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12 Things I Just Could Not Give a Hoot About. (Last Weeks's Gossip)

Yesterday one of our blog readers suggested I incorporate some gossip into the blog, and while it may not be a bad idea I sincerely doubt that I can pull it off, reason being that I just don't give enough f#*ks about what's going on in other's (personal) lives, especially people I don't know and those that don't know me, eg celebrities. I'm sure I do to an extent, but just not as much as the average person. 
       I sat in bed this morning perusing different blog sites for gist that went down during the week, I was consumed once again by how little I care. So, I'm going to share with you guys the things that happened last week that leave me zoning out in indifference. 

1) Jude Engees' Wedding to Ify Umeokeke: ok... I've been rather indifferent about the pair from the minute I heard they got engaged. What I'm interested in however is the rumour about Linda Ikeji and Jude Engees. When word came out, comments like "poor Linda, after sleeping with you he left you to marry someone else". Aha! That one piqued my interest. I hear she's debunked the rumours though. 
And yes, HML to Jude and Ify. 

2) Peter's absence at his brother's wedding. Ok. This I'm completely not interested in this. As in, it's so bad that I just realized that I've not once clicked on any of the posts about this issue in any of the gossip blogs I follow. The only question I have is; why put your family ish out there in the open like that? Yeah you didn't attend your brother's wedding for whatever reasons, but to put it out there on social media just like that and then get angry when people cuss you out is plain stupid.
       Family should be sacred. If there's hate/beef/bitterness/misunderstandings keep it within the family. And not like it's any of my business, but like I told someone yesterday when she raised this issue; the world is already filled with enemies and people who hate you, why make more enemies within your family that's meant to be the rock you lean against when the world is trying to pull you down? There's nothing as beautiful as peace in the family. There will always be quarels and disagreements in family, but do your best to reconcile and make peace. Failing that, the least you can do about it is keep it quiet. 
       Why turn your family into a circus and gossip fodder? That's seriously messed up. 

3) Vera Sidika;... No comment. Except, I hope he-who-owns-20-cars ain't somebody's husband though. I hope not, seeing as she showed a car with its plate number. And neither do I care about her $1,000,000,000 bleaching either. 

4) Tony Anenih's plans to take Linda Edozien as second wife (and all other SDK's 'coded gist'): This I just don't have the taste for. These are people's personal dirty laundry and some of these 'gist' could tear the subject's soul, or do some damage to their lives and careers that people don't give any thought to. Worse still, are the comments that are inevitably left in the comment section. I find it sickening most times. But hey, maybe I'm weird; SDK's 'Coded Gist' are most people's favorite guilty pleasures ever!

5) Tb Joshua's prediction(s). Ok...

6) Freda Edewor's 30th birthday: Numerous comments say both the names and age are fake, but besides that, why exactly is she in the news? *confused*. 

7) Sean Tizzle's 17Million naira endorsement: ok, this is pure beef on my part. What I would do with that money right now...! Congrats to Sean Tizzle. 

9) Tania Omotayo and Wizkid and the birthday Shout Out: I dunno. Maybe 'cause in my head I see this Tania chic with a grown man, like Banky W or Ebuka Obi Uchendu or maybe a young successful corporate banker or something. 

9.Dencia's arse in denim: still haven't figured out why that was news. So what if she got implants or is wearing butt-pads? That won't be the first thing that isn't natural about Dencia...

 10) Ice Prince's groupie's mail to Linka Ikeji: the fact that Linda failed to verify if anything at all in that explicit mail was true made me question why she posted it in the first place. Oh ok, the reason most bloggers are bloggers; I get it! Traffic. Moving on...

11). Beyonce in Ankara: this is news because....? I'm blank. 

12) Nigerian transgender Miss Sahara won one beauty contest, somewhere in the world: Riiiiiiiiioooght. 

So there you have it, the 12 things I give the least hoots about from the entertainment world last week. 


  1. Ice prince's story need not be verified. She made that clear it was a groupie's story and may probably be a lie. The okoye's shld stop washing their dirty panties outside.every other story there..... yawns. J

    1. I disagree with you. I guess you would like to have scandalous stories written about you without any verification because it was a "groupie" who said so. Celebrities are people with feelings too.
      The Okoyes are a huge mess. They need to put their house in order.

  2. Every story up there is gossip. This isn't a gossip blog and Nwando hates gossip. QED

  3. For the record, Sean Tizzle's deal wasn't worth 17M, its worth only about 5M. My brother's advertising firm were involved in the selection of which artist to sign. Another reminder of the fake life these artistes live

  4. Well it will only matter to me if the writer wrote such story to be true. Once you are a "celebrity" stories like that will come out once in a while. J

  5. Hi T, found ur blog some weeks ago n i'm in love with it... i can also say that dere's a reason pple love ur blog... u deal with life issues not gossip. pls continue dat way. Like u pointed out, most of those gists minus d fact dat most of dem r just gossip there's no justifiable reason y they r news sef...

