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Childlike In Trust...

A couple of weeks back in a mail with one of our blog readers I admitted for the first time that I was tired. I wasn't only tired I was kind of angry with God. I wasn't angry for the sake of being angry but because I was tired of doing the right things, praying, sowing, tithing, praising, fasting and endlessly hoping. So I got tired and angry.

The day after that someone gave a testimony in church and that's what I want to share with you guys, I'll keep it as brief as possible. 

*Mr Chuma was married with three daughters and as most men do, he desperately wanted a son. His wife was also keen on giving him a son but they needed to be careful lest she get pregnant again and have another daughter. So they went to see this very popular doctor in Ikoyi who's expertise it is to help women get pregnant with a child of their desired sex. After trying for a while Mr Chuma's wife got pregnant with twins! The couple were overjoyed. Mrs Chuma delivered a girl and a boy but unfortunately a few minutes after delivery the boy died, leaving them with just the little girl. 
       Several months passed and when the girl should have started speaking she didn't. The little girl turned 2 and still no words, and she couldn't hear either. It was then it was discovered that the little girl was deaf and dumb. Mr Chuma was distraught. He took the girl back to the hospital in Ikoyi and to several specialists but none could help her. Mr Chuma could not accept that his own child was deaf and dumb. In his word "there is no deaf in dumb in the history of my family, or in my village. Why is my own different?"  
       It was then that Mr Chuma ran to The Lord. Now besides this issue, Mr Chuma's wife had been trying to get a job for over seven years. She was a banker before marriage but took sometime to have the first child and ever since then her applications were never successful. She had tried everywhere and even applied for jobs that were below her qualifications but all to no avail. Plus the couple still wanted a son. But Mr Chuma's primary concern was his daughter's defects. 
       So he started going for mass, daily. And after mass he would kneel before the blessed sacrament and cry out. He did this everyday for over two years and nothing changed, yet he wasn't deterred. Everyday before it was the little girl's closing time from school he would go for mass and go and kneel before the blessed sacrament and pray. Also he decided to sow a seed so he went to the Seminary and told them that he would like to see a seminarian through the years of school, be responsible for his fees, feeding and general welfare, from the start till the day he became a Priest and began going that. Years went by and nothing changed. Still he wasn't deterred. 
      A year or so later wifey became pregnant again. 
Mr Chuma continued to take his child to school and continued to go for his prayers everyday. One day after he picked the little girl from school he took her with him to greet a reverend father he had heard so much about. On getting to the office the reverend father held the little girl and said "How are you?", to which the girl immediately replied "fine". Mr Chuma thought he was imagining things. Father asked again "What is your name?", and she replied "My name is Chinyere". Mr Chuma was stunned. For the first time in her life after 5 years his daughter heard and spoke, for the first time!
      They went home and they were celebrating and wifey went into labour. Mr Chuma went to church nearby to kneel before the blessed sacrament and pray for his wife's safe delivery. While still on his knees he got a call. Wifey had safely delivered a bouncing baby BOY! Mr Chuma nearly fainted from joy as he ran to the hospital to meet his wife, but before he got there he got another call, this time on his wife's phone that had been in his pocket. The call was from a bank that his wife had applied to over a year ago, asking her to come and pick up her Offer Letter the following week!
        All within 24hrs God answered his prayers of several years; gave him a son, his daughter could talk and hear, and his wife had a new job after more that seven years of unsuccessfully job hunting, writing tests and attending interviews. 
        Mr Chuma broke down in tears of joy as he shared his testimony with the church and the whole church was in uproar. 

Today when I heard someone say we have to be childlike in the way we trust in God I just remembered Mr Chuma. It's so easy for us to pray with expectations but when we don't get what we want when we want it we become angry, tired, doubtful and disillusioned; Why God? What else do you want me to do? What else should I do that I haven't done? How much longer do I have to pray? Is it that you haven't been hearing me or what? I thought they said nothing is too difficult for you?
       This man was blindly and childishly believing in God for several years, living holy, sowing regularly,  praying ceaselessly, fasting steadfastly and never missing mass for a day. Yet he got no answer for several years, still his faith did not waver. 

