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The Praying Partner 2 (TTRWT)- By Oyinlola Sobowale

The Preying Praying Partner

“Okay maybe it’s a bit of that…the never having time but there is so much more and he is only a Choir Minister for chrissakes!” Kate harrumphed
“Can you do away with the expletives young lady?! If we want to have a decent conversation, carry on like an adult and note this will be the last time I’ll caution you!”
“I’m sorry mom. Truth is we were never happy”. Kate said with a smirk. “Far from it…all right maybe I’m exaggerating,” she pressed on with hands flailing in the air. “We were only happy for about s-six months beyond which it was just a façade”.
“I know I’ve never said a word to you and you’ll probably crucify me when you hear what I’m about to tell you. Please take your seat”.
“You remember the version of the story I told you about Raphael being born without a silver spoon?”
Dr Sophie: “Yes I do and you said you both met in your second year at the university. You got attracted to him for his brains and charm”
Kate: “Yes,” she smiled at the memory. That much is true but I missed out some vital part”.
“You see Raphael was actually every lady’s dream girl in school. Brilliant. Sporty. Handsome. Fair. Charming. Had great command of English. Sang beautifully well. Everyone respected him, wanted to be noticed and seen with him. He was a true charmer mom and I couldn’t help not falling into the long list of ladies swooning at his feet”.
“He was also your regular guy, hustler. Tried hard to make ends meet and truly I was willing to help. I didn’t mind in any way. So you’ll understand now where my many demands for more pocket money came from”.
“We got talking eventually; after my many prayers and orchestrating our paths to cross. We graduated from chatting to dating and the rest as you know is history”.
Dr Sophie: “Okaaaaay…”
Kate: “This is it,” Kate straightened. “The part which I missed out is that our first night together wasn’t our wedding night as I led you to believe”.

The doorbell rang as Raphael put away the last of his freshly aired sneakers (of the three pairs he owned). His first feelings; that of worry about what he would tell his neighbour if he’s come for another ‘derica’ of rice. He opened the door and to his delight it wasn’t who he thought…
A quick hug. Followed by a sudden crease of brows.
Raphael: “Katey, I’m happy to see you b-but I thought we agreed no nightly visits?”
Kate: “Chill jo…at least you’ll let me in. I only came to give you the tuition you mentioned besides, it’s a mere forty minutes past eight”
Raphael: “Hmm…that’s late in my dictionary and with your overnight satchel?” he pointed to the bag she had behind her back.
Kate:” And how can you tell it’s not just my school bag?” she retorted as she playfully pulled his face down to be kissed, soundly on the lips. “Do you have anything to eat? I’m famished. I’ve been in the library all day and only had few moments to drop some things at home before bringing the money, so you can pay before exams start next week”.
At a loss for words and a sudden pang of guilt at his ‘ungratefulness’, Raphael hooked his right arm around the hollow of her neck for another kiss. A very wet kiss planted on her already waiting pouted lips. He was watching her eyes close but his mind was busy thinking of his testosterone level that just shot up. A kiss. Only a kiss he said to himself as he felt her boobs grate his nipples and her fingers move deftly against his skin. A kiss. A kiss. A kiss, he said again to himself. Only this time it never ended…

Three hours later
Uncomfortable silence.
Squirming bodies.
Raphael: “You should take the bed till morning, I’ll lay on the floor”.
Kate: “Erm…Raph, won’t we at least talk about this?” her hands going back and forth like their state of ‘undress’ was lost to either one.
Raphael: “Till morning Kate!” his voice rang out with fierce.

Kate: That morning never came mom.
We talked about everything else except what happened that night until I found out I was pregnant, which of course I didn’t keep.
Dr Sophie: “awwwwwwwh Kate”
Kate: “No mom. Not a word till I’m done.”
“Raphael begged me not to keep it, because we couldn’t let the world see. There was just too much at stake. The disappointments. The hurt; letting you down and the Church. So we got rid of it with his solemn promise to take me as his wife”.
“I know everyone has been asking questions about my current state of childlessness, truth is I can’t have none. We found out in the sixth month of our marriage…,” she said this with tears streaming down her face.
Dr Sophie stood up, her heart broken at every word.
Kate: “That’s not the worse mom”
“Raphael has a son. A 2-year old boy! Don’t ask me how I found out.  He doesn’t have an inkling yet that I know as I just found out some weeks ago. That’s why he never goes out with me, we never do anymore. He was protecting his secret life. I want to kill him mom, kill the boy. Make his life a living hell. I haven’t even started yet…”
“My time of praying has passed, he can pray all he wants now, it won’t change my resolve”.
Kate cried out in anguish as she crumbled at her mom’s feet.

What should either of them do?


  1. Oh Erm Gee!!!
    Please she should salvage what's left of the marriage. She shouldn't place the burden of childlessness on another man that her husband caused by divorcing him!
    At least he has a son she can call Hers too & who knows, if they get what's left of their marriage right, The Heavens might just make her womb kick again!

    The Ills of abortion... smh

    Nicely told Story Dear...

  2. Omg!dis is too painful to even fnk.God know i wud confront him nd if dat doesn't work i wud leave.vewi 9ce write up,worth d wait!

  3. Oh my days! I would ask her to accept the child like hers and look forrward to the bright side Of life, and yes I would ask him about my findings and he dare not deny anyways. Earth is a cruel place, yet a lovely place. I look to forward after life(70yrs to come), Can't wait to spend enternity with the juster judge than here!

  4. I believe that there is nothing God cannot do, She should go ask God for forgiveness, she should confront her husband with the truth, no matter the outcome ,she should find it in her heart to forgive him, then she needs to forgive herself in order to purge herself of bitterness. Maybe then God would hear her prayers and give her a child.

    Very nice suspense.When is the next installment?

  5. Wow! Very interesting read.

  6. It'll really be hard for the couple to come together. Both of them should  the film *Unfaithful*, talk about it and try to pick up the pieces of their lives.

    Nice piece. Good flow of thought. A lil techy point, though. Writing prose? Stick to it all through, in all its technicalities. Write in the names, let it be part of the story and not fleshed out like in a play and separate dialogues from action with inverted commas with the names too. I'm sure you get my drift. But in all, nicely done. Well crafted.

    1. I get your drift. Thanks for the very useful tips; I'll put some more effort into learning the technicalities. Pardon my inconsistencies... I'm just a botanist trying my hands at writing *shines teeth*

  7. Ouch! Eiyah! She's so hurt.
    I suggest she confronts him, hopefully he'd be remorseful and repentant. The talks, fight and tears would sort of calm her. Then she should try and forgive gradually. At least forgive herself first and him. Also they should work at their marriage.

  8. Hmmmm, great one girl. @Ruthy and Anon, i agree wholeheartedly. Ruthy- i support the coming together for conflict resolution. Anon- she should focus on one part, if prose or drama but nic line of thought. Sheunabass

  9. This is too painful and deep! I guess Ruth's advice should be taken, not forgetting that complete forgiveness requires time. Nice one Oyinlola.


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