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No-Rant Zone.

"Talk happiness. The world is sad enough without your woe."- Ella Wheeler Cox. 

Some comments I read on this blog and on some other blogs literally leave me feeling drained. So for once can be keep things light and talk happiness! No matter how bad things are there must be something good going for us, yes?

So this is a No-Rant zone. Share something that's going well for you or something exciting that just happened. Is there something that you've been praying for and you just finally got it, gist us biko!

See, your positive stories may just give someone the hope and inspiration they need. So gist us, brag if you want to, gloating is allowed too! I'm waiting... 
But I'll go first:

Things have been kind of off for me lately so a few days ago when a blog reader sent me a message on Facebook saying she had some money for me. I was very (pleasantly) surprised, she said it like she was owing me. I'm like; "I don't understand, what do you mean?" She said "I want to sow into your blog and support your ministry". It was so unexpected and I was very touched. She said to let her know when and how I wanted to get it and I told her I'll let her know but to hold onto it for now. 
      Yesterday though while saying my prayers I remembered the blog reader and immediately messaged her telling her to sow the money into church on both our behalfs (is there such a thing as behalfs?)

Although I didn't collect it personally that gesture touched me no end. The blog reader was understanding. My reason for choosing to sow it is that that's the first time ever someone has given me money for the blog and in fact the first time someone has sown into me or my "ministry". I think this was the high point of my month so far. 

What high points have you experienced this week/month/year? Please share !

Guys if my blogging is erratic in the next few days please bear with me. Abeg. I'm trying to sort some things out. 

Also several people have complained of typing comments only to have them disappear after posting. Please if you've had that experience, when you type your comment copy it before publishing so that if it disappears you can just paste and publish again without going through the hassle of typing another comment, or the frustration of seeing your energy wasted. Lol. Thanks people!


  1. Hmmmm...where do I start from??1st of all eveyone is complaainin dt am gettin too fat and its rili getting to me cuz I jog every morning and I've changed my diet...why am I stl adding??? And derz d case of no boyfriend...I knw its nt a do or die affair bt I jst wanna knw wt it fils lyk to be in a c sum1 n hv butterflies n stuff lyk dat...Am also tired of my parents tryn to control choosing d clothes I wear...n wen I make ur dey ask me to clean a fucking graduate for crying out loud...and lastly I need a job...I've tried n tried bt no way...all my frnds hv gotten jobs bt am jst at hme doing nothing...

    1. *have butterflies in my stomach*
      *when I make up*

    2. Babe didn't you get the memo? " NO RANT ZONE" and yours is the first comment ni, smh. I'm sure on all of the frustrations there's something to be grateful for and even if there's none, for life nko? But I feel you sha and I totally understand, don't worry everything will be fine, #hugs

    3. Babe didn't you get the memo? " NO RANT ZONE" and yours is the first comment ni, smh. I'm sure on all of the frustrations there's something to be grateful for and even if there's none, for life nko? But I feel you sha and I totally understand, don't worry everything will be fine, #hugs

  2. I'm just happy I'm alive and still beautiful even while pregnant. The baby is doing well and seriously practicing her martial arts skills though you can hardly tell I'm pregnant. Yay!!!!

    1. Yea we are both having girls,I literally jumped when they told me. Made my day,and baby s big brother is all nice

    2. Yay!!! Thanking God for his mercies and I pray he perfect all that concerns us and the girls. Congrats

    3. I am happy and thankful to GOD because he always answer my prayers whenever I pray. Sometimes I wonder if I deserve it because I have so many flaws. He is a faithful Father. Yesterday, I prayed fervently about a matter that was bothering me, viola! Only for me to get the reply this morning! Isn't that just awesome? Whenever I look at my baby, it amazes how I had the strength to go through another pregnancy and birth him, he is a miracle.

  3. I really don't know why my comment publishes twice, it annoys me cos I can't delete it with my phone, for those it annoys too Jo emabinu, no vex!

