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That Afternoon's Call... (People Do Talk).

A while back I got a call that went like this;

Her: Did you go for Tayo's wedding?

Me: Nope

Her: Have you seen the wedding pictures?

Me: No, why, are they on Facebook? What's up?

Her: I don't think so o! Hmmm, if you see her husband....

Me: Haaaa!!! He's hot?

Her: Hot ke? Kai. Tayo no try o!

Me: Seriously? How?

Her: The guy is not it at all. You know your gateman, that your gateman

Me: Ehen?

Her: Your gateman is finer than him!

Me: ahn ahn... Actually my gateman isn't that bad

Her: I know, your gateman is finer than him by farrrr. The guy looks... Fucking hell! He looks like a beggar

Me: really?

Her: if you see the shoes he wore, on his own wedding.... The shoes have finished chopping

Me: *laugh*

Her: Seriously. When *Tosin sent me the pictures I told her maybe he's just all these rich kids that don't have any sense of style or anything. But she said is a lie o! Rich ke? They said he doesn't have anything. Everybody is saying it's like he jazzed Tayo.

Me: Hia!

Her: it's like when I saw *Funmi's husband... I even thought that one was bad. Till I saw this one

Me: but there's nothing wrong with Funmi's husband na *genuinely confused*

Her: I know, but back then na... Funmi Williams! That's not the kind of person we imagined a whole Funmi Williams will end up with. But her husband is a king compared to Tayo's husband. Kai! I wish your BB is good I would have sent you his picture

Me: oh well...

Her: I honestly can't believe my eyes. I honestly think the guy must have jazzed her. She can't be that desperate to marry na that she decided to marry that one. No, Nwando you need to see him to understand.

Me: Na wa o!

I had an incoming call so I had to go. 

I won't lie I've gone on Facebook to check if Tayo has uploaded her wedding pictures. I can't believe her husband is as bad as they say he is. These are my friends from Queen's College and oh well... I really dunno what to say. 

When a guy talks to me about marriage I inadvertently imagine our pictures up on Facebook and my friend's expressions or reactions. Would it be, "Hmmm, her husband isn't bad at all" or "Jesos! What did she marrrrrry?". I always thought it was all in my head but with this phone call I can see that I haven't been delusional, people do chat crap. People talk!!!

My friend and informant is married as well, she's married to a fine guy but I'm sure even she knows that there's more to life than marrying a TDH guy. Ok o! My lips are sealed. I'm not sure what the purpose of this post is but... So now when I'm getting married I have one more thing to worry about; what will my friends say about my husband?

*Any Ex QC girl who asks me any question should not expect to get an answer.*


  1. Ah! U are right ooo, this was why i refused to marry a guy i am some inches taller than, i was like, what will my siblings n friends say. Abeg one needs to check all these.

  2. LOL! That's just the way it is; people talk about everything!
    How one's husband looks,family background , financial status, age, swag & all!
    Then some people would give wrong info ehn! Lol...well it's never been anyone's business.

  3. Reminds me of the song *na wetin I go do my brother o wey they no go talk* pls so far the guy is ok to u,he can always be packaged. So pple need care to look gud. To each his own jare

  4. Make I no lie, the only reason why I will consider what my Husband looks like is because of My KIDS LOOKS!!!
    No compromise please... I look at some kids & I want to flog their parents, like how dare U?

    Biko, even if we don't have all the money in my future home, Let my Kids be "awemazinly" cute, I will show them how to make money with their looks legally like I did... "probability"...

    1. Please, keep quiet

    2. lolll and Ruth pls do tell, how did your ''looks'' fetch you money?????????/

    3. LOL... and they show up!!! LMSAO

  5. Looks will not put diesel in the gen. The man who will hold your hand when you're ill May wear red trousers and blue shoes. All males are born with testicles but only men have balls. When you are faced with fine useless male and not so fine man, who knows what he was put on this earth for. That is when you will realize that looks isn't everything.

  6. People will talk. That's normal.

    Lord, forgive me. I caught myself wishing someone remained on a wheel chair after an almost life taking, coma keeping accident. I'm happy the person has recovered and he's now walking but I just *stupidly realized I might have liked it if he was on a wheel chair.

    By the way, how can one overcome jealousy???.....and obsession too????