  6. Hi, Missed U'all for a day!!!
    My precious T, biko forget these gossips oh. Let them live their fake lives & sleep with the dead & alive, we don't care!

    Continue with our mature life issues jaree.

  7. Thelma please leave gossip for gossips. That's so not you. But I like this compilation, I thought I was the only one who is disgusted by SDK's coded gist. Destroyin people's lives like she doesn't have her own skeletons.

  8. T sometimes we really think alike. What does Tania Omotayo see in Wizkid? I have a feeling she will wake up one day when its almost too late and ask herself that question.

    1. Rihanna and Chris Brown kinda thing,eh?

    2. Not exact. Riri and Breezy are both trashy. Tania is 1000% class and elegance and Wizzy us the exact opposite.

  9. Thelma if people needs gossips,they know where to get it,please don't include it to out TOAWM jare..
    Like you,I don't care about all this people too jare,sum1 dat doesn't know I exist cannot come and gimme
    In other news,STEELE,wia are thou?ayam so missing ur comments here.

    1. Here am I @ 4am wondering about Memphis, Steele and wale? I open the blog and see this comment. Where are the guys? Here's an SOS alert.

  10. Nice one...but your blog issues are perfectly OK this way.

  11. This is not related to these post, please what is the definition of fat. People say I am fat. I am 5ft1 and I am a size 10, my BMI is normal and people kEep screaming I am fat.

    1. Once you add weight and look different from what u used to be, people will say you are fat! They just need to get used to the new you. Me thinks UK 10 is a perfect size. Maybe becos of your height you may want to watch out for fat around your arms and midsection. I was an 8 and now I am a 10. Old friends say I am fat; new friends say I am perfect becos they didn't know the lepa me. So becos of my average height as well, I pay attention to my cheeks, midsection and arms...I love every other thing as it is. So I take long walks and eat healthy- mostly veggies and fibre-rich, proteinous food.

  12. Thelma please keep the blog gossip free

  13. Nwando, nwanne m, biko do not go the way of the gutter! Keep this place gossip free!

  14. No gossip on here please, those interested in gossip know where to go for it. Loving it here as it is please

  15. I'm back for the first time! HEHE, I admit that was a stupid statement without meaning, it just sounded right in my head. Please forgive my absence, I've been dealing with some ish and hopefully they've been sorted. I'm grateful to all who asked of me and showed care, it's really touching how much care and compassion I find in this group. That brings me to the topic of this post, gossip.
    I think we have a semblance of a family here because we don't do gossip, gossip tears people apart, sows bitterness, envy, jealousy etc so please let's leave the gossip for those who are interested in it.
    Some days ago someone told me that they saw my pic on Bella naija and I honestly didn't remember what Bella naija was for a minute, because I don't visit gossip blogs. Not because I have anything against them, I just don't remember to. At all
    It feels great to be back, how's everyone doing? I hope you have been good kids to mama T. 😂

    1. welcome back , steele! now where is wale and memphis?

    2. lol@I hope you have been good kids to mama T. She's really a 'mama'...Welcome back Steele

  16. You will have to start paying for ur disapearing act now steele ,you will jus vanish without back dear.before u start wondering who dis is,its MARIAM o,I just made d switch to my google acct to comment.

    1. Lol. Congrats on the google account.

    2. Lmao, I was afraid o

  17. In as much as thelmaz blig is gossip free,I thinks she likes gossip too...because she knows sdk,and lailas too well and oda onez we don't know...don't form holier than thou oh...just my one cent opinion...that naughty house wife

    1. #Blog#naughty house wife

    2. NHW I need to know what's going on. Maybe I'm lazy but reading blogs these days is the fastest way of hearing news. As for gossip, I have nothing against it o! I'm just not interested enough to blog about it. Shikena. Btw I love SDK's blog because of people's life stories that they write and the ones in the comment sections. I learnt a lot from all those stories, especially the Domestic Violence posts.

  18. Dear Thelma, this is not fair o. No post for the day? It's almost 3pm here and we are starving. Biko, do something.

  19. Thelma am with u on this,just open one current blog and you get all the latest news with detailed info.mostly copy and pasted from the dailies

  20. No sweet Thelma, do not do gossip. We won't have a reason to come here often. For instance, I discovered your blog on Bellanaija but I no longer visit as frequently as I used to anymore, because bellanaija has stopped being the entertainment blog it used to be, instead they struggle to update gossips that linda already posted weeks before.

  21. Thelma, why be a poor copy when you are already a sharp original? And that's what your blog is 99.9% of the time - your original posts, your original thoughts, your original opinions. Don't smear it with gossip...Juggler

  22. Gossip kwa....yawnn. Just read the post and honestly knew like maybe 3 names there and was not interested in what's been going on with them and their lives. I guess u can gauge how (un)interested i am in the rest. Abeg T on to important matter biko...unless we want to post on how i'm on the quest to find agege bread; after all dat too na gossip na. lol.


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