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Is God Partial?

On Saturday my friend and I mused over some ironies, we wondered why some people have had everything in life easy. Go to high school, make good grades, come out and within a year get into the university, four years later they're done, with good grades, and then within a year they're doing their NYSC program, the week after service they get a great job, two months later boyfriend proposes, three months later; lavish wedding and then the next time you see them they're coming out of their nice car but before you can say 'wow' you notice the baby bump and scream an even bigger 'WOW!'

While for some others, at every step of the way they have to struggle. Struggle to get into school, struggle to graduate from school, struggle to get Call-Up letters, struggle for years to get a job, get a job and the pay is peanuts, all the while waiting for a boo who is not in any way, form or shape prepared to propose... Struggle every step of the way. 

We sat in the car and we mulled over it and then I told her about someone I met back then in Enugu who once said to me "I don't know why other girls will go for 'runs' and in the morning the man will give them 50k, 100k. But when it's my turn they will give me tin of milo or milk, or nasco corn flakes. If they want to give me money it will be 2k or 5k". My friend and I had a good laugh but then we sobered up and asked why someone goes somewhere and gets so much favour but other people go to that same place and return empty-handed? I said to my friend that people have different "oil" on their heads, some people's oil is stronger than others. (Please don't ask me to explain this, I'm not very sure I can). She agreed and seemed to have just received some form of illumination. 
        I mean we've all had that one friend that never has to work for anything, people meet them and immediately want to help them. Everywhere they go they meet open doors and smiling faces. They get tons of freebies and unexpected cash and gifts. They're not necessarily the nicest of people, they're not the finest or smartest either, they're just inexplicably lucky. 

When I was in QC there were some people who were Perfect 10s physically, they made straight As, had wealthy parents, vacationed abroad every holiday and belonged to the perfect social circles. It was when looking at these people back then as a teenager that I wondered; is God partial?
       And I'm still wondering as they've gone ahead with their perfect bodies and flawless faces to school in the best schools abroad and return back to Nigeria and snag the juiciest jobs and now have the handsome dapper husbands in the perfect neighbourhoods with their perfect little kids. I'm like; did God single some people out and bless them more?

 A blog reader who noticed that I've occasionally been a recipient of unexpected favour once said to me "Thelma please how do you get people to give you things, how do these people just dash you money or help you? Nobody has ever given me anything in my life, I've had to work for even the tiniest thing I have. When I hear some people's stories I always wonder, why is my own different? Why is my own like this?"

And then I stood in her shoes for a few seconds and wondered; is God partial?

Are you one of those who constantly receives unmerited/unexpected favours and blessings, have things always come easy for you? Somehow when you desire something in your heart you get it without even asking? (My friend *Matty is one of such people and he accepts that life has been unusually kind to him)
Like the blog reader, are you one of those who have had to sweat and struggle for everything you need and have in your life? Does it seem like you always get less than what you deserve? Do you see people who possess much less than what you have physically and intellectually, yet it seems they always do much better than you and you're wondering why?

Let's talk. 

PS; I know nobody's life is perfect and all that glitters is not gold, yet I'm sure you understand what I mean when I say some people are unusually fortunate and some others are usually unfortunate. 

PPS; to the blog reader; I don't exactly count myself as one of the lucky ones. My sister, when you hear/see me going on extended periods of prayers and fasting and even dry fasting, it's not because I enjoy it, it's because I sometimes need to go the extramile to get what I want. If things came so easy trust me I would fold my arms and enjoy life. 


  1. Yes God is partial. Look at Cuppy Otedola for instance. Been thinking about this all day.

  2. God is not, he wants you to be successful and rich much more than you ever want to be. Just stay on him and you will laugh at the end

  3. It took me 5 years to gain admission into school, when my mates were doing convocation. But God can restore the lost years, a day is like a thousand years to him

  4. Thelma I sometimes feel like God is partial. I work so hard, so very hard. But it's like nothing works out for me. And so much struggle to get even to smallest things. I don't know why it is like that.