  7. ahh Ruby dat.s bad as a wish if u were d one remb God searches our hrt.back to d mata we.ll alys pray d one dt makes us hapy its in our lives irrespective of wat ppl say

  8. No matter who u marry pple will talk,one of my friends got married and everyone was like he is really ugly but today the guy treats her like a queen,me sef dey jealous her. Did I mention the guy is doing really good now,

  9. Lol...QC and her gists! I wld give anything to see those pix...
    (If u are a Queen,u owe urself a king-looking dude)

  10. It's better not to worry about what people are going to say and just focus,..but wait, looks matters for everyone o

  11. In the end, it's your happiness that matters and not satisfying your friends expectations of you nailing the finest bobo in town. For me, I didn't even notice that my hubby had beautiful brown eyes and permit me to say, a medium pointed nose until months into our relationship. And dear Ruth, I prayed my children (especially my daughter) got those features from him but it didn't happen. I might have the loveliest nails if I take my time to groom them but as good as they are, my children have my hubby's nails. :( I could go on but I'm sure you get the message. It doesn't work that way.

    1. I totally understand U Enjay, but it's better to be sure than sorry. If my kids don't take my features (which by God's grace is above average) they should take after their Dad's (which is why I should be with a man with nice features for their sake)...

      My Mom did same for Us, we are indebted for Life! I have the Most Good looking brothers!!!!
      *Milo clap*

    2. I have seen beautiful couples with very ugly kids. I have also seen average-looking couples with beautiful children. The day I saw my sister-in-law's (my eldest brother's wife) parents, I was tempted to ask if she (my sis-in-law) was adopted. She's slim, tall (6 feet), light complexioned and very elegant - an ex-model. However, her dad is not by any means handsome, he's short in every sense of that word and her mother? Neither here nor there (fat, height around 5.5', no exceptional feature).

  12. Even if you marry the most handsome and happening boy, people will talk about you. You have to deal with it. Some people will say "how manage", if you marry a well to do guy who visibly spends his money on you, "ypu jazzed him". These things will always exist. There are people who said my husband was allergic to dark skinned women because he married me, and there are people who have said I married him because of his family wealth. When in actuality it is possible my father has more but is less well known. All this is on top of registry wedding. We havent done the trad or formal yet. My point is be secure in whatever your choice is, because even the people who you think are your friends will talk about your choice in a spouse and your actions. Only you and your God understand why you have chosen that person. To the people who think marrying an attractive partner guarantees good looking kids, you be surprised. My father is the less attractive of my parents and I am his carbon copy, wide nose and small eyes. I just inherited complexion from my mother. My brothers on the other hand look like fine arab specimens as they favor my mom looks wise and are slightly darker than me and on bad days my pictures come out very ugly. Babes used to be friends with me to get to my brothers. Point again is just pray for God to give you a partner with whom you can create a loving family and home. Finish.

    1. Can I be ur friend? No hidden intentions here

  13. Truth is personally, a guy's looks can cause some sensation in me. I love guys slim, tall and dark. However, I have been around long enough to realize that a person's character can change one's view about them. You can be looking at a very handsome man in all ramifications but seeing a monster! Good character make people beautiful - from inside out. More so, let people talk because beauty itself is in the eyes of the beholder.

    1. "Good character makes people beautiful" I love that! my boo isn't the finest man out there.. heck when he started chasing me I was kind of pissed.. why is this lanky iroko looking for me when I'm not looking for him to know him and he has a peaceful and beautiful heart..treats me like a queen too :) .
      People will always have something to say, heck we all talk too. but it should not matter as long as your partners treat you right..thats all that count..

  14. I must say that marriage is a big deal depending your intent of getting into it. who doesn't want someone attractive? do u have ur inner peace when he is away from you? can u beat ur chest that he has ur heart?... personality and compatibility shd'nt be negotiated for looks. if a lot of our friends married to fine blokes wld be truthful then u wld know that over 80% of them are unsecured.

    by the way, these's no such thing as ugly, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. marriage is you and your partner dont jeopardise your happiness for friends.

  15. Am not after facial looks, good heart and neatness..........

  16. if u are intrested in wat people will say about ur spouse, then u go teeeey for ur papa house.


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