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Calling All Atheists.

"Funny how people are so quick to quote that outdated book written by mere mortals like themselves. Smh! The power of brainwashing is real. So real that people can confine their family members to a mental home for not believing. 

Like we don't have enough problems to worry about!"


"Religion is a very powerful tool used to brainwash people but if you're so brainwashed you cannot see this then you have your ignorance and delusion to blame.

Most of you Christians, for example, have never read your bibles from the beginning to the end. If you did, and you had any thinking capacity left in your brain, you would come to realise and admit the bible atrocities. Go and count for yourself how many deaths your loving god was responsible for.

The excuses you will provide will only further prove my point that even if there is a god he is worse than man- same man he's said to create in his own image and likeness, btw.

I'm open to debates especially where there is evidence so if you would like to indulge me please give me something challenging. Not something that was told by man based on his own beliefs and bias (as relates to the article of discussion)."


"Ye....and the first born including livestock he apparently destroyed. Not helping your god with that one. If anything further proves what I've been saying.

It's brainwashing when suicide bombers blow themselves up and others in the name of religion but it's not brainwashing when Christians championed the crusades, and hate the gays because of what their book says their god told them."

The above are comments made by one of Laila's readers Here. On this blog last weekend an anonymous commenter said he/she is an atheist and a couple of days later another commenter said she doesn't believe in the Bible. 
       I personally find atheists very interesting (provided they're not trying to ridicule or belittle my faith) and I'm constantly curious about what inspires their beliefs or lack thereof. I'm a Christian but I realize that most Christians and people of other religions belong to their religion mainly because that's what we were born into, and of course we're taught not to question these things and just believe. But for those who have chosen not to "just believe" I really want to know how they got there. 

Were they born atheist?
Did they on their own begin to question the existence of God?
Did something happen that caused them to lose faith or belief in a supernatural/supreme being?

I realize that this topic isn't for everyone but if you've got answers, if you're atheist or you're close to or related to someone who is then please let's converse. 

If you've got any views on this topic please share. 


  1. It was Deekay that made those comments on Laila's blog, she's always looking for every opportunity to insult Christians.

  2. Hmmmmm, I Personally was NOT born into any religion or church.
    Infact I was a church whore at some point. I went everywhere but the catholic Church looking for answers to Lifes most important questions....
    And YES, my curiosity paid off.
    Am so Happy where I am now!
    A Jehovahs Witness to the core... Imperfectly striving to live in harmony with God's standards.

    Everyone should be allowed to chose what rocks their boats. Buddhism, atheism, Christianity, Muslim, anything.
    We'll ALL get rewarded eventually!!!

    1. yeah positive or NEGATIVE rewards...

    2. yeah positive or NEGATIVE rewards...

  3. Religious brainwashing. Yep, 99% of religious people are "brainwashed"; staunch believers in their faith partly because they were born into it and partly because of the fear of the unknown (future). True also, that the bible seems "confusing" in many areas (typical example is The creation of Light in Genesis 1:3 and Genesis 1:14.). Many believe we shouldn't question GOD, and atheists are disgusted by this notion. But the prophets, psalmists and apostles all questioned GOD, albeit humbly, because the human mind clearly isn't created for understanding illogical things.

    The relationship between a believer and an atheist should, at all times, be open. Anything order than that and understanding each other is a long shot of over a millennium.

  4. Deekay is a lady, I don't know any atheists but I believe they act the way they do bcos the bible sometimes don't seem sensible and for you to believe God takes an act of faith that defies some logic and reasoning

    1. For real and honestly I don't even blame atheists cos me nwa have questioned the existence of God over and over again especially when going through the valley of the shadow of death. But I know there is a God. I feel him and know him to be true might not necessarily agree with everything he says or does but he is still real. For those who don't believe, well I hope He becomes real to them some day in a way only them can relate.

  5. I don't understand atheists but i'm not a Muslim because i was born into it but because i studied the religion to my own understanding it makes sense and it explains our existence more than science and evolution does. I am a Muslim but now i do not understand my religion therefore I downloaded the bible that makes a lot more sense, however i am really questioning religion. I know there is God , that i why i pray to him , No Allah or Jesus or Mary calling i pray to God. I have a lecturer who is not an atheist but believes religion causes trouble in the world and I am ashamed to to say i kind of agree with him . Look at what is happening , who do innocent people have to die in the name of Jihad been executed by brain washed moron but who am i to question God ? I don't know where I stand anymore but I am still fasting for Ramadan .
    Sorry for the rant and typos .

    1. My dear, even the interpretation of Jihad is misplaced by most Muslims. Jihad simply means the struggle within a person's soul/conscience against earthly vices; struggle against temptation. These fanatics commit atrocities without understanding what Muhammad taught them. Even Muhammad had to be persuaded to go into battle against the pagans in Mecca...just to defend himself and his converts when they were under threat of an impending attack.

    2. Memphis you are correct , I'm not the best Muslin out there and i hardly read the Quran but i do know it is strongly against war , and also when war is to happen , it say do not harm the old, sick , children and women . I am going to give an excuse for all this nonsense and its simply because the world is coming to an end.

  6. It was Ifesinachi Okonkwo that said she doesnt believe in the bible. I would like to hear what she has to say.

  7. Over the years i have gone from being a Christian because i was born into it, to what could be termed a mild agnosticism to varying forms of theism. At the end of the day one thing i discovered is that 'religion' and 'faith or belief' are actually separate and i for one would agree that in most cases 'religion' seems to bring out the worst in people because they follow without question, and at times they are led by blind guides. The walk of faith is a personal one and each person sees light in different ways. I believe that at the end of the day there is one God, and what varies is the ways in which we have chosen to express our belief and that is essentially what religion is. Now i view religious beliefs and dogma as a guide toward becoming a better me, and a part of becoming this means i critically question what value a particular belief would have on ME as i believe that all the positive aspects of most beliefs have actually come as a result of questioning that belief and ergo questioning God to whom we ascribe the belief and as a result becoming a better person. And so while i choose to follow a particular set of beliefs cos they work for me, it would not preclude me from acknowledging where other belief systems have it right and borrowing from such to improve myself nor would I belittle the intensity of another's belief in a particular system that works for him/her cos that is personal. All i can do is be the best me possible. Now i am Christian and Catholic cos i have found for me i can achieve the personal balance of spiritual peace and open mindedness. Is it universal? Most probably not; infact it would not work for a lot of people, but for me i have a balance for a part finds peace in the traditions of the past and the a vibrant ground for the part that strives for reforms for the future. And that makes for an individual who actively questions and in some cases denounces d rules of dogma on certain issues that should be subject to massive change while acknowledging the facts that there are some parts that have been gotten right and should remain the same.


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