       No, I don't want to have to pray for long before I have my prayers answered but I needed to hear this to remind myself of that very cliché sentence; "delay is not denial" and to enjoin anyone that has long been hoping in God to hear and answer their prayers not to give up on God. They say it's always darkest before dawn. Your morning might just be a few minutes away. 

       Also although the person who gave this testimony is catholic, I don't think his prayers were answered because he's catholic or because of the blessed sacrament BUT because of his unwavering faith and steadfastness. 


  1. Waoh......d unlimited favours dat was showered on mr chuma nd family ll not pass me by, but fall heavily on me and my family too

  2. This gave me so much hope. And yes I believe good things come in 3s. I got mine too. Trusting God for the next 3....

  3. "...Still he wasn't deterred..."

    It's always frustrating when you do all in your power to please HIM and it seems HE deliberately turns away from you. Recently I came across Isiah 1:15 and I wondered if I could be a culpable, 'cos the tongue is also capable of murder...and I've used my tongue terribly in the past. But then I asked myself, "how come you're still alive? How come you wake up hale and hearty every morning to possible opportunities? If your prayers will never be answered you might as well be a walking corpse." So with that, and with this wonderful post, I've chosen not to be deterred. Even if my requests take up to ten years to be answered, I've chosen, this day, this moment, NOT TO BE DETERRED.

  4. This reminds me of "the walk along the beach story". One thiing I am Sure of Is that...its in Our darkest moment when we cannot walk that God(I call him Omalicha chim) carries Us. There is sunshine after rain, goin fo a long walk now.

    1. I love that story. My neighbours had it in their house n I never got tired of reading it wen I went there. I wonder whr I can buy the frame too. It's a good reminder about God's walk with us in our trying times. Mrs m

    2. Pls darling blink and mrs M share the story with us, am so curious to know what it is about

      One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
      Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
      In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
      Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
      other times there were one set of footprints.

      This bothered me because I noticed
      that during the low periods of my life,
      when I was suffering from
      anguish, sorrow or defeat,
      I could see only one set of footprints.

      So I said to the Lord,
      ‘You promised me Lord,
      that if I followed you,
      you would walk with me always.
      But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life
      there have only been one set of footprints in the sand.
      Why, when I needed you most, you have not been there for me?’

      The Lord replied,
      ‘The times when you have seen only one set of footprints in the sand,
      is when I carried you.’

  5. Wow this post had me in don't even know what it did for me today. The dawn had truly gotten darker but I'm still standing though faintly. Ure so right on his faith and steadfastness getting him through. I gotta put on my big girl panties, get up from the floor and keep it moving.
    Thanks T (in Ruthy's voice)

  6. Wow! Wow! Glory to God! This testimony is great!
    Even when a lotta things seem bleak, I say and remind myself 'God does not fail, He doesn't even know how to fail.' then my mum says 'delay is not denial'.
    Really it isn't. God's grace always shine forth eventually.

  7. Jcs, it is well. Like the post says, Trust God Blindly...

    Nonetheless, I have learnt a few things about God, Prayers & life in my few years on earth, God can say YES, NO & MAYBE to our prayers.
    When he says NO, how do we react? If U search deep down ur heart, U'll realize those prayer points that are NOT in harmony with God's will, (1st john 5:14) do u still go praying undeterred or find a Better/another route?

    My last relationship was such. God said NO! & I know it was God who dragged me outta it despite the 150% love & Affection. Do I keep praying for a miracle on it? NO. I & God knows I deserve better, hence My Patience...
    Be HAPPY irrespective...

  8. I really really needed this,thanks Thelma

  9. Dear Thelma,you re God sent...pls keep doing what you do..thank u

    1. You're welcome Olly. And thank you too.

  10. And so she made our day just like she always does. But even better with this post. Lots of people trying to hold on to hope that's about slipping through their fingers and Thelma dear, you just gave the strength to keep the faith. God bless you immensely.

  11. This post came @ the right time, I would not deter I'll keep asking and holding strongly to God and His promises. Thanks Thelma

  12. God bless you Thelma for this and for the wish post too, I tried commenting but network was terrible, one thing is for sure, I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON GOD!