  5. I don't know if I can say God is being partial. To start with, you can't really know what is going on in someone's life till they tell you. Those people who seem to have it all likely also have their own crosses to bear.
    As for myself, I know that sometimes I feel like I got a raw deal. I'm not as tall or pretty as I would like, and things in my life usually didn't turn out the way I planned. I suffer from low self esteem, and there are things in my personal life I feel are so frustrating. However, I have to say that I've been extremely blessed when it came to academic or professional stuff, never had problems with exams or anything.
    I think that we all have different crosses to bear, even though it doesn't always seem that way.

  6. I don't know if I can say God is being partial. To start with, you can't really know what is going on in someone's life till they tell you. Those people who seem to have it all likely also have their own crosses to bear.
    As for myself, I know that sometimes I feel like I got a raw deal. I'm not as tall or pretty as I would like, and things in my life usually didn't turn out the way I planned. I suffer from low self esteem, and there are things in my personal life I feel are so frustrating. However, I have to say that I've been extremely blessed when it came to academic or professional stuff, never had problems with exams or anything.
    I think that we all have different crosses to bear, even though it doesn't always seem that way.

  7. Wow. I've missed this blog, blog owner, and blog readers. I've been on some kind of dark route lately but thank GOD I'm out.

    Well, GOD seems partial...*partial* for lack of better words. All through history we've seen some people blessed more than others. Guys like Abraham, Saul, and David were Hand-picked by no merits of their own. During the days JESUS walked the earth, not all those inflicted by various infirmities were set free. Even the cripple at the Temple's Beautiful Gate had to watch and hope when the man born blind, who possibly was stationed few meters from him, was healed, and he was *abandoned*, until Peter and John came along.

    The more we think about it, the more angry we become. Most of us fear to admit that we're actually angry with GOD when we think about this partiality. But it only takes a humble heart to realize that we will always be below and above others, no matter our status, so our main focus on earth should be to serve HIM wholeheartedly and reduce our vanity. Pride is the root of all evil; Pride buds jealousy and envy, and such vices brew anger towards GOD.

    We're created, all of us, to be great, but most of us can NEVER achieve this simply because this world lacks the means of our contentment. It's simply a medium of our great Journey. So remember, that while we crave for the goodies others sit back and receive, our MASTER emptied himself: was born in an obscene environment, was a complete hustler all through his teenage years and 20s, lived among the lowest scumbags in all Israel (Nazareth), had no residential address in his 30s, relied on the good will of few people to feed, before suffering a most horrible death. In all this traumatic life style it's important to note that he was always comely and wore some of the best clothes at the time (evidence of that is seen where soldiers gambled for his clothing even though they were stained with blood and dirt).

    1. U always say the most insightful things!! Missed u and glad u r back!

    2. Welcome back Memphis!
      now where is Wale?

  8. God is partial. He even says in d bible that " I would av mercy on whom I will av mercy, and I will av compassion on whom I will av compassion". But at d end of d day if we understand our relationship wt God and acknowledge him in our life's, den we'll be winners. - Iyanu

  9. "I don't know why other girls will go for 'runs' and in the morning the man will give them 50k, 100k. But when it's my turn they will give me tin of milo or milk, or nasco corn flakes.". Rotfl! Oh my God, I'm feeling so sorry for this person but I can't stop laughing. What kind of bad luck is that? Ur mates are collecting 100k and you're getting milo? She better go and wash her head.

  10. ** I meant our graces are different as such we must not compare, lest we sin. Clare

  11. ** I meant our graces are different as such we must not compare, lest we sin. Clare

  12. Thelma you read my mind today. After I got a rejection e-mail I just jumped on my bed and poured out my heart to God about this matter of struggling. I will admit I've had my fair share of blessings, but what happened between the night before and yesterday just made me lose it. Ahan! Not to talk of one matter that my family has been struggling with for as far as I can remember. Then I asked God why? Why should I believe? Why should I even pray? It's a hard time for my faith. I may even be depressed. Of course, my friends don't want to hear of it. I guess typical naija style they can't bear the thought so they will rather live in denial.

    After it all, I dragged myself to the Chapel and found a labyrinth there for meditation. Went through the process and came out calmer. I still don't have the answers. I still don't know what to do. One thing I'm certain about is that I will conquer this phase.