  4. Hmmm, met one dude that has been sending me money for no reason, he said he just wants me to be happy, he has sent me over 700k in less than a month, am so happy i met smone like that. Am also happy i jus started dating again, it feels good to love n be loved, i hope n pray it lasts

    1. My dear,where did you meet this person?? Hook a sister up biko nu..Lol..really feels good to love and be loved and not the other way round. Happy you're happy ifunanya. Fina

    2. Hook a sister up abeg...lool

    3. Yayyyyyy!!! My Baby Ifunanya oh.
      Is this what U want to give me in place of the cash? Oya tell his brother or friend to call me asap biko.

      Am super happy U are happy babe. #Kisses

  5. Ha! Good one Thelma, life is good and God is gracious despite my troubles.

    - the gift of life, the opportunity to get better. I feel so happy and grateful to God every morning when I wake up. Plus the hope that today will be better than yesterday
    - I am enjoying my health too, especially since I have been doing 45mins walk 5 days of the week.
    - have not been broke in about 22 years, this is a big deal for me because I used to know hunger
    - I am helping some people achieve their educational dreams via sponsorship
    - finally got round to blessing my late friend's wife in a manner that made me feel good, may God give me the grace to do more.
    - my kids are doing great in school and having fun too.
    - my siblings are doing good in their endeavors, nobody chasing anybody around for financial support.
    - my future plans are evolving giving me new kind of happiness

    Have got a whole lot to be grateful for, I am very grateful.

    By the way, you folks should read the book of awesome by Neil Pasricha.

    1. In need of a sponsor too. Could u please extend the good work?

  6. I am just so happy I am alive, for the gift of family and Love, that alone tells me things would surely get better.

  7. I think my breakup from my bf is helping to restore my relationship with my mum. Weird right? Lol...(well relationships take time to heal and we are so far from it)

  8. Ppl of God praaaaaise dai Lord! I want to bless God for life, my hubby ( he's God's gift to me) my baby, I didn't know I had so much love in me I fell yakata and most importantly I'm bk to my previous shape bfor preg even me sef I'm shocked I tot I was going to be jogging from PH to Aba bfor I got bk in shape, all my cloths fit perfectly infact I think they are a bit loose sef yaaaay to exclusive BF and an amazballs mom she's simply the best. I'm blessing God for all the things He's yet to do. Thank you thank you...

  9. Though I'm yet to get any good news as regards a job, still so grateful for LIFE..

    Ps: @wale,still waiting patiently as I'm yet to get a feed-back from you regarding the CV you asked I send to Thelma. Thanks.

    1. Oh, I sent my response to Thelma since I could not go back to the post with your comment.

      I am expecting the person to drop it off for me at my location this week..I am aware there are no advertised positions at this time but I am adding an open application; it is usually kept in view for the next 12 months so people can be invited when there is an opportunity.

    2. I got no response from Thelma..okay,thanks so much,I'm grateful..

    3. Wale, I am also waiting for the business ideas. I replied your comment then but didn't hear anything from you.

  10. Please visit my blog and contact me to place your order

  11. We have been looking for a family church since we got married and it's been over a year and God recently directed us to an amazing church where it feels like home....sometimes we don't appreciate the need for a good home church. Also I'm grateful for my hubby even though we r facing a lot of challenges, he has just been the best. He just loves the love into me, especially in these days of marriage wahala up and down I feel God has given me rest on this side. Also work is going well even though it could be better I'm really grateful to have a job that I enjoy doing. Also everyone in my family is in good health no one is sick and when u r in the medical line u appreciate good health. I'm also happy that I can be a blessing to others and also doors are opening in unexpected places.....Lord for all these I give u praise!!!!!

  12. For life, I am grateful.
    For sound health, I am thankful.
    Someone called me me up to meet him at SLOT last Saturday and he bought me an iphone 5S. I jokingly asked him where he had been all my life. LOL.

  13. For life, for living, for the struggles, for hope, for faith, for the love of God, for HIS grace, I am grateful.

    I was involved in an accident that could have been fatal on my birthday. I was in the car with my kids but God shielded us.

    My septuagenarian landlord woke up one day and decided to increase the rent by 50%! I cried to sleep that night. But I trusted God and I have the cash at hand as I type though my current rent is not expired.

