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What I Think About Some ThelmaThinks Readers (TTRWT)- By FunmilayoOluwaponmile

I am Funmilayo Oluwaponmile , I am 22 years old, and I am currently serving my father's land.

Don't know what to name this post. It is just my view on some regular blog readers.
I might not be accurate but this is my perception:

Ruthylicious-  She comes across to me as a spontaneous person and as her name suggests she is a carefree person. She has deep fears about herself and some insecurity issues but she has the strength to forge ahead. She believes in fairytale and happily ever after, she is a dreamer and a lover of art, she has a very sharp mouth. I also believe she is surrounded by many people but she has few friends.

Wale- to me he is a very practical person, he doesn't let sentiment clouds his judgement. I see him as someone who is living his life according to a written plan.

Sasha bone- she is a matured person, her reasoning and response are sound. She also has a playful side to her.

Memphis- he is a balanced person, I feel he is a reader, who knows a bit of almost everything. He is very sensible. I believe he values family.  

Thelma Nwando- she is one person that baffles me a lot. The fact that she is so open about her life is something I admire. She strikes me as a very intelligent person with a good heart. I believe she is a deep thinker. She writes not because of any one but primarily for herself. It is a way for her to make sense of it all, her past, her present and in the process make her future better. I believe she is lucky because all she had gone through had made her better person.

I don't know if what I wrote makes any sense but these are my views.


Funmilayo you did make sense to me. 
My view of you; you're a very perceptive and intuitive young woman with a strong ability to read people even with little or no knowledge of them. I say this because I think you're right, especially about Sasha Bone whom I know personally. 

I can foresee some more TTRWT posts similar to this one. Once again (for those who've asked) you can write on any topic/thing you want to at all. 


  1. Funmilayo!!! The 3rd name on my list of people I would LOVE to meet by Nov/Dec.

    U are 100% correct about me.
    I have deep rooted fear & insecurity ONLY towards by last relationship.
    Na True say I get sharp mouth sha. LOL but for good most times.
    Plus yeah, I have just 2 people I call FRIEND In this WWW though am always in an ocean of aquaintances.

    I know I like U cos ur intuition is Uber sound.

  2. I agree with the writer but I was hoping she'll be more real. Like, write the nitty gritty and all.

  3. Thelma ,Ruthy,Memphis,shasha,enjay,mariam,I can nolonger fit keep quit o as am so jealous like I should av d courage thelma has,she is so courageous,fearless,ooh thelma I can't describe u,Ruth .......... I reserve my comment,Memphis........I reserve my comment too.I love u guys like madt.all d commenter here are so great,wonderful people full of knowledge,understanding,u all know how to share one anothers burden,how I wish this is how its in real life,there will b no betrayal,backstabber,enemy of progress I love u all.I love to b in that parry I swear hope I won't b snobb as am d shy type?Ruth and thelma can I av ur number I really love to be friend with u.I need some one I can always open up love to all thelma readers and commenters.

  4. As my name is not there let me sharrap. Plus Ruthy I want to give you unsolicited advice and it's coming from a good place. I think you are still holding on to your past relationship. You are still letting the pain eat you up. I think you let him take a part of you when he left. How do I know that? You keep mentioning how heartbroken you are in most of your comments. Now, I want you to vent. Release your anger once and for all. Cry if you want to. Break something if you want to. Run if you want. Write him a long message and tell him how much better you are and will continue to be without him (but don't send it. You can ask Thelma to post it here). Just do it and let it go. Never talk about it again except when necessary and don't keep waiting for him to crawl on his knees and beg you to take him back because even if he does you won't accept him into your heart anymore.
    And like every other wound the wound in your heart will heal. This is coming from some that carried a broken heart around for one year.
    And what the poster forget to mention about you is that you are very emotional. And that's so sweet.
    Because of you I will send the write up I did when I loved someone and he couldn't love me back to Thelma so you can see how hurt I was and know that if I can heal, you can heal too.
    Sorry for the long comment.

    1. *forgot to mention. And Thelma what your openness does is that it brings us(your readers) out of our shells. No forming, no trying to please anyone, no faking happiness so no one would see how vulnerable you are. It's blissful here. Am happy I found this blog.

    2. This is so true Thelma, you are indeed a wonderful person, and you are helping people find something like a safe haven where they can go and be themselves and crawl outta their she'll. In my own case, my cave. Thanks babe.