    1. This is minus the fact that my sisters are close to thirty and not married. I see the longing for it in their eyes and even my parents. My friends in their early twenties are getting married and having kids. My sister had to ask one day, how do they do it? I felt the pain in that statement. My sisters are the sweetest souls ever, but boys? They attract the worst. The ones that will just disappear.

      If I could, I would give anything for them to have what they desire. I sha know when that time comes, I will dance pass David.

    2. I remember when I got my first rejection letter. Somehow I knew I wouldn't get the job but seeing the letter, I actually felt very rejected, so rejected that I cancelled a highly anticipated date and I stayed in bed and cried all night.
      I understand how your sisters feel but they need to know that marriage does not guarantee happiness. We all have different paths in life and although it may be difficult not to look at others and compare, we need to realize that in life we cannot use someone else's measurement to sew our cloth, each person's own is different. It's so beautiful to see how much you love your siblings and you've said it all; you will dance more that David danced, all in good time my darling.

  13. Is God really partial? I beg to disagree. It is true some people may have obviously had it smoother in certain areas, but if we look closely in ours we will see those areas we excel effortlessly. On every man He gives rain and blessings, even unbelievers. As believers then the extent to which we can enjoy somethings is our level of engagement with the father and this brings about the different levels of grace.
    There are certain principles we need to follow but most importantly is seeking the 'Blesser' not the blessing just as Memphis mentioned. David was a man after God's heart...these people genuinely sought a relationship with God. It is also important that we be patient to understand seasons; your patience doesn't mean you are slow it just means you are consistent in trusting God.

    Personally people give me things and I have learnt to give back in return. A friend has grace to read and analyse critically. She wonders how people just bless me anyhow, I wonder how she can proffer solutions with a mere glance at God partial? He has only blessed us differently ni. It doesn't mean she isn't favoured neither does it mean I am dumb, we only have to expend more in certain areas.

    1. I'm with you Oyinlola. Though one sometimes meet some other people and wonder why their situations are that bad. Then there's something yorubas call ''afowofa - self infliction''. I am not saying all of these less fortunate people are the cause of their own fate, but they often are when one digs dip.

  14. Memphis I love your comment, prosperity preachers would crucify you for describing the rich Jesus *who lived in mansion and had private ships n horses*
    Is God partial? I like to point out that even our fingers are not equal so also humans are not equal in status even if they have they from the same parents. This inequality we see around I think is to create a balance in the *ecosystem* of human existence. And I believe God in his sovereignty and infinite wisdom allowed it to be like that. Sometimes God allows us to go through some situations so as to seek and trust Him more. And to those He lavishly blesses He does so that they might realize that He is the one that blesses and they should acknowledge it. Jay

  15. Thelma i was one of those that had d almost perfect life, finished law school at 23, got married, had a son, and then d petfection ended, got divorced at 24, sometimes we cant ve it all, i always count my blessings cos i knw my life could be worse but then it isnt, so i stay grateful.

  16. Ever heard the say "age mate NOT Grace mate"
    To me ,I think God is not partial,the way most us look @ it is from the worldly things perspectives,the car,the house,th grades etc but the way of our mind is not the way of God..
    Sometimes I get things on a platter of gold and sometimes I work extra mile for it,isn't that life? All animals are equal but some are more equal jare..
    While we are here complaining som1 somwhere wana have a quarter of what we own.
    If the earth is easy,heaven will loose its value..

  17. From a human angle,yes God is partial. But when we take a step back and try to see things in the big picture (which we very often do not do), we'll see that He isn't. Unfortunately, we live in an era of 'miracles' and 'answered prayers' and we end up telling God how we want him to answer us, forgetting that there's a reason for Him saying YES, NO or WAIT.
    This life and our existence here is for a purpose and we have to understand that. Everyone has his or her own battles to fight in this same war called life! Do not be deceived into thinking that you are having it rough.