    My children! People see them and praise God on my behalf. My first girl makes me feel old with the way she is now (will soon start wearing ladies' stuffs #winks)


  14. Things have been pretty tough for me emotionally, spiritually and financially in the past month but I know there's a ray of sunshine coming n I just can't help but be thankful to God for my life, my family, my beautiful new born niece (she is soooo gorgeous) , the gift of some amazing friends I miss ( cho cho and jane) amongst others... #BL

  15. Things have been pretty tough for me emotionally, spiritually and financially in the past month but I know there's a ray of sunshine coming n I just can't help but be thankful to God for my life, my family, my beautiful new born niece (she is soooo gorgeous) , the gift of some amazing friends I miss ( cho cho and jane) amongst others... #BL

  16. I'm grateful to God for His sustenance and consistency. My family (Momsie and siblings) has been going through some rather rough patches over the last few years financially, emotionally, etc. God has been faithful every step of the way, and I praise Him for that. We have had to make a lot of sacrifices, and forego immediate pleasures all for the bigger picture.
    Through tears, disappointments, encouragement and hope, we have persevered, knowing that things will get better. Very straightforward things suddenly developed major, as in, huge issues along the way. sometimes, unimaginable things sef, we have to wonder "how did this kain wahala enter inside dis one now?" its only by the Grace of God that we have persevered on. Lately though,, things have suddenly started to look up. It's been one testimony after another to each of us, just happening daily, weekly, it's like a dream. No wonder the Bible says when The Lord restored the captivity of Zion, they were like them that dream. I am so grateful to God, and I know this is only the beginning.
    To anyone out there struggling, and wondering when it's going to be over, remember that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

  17. For life I say Thank You Jehovah!

    For the Lives of ALL Blog visitors & T, I say Thank You God...

    But I especially Thank God that I have NEVER lost a loved one in death, as in NO ONE close to me have died.... this alone makes me endure anything & know ALL will be well in no time.

    Jehovah I know you have an amazing purpose for my life, am just waiting Patiently.

  18. I want to thank God for perfect health,I just realise that I can't remember d last tym I was sick.
    I thank God because He has been giving me mum jobs since she started her law office though we she started it looked impossible.
    Am also grateful for favor because anywhere I go people and things favour me,I do not take all this things for granted. Have a blessed day everyone.

  19. I just knew u wld make a post on it.Ur welcome all the same.

  20. Sorry for the typos

  21. I am grateful for the easy life God has given me. Everything always works out for my good one way or the other. Infact I am the luckiest person I know.
    Somedays the devil tries to steal my joy be reminding me of everything wrong in my life but when I look around me all I do is give thanks.
    I thank God in a very special way for my principal. When I hear young lawyers complain of what they go through in the hands of their principals I stop and give thanks... He is kind, considerate, patient, God fearing and generous.
    Am believing God for a better job soon, but am so grateful that am not miserable in my present job.
    Pls make this a regular on ur blog, no matter how bad life can get, this is a reminder that there's always, always something to be grateful for.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. There is so much to be thankful for...for good friends who truly love God, I am grateful. They've been of tremendous support.

    These past few weeks have been awesome in a lot of ways; I'm getting better in my resolve to pray always. There is a new depth to my praise and prayers which I am truly grateful for. Grateful for life, sound mind, abundance most of all. Giving up paid income for two years no be joke with no source of income, He sustains me. God has been soooooo wonderful.
    I am happy for the opportunity to serve and learn...I see a more excellent me. Glory!

  24. How come God answers some people and neglects others? Can someone explain please?

    1. God ALWAYS answers it's just that sometimes the answer isn't what we want. The answer can be YES, NO, OR NOT YET, don't accept the lie of the devil that God doesn't answer. Timing is everything my dear, God sees the big picture and we dont....Also sin hinders prayer and sometimes we pray amiss. We need to pray the will of God. When u are sure u are praying his will and u see no result just be giving thanks because the bible says in ALL things God works for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. X

    2. Like your response Alabi.

  25. I am happy and grateful that am back on my feet after being sick for like five days.

  26. I know this is meant to be a "no rant" post but as I write this,I'm in tears..I was scheduled to write a test online today,logged in using google chrome with my test code,server was slow,changed to mozilla firefox but told me authentication failed cos I had already logged in using google chrome..called the "test givers",a nice lady helped me,logged in again only that this time,network didn't allow me write my test as my test questions didn't show,nothing..kept waiting online for it to load but didn't till I used up all my time..just called again to ask if I can re-write my test but she was like there's nothing they can do for now..I'm in tears cos this is the VERY FIRST TIME I'd be called for any test whatsoever since I graduated..I'm sorry I had to mess this post up,just needed to let it all out.