  5. Anon u are ryt and like Thelma return mail 2 me, I have more 2 say. I kept it @ dat in order not 2 offend any1. Thanks Thelma 4 helping me say my views. Love you all

  6. Ifesinachi I swear I love u too is just dat if I start to name evrybody my write up will b too long

  7. Ifesinachi I truly Love & appreciate ur comment. Infact, I love U as a person for being so frank.
    But Hon, U are WRONG. Ask T to tell U through my emails to her. I was the one who walked away from my courtship last month. I even explained it in the Part 2 of my post. I really got to that stage in the relationship where i's numb, I felt nothing.
    Like U said rightly, am very emotional, infact too emotional but Anger is one emotion I find hard experiencing.

    Well, My Ex is still on my case "both families is about to sort us out". I still love him Scarra, but let's see how it goes.
    5yrs + is not beans.

    I vented in my 1st post cos I felt better afterwards...
    Thanks a bunch Spencer. 4th name.

    1. Ok. Love you 2. Sorry for my oversabi.
      Spencer #Ehugs.

    2. @ Ruthylicious hunnie u can still be the one to walk away from a relationship but still be very heartbroken. Infact u can call off a courtship etc and still be the more hurt ex, if that makes sense. So yeh

    3. I get U @anon. But none of those happened. Yes, a lil hurt, I was but NOT angry. Plus am super Great now. Life ain't that serious.

  8. LOL... it's alright dear.
    I'll keep U'all updated about the journey. Spencer kindly send ur contacts to T, she'll send it to me. And U too Ifesinachi, Please.

    No one will believe what a bloody introvert I am. This blog is my safe haven. T is indeed the BESTEST.
    Apologies to everyone for my rubbish bants in previous posts. #PuppyFace

  9. Owk...I'm going to come out of my shell now.Been on this blog for months and I've never commented even though my coursemates,family and friends call me THELMATHINKS. Lol. But honestly,your blog is awesome,thelma. Its like a family here and I'll very much love to become a part of this beautiful,warm,funny and lessonful family. Thumbs up've got the best blog I've visited for years. Kudos to you.

    1. Yesssss, the silent ones have come forth. Ekabo ooOooo

    2. Yes O! Ejoec help me rejoice. Thanks a lot Michelle. I honestly do appreciate....

    3. Lol @ lessonful. I couldn't have come up with a better word myself

  10. The family members are showing themselves. The family is becoming *fuller and *fuller by the day. Una doh..welcome!!!

  11. Dis is rily my second family(wit d once ,once i comment lol)U̶̲̥̅̊ guys are d nobody wrote bout me.issokay *sad face*luv U̶̲̥̅̊ guys tho #steffi#

  12. Another silent reader here!*hides face* I sooooo love this blog..I read and refresh like every 30 minutes each day!! I think im going to send in a TTRWT article very soon..#lots of love and hugs from Ghana#

  13. Funmi I think most of your analysis was on point although it pained me die that you didn't analyze me. I like hearing what people think they know about me cos they're almost always wrong and it really amusing when I listen to them. Especially the ones that speak with so much confidence. Anyhow sha, nice write up. Kudos

    1. Yea, itz really amusing when peeps think they knw you but then they dont

  14. Steele- dis is my view abt u. U see ursef as some1 wu doesn't fit in2 a particular mold. U are an achiever. U work hard and play hard. U ve some xcesses dat u have cut down on and some u are still working on.U are not a predictable person. I hope I am ryt.

  15. My wife is back!!! I had a problem with my wife six months ago,which lead to us apart. When she broke up with me,I was no longer myself,I felt so empty inside .Until a friend of mine told me about one of her spells that helped in same problem too that she found on a television program. i emailed the spell caster and I told him my problem and I did what he asked me to briefly make. to cut the long story short,Before I knew what was happening,not up to 24 hours,my wife gave me a call and she come back to me and told me she was sorry about what has happened, I'm so grateful to this spell caster and i will not stop publishing his name on the internet just for the good work he has been doing.If you need his help,you can email him at( he will also help you.

    1. U are not needed here. Tnx

    2. @Subomi: you even thanked him? This is one comment I expect Thelma to delete sharply!


  16. Looks like we would soon play Psychoanalyze Thelma Thinks Readers....

  17. Thanks Funmi, are you sure you are who you said you are? You scared me!

  18. @ ziggyluscious, I ve no intention to pscho-analyze any1 ooo. @ Wale you are welcome and I am wu I say I am ooo x000cept dat funmi and ponmile are my names none of it is my surname.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.


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