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....The Best Feeling Yet!

Hey guys, I'm in heaven!
This feeling is better than... better than a slightly overextended orgasm. That's the only description that best describes the way I'm feeling, it's the best ever! So my brother and other bestie CGN just called me up, I asked where he was, presumed he'll be having drinks somewhere and was already gearing up to join him. Well he was/is, but then that's not why he called, he called to tell me about this download site he's been using and I immediately checked it out. I just downloaded the complete last season of GOT (I know I'm stale), complete Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black and Season 2 of Devious Maids. 

Once I checked out the site the first thing I did after downloading two episodes of GOT was to throw some clothes on, head to Ebeano and buy popcorn and drinks. Lol. I'm so so excited. (Err... when your life is boring like mine the tiniest things give the greatest pleasure.)

So anyway there's this chap who has been hovering around me for sometime, he's a nice enough fellow and all. He's spoken to a couple of people to talk to me and somehow finally today through a friend I finally granted him audience. It was a nice enough chat, he has bent everyone's ears with tales of love, how he sees us together, mother of his kids ladida... He called earlier tonight and we gisted for sometime and then he started going a bit funny, "So, I like my privacy, I don't do this ...don't do that. So I'm going to change your name on my phone and save it with another name, I expect you to do the know there's no point in giving people things to talk about". 

And then I asked "Oga, are you married?". It was supposed to be a joke o! After all I'd met his friends and all and they had all come to talk on his behalf, and he's never worn a ring, plus he's young-ish

"Nwando let me tell you the truth. It's better I'm honest with you in the beginning. At least even if it hurts initially soon the pain will go away and we can move on. Yes, I'm married, I've been married for ten years"

The line got cut off shortly after, and a few minutes later 3500 credit was transferred to my phone and he called back to lay further plans as to how we are to proceed with this tryst of ours. I didn't stop him o! I thanked him for the credit. He assured me that it's nothing and if I need anything I should let him know. Hahaha. Umu nwoke! Why simply presume that I would willingly date you regardless of the fact that you just told me that you've been married for ten years and you were thoughtless enough to add that these guys that helped you try to woo me are not very close friends and they, like most other people don't know that you're married because marriage and family life are very private and sacred. Then in that same breath you ask me to be your lover.... LOL. 

So... I'm going to be very busy with family this weekend so this is me signing out. But you can help me keep the blog running by sending me something to post if you're up for it...

Don't drink and drive. 

Make love, not war. 

cccc I've been meaning to give you a shout out, so here's me sending out a big hug to you. (I'm not sure why, but I just feel like it.)

Good night, have a fabulous weekend!

Last and farthest from the least, from the whole lot of us here Thelma Thinks; we congratulate you Phransie on the birth of your baby boy Kelechukwu Sean! May he always be a source of pride and joy to you, and his generation. Amen. 

Hey guys. I just spoke with Praised of Diary of Dido and she's fine. She's also got great news btw. She just got a job. Whoop Whoop! And she starts on Monday. If you want to keep reading her blog just send her your contact and she'll add you to the reading list.


  1. What a complete jack assessment these men are.OMG AS in.....anyways babe please give us this website abeg. Have a great weekend x

  2. What's the site o? Need to see devious maids

  3. He needs a knock on his head with an hammer. Mschew!!!

  4. Please chop his money and clean mouth since he has it in excess. Or he may just want you for wife number 2.

  5. Devious Maids 2. Thelma link pls

  6. So shez just going to gush about a site for easily down (I die for Game of Thrones- just watched episode 9, love Tyrone Lannister) and won't tell us d site as if we won't notice. You beta spill the site Thelma of save your gist abeg.
    And something else, I tried 'diary of dido's blog and its directing me to google. I need to know how to get back to her blog and I hope she is OK. Praised, if you are here abeg try answer.

    1. *easy download

    2. She's made her blog private because she's getting too many insulting comments.

    3. Me too! I was so sad..I hope she is ok though..this cyber bullying thing...hmmmmmmmmmm

    4. No Memphis, she didn't make it private cos of bullying. Its bcos her husband found out about her blog and raised the roof. So now that its private. How can I still visit the blog. Or does privacy mean that the blog is closed?Someone do tell.

    5. I'm here guys and I'm ok- thanks for your concern.
      The thing is, it began to seem like the blog was made for the sole purpose of addressing my marital affairs and, really, it wasn't- it's just a blog about life from my view point.
      I certainly didn't make it private because of comments, cyber bullying really doesn't affect me, I expect it.
      I just don't want DH reading, that's all.
      It doesn't give me the freedom to express myself as I must- especially things I find I really want to write about - an urge, an ex, a past relationship experience...... I can't truly write about things like that knowing he's reading.
      As for whoever believes in in denial of the fact that my relationship is abusive, you must really either think me a learner, a naive green horn or just a plain masochist.
      I am well aware but, unlike sensationalist who cry wolf, I know I can do something about this and I will. I must. I don't give up and I believe there is a reason and purpose DH- with his inexperience about relationships, and I- with my vast relationship experiences in life, were thrown together on this path and I will explore this.
      Like I've said before, marriage isn't a do or die affair, a wise person will know when to get out or separate themselves from a situation and so, I'll say it again and couldn't care more or less whose feathers it ruffles, IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS.
      Thanks alot for that insightful comment yesterday Memphis.
      Unfortunately, he won't get to see it as the blog is now private but I chose the option of adding some select readers and that's really what I'll prefer to do- so if you'd like to, please contact me and I'll add you.
      Thanks a lot guys and God bless you all for me.