    1. Sorry love. There'll be others and u wld scale thru...

  27. Anon 6:01 dnt worry be happy, dnt knw y I v bin sain dis. I thank God that I'm goin to b a year older on sat. My famiy members r all ok, my friends r amazing, my fellowship is awesme. In all I thank God for surrounding me with a lot of goodies nd good people.

  28. I'm grateful to God that my home isn't broken, lots of people thought we won't make it but God has been faithful and like wine it's getting better with age.
    I'm grateful to God that I'm a mother, I didn't have to wait for years to have them.
    I'm grateful to God that my daughter finally progressed from mutterings to humming and some audible words.
    I'm grateful for my friend who missed an accident. The pool car is a write off and her colleagues are....(hmmm). I pray God shows Himself mighty on their behalf.
    I'm grateful to God for all these things and more.

    1. *i didn't have to wait for years to have children.

  29. Wale, I am also waiting for the business ideas. I replied your comment then but didn't hear anything from you.

    1. This was your comment:

      I need to know a bit about you to give ideas, otherwise my ideas may confuse you.. Give us a bit of who you are and what you like to do, what you wont mind doing, where you live, etc. I believe there are opportunities in Nigeria if people do not mind starting small.

      My reply:

      Anonymous10:34 pm, July 04, 2014
      First, I'm not a degree holder, my circumstances made that so plus, I wasn't encouraged by the number of unemployed graduates. I love to read, write poems, I'd love to do learn about handwork that can benefit me if my plans to travel out eventually works. I stay in Lagos mainland. I can be open to diverse things if you're willing to suggest. Thanks.

      PS: I really admire you. Not broke in 22 years? Please, I need those ideas like yesterday. Thanks in advance.

    2. I didn't get to go back to that post again..your not having a degree could be an advantage depending on your kind of person. I don't know of opportunities for people that love to read, write poems; not my turf (maybe Thelma can help).

      You have plans to travel out, good but can cause a distraction...what you need is something temporary that can translate to permanent if you change your mind.

      Can you go meet with the Shoprite folks and find out which of the fast moving items (produce/foodstuffs) you can supply? This requires some bit of market survey to find out the source and prices for such items. It is doable if you are an aggressive person..this is just an idea but you have to work out the details.
      Can you source plantain for people making the chips? Or possibly make the chips yourself? I am aware of a Chinese doing this but buying the plantain from the mile 12 market at high prices, I think he found somebody to get it from farms at better prices.

      Generally, paying attention to your immediate environment can reveal a big need that will provide the opportunity you seek.

    3. Thank you very much. I'm really grateful.

  30. I have so much to be thankful for. My baby girl, is already learning sit, grap stuff and put it in her mouth, she is such a "pepper body" lol my hubby and I r so excited. After our sad experience with our son. Not being able to achieve milestones.
    I'm also thankful for my life. "I'm not where I want to be, but I'm not where I used to be"

  31. Let me use tokoni's words, I am not where I want to be, but I am not where I used to be.....I am grateful for this.

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. I continuously thank God for the life I have and the time I have been given to live it. I recognise that I have had a lot of grace come my way and I pray I have been able to share a modicum of it. Though I have regrets I see them as lessons I needed to learn. Any failure to learn those lessons has been my fault and my responsibility. I know there will continue to be challenges but I believe these are just opportunities for me to be a better person. And therefore I am still thankful. I would rather have the the chance to overcome challenges than live a life of ignorance and naivety.

  34. Yay! Just as I was abt 2 give up, I found an amazing house with an amazing flatmate. I lost 5kg and my less 5kg self has been getting some good attention from sm fiiiine, body-made-for-sinful-thoughts guy I met and became friends with @ my gym a while back. Did I forget to mention that he's smart as a whip n makes me laugh? My bad

  35. I'm grateful for life, for good health, for my beautiful daughter, for a wonderful family and amazing friends and more. While i'm thankful for this, i look forward for even better tomorrow

  36. Am grateful for being happy. Got this inner peace and happiness that clouds every sadness around me. Best feeling ever. P


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