  18. I know this feeling too well. When you feel as though you have to struggle for everything you have and your friends, mates, neighbours are doing those things you longed for with ease...but then, I stop and take stock of my life. I recall the blessings that I have. A husband who is doing his best and loves me to bits even when things aren't as rosy as we'd like. Beautiful children who say things that make me laugh out loud long after they've said them. We might not be jetting off to exotic locations on holiday but there's always food on our table. God isn't partial but he gives us only what we can bear. Those girls with the perfect (seemingly) everything, they'd break if they dealt with half of what we had to. We are made of sterner stuff and our transient suffering is sending our roots deeper into the ground because the great Iroko that we will become needs deep, strong roots. Group hug everyone.

    Nne Somebody

  19. I think at the end of the day, looking at issues critically, it appears we all have specific roles to play individually, in the bigger scheme of things. God has a grand plan with each of us given specific responsibilities to bear; different purposes to fulfill. As such, our journeys, our paths, our crosses are different. This makes God appear partial but HE is not. If we understand our purpose in life very well and trust HIM wholeheartedly, we would see that we are doing just what HE wills us to do and are just who/what he wills us to be.

  20. I have learnt that God isn't partial, he has given us all that we need to be what He destined us to be. So our paths may be different because we are going to different places. All we have to do is use all God has given us to be what he wants us to be and not compare ourself to another (the bible says they comparing themselve to another are not wise)

  21. I don't think God is partial. I believe that at the end of the day we are all blessed with what we need INDIVIDUALLY to succeed. Whether we recognise and utilise them or spend our time looking at the endowment that is meant for other people's paths and journeys, who seem to have it all good is up to us. In reality, if we take time to look closely, we would realise that while we may not have it as good as we feel we should, there are those who would kill for the 'little' we have. Brings to mind the saying the man crying he had no shoes till he met the man that had no legs.

  22. This is my first time on ur blog and I am loving it already.
    This post speaks to me alot cos i av often asked d same question. Unlike many I have had to struggle for alot of things I believe many get easily. Admission, law school , job, relationship, health .. sometimes it feels like every facet of my existence is challenged, I jus see d way others r so blessed with ease and wonder how come?? I av b praying for dt for so long' lol
    And when I hear people say 'with time things would b fine' .. my flesh wanna scream 'what is d sum of d years of human existence that one is tried for so long? Or when I hear dnt look at others and I m like thr must b reason God made Daniel 10times better than his colleagues.
    But I am inclined to believe life is in phases and we r bound to go through the high and d lows. No one is born to live in misery and vice versa. Its just that when our time comes we may not remember to look at those lives we thought were seemingly lucky. They may actually be at their own valley then. Every one is going through a battle at different times.. we just let people see what they want to see or rather people see what they want to see!

    The confidence we have is no matter how long d night may take..Morning will definately come. Just d way rain stops, storm passes ,cloud clears... Morning will come!

  23. The yorubas will say "ye fi ago alago sise" meaning do not use another mans wrist watch to check what the time is because it means a lack of contentment, some people really have to learn contentment in order to be blessed, others have to learn to be truly happy for other that have what they desire in order to be blessed by God. whats that thing God is trying to teach you by delaying whatever it is you're waiting on for him for????

    I have to agree that from the outside it seems some people are just really highly favored and theres nothing we can do about it.My panacea is that as individuals we should put all our trust in God believing that he knows the best for us and will do us no harm.Trust that where you are is where he plans you to be of course making sure that we actually do the best within our power and then leave the rest to God…...

  24. i dont think God is partial. the thing is in life we all have our time to shine, and we all have things that are working out well for us and may not be working out well for others and vice versa.

  25. Let me share this revelation I had years back to answer the question;
    Once again, I read about how someone escaped the ritualist den, and I was discussing this with my friend and I asked; Why do GOD allow so much evil to happen?
    I slept that night, only to be woken up and I saw a man with blond cropped hair wearing a burgundy coloured garment with a gold belt-girdle just as the Greeks wore. He said, he was sent to tell me; I should never question GOD! I apologized.He went further to tell other things.
    Personally, some things came easy, some I had to fight for it.
    I believe our generational history or background also play a role, likewise our friends in our lives.
    When we KNOCK on the door and SEEK His face and ASK, He would surely OPEN, ACKNOWLEDGE and ANSWER us.


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