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Wolves In Sheep's Clothing pt 1 (TTRWT)- By Momoh Adeola

As he drew the curtains together, I had the notion something was wrong. He closed the windows, switched on the air-conditioner and sat beside me. He connected his phone to the speaker and started with the jam of life. It was “Sars on the beat” with Wizkid, there was no standing still to the song. I started to nod and shake my head until I recalled what actually took me there and tried to be as calm as possible. He didn’t pay much attention to me, he just got “busy” with keeping the house in order. This was a guy who was supposed to take only a few minutes of my time to get the “car keys”; he went from only picking the car keys, to “warming up snacks” in the microwave. He then ventured into what seemed like the kitchen, came out with his half-filled bottle of beer and gulped it, not forgetting to undo his well buttoned down shirt while he left the empty bottle on the stool adjacent to me. I finally voiced out, enough of the good girl façade. I reminded him of how we needed to be in a hurry if we were still travelling together because I couldn’t imagine getting to Warri late. He smiled, not saying a word and then went over to where his phone was to increase the volume of the song playing.

Exactly a week ago, I took the public transport going from Cele express to Festac. It was one of mum’s errands to my aunts; but she had insisted she wasn’t giving me a cab fare, claiming I was getting too spoilt already. My puerility almost got the best of me, but bearing in mind that my aunt was definitely going to tip me; I got into my black high-waist jeans and a blue polo and took off.

It was the usual Lagos traffic; horns blaring… tyres screeching… and of course, hawkers advertising at the peak of their voices competing with the conductors that already had the perfect crooked voice. I was angry and nauseated; it was probably as a result of the patience I naturally lacked that I hated to take public transports. I would have chosen a keke NAPEP over the bus a thousand times over though, because of their very small size and manipulative structure. I however would have chosen a motorcycle over the keke NAPEP a zillion times over; those ones were naturally ignorant of the “traffic light”. I cursed the government under my breath as I sighed deeply, for eradicating the use of motorcycles; even though I knew it was for the best. Then, I readjusted to another very uncomfortable position; and this was where I noticed Temisan (as he later introduced himself). He handed me my Nokia torch-light phone that had mistakenly fallen off my laps while I was silently cursing. We got talking afterwards, trying to know each other better. The journey became less boring because he was fun to gist with, and before alighting, we exchanged numbers (giving out numbers to strangers was not my forte; he just appeared nice).

As I sat in Temisan’s sitting room imagining every possible occurrence, I remembered two of my friends knew I was with him (I had told them about him during the week while he persuaded me to visit) and so I relaxed a bit more into the chair. Just as I did, I saw something that looked like a star in the dark. It was accompanied by the sharpest pain ever; a pain I was fast to figure was a resounding slap. It immediately alerted my tear gland, producing a form of tears that very quickly gathered in my eyes. I tried to fight it back, leaving my eyelids tightly closed for a few seconds. It hurt so badly, I struggled to regain consciousness; and standing above me, ready to give me a second slap was Temisan, his empty beer bottle carefully placed in his other hand as if he was ready to also hit me. I was too shocked to speak, his demeanour had totally changed. This was not the cute, tall Temisan I met in the bus the previous Friday; it definitely also wasn’t the Temisan that whined me while he sought for my number. It couldn’t have been the sweet-voiced Temisan who spoke to my friends on the phone saying he couldn’t wait to meet them; and it definitely wasn’t the Temisan that I strolled in with about five minutes before, to get his “car key”. This was a fierce-looking, not-smiling, red-eyed Temisan, an animal… a wolf, in sheep’s clothing.

(To be continued…)


  1. Nnaa let the part2 com ASAP b4 we forget d story, just like the other TTRWT dah am sure ppl v 4gtn

  2. Wondering y d part2 takes ages tho! *str8face* mtcheew

  3. Loved the story. Cool suspense... Though i'll get a clearer picture in the Part 2...

    Dear Anons if U are referring to the Part 2 of My story. I sent it to Thelma the SAME Sunday she posted the part 1 (a week ago). She's the one taking her time to post it. Am Sure she will aii? #EHugs

    1. U ehhnnn y d fast conclusion that its u they r referring 2....thanx 4 d nice comment

  4. Nne na wa o beht wetin con do Temisan? Ahn ahn!
    LOL @ the star you saw in the dark...this story is interesting.

  5. Finally! Someone who can write in good english! I'm a sucker for good grammar, spellings and all that....and this is so mature, well thought out and beautifullY arranged. Keep it up. For the first time, I'm actually looking forward to a part 2. *clearly, you used spellcheck after writing this* lovvvve it.

    1. Thanx xoxo much **** Pls start using a name jor

  6. There are several TTRWT posts yet to be posted and the writers want to see their posts put up too, so if I've posted one of yours be content with that for now and allow others have their day too.

  7. this sounds interesting....... PRT2 plssssssssss

  8. Its like thelma has a very bad mouth and temper. No wonder. Imagine "be content wit dat for now" what rubbish

    1. Tk the next exit out plz

  9. Dis is not d first tym u respond so rudely. Is dat how ill mannered u are?

    1. haba datz harsh na, pls its not her fault....u dunno she mite not av been in a gewd mood

  10. Abeg what does she mean by "be content wth dat 4now" bera ignore, ts bera dan being rude

  11. *Just as I did, I saw something that looked like a star in the dark.* LOL I had to go back and read that line again; so na slap him tear u so? You made it sound so good dear. Nice write up. Kip it up!

  12. Part II. Thanks.

  13. Ok, am still trying to get my mouth to close?

    Nice write-up Momoh, part 2 plsssss


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