    6. Thank God,was worried about u,hope u got to hear from the interviews and where successful,take care of yourself and your baby hope u open ur blog soon

  7. She's getting "insulting" comments because she has refused to accept that she is in a physicallY abusive marriage. She has again refused to accept that her case is actually a serious case of DV. As far as I'm concerned,those comments or whatever r nt insulting. When u know sumone who has died from DV/abuse then of course ul feel angry with Madam Praised's responses. Ur husband slaps u once,twice,thrice n even when ure pregnant n guess wot her response was? She said "its not that serious". Anyway, some people just like pain. RIP to all the victims of domestic violence.

    1. How? When? Where did I "refuse" to accept that I am in a CLEARLY abusive relationship?
      You see your life?
      If I didn't agree that it was what it was, would I write about it?
      Na wa.
      When I read comments like this, I wonder what you r aim really is.
      I wonder if what pisses you off is the fact that I'm willing to work on my relationship and not make it an "instant" thingnie or that I'm trying my best to live my life not taking myself too seriously and trusting God solely.
      Beats me really.
      To every aboki and his kettle, my sister.
      It is not that serious.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Smh Thelma keep removing comments that speak the truth. I saw the one you just removed. I see you.

    4. Sick anon.hmnn.pple dey o

  8. And by the way Memphis, she made the blog private because her husband discovered her blog some days back. She even did a post about how he locked himself up in the room with her laptop and started to email all her posts to his own inbox etc etc. She said she feels violated and would have to make the blog private for some time. For people like Praised, sometimes, tough love is the best love. In a way, I am happy she is in the UK, that's where the best help for DV/abuse is really.

  9. Awwwwww...Thelma!! I'm hugging you in that bearish-squeezing tight-wide grin-eyes closed-head on your shoulder kinda hug+ sloppy kisses on your cheeks!
    You like movies sha! See the way you're excited about the site.
    That man should just take a walk and sit down by the gutter. He should be content with being friends with you.
    Please Thelma if you or any blog visitor has a means to contact Diary of dido, please do, to be sure she's ok.

  10. EwwWwww,some men are just stupid.I still don't understand why someone would be married and would be looking for a single girl to mess around with.
    It was earlier this week that a customer of ours, a married man fah(a pastor at The Apostolic Church) started disturbing me with calls that he wanted to see me, I insisted we talk on the phone,it was then he sent me a textmsg of how he wants me in his life(as what now?) and this and that.

    Some men are just plain useless.

    1. I don't understand either. This 'ish' got me wondering there any girl who has not been asked out by a married man?

      By 'asking out,' I don't mean those who agree to date them. Just plain wooing.

  11. Thanks Thelma God bless you big xoxo.
    As for that poor excuse of a human being its best to just allow him wallow in delusion cos there are some ppl who are way past reasoning with or rebuking or insulting... Total waste of energy ndi nzuzu

    1. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby. May the joy in your heart last forever and may he/she grow in grace IJN.

  12. Imagine d likeness! Some men have balls sha! It's not their fault na all these. girls cause am! As for d site and movies u downloaded, I envy u big time. I have that feeling wen I get a goood book to read. "Can't remember d last time I read one. (Sad face) Biko I'm sending u an email asap for d links. Have a blsd week end dear.

  13. Hmmmmmm, i met one dude that says he just wants to be my friend, met dis guy two weeks ago and he has already given me over 500k, smhow i ve a feeling he wants to date me but am staying positive dat he myt be the MATTY i ve been praying for.

    1. Hahaha! Amen, I join you in agreement and say a big AMEN! LOL.

    2. Ifesinachi Okonkwo3:21 pm, June 21, 2014

      Ok. Am jealous. Wosssh five hundred bloody K! In 2wks. My how many months salary. I join you and Thelma in saying a big Amen and tapping into your blessing. By the way, I think d site you found is Is it? And please Thelma have you seen 'Suits'? Because I need you to do a whole blog post on the awesomeness and hotness of Harvey Specter.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Please what does TTWRT mean?

  16. TTRWT means Thelma Thinks Readers Write Too. It's where you write whatever you want and send it to me to post. (More or less)

  17. Av seen devious maid season 2 na. Bought the CD. Waiting for season 3 now.

  18. Av seen devious maid season 2 na. Bought the CD. Waiting for season 3 now.

  19. Congrats Phransea on the birth of your baby.He sure is a blessed child!

  20. Still can't log into diary of dido

  21. @diary of dido: please,add me up. Thanks. Fina

    1. I have to have your email address Fina.
      You can reach me at

    2. Left a comment earlier but it disappeared lol was just saying I know you made the best decision for you by putting the blog on private but I'll miss reading from you... Take care of yourself and that little one. Xxx

  22. @Ifesinachi, YES, the duo of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross are the bomb.For anyone who hasn't seen Suits, you guys totally need to see it.I promise you an awesome time!

  23. And Yes we won #TeamNigeria#by the skin of our teeth but we still won. We do have WORk to do though if we plan on going far, how long do we expect LUCK to carry us?


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