ruthy please ignore her, don't let her make u regret sharing ur story or ur openness on this blog. Thelma what about we ur blog readers that do not live in Nigeria?? We r feeling left out o :(

    7. nobody sms to be acknowledging the obvious, this Ruth clearly rubs pple off the wrng way and it really cant be far from who she really is. she does piss me off occasionally but nt enof for me to stalk her. Ruth, try to contain ur exuberance-its quite repelling-i rememba u mentioned le boos family blew hot n cold-must be the same repellant at work in u. Try eh,its nt easy.

    8. She has never rubbed me off the wrong way before must just be u. We can't all be the same so don't expect her to be like u. Keep ur bullying to urself please

    9. I bet you, Ruthy is the person Thelma gossiped about. Let's be honest, the girl is annoying!

    10. thank you for saying the mind of many people here anon 11:37.
      forget the voltron forces forming *we've got her back*- this girl is extremely irritating..... is it the caps lock she uses to shout certain words? or the excessive eclamation marks to signify yeye youthful exuberance? she's either such a child or she's depressed- is it the "wiping my tears/eyes" she always writes? girl,take some antidepressants already

    11. actually i wont lie, Ruth is hella annoying. she needs to just chill already and focus on her relationships and making them work.

    12. Women really are thier own worst's a shame really that u can just pick on someone for no good reason! Anons I feel sorry for those that knows u for real they must be used to been constantly put down such a horrible horrible trait. Ruthy please don't take this to mind I beg u, not every body can like u......keep being who u r

  8. *party planner biko. Rubbish Qwerty keyboard auto correct!

  9. I'm here o!!! Party sounds like a great idea and by the grace of God you'll be big enough to host us by December, say Amen! Meanwhile I think vi is central enough, for those coming from the mainland and those coming from ajah but to make it easy for those around alagbado and ikotun let's use surulere, lol. That's the most central part of lagos.
    I'm also slightly curious, who were you guys gossiping about?

  10. Am in for the party,though I do work and stay in Abuja.I hope we get enough notice do I can make, wud luff to be there.

    @Anon, what's the issh with you? Must you resort to insults?If you really have something tangible to say, why are you hiding under anonymity to say it?

  11. And Thelms, YES, its okay for you to admit that you take things to heart, you are only human after all.

    I remember I stopped watching CNN for a while now 'cuz the by the second news coverage on #BringBackOurGirls# was seriously getting to me,it got to a point I was feeling scared,depressed,helpless and angry.So I just switched off....

  12. Ok o! Since everyone cannot agree on what's central I think I'll stick to Victoria Island for now.

  13. I agree with steele saying surulere is more central or yaba sef. #Sussy

  14. Anon 12:37, Miss Nina, U have been noticed.
    ALL ur negative comments as anon has also been duly dumped in elegushi beach.

    Anything else? I mean asides my relationship not working & me being irritating/bush? So i'll note it down ur Royal highness....

  15. @ruby diamond,am So sorry for ur loss,it is well dear...can't wait to Meet everyone on this blog..u guys Rock

  16. Yaaay!am do down wit d party,nd yaba is central enuf biko

  17. Vi yellow chilli. Lol.

    Miss pynk

  18. Anon, if you still can't stand Ruthy by November please don't show up and spoil the hang out o. Me I vote for Ikeja. Yaba is actually better but where in Yaba ?

  19. I'd go for ikeja too. Ikeja's actually more central than VI,SL and co. Fina

  20. Thelma its ok to admit you are sensitive, some stories we read or hear about can really affect us. A blog party sounds like a great idea, you guys will have fun, it will be a great experience interacting one on one.

  21. After the party, you ladies will either grow fonder of one another or lose bonds. Women; we are our own worst enemies.


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