  13. Hmmm. I know too well the feeling of being angry at God. In fact, it seems overtime, I perfected the art of holding God responsible for every negative event of my life and every negative action of others towards me. However, GOD CANNOT BE BLAMED if we look closely.

    Lately, I do not really pray or hope in the usual 'Church manner'. I always say prayers in mind in a way like communicating with God as if He's right beside me and I just state my case but always bear in mind that if it is HIS will, HE'll do it and if HE doesn't do it, I know that it's either what I seek is not good for me or it is not time for its manifestation or a sin might be causing the delay. We need the kind of faith of Abraham, three Hebrews etc.

    My motto now is: what GOD cannot do for me, no one else can do; hence, I stick to HIM.

  14. Sure, just yesterday i broke down almost giving up,asking God why is it taking so long for answers to manifest? Thanks Thelma I needed the encouragement. God bless you! Joy

  15. And that it how it should be Thelma, we should acknowledge Him for who He is and not because of what He can do for us. My Pastor again on sunday, re-emphasised this; acknowledging Him for who He is and believe it, somehow someway, everything falls into place from there (with faith). I am a firm believer in ''letting go and letting God'' and it may be difficult but we need to understand that even before we think it or ask it, God already knows, one of my favourite verses in the Bible Romans 8:26 says ''Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness for we do not know what to pray for as we ought BUT the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words'' and all this WILL be based on the will of God. He knows what we desire even before we say it. Thats how powerful He is. And like my darling Ruthylicious said above, God usually has 3 answers, could be a Yes, a No or a Maybe (I prefer to see this as a ''Wait''). I strongly believe that if we keep faith and learn to leave it in His hands, it would get to a point where we are overwhelmed with all His many blessings...delay is definitely not denial and I can testify to this. God bless

  16. Singing..."Steadfast love of the lord never ceaseth,is mercies never come to an end,they are new every morning,always new every morning,great is thy FAITHFULNESS o lord..
    Like I always say,at this stage,I have seen too much that God cannot convince me he's not God,GOD is GOD..
    What a testimony!
    I love you more for sharing this thelma

  17. hmmmmm awesome testimony!!! awesomeGOD!!

  18. Amen amen amen. Because I have also had a major testimony one time in my life when 7 of my scripts in school (great uniben) got missing during my final year, I know what it means to cry in the spirit. The blessed sacrament was my home. I got tired of praying and just went there to cry out my heart.

    It's the faith that I knew God had to do it for me and would do it, that's what kept me going.

    The day my issue was resloves, just 5 mins. The amazing thing is that some of my scripts got burnt too o.

    God is just to wonderful for comprehension.
    My HOD said, she couldn't sleep, all she kept hearing was go and solve my child's problem.

    Thelma. God is still in the business of answering prayers.

    Xxx Clare

  19. Amen amen amen. Because I have also had a major testimony one time in my life when 7 of my scripts in school (great uniben) got missing during my final year, I know what it means to cry in the spirit. The blessed sacrament was my home. I got tired of praying and just went there to cry out my heart.

    It's the faith that I knew God had to do it for me and would do it, that's what kept me going.

    The day my issue was resloves, just 5 mins. The amazing thing is that some of my scripts got burnt too o.

    God is just to wonderful for comprehension.
    My HOD said, she couldn't sleep, all she kept hearing was go and solve my child's problem.

    Thelma. God is still in the business of answering prayers.

    Xxx Clare

  20. I always try to have this deep n intimate relationship with God. Sometimes its a smooth then Gbam!!! Its like am back to zero. I really needed to read this. Trust in God isn't easy that's the honest truth, because we as humans have this thing caLled "free will" n everyday its a constant battle. Sometimes I get so tired of fighting I just let myself drift away! Am in that drifting stage and I need to get a grip of myself!!! Don't know if what am saying makes any sense. But Thelma thank you so so so much for this post you don't know what it means to me. Till I reach that level of blind, complete n Utter Faith in God!! Till I reach there, I will keep striving!!!


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